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As I pulled into the parking place I doubled checked I could get out of my van. I unlocked my wheelchair from the floor behind the steering wheel and pushed the button to open the door and let the platform out for my wheelchair. I turn and roll out on the platform and lower it to the parking lot and push the button to raise the lift back up and close the door. After that is done I push the button on my key fob to lock the van. The valet is nice and opens the door to the restaurant and I wheel in to the greeter. I give her my name and say that I will wait for the person I am meeting here. She gives me a good look over smiling and saying she will seat us as soon as she sees me with my party.

I am a few minutes early but the door opens and in walks Lin. I know what she looks like and she knows what I look like as we had been on Skype while we chatted on the dating site. She gives me a huge smile and mouths hi. I do the same and she leans down and gives me her cheek which I give a quick kiss. True to her word, the receptionist leads us to a nice table and pulls the chair out for Lin to be seated. She says the specials and that our server will be right with us. I take a note pad from under my very short right leg stump and put it up on the table. I write something on it and as I push it for Lin to read I expertly sign do you want me to print or write long hand? She does a double take and gives a silent laugh.

Lin was born totally deaf and cannot make any sounds. We had met on a disabled dating site almost 4 months ago and had been using the chat feature to “talk” for some time. We both knew each others disability but she did not know I could sign. She had been somewhat worried about us meeting wondering how we would communicate and I had told her I would bring something to write on. She signed asking how I knew ASL, or American Sign Language, and I told her my brother was born deaf like her. She was grinning as she shook her head and rubbing one index finger over the other like I was a bad boy. She had a beautiful smile.

As I said, we had met on a dating site and she answered my profile. In the first one she wrote, she said she was a devotee looking for a bilateral leg amputee. I had answered back that I had no problem with her being a devotee nor did I mind her being deaf. We had gone from there and used Skype to chat back and forth sometimes or the chat feature on the dating site. Lin is 5’5″ tall, on the thin side but with 34D breasts. She seemed to be proud of them but did not flaunt them. She had said she hated bras and I could tell she was that way today but you had to look for it or just know she was. She had heels and a full but short skirt on.

I signed what did she want to eat and she looked at the menu and signed back. When the server came I ordered for her and we started “talking”. I told her how beautiful she looked today and said dare I use the word sexy. She said of course you can and I am most anxious to see more of you in your chair after lunch. I only got a quick glance on the way in. With a grin I signed back she could see as much as she wanted any time she was interested. She got my meaning and signed back good, I can’t wait. I was getting warmed up good and my memory had come back for all the signs so we were soon whipping it off pretty fast.

I had lost both of my legs when I was 19, hit by a driver not paying attention and pinned between the bumpers. It was only thanks to the fast action of a bystander that I did not bleed to death. As I said, my right leg stump is very short, too short for a prosthesis and the left is not much longer. I chose to go with a wheelchair, much faster to get around. I have a custom Quickie wheelchair that is very compact, no armrests, low rigid back and bottom and non folding. I am 25 and Lin is 24, neither of us has been married and not a lot of dating experience.

Lin had said she was a virgin but masturbated a lot. I had one hand job to my credit and like her, masturbated a lot. We were not prudes when it came to sex, it was just that the right person had not come along yet. Lin had asked me about children and told me she could not have any and was not sure she wanted one anyway. She only had one ovary and the fallopian tube from it was blocked. I told her I was ok with no children also.

Our lunch came and that slowed our signing down for a while. But the frequent eye contacts said a lot. We talked more after we finished and then both of us had to get back to work. Lin was also very proficient in Braille and converted documents into it for lawyers. She had her own business and worked from home. I did consulting work for a lot of designers on ADA requirements. I asked her if she would come to dinner at my place on Friday after work and she said she would love to. I went to her car with her. She looked me over, especially my stumps, and then she gave me a kiss on the cheek and thanked me for lunch.

We chatted online during the rest of the week and on Friday I left work early and stopped at the store for some things for dinner. I was going to casino şirketleri put some steaks on the grill, baked potatoes, garlic bread and salad. We had talked about what she was hungry for and come up with the menu. I got home and put the potatoes in the oven and went to take a shower and change clothes. I stripped in the bedroom and rolled into the shower and got on the bench. I washed, dried and put different stuff on, a t-shirt and slacks. I folded the already cut off pants legs to end right next to the end of my stumps. I had a feeling Lin would want to see them tonight and that was fine with me. I was going to tell her I was very happy to be a double amputee.

