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The man was always at least mildly patronizing. Danny always hated that but for some reason with him it was almost comforting. That part of Danny’s mind.. the part that always got into trouble… wanted to scream and jump up and punch him in the face or kick him in the nuts or even pull that short wicked knife from the hidden boot sheath and do some serious damage to that infuriatingly smug look on his face.

But conversely each time he said “Dear” or “Child” or even the much-despised “Girl” another part of her mind wanted desperately to crawl up into his warm inviting lap like an infant and lose herself in his arms forever. Recognizing those thoughts shook Danny to her core. Never once in all of her nineteen years had she ever felt so completely comforted by another human being. Especially a man. It was as if Danny had finally found her father and he turned out to be all of those things the television shows said fathers should be. The stupid namby-pamby feel-good television shows they always showed around Christmas time each year, anyway. The ones she never watched all the way through because they weren’t real and they were just fucking stupid.

This man wasn’t her father and she knew that full well. Her real father.. the man the caseworkers referred to as her “biological father” had been killed in an explosion while trying to manufacture his own methamphetamine. Once Danny had grown up enough to discover the internet and how to search it hadn’t taken her long at all to figure that one out. It was the same with her mother. The caseworkers and therapists from Child Protective Services never wanted to tell her anything at all about her parents. It frustrated her as a child that they would withhold such things. They were her parents! She should be allowed to know!

Of course once she read the news article about her eighteen year old mother being found dead of an overdose just twenty four hours after being released from the local jail she kind of understood their reticence. When Danny was asking those questions she wasn’t mature enough to assimilate the answers. She was only eighteen months old when he mother died and that had been almost twenty years ago.

Today, those answers were just part of her life. Part of her.

So what was it with this guy? What was it about him that made her feel so warm? So comforted? So… at home? Once again that part of her mind that always made her want to lash out and keep people at a distance rose to the surface.

“I’m not a pushover or a doormat, you know.” He chuckled and shook his head.

“Of course not, child.” A frown appeared between her eyebrows.

“I’m not your fucking punching bag, either. If you hit me once, I’m out the fucking door.” He snapped his fingers, the sound echoing in the relative quiet of the room.

“Language, girl.” That deep voice was suddenly devoid of emotion. Flat and hard. She reeled back as if he had slapped her. Despite herself, she lowered both her eyes and her voice.

“I… I’m sorry, sir.”

“It’s all right, dear. This is a learning process. You will learn about me and I about you.” That warmth returned to his eyes and his voice. “I do not hit, Danny. Never once will I strike you in anger. That is not my way.” One finger raised where his hand lay atop his thigh. “I do however, punish. If you decide to stay it will become a part of your life. All of our lives are about pain, dear. Either it’s presence or it’s absence. It is one of the best ways in which we learn. I will teach you in the best and most efficient way I know. That will involve punishment and pain, as well as pleasure and contentment.” The hand turned over and his fingers cupped the air.

“Here in my home you will be upbraided, but not abased. Disconcerted but not abused. Esteemed and not at all ashamed.” She didn’t quite understand what he just said, making mental notes to look up some of those words.

“If things go as I hope, you will want to stay here for a very long time, child. Make this your home. Maybe one day move on to something better after I am gone.” Danny had only met him two hours ago but the thought of him being gone left a void in the pit of her stomach. The “Mean Danny” in the back of her mind was yelling “What the fuck!?”

“Why do you want me anyway? I’m a lesbian.” His chuckle was loud and supremely amused.

“Oh, no you aren’t, dear. Not even a little. If you really were, you wouldn’t be here. You would never have answered my ad, never come with me to my home. You are at best, bisexual.”

“I think my girlfriends would disagree.” He shook his head slowly, that smug arrogant smirk curling one corner of his lips so irritatingly.

“Four girlfriends in a year, Danny. Average time of each relationship: two months. One month of seduction, one month of sex and then you are gone. Angry and dissatisfied and moving on.” His hand waved at the bag she had stowed in the corner when she arrived. “All those girls you claim you loved and not one memento. Not a single picture, love note or piece of otele gelen escort jewelry. Nothing.”

