5 Mayıs 2024

The Visitor Ch. 05


I am continuing this story, this experience in the first tense, I thought it would make it more real if I did and I found it easier to describe my feelings this way.

I hope you like it, again I have a problem categorising it and again I apologise for the shortness of the piece, as you can imagine it is emotional to write about it.


The feet moved, the visitor standing up, walking silently over to me, I was trying to swallow, my throat so dry, lips feeling somehow swollen, I tried to speak, to beg to be freed, inside my head I was pleading to be released, but I could hardly manage a croak.

The robot voice buzzed again, “Your throat is so dry isn’t it slut, you’re gasping for a drink now aren’t you? but don’t worry baby, I’m going to take you for a drink .”

The visitor reached down, a hand slipping under my arm, lifting me to my feet

“Come on slut, stand up, there’s a good girl”

I tottered weakly against the visitor, the arm around me holding me upright, guiding me along on legs I could hardly feel. My head was down, I felt so tired and terribly afraid too, that fear bubbling constantly inside me. I hadn’t looked at the visitor, hadn’t wanted to, hadn’t dared. We walked out of the lounge through the hall and the kitchen into the extension, the extension I had told my online Dom about, built for visitors with its privacy door and its lock and key, housing the bedsit with its double bed and ensuite wet room. So far unused, but stupidly offered to him as a place to stay. The visitor lead me across the bedroom, the wooden floor cool on my bare feet, then into the tiled silver and black wet room. On the shelf beside me I saw a pink collar, a dogs collar, a slaves collar, the shiny silver dangling label engraved, slut.

“A present for you slut” the electronic voice was chilling, it’s every word terrorising me.

The visitor slowly let me slide to the floor, my trembling legs too weak to support me, the hands lifting my chin and the collar sliding cooly around my neck, it’s buckle tightening it around me. The visitor showed me the little silver padlock, dangling it in front of my eyes, before using it to lock the collar in place. I was quivering now, as if cold, but it wasn’t the cold, it was the abject fear at what was happening to me, my abject fear at being unable to stop it. I croaked a soft whimper through my dry swollen lips, a whimper jojobet was all I could manage to plead for my release. Magically the visitor produced a chain, like a dogs lead, it’s steel links shining in the light from the sunken lights in the ceiling. Struggling now, finding some strength from somewhere I tried to wriggle my wrists free of the cuffs behind me, whilst pulling away from him, trying to evade the clipped end of the chain I knew was to be fastened to that damned collar, but it wasn’t enough and the robot voice chuckled at the sound of the clip fastening.

“Good girl, now we have to fix you fast haven’t we?”

I could have wept, could have cried my eyes out in the frustrated weakness I felt, how could I have let this happen to me, how could I have allowed myself to be treated this way by this, this visitor who yet seemed to arouse and possess me so easily, why had I done it why hadn’t I said no, fought him off, stopped him.

The ring in the wall by the skirting board was new, I hadn’t put it there, I had never seen it before, I followed the hand as it slid along the chain, my brain wooly and slow unable to understand, the spring clip on its other end sliding into the hand and with a sure finality the visitor brought it down and clipped it into the ring.

“There now my slut, look at me” that terrible inhuman voice made me quiver afraid to, yet eventually obeying its command and I slowly looked up at my captor.

The visitor was hooded, a black shining rubber hood, a jutting metallic mesh where the mouth was, the head and faceless features almost inhuman, terrifying. I whimpered again in my fear, then tearing my eyes away from that primeval mask, I glanced down. Omg I gasped, The visitor was wearing my own dressing gown, the one from behind my bedroom door upstairs, the bedroom I shared with my wife, the wife who was in work that day, unaware of her stupid husband’s plight. I wriggled harder now, pulling at my bonds, oh my god I have to get free, I have to stop this, awful thoughts were rushing around my brain.

The visitor undid the dressing gown, turning to hang it on a hook by the door, his body lithe and muscular, turning back his cock thick and heavy swayed before my eyes.

“I promised you a drink didn’t I, my little gay slut?”

I was gasping nervously now, my cheeks flushed red in embarrassment, wanting to tell him, no jojobet Giriş no I’m not gay I’m not, I’m a married man, yet I was unable to take my eyes off the visitors full manhood as I knelt there chained in front of him.

