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The Roommate Ch. 01


Everyone in this story is 18 years or older. This story contains Futanari. If this is not for you, stop reading now. Just kidding, read it anyway and enjoy. Also I would like to thank Monty_Quinn for the inspiration to tell my own stories. Maximilian Ventres


My name is Bianca Washington, I am a Futanari. Yes I said Futanari, or Futa for short. How about a brief description of myself. I am 6’3” and 185lbs. I have an hour glass figure with my perky 42DD breast and once described thicker than a bowl of oatmeal hips and thighs. My skin tone can be described as caramel to all most chocolate. I bet you want to how big my cock is don’t you. What about my pussy? Pay attention to the story, you’ll get all of the juicy details. But for now this is the story of how I meet my roommate Miranda Knox. Buckle up this is going to be a fun story.

The Ad:

I needed a new place to stay. Let’s just say that the basement I was staying in was no longer a safe place. I was renting a basement apartment from what I suspected was a small time drug dealer. His name is William, but tells everybody to call him the “Kid”.

“You know like Billy,” William was always saying.

As if he’s the only person to ever say it. William was what you called a small time drug dealer. That lead to an unbelievable amount of people coming and going at all times of the day. And if that wasn’t bad enough, William and his girl Donna were always fighting. You know it’s really hard to stream my cam with all of the foot traffic going on up stairs.

I am what I call a cam-girl. Some people call me a prostitute. I don’t consider myself a prostitute in the physical sense of things, but I do sell my body. That is pictures and video. Sometimes an occasional steady customer will pay me for a pair of used panties. I mean a girl has gotta make a living.

This time it was another argument between him and his methed-out girlfriend Donna.

“Damn it bitch, didn’t I tell you to keep your skinny ass out of my stash?” yelled William.

“Come on sugar I just need one more hit,” Donna replied.

“You stupid whore, I told you to stay out of my stash. When Mr. D comes by to collect his cut and I don’t have his money or his dope, it’s going to be your stank-ass that gets stomped,” screamed William.

I heard a loud smack and what sounded like a body hitting the floor. He was beating her again. Moving in with these people was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. But I was desperate at the time.

“Shit, I was just about to get on cam,” I said to myself.

Don’t get me wrong I’m no hero and I really didn’t want to be involved, but between the type of people showing up at all times of the day or night and now the escalation of the domestic violence was more than enough reason for me to exit stage left. I made my way up stairs to try and play peacemaker, again. I wasn’t expecting what I walked in on. I’ve heard them fight and argue, but this was different. William was choking Donna, and her face was slowly turning blue.

“Let her go,” I said.

“Fuck you bitch, if you know whats good for you, you’ll shut your mouth and get the fuck out of here,” said William.

Now that I was seeing the commotion with my own eyes, I could see what the real problem was. His pupils were as big as saucers. He was high. This in my opinion was an even worse situation then I thought.

“Listen William, let her go or I will call the cops,” I said.

“My name is Billy bitch,” he said as he continued to choke her.

After our last exchange I knew there was no talking him down, and I could see Donna’s eyes roll in her head. So I picked up the nearest object and smashed him over the head. That did the trick as William immediately let go of Donna and fell unconscious. I heard Donna gasping for air, so I knew she was at least alive.

I picked up my phone and dialed 911. The cops showed up in a matter of minutes, and with my statement and the condition of Donna’s neck they promptly arrested William. The glare he gave me as the cops put him in the police car sent a shiver up my spine. But had nothing to worry about, right?

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Donna whispered. “Billy won’t forgive you calling the cops,” she carried on as she rubbed her bruised throat.

“I really don’t care Donna,” I spat back. “He was going to kill you if I didn’t intervene,” I said.

“I didn’t need your help,” Donna said as she lit a cigarette. “You just want him to yourself, always strutting around here like your shit don’t stink,” she huffed. “Billy loves me, you stupid bitch, and you’ll never take him from me no matter what you do,” she snarled.

“Donna, I don’t want William,” I laughed. “You need to quit smoking that shit and open your eyes, I was just trying to help you out,” I said.