“You… you searched my bag?” Even though she was angry at the invasion of her privacy that was overwhelmed by the fact he had done it without her noticing. His hands came up, palms out.

“I took nothing, dear child. Your things are safe here. Well…” He reached inside his shirt. “I did take this.” In his hand was the six inch knife she usually kept in her boot. Stunned, she reached down to discover the blade really was gone. Oh… he was good. How in the fuck…?

“Give me that back!” He raised his eyebrow again. The little blade in its sheath turned around and around in his hands then he stopped and raised two fingers.

“Of course, dear. It is yours, after all. Two conditions. One: That you put it away and never ever carry it inside my home. You may carry it outside. After all, people do need to be able to protect themselves. And you may keep it close when you sleep, if you like. But never carry it in the house. That’s one. Agreed?” Danny nodded.

“What’s the other condition?”

“That you ask me politely, girl.”

Six words. That’s all it took.

Six words from his lips left her feeling as if she’d been spanked and stood in the corner. She felt a blush rising on her cheeks and she never blushed.

How did he do that?

“I… I’m sorry, Sir. May… may I please have my knife back?”

Wordlessly, he extended his hand. It was large enough it made her knife look like a fingernail clipper in comparison as it lay in his palm. She tried to take it without touching his skin, but her fingers trailed over his palm of their own accord.

Sir’s hand…

That phrase echoed back and forth in her mind, much to her confusion. He’d told her his name when they first met. She was sure he had. But what was it again? She couldn’t remember… Somewhere in between their meeting and here he’d become “Sir” in her mind.

Sir’s hand was large and tanned and warm and rough. Danny’s own pale soft hands looked like a dolls in contrast. She could see scars and marks on his skin and suddenly she wanted to take the time and hear the story of each and every one of them. She wanted to curl up in those big warm rough hands and sleep. Safe and comforted. Maybe for the first time in her life.

Touching him made her feel… feminine. Again, maybe for the first time in her life.

For the first time in a very very long time a single tear traced slowly down her cheek. Before she even realized it, he had reached out with his other hand, cupping her chin as his thumb wiped away the track of the tear. Danny blinked and another one welled up in her eye.

“What ever is the matter, child?”

“I’m… confused.” He folded the weapon into her hand and pushed her softly fisted fingers back towards her chest.

“Of course you are, love. All of your life. But now you are here and maybe together we can make some sense of it all.” One hand still cupped her cheek tenderly and the other pressed two fingers against the soft swelling of her breast, right above her heart. “We will explore those feelings in your heart, little pigeon. Chase away those things which confuse you and make you angry and help you find some peace.”

Peace… that word echoed through her mind. Never in her life had she known real peace. Not in her mind or her heart. The only quiet she had ever experienced was with drugs or alcohol. But those, she knew, were just lies that blotted away the real world for a short time. Once she sobered up again it all came crashing back.

Peace… he was offering her peace. It… couldn’t be true.

It must be a trick.

She pulled back, angrily wiping at her eyes with the sleeve of her leather jacket. Her mouth opened to snap off some smart ass retort when she became aware of the knife still clenched in her fist. There was a momentary struggle in her mind as she considered pulling it out and at least threatening him with harm.

She’d done that so many times in her life it was almost second nature.

Fortunately common sense prevailed for once. He was so quick and so sly and so big, compared to her. He towered almost a foot taller than her and for someone so big he’d managed to get her knife away from her in the first place without her even noticing. For all of his pleasant and nice demeanor, Danny had no doubt in her mind if she pulled that knife on him she would regret it quickly.

And her “pre-emptive strike” defense mechanisms were not going to change overnight, after all. Before she even thought about what she was saying she blurted out “You just want to stick your dick in me like all the rest of them!”

A spontaneous chuckle shot from his lips. His hands spread out to his sides, almost in surrender.

“Of course I do, child. After all, I do enjoy the company of pretty girls.” One finger pointed to her. “You knew that before you even met me. The personal ad you answered was quite specific. mecidiyeköy escort But…” Both hands came up. “If you do not wish to then you are more than welcome to leave. I will not stop you and I will not force you. At any time you may leave if you wish. This is all about choices, Danielle.”