“You can’t wait can you slut?” That inhuman voice was dragging me in and suddenly all I could see, all I could focus on was the visitors cock. I was confused, I knew what was coming and it terrified me, yet my own stupid clit began tingling and throbbing in its pink plastic prison.

“Leanne? Look at your Master” it was the first time he had used my online name, whimpering, my tongue trying to wet my dry swollen lips, I looked up at him.

He held his cock now in both hands, slipping back his foreskin revealing that hot purple head, it’s eye pointing at me. When he began to pee, it took me by surprise, up to then it had been a slow motion almost erotic hypnotic revealing of his sex, then his hot urine hit me. It cascaded down my face making me blink, my eyes stinging, I jerked back in revulsion, in horror at this terrible debasement, he played his jet, controlling it as he did, down over my chest and for seconds over my entrapped chastity, then he stopped.

“Oh but Leanne you are thirsty aren’t you.” I shook my head in a terrified no, but he had threatened this many times in our on line conversations. He brought his big cock closer and closer to my face until it touched my lips, it’s heat a burning kiss as I tried evading him but I’d come to the end of the small freedom the chain had allowed me.

“Open your mouth Leanne, kiss me properly my little slut”

I was whimpering, gasping, trying to stop it, anything to prevent it, but eventually my lips opened to him

“Good girl Leanne”

i whimpered loudly, then his flow began again, the jet of hot acrid urine, pouring over my tongue, hitting the back of my mouth.

“Swallow, Leanne, drink, drink your Masters wine,” the head of his penis went further into my mouth until I was gulping, choking and burping on his unstoppable fountain as it poured down my throat, filling my empty stomach.

I have no idea how long he peed in me, no idea that his cock was growing and stiffening as he did it until I was debased, broken and utterly lost to him. I felt so thankful that the horrible experience had stopped that I didn’t realise that his now hot stiff manhood was sliding jojobet Güncel Giriş back and fore over my tongue, deeper and deeper into my mouth, until the sudden realisation that his now engorged cock was each time hitting the back of my throat.

“You want your Master’s seed inside you don’t you Leanne, my little gay slut”

I gagged trying to say no, to pull away, to scream for him to stop it , nooo, Nooo, I’m not gay, I’m a married man I don’t want this. But he was holding me now, using my mouth, plunging his stiffness in and out pushing further at each thrust, his mushroom head throbbing full and ready.

He was breathing deeply, yet he was in control, dominating me, his electronic voice talking in short sentences building my terror as he spoke.

“I’m going to feed you my cum Leanne, ejaculate down your throat, fill your stomach where you will digest it, your body will gobble it up, you won’t be able to stop it as it, enters your blood stream. you’ll know, you’ll feel it as it transports my seed to every cell of your body. My orgasm, my power my presence, my genetic code, it will penetrate every fragment of your flesh and become a part of it.i will possess you Leanne, you are going to be mine, my gay slut Leanne.”

I was screaming inside, wildly panicked, nooo noooo he couldn’t, he couldn’t, he musnt. He held me tight thrusting deep into me, stopping my breath choking me and suddenly he was coming, great spurts of his semen ejaculating into me and I couldn’t stop him I just couldn’t stop him, the terrible thoughts of his words coursing through me as I swallowed it all unable to stop it, my body begging for breath making me almost suck every last drop of his masterful dominating seed.

He finally pulled his wilting cock out of my mouth, leaving me gasping for breath in complete debased horror as he wiped it over my lips.

“Good girl Leanne, I can see you loved that, didn’t you,” his bare foot was between my legs, lifting my entrapped clit with his toes, my own sticky dribble a crazy unbelievable embarrassing evidence that I’d responded to him even though I was sure I’d hated every second of what he done, I felt odd, confused a nervous submissiveness sweeping over me.

“You are gay now Leanne, a homosexual, you’ll yearn for cock, but don’t worry I’ll make sure you get plenty, I know lots of men who are going to love to fuck a sissy like you. Women won’t excite you at all anymore, will they? But don’t worry about your lovely wife, she’s going to be mine now and I promised you a replacement too and you’ll meet her soon” the laughter was all the more evil with that terrible tone less electronic voice.

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