18 Şubat 2021

Movie Night

Big Tits

College. We all understand it, or are at least familiar with the stereotype. A time to party, have fun, explore new venues…that sort of thing. Well, I don’t know who created that evil lie, but it seems that the last time I remember having time to party was senior year of high school and all I explore are books and computer screens. That is until I met her, Juliet. Okay, let me give you a little background information. This is my third year of college, and for the most part, I am the nerdy, spend all of my time working, never go to frat parties kind of woman. In addition, standing a mere 5 ft. and weighing all of 150 lbs I am on the heavy side. I work out, but years of bad eating habits, and until recently, a total disregard for physical activity left me resembling a small whale. Men never really paid much attention to me and to be perfectly honest that never bothered me, because I have always been more interested in women. There is nothing more beautiful in this world than a woman. From sparkling eyes, soft lips, velvet breasts, the gentle swell of the hips, nothing can compare. When I first saw her during my second year, I thought I would never breath again.

She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. She was 5 ft 4 with shoulder length honey colored hair and big brown eyes. She had a fun loving grin, and that complemented her take control attitude. As for her body, well, perfect comes to mind. Her breasts are a 34C, and they stand just as they should. Her stomach is not flat, but there is the slightest bulge below her bellybutton, and her hips swell out to create a luscious ass. Her skin is the color of very light cream, almost porcelain, which is a nice contrast to my dark tanned skin.

We became friends quickly, I charmed her with my quick wit, and she inspired me with her “I don’t give a shit what other people think” attitude. A year later, we are together. It was a while before we made love, but that night was …well there no words, but I will try.

It began as any of our other nights that we set aside to spend time together. These nights usually consists of curling up on the couch and watching a movie, then when the movie ends we turn off the TV, and sit it the dark and talk about what is going on in our lives. We usually end up falling asleep together and waking up late the next morning. Well, as I said earlier, this night was no different. I have a single room so there güvenilir bahis is never any roommate to worry about. Juliet came over, and we watched a movie, I have no idea what it was. It had been my decision to hold off on sex, so it was my job to take control whenever I felt ready. She was in a horrible mood that day so I began to scratch her back, the one thing that usually calms her down. My hand was inside her shirt, on her back when suddenly; I knew it was the right time. I slipped my hand to the front of her and gently cupped one of her breasts in my hand. She let out a ragged breath, but did not try to stop me. I turned her over and brushed the hair out of her face, I gently ran my fingers across her jaw line and over her lips, at which point they parted to take the tip of my finger into her mouth. I bent down, and ever so lightly, brushed my lips against hers, first the top and then the bottom, gently nipping at them until I thought she would burst, then I kissed her firmly, letting my tongue explore inside her mouth. We stayed that way for quite some time.

I broke the kiss to stand her up and to turn on a soft lamp. Her hands went to the bottom of her shirt to pull it up, and I said, “No, please let me do it.” She willingly obliged, dropping her hands to her sides. I caressed her arms and kissed on her neck and collarbone as I got a grip on the bottom edge of her t-shirt. I pulled it above her head, and was face to face with a lacy bra. I then dropped to my knees, kissing and nibbling on her stomach as I pulled down the zipper on her jeans. I pulled them down and helped her step out of them. Standing before me in a matching bra and panty set was an exquisite beauty. I turned her so that her back was facing me and began kissing and caressing the skin of her back, avoiding for the time being, her butt. I unclasped her bra and began to lightly trace my fingers along the bottom of her breasts. I took my time, caressing and kissing each part of her body as I revealed it. When I finally had her standing naked in front of me, she was breathing hard, her slit was glistening, and her nipples were tiny red candies that were begging to be sucked. I kissed her hard then, knowing that she had had about all of the gentleness she could handle for the moment. My hands explored every part of her I could reach, until she broke the kiss and said “your turn, now I get to undress you.” For the first time ever I was not türkçe bahis self-conscious about my body. She undressed me the same way I had undressed her, until we stood before each other naked, eyes full of longing.