He stunned her into silence. She could not remember the last time someone called her pretty. And nobody but her caseworker ever used her real name. Danny had given up on mirrors ages ago. To her eyes she was too plain and too angular and she rarely even bothered to look at herself. Grooming was running her fingers through her short brush of hair to make it stick up and putting on a clean t-shirt. She looked up at him through her eyelashes, the question on her lips making her blush just a little which infuriated the defensive part of her brain.

“Do you really… think I’m pretty?” Part of her mind hated herself for even asking such an asinine question. Falling for his slick lines like a naive schoolgirl.

That large warm hand reached out and cupped her chin, tilting her head up. She resisted meeting his eyes. His thumb caressed her cheek once more as it had when he wiped away her tears.

“Look at me, girl. Look at my eyes.” Reluctantly, she did as directed and gazed into his warm blue eyes. He wore a soft smile under that gray mustache, making the sides of it curl up almost comically. The look he was giving her was of calm warm acceptance of everything she was and that almost floored her.

“Yes, I think you are pretty, girl. More than that, I think you are astonishingly beautiful. And at this very moment I believe you are the prettiest girl I have ever seen in my life.” She felt her heart skip a beat. “Do you believe me, girl child?”

Amazingly enough, she did. “Y-yes, sir. I believe you.” Another one of those amused chuckles rumbled from his chest.

“I am certain you are the prettiest one in this room, to say the least.”

She laughed. For the first time in days. A spontaneous laugh which felt really good, like a warm spring rain on her face.

Danny fell in love with him right then and there. Not only the prettiest girl in the room, but also the most astonished.

“You are quite aware of what I want, girl.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Yes… Master.” He said evenly.

“Y-yes, M-master.” The fact she stuttered the words shamed her a little. But the fact she was able to say them at all made her proud and gave her a sexual rush which scampered up and down her spine like a little ice fairy was dancing there. While she broke out in goose bumps elsewhere a fire suddenly erupted in her lower belly, spreading out from her pussy and Danny realized she was dripping wet between her thighs. No man had ever done that to her before. Hell… most of the girls hadn’t either.

“What will you do for me?”

“Anything you want… Master.”

“You will cook my meals and clean my house.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You will wear a collar and walk at the end of my leash.”

“Mmmm… yes, Master.”

“You will kneel at my feet to amuse me.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You will come to my bed each night willingly. And you will do your very best to please me.”

“Y-yes, M-master. I will…”

“You will be my slave. My pet. My servant and my sex toy.”

“Mmmm… aaahhh…” Danny was almost in a sort of sexual trance. She’d never experienced anything like this before. Part of her mind was immensely startled to realize she was on the verge of orgasm just from listening to his words. “Yes, Master… Oooohhhh…” A small but not inconsiderable wave of pleasure rushed through her body, making her shiver and gasp.

For all of her considerable sexual experience, quite vast considering her age, Danny had never once been with a man. Even before she knew what the word was, she considered herself a lesbian. Men had never held any attraction for her whatsoever. For the most part she was attracted to soft little blonds with big tits. “Femme” girls, to use the popular phrase. Ninety nine percent of the men she had met in her life she considered to be a nuisance to be gotten rid of or a danger to be avoided or frightened away at the point of her knife.

But this one…

This one, in the space of merely a couple of hours had… maybe hypnotized her… maybe something else… and managed to bring her to orgasm with just his words. Had he slipped something in her coffee while they talked at the cafe? Danny didn’t think so, but he also managed to search her bag and steal her knife without her noticing, so she wasn’t sure.

“Ummm… sir?”

“Yes, dear?”

“Did you… give me something?”

“Like?” He seemed confused.

“Did you… drug me?” One of his eyebrows raised and he shook his head.

“No, child. I did not. I do not use drugs. Nor do I utilize them.” He waved a hand. “Yes, I have prescription drugs in my cabinet. The doctor says my cholesterol is too high and I have a few painkillers left over from an old injury. türkmen escort But I haven’t touched them in ages. But while we are on the subject…” He waved a hand towards her bag by the door. “I did notice the pills in your bag, dear. I do not use drugs nor do I allow my pets to do so. Once you take my collar your first task will be to flush those down the toilet.” He frowned and Danny got the first glimpse of how scary he could be if he were really angry.