And with that I knew it was time to move on. I left Donna upstairs and started packing my belongings. Gathering up my equipment took priority. I mean, that is how xslot I made my money. My clothing and personal items came next along with the accumulated toys that I use on cam. The last thing I did was to go and check my stash spot where I kept all of the cash that I had been saving.

I was up to about twelve thousand dollars. I had been saving for new a car and laptop. That didn’t seem possible at the moment, I mean with me having to find a new place to stay and all. So there I was sitting on my bed thumbing through want ads and boom there it was “Wanted roommate female only.” I couldn’t believe my luck.

I immediately called the number listed. When the voice on the other end spoke my cock began to swell. She sounded so sexy, I mean really sexy. Her voice alone gave me a half chub. I had to meet the woman whose voice had this effect on me. Even if I could not get the room I was still contemplating asking her for a date. She gave me her address, it was on the west-side of town, the suburbs I think. We set a meeting for the next day at 11am.

I was so turned on, and I thought about masturbating. But do you remember I mentioned the drug dealer Mr. D that William was so worried about? Apparently he and William were supposed to meet up, and he was currently up stairs, questioning Donna about where William was.

“I told you William just got picked up by the cops,” Donna said, with a clearly damaged throat.

“Well I guess that leaves the burden to you then, doesn’t it?” questioned Mr. D.

I could hear the anger in his voice, but unlike William, he wasn’t unhinged or out of control. Donna must have still been high, because the next thing I heard her say was,

“If you and your crew don’t get the fuck out of here, I’m calling the police and letting the know that he was the drug biggest dealer in town is in my house,” she shot back.

The situation did not sound good. And I couldn’t believe the stupidity of Donna. I mean high or not Mr. D didn’t sound like anyone to play with.

“Excuse me?” Mr. D raged.

Then I heard what sounded like the click of a gun being cocked.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” was all that I heard Donna before Mr. D’s henchmen started slapping her around. The sounds of the beating Donna was taking was sickening. I could only imagine the condition that she was in. At this point I was scared out of my mind. I just prayed that they didn’t think to come down stairs.

I had to find a place to hide. Having turned off all the lights, I ducked under the stairs. I hoped that the shadow covering it would be enough to keep me hidden, if they decided to check the basement out. When the screaming and struggle upstairs came to an end, and I could only assume that Donna was dead. No one was meant to survive a beating the likes of which I heard. The voices upstairs started again.

“Rip this shit hole apart, and find my cash and my dope Andre, Bishop you check down stairs,” Mr. D screamed in fury.

Upon hearing that command, by breath caught in my throat. I had already cut the lights off when the commotion started up stairs. I stayed just out of sight under the stairs and held my breath and stayed as quiet as I could. I clamped a hand over my mouth to stifle a frightened whimper that I did not know was there. The stairs creaked loudly when the burly man started to make his way down them. Suddenly out of the blue I heard sirens in the distance, and so could Mr. D and his thugs up stairs.

“Let’s get the fuck out of here,” yelled Mr. D in a fit of anger.

“But boss we haven’t found anything,” I heard another guy call out.

Thankfully the man on the stairs coming toward me, made his retreat up the stairs.

“Are you fucking stupid, there is a dead body on the floor, and cash and dope in this house. Do you want to go to jail?” Mr. D questioned.

They made a hasty retreat out of the house, and I breathed a sigh of relief as I continued to hide under the stairs. To my surprise the cops never came. The sirens got close, but kept going by to their intended destination. My hands were shaking and my nerves were shot. I wanted to cry, but I had to keep my head.

I cautiously made my way up stairs to check the damage. Donna was indeed dead, and the upstairs was a mess. I thought back to what Mr. D had said about the money and drugs being in the house. I know some may think less of me, but seeing as the dealers didn’t find what they were looking for I took a minute to look also. I made it all the way upstairs to William and Donna’s bedroom and as clear as day the cash and dope was under the bed.

There must have been at least one hundred thousand dollars and some drugs in a duffle bag. With Donna dead and William in jail, I figured finders keeper. I took the cash and left the drugs. I had no use for them and there was no point in taking them with me. I quickly headed back down to the basement to gather my belongings. It was beyond time to go. I now had a problem. I had too much xslot Giriş baggage to carry quickly.

