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Transformations Ch. 03


“Oh my God, Gran. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. Oh shit! Oh no, no, no, what am I going to do? I can’t walk out of here like this, what will I wear?”

“Calm down Joey, it’s alright. Just calm down, relax. The hardest part is over, you know how to change now. You just have to remember how it feels, so you can put yourself in the zone again. Come on, it’s all going to be fine.”

“Oh shit Gran, look at you. Look at the mess I made on you.”

“It’s alright, don’t worry about it.”

He used his towel to try and mop up some of his jizz as she sat down alongside him. Looking down at his naked male body, he became aware of just how vulnerable he was, caught in the women’s changing room. If he got caught, he’d be arrested and probably end up on the sex offenders register. The thought just made him worry more. The more he worried, the less he could relax.

“What were you thinking?”

“Miss Weatherly,” he whispered so his male voice wouldn’t be overheard. “She’s my teacher. Do you have any idea how many times I imagined her naked in my fantasies? And then actually seeing her naked. Seeing her shaved, I never imagined she’d be shaved. I’ve seen her lips, her actual pussy lips.”

“She doesn’t have anything you don’t have, my sweet. Well, obviously not now, but, maybe in a moment or two?”

“I don’t know Gran. I don’t remember how I felt. I’ve just been so confused all day. I mean, even the girl who did my bra fitting was in my school. What are the chances? My first day as a woman and I encounter two women I actually had the hots for. And now I just don’t know what I was feeling when I changed. I can’t change back. Believe me, I’m trying.”

“There there now Joey. It’s okay. Even if you can’t, we’ll find a way of getting you out of here. You have help. You have your Mum and me.”

“Thanks Gran.”

“I’ll just go and fill your mother in on what’s happening. You sit tight Joey and just try to relax.”

“Okay. I’ll try.”

A minute later, there was a brief tap on the door and Mrs. Aames stepped in and sat down alongside her son. He had his towel on his lap protecting his modesty.

“It’s okay baby, I don’t want you to worry. We’ll just sit here if we have to and wait until the coast is clear.”

“I’m sorry Mum.”

“Don’t be baby. It’s a strange day for you. Everything is a learning experience for you today.”

“Everything is fucked up, is what today is.”

Those were the last words she wanted to hear, an unpleasant reminder of the old Joey, her son Joey.

“I mean God Mum, why would you even bring me here? On my first day? Couldn’t you have waited ’til I actually knew what I was doing? Weren’t you thinking straight?”

“Shh Joey, you’re raising your voice. Look, if it comes to it, Gran can go set off the fire alarm and when everyone’s out, we’ll sneak you out too.”

“Yeah, like that’s gonna work.”

“Hey, come on now love. Don’t be such a pessimist.”

“Oh God Mum, you’re so stupid sometimes, you know.”

Well, there was no doubting it now. Old Joey had made his return.

“Please don’t get mad at me sweetie. It’s been so nice having a different you around. Don’t go back to being like you were before.”

“If I get out of this, I’m not going back again. Being a girl sucks. Stupid clothes and makeup and stupid fucking shoes. And her fucking bits don’t work either. Nothing happens down there, she’s a fucking dud.”

“You masturbated?”

“Fuck that. Women are fucking defective. Too much work for too little reward. And I’m not into no fucking men either. I don’t want to be a girl, chasing cock. I wanna fuck pussy, not have one.”

“Oh sweetie, please calm down. You’re not yourself.”

“No. I wasn’t myself. But now I am.”

“Come on Joey, my love, I’ll help you get dressed. See if you can still fit.”

“In that shit? Fuck that. I’m no sissy.”

“Oh Joey, please don’t talk that way. Please, for me.”

“Get out of here, will you? And give me some fucking privacy.”

Mrs. Aames stepped out of the cubicle in tears and into her mother’s arms who had been able to hear much of the conversation.

“Oh Sandy. He’ll come around. You’re just catching him at a bad moment, that’s all my love. He’ll figure it out in time and he’ll be able to better control his emotions.”

“I don’t know Mum, he was so horrible to me in there.”

“I know sweetie.”

“He said he doesn’t ever want to go back.”

“Sandy. I heard what he said about not having an orgasm. I absolute guarantee you, the first time he has a female orgasm, he won’t ever want to change back into a man.”