I lived on the upper floor of a 12 story condo building. When I bought it, it was bare and I had it built out as a wheelchair accessible unit. It was 2 bedroom but I used the second one as an office. It had a nice patio with a great view and I had a gas grill I loved to cook on. The door was right next to the kitchen so very convenient. I had given Lin the outer door code and my floor and unit number so right on time the door bell rang. I opened the door and moved my chair back and Lin came in. This time when she bent down she gave me a kiss on the lips and I sure returned it. She had her hands full so I led the way to the kitchen so she could get rid of the stuff and we could talk. I had said some time ago I loved lemon pie and she had made one.

She also had a bottle of wine. She signed hello and would I please open the wine so it could breathe. I was having a hard time breathing also. Lin had very short shorts on and a tight blouse that was only buttoned one time just below her breasts. She had kicked her sandals off at the front door so was shoeless and bare legged now. We just looked each other over from head to toe for some time and I could see her eyes were mostly on my stumps.

She was standing with one hand on the counter top, one foot crossed over the other which left her upper legs open and an obvious camel toe. No bra no panties I thought. She licked her lips a couple of times and just as I thought I saw a tiny wet spot appear on her shorts, she stood up and closed her thighs. She did come forward and sit facing me with her legs over the wheels of my wheelchair. She put her arms around my neck and we kissed with lots of passion and tongue. She finally broke the kiss and moved her head back. She had a huge grin and using one hand fanned herself mouthing hot. I nodded my head in agreement. She sure was.

I signed asking if she was ready to eat and she said yes, had skipped lunch. I asked her to make the salad and showed her where the ice box and fixings were. I went to put the meat on the grill as the potatoes had been in long enough. The table was already set so I came back in and got a platter for the meat, poured the wine and went back to turn the steaks. They were nice sirloins and I put a dab of garlic butter on after I got them turned. I had time for a quick trip back in to be sure everything was ready and Lin had found the butter and sour cream and had it out along with dressing for the salad she had ready and on the table. I went back and got the steaks and put them on the table. I pulled her chair out and she sat. I sat across from her so we could see each other to talk.

We clicked our wine glasses and I said let’s eat. We did and after a bite she said the steak was fantastic. We ate without a lot of talking as the food was good and we were both starved. After we were done she asked if I wanted my pie now and I said later. I poured another glass of wine and then we started signing talking about our day. Lin said she had a lot of work coming next week according to an e-mail from one of her bigger accounts. I told her good, I was glad she had lots of work. I told her about my current project then we decided to get the dishes out of the way. She said she would rinse and put things in the dishwasher if I would bring them to her. I did and we soon had it done.

I asked if she wanted to watch a movie, I had some with the words on the screen and she said later, let’s just go sit somewhere. I took her into the living room and she saw the candles I had and asked me if I could light them. I did and then transferred over to the couch. She watched closely how it did it and I motioned for her to come and sit by me. As she did she unbuttoned the one button that held her blouse together. It fell open and after she sat I took her in my arms and we kissed. We then just held each other for a while and being like that could not sign any. After about 5 minutes she reached down and took hold of my leg stump through my pants. She moved her hand over what little there was.

Lin finally asked if I would remove my pants so she could see them and I said sure, pull them down as I lift up. As I did she pulled them off and as she sat back down she removed her blouse. I stretched out a little so she could see and have good access to them. She had pulled my under wear off also so my hard penis was right there also. I mouthed sorry and tried to pull casino firmaları my t-shirt over it but she pulled on my hand then signed and said she had wanted to see that stump also. She sat down and looked then took hold of each of my leg stumps. She rubbed her hand over each one and paid a lot of attention at the end of each. She took her fingers and pushed on the end and could feel the end of the bone.

The doctor knew I was not going to have prosthetic legs so he did not pull any muscles or do anything to pad the end of the bone. Lin spent almost 15 minutes examining both of them and finally kissed the end of each one. She then signed she thought they were the sexiest thing she had ever seen. I signed back thank you, I like them very much also. I then told her I was very glad to be a double amputee and she said she had thought that was so. She asked if she could look at my other stump as she had never seen one in real life before. I said help yourself and she took hold of my penis and gave it the same exam. It was leaking pre cum and she dipped a finger in it and tasted it. She got a big smile on her face then licked my head getting more.

I was very aroused and told her to be careful or she would make me cum and she said she would like to make me do that. I pulled her up so I could look at her breasts and took hold of each of them. I could also see now that her shorts were very wet between her legs. I let loose of one breast and put my finger down and drew it through the wet spot and put it in my mouth. She looked down and just grinned and shrugged her shoulders. I went back to doing as good a job of examining her breasts as she did my stumps and kissed her very large, hard nipples when I was done. I then asked if she would like to go back in the bedroom with me and she nodded her head vigorously. I blew the candles out.