I had to make a decision to get my bags down to two and a laptop bag. If I only took the bare minimum of clothing it would cost me all of my outfits and my toys for my streaming. I stashed the hundred grand under my clothes in one bag. My equipment went into the second bag. I made a final sweep of the basement to guarantee that I didn’t leave any personal information about myself lying around. With that taken care of I made one last mental check.

Bag one, my streaming equipment and a couple of photos and personal items. Bag two, the best of my clothing and the hundred grand. And then there was my laptop bag. I was ready to go.

By the time I was ready to go, it was after 10pm. I cut the lights off and opened the door to the basement. As I stuck my head out and looked around, I didn’t notice anyone keeping an eye on the house. Stepped out into the night air and ducked into my beat up Ford Taurus. I didn’t think I was being too paranoid when I drove an hour north to a parking garage.

I ditched the Taurus on the street. Leaving the keys in the ignition, I had no doubt that it would be stolen. That would help me cover my tracks. Did I mention about me being paranoid? After dumping my car I walked three blocks to a bus stop. I dumped the cheap prepay cell that I had down a sewer as I walked. I took the bus to the east side of town, and caught a cab to the west-side.

This is where my meeting was in the morning. I told the cab driver I needed the most discreet and the cleanest hotel/motel he could think of. Arriving at the motel I gave the front desk attendee the name was Jane Smith. He barley looked up and gave me a room away from all other tenants.

It was after 2am by the time I got into my room and I was starving. I placed a call into the local Chinese restaurant and ordered enough for two. What I was hungry. I’ve got a voracious appetite for food and other things when I am stressed, and boy was I. Speaking of which, with my food ordered I had roughly forty five minutes to enjoy a nice hot shower.

Stripping out of my shirt I fondled my breast through the lacy bra I was wearing. My nipples hardened to the attention that I gave them. The bra is next as I mauled my thick, long, and very sensitive nipples. I pinched and tugged them rather roughly as I was in a race with the delivery man. I took a quick second to turn the water on in the shower. Next came my leggings that I was wearing.

Next came my soaking wet boy shorts. My pussy was actively leaking around my cock that was stuffed inside my hot tunnel. I prefer to tuck into my pussy when I am out in public, or when I don’t feel like controlling my size. It was one of those days. With everything that was going on the last thing that I needed was someone getting an eyeful of something they shouldn’t. I stepped under the hot spray of the shower head, and gently worked my sizable cock in and out of my drenched snatch.

There is just something amazing about fucking yourself with your own cock. My hardened nipples felt fantastic under the spraying water. They were harder than they had ever been. I wonder if it is because of the sexy voice on the other end of the phone call earlier, or the extreme stress of today. I extracted cock from my pussy only to have a sense of loss from my thick member being removed, but it was quickly replaced by the feeling of my hands on my lengthening cock. I quickly worked to a steady speed, as I was short on time.

I took one of my hands and worked my cock back and forth. The other was busy alternating between my large mushroom head and my sensitive nipples. I could feel my orgasm building as I pulled nipples and stroked my cock. My cock head swelled as my orgasm crashed over me, and rope after rope of cum splattered the shower wall. My cock slowly deflated to limp state as I enjoyed the afterglow of good spend.

Then a sudden knock at the door brought me back to reality faster then I would have liked. As I dried myself, I hurriedly wrapped the towel around my waist to hide the limp monster that I was packing. I decided against covering my breast, and made my way to the door. I figured that a little show was called for since the delivery driver was coming out at such a late hour. Checking the peep hole to make sure it was the delivery driver, I opened the door with nothing but a towel to hide my cock. I didn’t need to worry if the poor guy saw the monster between my legs as he never looked down. Why would he?

With an eyeful of extremely perky 42DD tits in his face? The bulge in his pants told me he definitely like what he saw and he was decent looking. I asked if he could come in for a second so I could get the money for my food. He happily agreed. He eyed me with a hungry eye when he took the cash from me. Taking my food from him, I patted his crotch and told him that I hoped he enjoyed my tits because that was his tip. He was xslot Güncel Giriş fine with that and asked if I needed any company. He was bold, but I didn’t think he was ready for what I was packing between my legs.