“I hope you’re right Mum, because the way he is now, so hurtful, so nasty, I don’t want him back in the house with me. He scares me.”

“Oh baby. He’s just confused. Give him time, he’ll come around, you’ll see.”

“Promise me.”

“I promise, my love. I promise.”

“I love you Mum.”

“I love you too. Now I think we should switch clothes. The dress I’m wearing stands a better chance beylikbagim.com of covering him up than what he came in wearing. So we’ll do a switch and he can go out barefoot, with a towel on his head. One of us can go in and put some makeup on him, see what we can do to feminise him while we get him out.”

“Will you go in Mum? I can’t face him right now.”

“Of course baby. You just dress, I’ll take him my clothes.”

Gran stepped back into the cubicle. Joey had put on the panties but there was no way his charcoal grey skirt or the white blouse were going to fit, the material just wasn’t stretchy enough.

“Gran, I’ve upset Mum, I know, I’m sorry. Can you tell her for me?”

“I think you should tell her yourself Joey, if you are sorry, that is.”

“I am. I was just taking it out on her. I am sorry.” He opened the door a whisker and took a look around, then in his closest approximation to a female voice, he whispered across to her, “Mum, Mum. I’m sorry.”

She looked up at him and continued dressing.

“Joey. Try my dress on. Just slip it over your head.”



“Can’t one of you just go home and get me some other clothes to wear? I mean, women wear jeans, just go get me a pair and a T shirt and a baggy jumper or something.”

“Joey, if you can’t change back, your best way out of here is in this dress. Now put it on please.”

He tutted. “Oh God! You’re as bad as her.”

“Joey, I’m not taking any shit from you. You may think you can treat your mother like dirt but you can’t treat me that way. She’s too nice, she takes it from you. She puts up with more than you know, more than she deserves. She loves you with all her heart and you’re killing her inside Joey. The sooner you get that through that thick skull of yours, the better. Now put the fucking dress on and keep a civil tongue in your head until we get home. You hear me?”

He nodded.

Fortunately, the plan worked and the three of them managed to get back to the car without being stopped.

On returning home, Joey gathered up all his new clothes that he’d put in his room and threw them out onto the landing and spent the rest of the day locked in his room with loud music playing, drinking himself stupid trying to rid the whole day from his memory. Mrs. Aames spent the whole night crying and slept downstairs on the couch, as far from her son as possible.

Sunday wasn’t any better. Joey woke up as a man, but carried around a big chip on his shoulder. He was more distant from his mother than he had ever been. He spent the whole day with animosity brewing inside his head. The first person to even look at him the wrong way was going to be the recipient of some serious vented spleen.

Monday, Mrs. Aames had work and Joey was on evening shifts this week at the pub. So he had the whole house to himself. He hadn’t changed back into a woman, not by accident or through trying. He was so relieved. With a bit of luck, he could put it down to one bad weekend and move on with his life.

But somehow, he found himself sitting at the top of the stairs thinking of something he had said to his mother while he was a girl. He’d said that he loved her, even as a boy and had badly wanted to express that love at times but had been unable.

And it made him wonder. Why was he so hard on her? She only tried to do her best. It can’t have been easy for her bringing up a boy all by herself. She’d always done the best she could, if there was anyone he should be angry at, it was his father, for walking out on him when he was seven. Maybe all the anger he felt was for his father, but in the absence of the man to direct it all at, he transferred it all onto his mother instead. And she didn’t deserve that.

Why couldn’t he just express that to her. He didn’t hate her, he did love her and it wasn’t her fault, the things that happened this weekend. In fact, it had felt good. Oh, he was so confused. How could he apologise to his mother but not lose face, not appear weak, still be masculine? He couldn’t. In his mind, apologising was a show of weakness, an admission of guilt. The only way he would ever be able to do it was as a woman.

He got up from the stairs and walked across the landing to his mother’s room and opened the door. The shopping bags were all lined up, ready to be returned. He went and picked one up and emptied out the contents onto his mother’s bed. His bras, stockings and panties. He brushed his fingers across the material and an image reappeared in his head, of sitting, next to naked at the bottom of the stairs, his naked mother and naked grandmother sliding those stockings up his freshly shaven legs. He remembered how that made him feel and he wanted to feel it again, so he took off his shoes, socks and jeans and scrunched his toes together and slid the stockings up his legs.