“You will never ever bring anything illegal in my home, girl. Not ever.” The tone of his voice made her shiver deep inside. She lowered her eyes to the floor.

“Yes, Master. I understand.”

“There will be rules here in my home, Danny. Some of them will be rather strict. Like the worst foster home you ever stayed in. Rules and schedules and chores and a curfew that will never be broken. You and I will discover them together. I will give you one chance.” He raised a finger. “One chance to learn each rule. After which if you break it you will be punished. And my methods of punishment are all geared towards making my pets remember the rules.”

“I said I do not and will not hit you and I will not. I will not punch, slap, hit, kick or throw you. I will endeavor never to leave a mark on you that lasts more than ten or fifteen minutes. I will do my best never to leave a bruise or break your skin. Accidents, however, do happen.” He cleared his throat softly. “I am far from perfect.”

“But I will show no hesitation about punishing you for misbehaving or breaking the rules, girl. I will punish you with my words. I will stand you in the corner. I will put you over my lap and take my hand or a paddle or my belt or any other handy object to your bouncy little bottom until you are very very sorry. I do not think you will make the same mistake twice in my home. Are we quite clear on that, pet girl?”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

“I will be firm, because it is my job. The role I must play in our life. But I will also be fair and just and if I must punish you, I will punish you with love and affection in my heart. Do you think that is fair, love?”

“Yes, Master. I do.”

“So…” He said as he laid his forearm across his thigh, extending one large weathered hand towards her. “Give me your hand, love.”

She just couldn’t get over the way his hand made her feel so small and so soft. Compared to his rough tanned flesh her pale hand looked like that of a porcelain toy. Danny had prided herself all of her life on how tough and resilient she was and yet one touch of this man’s hands stripped away the layers of her hard outer shell as if it never existed, leaving her a small and fragile girl.

If just the touch of his hand could affect her so, what would more be like? What would it feel like to kiss him? To be held in his arms? In his lap? How would it disconcert her when he…

When he…

She gulped and shivered.

Pretending not to notice her inner struggle, Sir caressed the back of her little hand with his thumb.

“This is a very serious and delicate thing we are proposing here, Danny. Not unlike a marriage. Both of us need to want it and need to do our very best to make it work. For me, the choice is quite simple. You are beautiful and sweet and exciting and submissive and I want you very badly. I want you in my heart and in my mind and in my home, my arms and my bed for as long as you will have me.” He placed a hand over his heart while his thumb caressed the back of her delicate little hand laying in his other palm.

“So I guess the answer is up to you, dear. Will you accept my collar? Will you accept me as your master? Be my pet girl, my servant, partner, lover and friend?”

Danny’s mind was in a turmoil. It had all happened so quickly. It was just this morning she had answered a personal ad online. A kink friendly social network site she trolled now and then. Answering an ad from a man, of all things. Asking questions because he had intrigued her. Spending the morning emailing back and forth. Setting up a meet, which had both frightened and excited her. Meeting her first real Dom.

And that meeting… what? Three hours ago? Maybe four? Just so quickly and here she was… her lips poised to say “yes” to his proposal. A man of all things! A man!

A man who…

Made her feel beautiful and sweet and exciting and submissive.

Things she had never felt about her self before.

A man who had managed to bring her to orgasm with nothing more than words and a soft touch on her hand.

A man who was opening up a world she had never really imagined before.

Slowly, Danny leaned over and kissed the side of his thumb.

“Yes, Master. I will. I will be… all of those things… for you.”

“Good girl. Come here, love.” He hooked a hand behind her neck and pulled her in to meet his lips. She closed her eyes as they kissed. “Just like a girl.” she thought to herself. Master’s mouth was warm and he kissed her hungrily, like a great wolf starving for prey. His mustache tickled the sides of her face and she could feel the rough rasp of the whiskers on his chin scraping against her flesh. The hand on the back of her neck held her tightly to him but not so hard she couldn’t have pulled away if she wished. He moved and her mouth opened to him, his tongue slipping past her lips.

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