“Seeing as I just had rubbed one out in the shower, I really don’t need your company,” told him. “But how about the best tit-job of your life?”

“Hell yes,” he replied.

He stepped inside and closed the door.

“I have just one condition,” I said. He waited nervously for my condition. “You have to let me film it for my cam-site,” I said. I was certain that he would back out, but he surprised me by calling my bluff.

“By all means beautiful,” he replied.

Although I was a little shocked I quickly set up my cam and lights.

“Stay right there while I throw on some panties,” I told him. I slipped into the bathroom to hide my secret.

I was limp, and I managed to pack my softened cock back into my dripping snatch. With my cock tucked back into the snug confines of my pussy, I slipped into comfortable pair of boy shorts.

As I stepped out of the bathroom, I asked, “Are you ready for the tit-job of your life?”

He just nodded dumbly and moved forward when I waved him over. I placed Hughey, I later found out that was his name, in front of the camera and told him to relax. I turned the camera on and faced it to speak to my fans.

“Sorry for not making my regular time, but I have a special treat for you guys and gals. Wave to my fans,” I told him and he did. “I am about to give this gentleman the best tit-job of his life. I hope you enjoy the show,” I said to the camera.

I was very excited at this point as I dropped to my knees in front of Hughey. I fished his cock out of his jeans, it was about seven inches and not very thick. His cock head was fat and my mouth watered when I saw it. I cooed my appreciation as I turned us around to get a better angle for the camera. I just had to taste it. As I stuck my tongue out, Hughey took in a deep breath as I made contact with his plump cock head. He was hard as a rock and he was leaking pre-cum.

I engulfed his entire cock with one dive down his shaft. As you can tell, I can take huge cocks down my throat with ease. But that is a story for another time. After a couple of bobs, he was covered in my saliva so I figured it was time for the main course.

I placed his spit slick member in between my tits. He groaned in appreciation. I wrapped my tits around his cock, and moved them up and down as I increased and decreased the pressure. This was going to look fantastic once I uploaded it to my page. Every couple of strokes I would dip my head down and take him into my mouth to give his head a couple of licks with my tongue. This was great action but it was time to finish him off, because I was getting rather hungry.

I released his cock from my tits as I took his tool in my mouth all the way to the base of his shaft. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and licked his ball sack. I could feel him swelling in my mouth so I pulled him from my throat. He wined when I did that but moaned when placed him back within the warmth of my tits. As slick as my tits were I told him he could fuck them as fast as he wanted. He went into overdrive and within two minutes he was cumming.

The first rope hit me in my neck and his second my mouth. The rest stayed between my breasts. It was a decent load, for anyone other than myself. I was impressed.

“Well ladies and gents I hope you enjoyed the show,” I said as I turned to the camera and blew a kiss.

I tucked his cock back into his pants and zipped him back up.

“Damn, you were not lying,” Hughey said as he thanked me for his extra tip.

“If you keep your mouth shut you may get future tips. I love Chinese food,” I told him.

He nodded that he understood and with that I closed the door and sat down and ate my food with nothing but a towel wrapped around my waist, and cum still dripping down my face. As I told you guys, stress makes me horny, and I was very stressed today. As I finished off the last of my food I thought back on today’s events. I couldn’t do anything but smile as I thought about how tomorrow’s meeting will go, and I couldn’t wait. After stuffing myself, I flipped on the TV to watch the late news.

And would you believe that the first segment that I saw on the late night news was about a body found in a house in what appears to be a drug deal gone wrong. The anchor went on to explain that the body was found late last night and there was a witness. I almost choked on a sip of sprite. I lay on the bed in the nude, and thought about what I was going to do. This could get me into a lot of trouble. I put it out of my mind and thought about something else. I drifted off to sleep with the voice of the women on the phone going through my head. Tomorrow was going to be an interesting day.

The Cabbie:

I woke up the next morning feeling very refreshed. It was about 7:30 am. That gave me about three hours to get to my appointment today. The morning news was still on, and droning on about Donna being found dead. It was kind of a relief that they were no longer mentioning the witness anymore.

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