Touching the panties on the bed, he slid his own briefs down his legs and put one stocking clad foot inside one leg and the other in the other side and pulled them up. The bra. He pulled his T shirt over his head and tied the bra around his waist and hooked it up where he could see what he was doing. Then he twisted the bra around and put his arms through the straps and hoisted it up over his chest.

He had an erection.

He saw the camera still sat on his mother’s cabinet drawers. Scanning the photographs, he found the pictures from Saturday morning before Gran arrived that his mother had taken of him as a girl posing in that blue blouse with the white collar and the navy pinstripe skirt and waistcoat. She was a pretty girl, the girl in the photos and Joey’s cock strained when he looked at her.

He rubbed on his panties down the outside, pressing on his shaft. He rubbed his bra with his other hand, then used the hand that was on his cock to rub his stocking. It did feel nice. He lay back on his mother’s bed and released his cock and began to stroke it in earnest, thinking now of his bra fitting with Jenny Thomas, then seeing Miss Weatherly, his teacher naked in the showers. The moment he put the two together in his mind, Jenny Thomas giving Miss Weatherly a bra fitting, was when he felt his cock pulse. Looking down at it, he drew his foreskin back. The pleasure was intense, just waiting to release. He could feel it coming, anytime now, oh Jenny, anytime, Miss Weatherly, oh there it goes. The first trickle of semen just dribbled out the end of his scarlet head. The next one was pumped and squirted about a foot up his front, into his belly button, the third didn’t reach quite as far, but pooled midway between. A few after pulses and a few trickles of semen and he was done, completely relaxed in his mother’s bedroom.

He lay there for about fifteen minutes, then went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. His mother would be gone until nearly five and his shift started at five thirty, so he left on his girlie underwear and put his boy clothes back on top, then headed out into town.

He had to figure out a way of apologising to his mother without expressly saying sorry, so figured he’d look for a gift to buy her. He found himself in the women’s department of a department store browsing around for something she might appreciate, but found himself drawn to the ladies shoes.

He could hardly try them on in his current state. He wore a size ten and his ape like feet would never fit in all those dainty heels he was being drawn to. It was no good, he couldn’t think of what to buy for her, it was almost as though any fashion sense he may have had, had disappeared with his breasts. He headed for the exit, what was he thinking anyway? And then he saw it, the mannequin in the doorway. The clothes on it, so sexy. A sheer black blouse with a metallic gold collar, a leather miniskirt and knee length boots. If he’d seen that on Saturday, he would have surely left the store wearing it.

He had to get out of there. What was wrong with him? He wasn’t a girl and he didn’t want to be one, so why was he noticing what everyone was wearing all of a sudden? He used to look at girl’s faces, their boobs and their backsides as they walked past. Now he was noticing their clothes, their hair, how they walked? What was going on?

He got back home and masturbated again in his girlie underwear. It was getting late, so he took it all off and packed it back up in the bag and left his mother’s room much as he had found it.

He hadn’t bought a gift and he couldn’t think of the words to say, so he left before his mother got home and went to work. His mind was elsewhere all evening. But again, he found himself noticing what women were wearing, more and more. He got home after midnight, as he usually did when he was on evenings. His mother was already in bed and he didn’t disturb her.

Next day, he found himself in his mothers room yet again, putting on the underwear that was in the bags. Again he put his boy clothes on top, even though he wanted to put on something girlie. He again headed into town, but this time went to the station and got on a train to another town, fifty miles away.

Free to browse the women’s clothing stores, he estimated the size he would require and bought a simple shirt dress in one store, a blonde wig in another, some lipstick in a third, all under the pretence of them being gifts, then made his way back home.

He still had a few hours yet, he wanted nothing more than to apologise to his mother. But in order to do that, he had to get in touch with his feminine side. And to reach that, he had to dress like one, so he padded his bra with some socks and buttoned up the shirt dress. It was a salmon colour and had a pleated skirt section that fell just below his knees. The buttons were slightly larger than a blouse button would normally be and there was an elasticated band around the waist and a built in fabric belt, the same colour and material as the dress. Buttons ran all the way up from knees to neck and Joey found himself buttoning it to just below the collar. He didn’t have any cleavage to show, not real cleavage anyway. He put on the wig and spread the lipstick over his lips. It was his first try and he made a bit of a mess of things so wiped it off and had another try.