She guided me over to the bed, knowing she would have to take control from here. She laid me down on my back and bent over to kiss me. Well…she never made it because having those breasts hover above my face like that was to good to be true and I took one in my mouth, stopping her in her tracks. She froze as I sucked greedily on one then the other, her moans growing until I thought she was going to cumm from that alone. I stopped and she pounced on my breasts, causing my moan to be caught somewhere in my throat. She flicked the nipples with the tip of her tongue, then would suck hard, then would nibble, and then she would do it all over again back and forth between them. She began a slow trail down my stomach, placing kisses her and there before coming to rest right before my slit. She looked up at me and said

“Are you sure?”

“Oh God, yes, please don’t stop, but go slow.”

“ Just relax, and trust me.”

She lovingly opened me with her fingers and the rest is a slight blur as she began to make my body feel things it had never felt before. Her tongue tasted every inch of my lips and slit, until I began to rise and meet her. She then took my clit into her mouth and flicked her tongue over it, sucking and licking, nibbling and blowing until I felt the nerves in my body all move to that one spot. She brought me over the top when she inserted one finger, then two, and finally three into my hot depths and flicked them forward, hitting my g-spot. The world went upside down at that point, and I screamed with pleasure, wave after wave pouring over me until I pushed her away, everything was too sensitive for her to touch.

She moved up the bed to lie next to me, and held me as the pleasure subsided and I came back to reality. I turned to face her, and we kissed. And let me say, within the realms of my limited experience of course, that nothing is more sensual than the kiss after someone makes love to you and you can still taste yourself on their lips.

As the kiss continued I could feel her need, she pressed her body against mine, her hard nipples pushed against mine, her legs open so her slit was rubbing back and forth over my thigh. I turned her over onto her back güvenilir bahis siteleri and took hold of both her wrists. She was moaning lightly, trying very hard to breathe regularly. I kissed the hollow of her neck below her throat, and then began a trail down to her ivory breasts. I suckled, and she was so sensitive from the previous attention I had paid them that her moans went from light to ragged and the whole normal breathing thing was completely out the window. I moved my head down to her stomach, and then below, to the treasure waiting for my arrival. As if knowing the question in my head, she said…

“Just do what feels good to you, do what feels right.”

That was the green light I needed. I separated her lips, looking and studying. The intoxicating scent overpowered me and I licked the outer lips. I moved to the inner lips and got a true taste, like tangy honey, but oh so sweet! I ran the flat of my tongue over every inch of her, tasting and testing what made her jump, but then I hit the clit and her hips lunged off the bed. Jackpot! I put one finger in her and slowly pumped in and out, as I focused the attention of my tongue on her center, rolling it around in circles, but never quite touching it. I put in a second and then third finger and watched her opening stretch to welcome my touch.

“The whole hand love, use the whole hand….pleeeaaseeeee….”

Well, I had heard of fisting, but never really knew what it was about but if that is what her heart desired then I would oblige. I ceased activity on her clit to concentrate on her hole. I got my fourth finger in, and was pumping in and out, then I felt her stretch a little more and tucked my thumb down to get my whole hand inside her depths. I began to furiously flick her clit and she rode my hand and the waves started for her. I felt pulsations gripping my hand and felt juice flowing out and around my wrists, pooling beneath her. She sucked in a deep breath as the final enormous orgasm hit and her body went tense around my hand. I let her relax and come down, then as gently and one can do such an act I disengaged my hand from her and caressed her hips and stomach as I moved up her body to lie next to her. We spent a few moments just looking into each other’s eyes, and then I moved my arm under head, welcoming her to lie on my shoulder. She settled into place and placed her hand across my chest and her leg stretched out across my thighs. I kissed her gently on the forehead and fell asleep, content and happy, and full of love.

So yea, I guess college is a time to explore new venues. We are exploring some new ones next movie night, no doubt.

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