God, he looked a freak. He looked like a man in a dress. There was nothing even remotely feminine about him, especially not with all his stubble. He walked around the house, downstairs, into the kitchen, he made himself a sandwich and a Coke. He went and sat in the living room and switched on the TV.

Finishing his lunch, he pulled out his smartphone and went to his favourite porn site. He didn’t pick lesbian, because there was a good looking woman on the main page in one of the thumbnails. He clicked on the video and waited for it to load.

She was good looking, she was really cute, already naked. Joey undid two of his dress buttons around his waist and released his cock. Watching the girl in the video, he began stroking.

“Fuck!” There was a bloke in it too. And he was naked. He continued stroking as he watched the woman have her shaven pussy eaten out by the bloke. Then they switched places and she began sucking his cock. Strangely, this did not deter Joey. He imagined the cock was his own and the woman was sucking it. But then the video shifted its focus back to the woman. Joey swiped his finger back a bit and went back to the start of the bloke’s cock. Yeah, that was better. Faster now, Joey jerked his cock. It felt good. Again, it changed focus to the woman, so he just rewound the video to the bloke again, but the picture froze on a close up of just the guy’s cock. Buffering error. Fuck it. But he was too close now. He just kept jerking while watching the frozen image of the guy’s cock.

“Ohhh!” he groaned. He felt his load coming but then realised he’d get jizz all over his new dress. He looked around for something, but there was nothing, so he squeezed his foreskin tightly closed at the end of his penis as his jizz filled it up, trapping it inside. He got up and walked over to the kitchen sink and released his foreskin, slowly massaging his spent cock, expelling his cream between the dishes.

He ran the tap to flush away his semen and went upstairs. He was just about out of time so stashed the stuff at the back of his wardrobe and put the underwear back in his mother’s room, then headed on out before she returned.

He was so screwed up. What? Did this mean he was gay now? He just couldn’t deal with this all by himself. Sure, when he was a girl, he felt a slight attraction towards men in a way that was unexpected. But that didn’t make him gay. As a boy he liked women, he was attracted to women. And now, he was dressing in women’s clothes and jerking off to men? What the fuck did that mean? He was so confused.

That evening at the bar, Jenny Thomas showed up.

“Hi, it’s um, it’s Joey isn’t it?”

He nodded. He had a feeling she may show up. She had asked ‘Zoe’ where ‘her brother’ worked.

“Jenny Thomas.”

“You remember me?”

“Of course. I’d be an idiot if I didn’t remember the most beautiful girl in school.”

She blushed.

“Really? You thought I was beautiful?”

“I think you still are.”


“What can I get you? On the house.”

“A white wine spritzer please.”

“One white wine spritzer coming up.”

She watched as he made it for her, then slid it across the counter to her. She sat down at a stool and they engaged in conversation, pausing only when he had to serve another customer. After about fifteen minutes, he made her another drink, even though she was only half way through her first.

“You’re not trying to get me drunk, are you?”

He twitched his eyebrows. “And what if I am? Is that such a bad thing? Loosen you up a bit.”

“Don’t spoil it.”

“Spoil what?”

“We were having a pleasant conversation. Please don’t make it about sex. Can’t we just get to know each other? Take things slowly?”

He sighed heavily and rolled his eyes.

“Don’t be like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like that.” She reached out her hand to his. “We’ve only just met. There’s no need to rush anything.”

He couldn’t say the word sorry, not even to her.

“Look, do you want the drink or not?”

That wasn’t the right thing to say.

She slid the glass back across the bar and collected her things together. Standing up, she turned, “You know? Your sister said you were an idiot. I thought it was just something siblings say about one another. But you really are. I would have fucked you Joey. I would have fucked you senseless. But I don’t fuck assholes.” She turned on her heel and walked out the door.

“Fucking bitch,” he muttered under his breath, seething.

He turned to look across the bar and caught a young woman on a nearby bar stool looking at him.

“What are you looking at?”

“You’re not nice Joey.”

“Nobody asked you Miss. Maybe mind your own business in future, eh?”

“You’ll never get a woman to care for you with that attitude Joey. If you can’t change, you’re destined to spend your whole life alone.”

“Butt the fuck out of my business lady,” he spat. “Nobody asked for your opinion.”

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