When we got there Lin helped me pull my shirt over my head and arms. She then stood in front of me and wiggled her shorts down her hips. Her pussy was shaved clean throughout the whole area. I signed that looks fantastic and very sexy and she signed back she had read about it in several places and loved how it felt to her after she tried it. She had hoped I would also. I told her I can’t wait to try it. While she was standing there she also signed that she was a virgin, that is, she has never had one of those (pointing to my penis) in me. I do use tampons and have sex toys that I use so no hurt when you do me or blood. I said I understood and I transferred to bed and Lin followed me in.

My stumps are very atrophied because they had wrapped them with ace bandages for some time after my amputations and I never use them so the muscles have shrunk. Again, Lin used her hands to caress and massage them. When she held them up off the bed it almost looked like she was masturbating them. It sure felt good to me. I signed to her do you know what happens to a man when he cums and she said yes, she had seen it on her computer. I said good, remember I am new at this just like you are. She smiled and moved up along side of me and we kissed. I soon worked my way down to her breasts. They were very soft and I loved the feel of them. She seemed to enjoy what I did to them.

I had read a lot about oral sex and wanted to try it and her shaved pussy. I worked my way down and when Lin realized what I was going to do, she tried to stop me. It was hard to sign being on my stomach but I told her to relax and enjoy. She lay back and opened her legs to me as I crawled between them. I started on the insides of her thighs and worked my way up. They were damp I noticed. I reached her pubis and it was wet. I continued to lick my way through the area and liked the taste and odor very much. It stimulated me to do more it felt like.

I ran my tongue up her crease and it felt the opening to her vagina. I used my fingers and pulled her lips open. They seemed to very long and thick. I sucked them into my mouth and pulled on them. Lin seemed to be reacting to this a lot. I looked up as I was doing it and met her eyes looking at me. The look on her face seemed to say she was enjoying what I was doing a lot, at least I took it that way. I soon found her clitoris and licked around it. This really got her hips bucking. She was up on her elbows but her head was back and her mouth was open. With no vocal chords nothing was coming out though. As my tongue moved back and forth between her clit and vagina she seemed to be bucking her hips like she was trying to fuck my tongue.

I stuck it as far as I could into her vagina and she was fucking it for sure. This time when I hit her clit with it she squeezed her thighs together around my head and her hand came down to push my head harder into it and I felt her really spasm over and over. I was proud of making her cum with my mouth. Luckily my nose was clear and I could breathe ok. She finally relaxed her thighs and pushed my head and mouth away from her. She was breathing hard and just laid there for a while. I moved up alongside of her and she finally saw me and turned and took güvenilir casino my head in her hands and started kissing me. She found the taste of herself and her smile got even bigger.

Lin finally was able to sign that what she had experienced was the best cum she had ever had. She thanked me so much for doing it to her. I told her I always wanted to bring her that much pleasure because it brought so much to me watching her cum. She asked if she could make me cum. One of her fantasies was to use her hand to make her lover shoot and could she do it to me. I told her it sounded great go ahead. She moved down to my hip and laid perpendicular to it. She took hold of my hard penis with her hand and started moving it up and down the shaft. She turned her face to me and mouthed ok wanting to know if she was doing it right. I took hold of her fingers with mine and applied a little more pressure and she grinned.

I was so aroused and turned on it only took about 30 seconds and I felt my cum start in my balls and work up my hard on. I grabbed her arm and she looked at me as I nodded my head rapidly and pointed at my penis with the other hand. Just as she looked at it I started Cumming and Cumming. I had not done so all week and had a good bit to get rid of I guess. It shot way up on to my chest and one squirt hit her on the chin. I became very sensitive after 5 or 6 ejaculations and put my hand on hers to stop her. She used her finger and wiped her chin, looked at it then put it in her mouth tasting it. She got a big smile and then took the head of my penis and licked it all off. As she got it clean it went limp.

She moved up and ran her fingers through the rest of it on my chest and started rubbing it in. She even took some and rubbed it into her breasts. After that she put her leg over my hips and kissed me hard using her tongue in my mouth. My arms were around her pulling her tightly to me. I could feel her breasts flatten out against mine. I was then able to work my hand down between her spread legs and feel her pussy again. I then realized how great the hairless thing felt. I thought I would let her shave me if she wanted. I was able to finger her clit and she started moving her hips against me as I did. She turned her face to me and it had a big smile like where has this been all my life. I know I sure felt that way.

I continued to finger her and she finally came, her mouth forming a big O. After she came down I was able to ask if she wanted to get in the shower with me. I also asked if she wanted me shaved also and told her how great she felt. Lin signed she would like for me to join her and I signed back did she want to shave me. Her eyes got big and she said you bet. She was very wet from just having cum again and put her hand over her pussy so she would not drip all over the place. I pointed towards the bathroom and she got off the bed and went there. She watched me move to my wheelchair from the door and I got in there with her. Looking at me the whole time she sat on the john and peed. After she wiped and got off she indicated I should do the same. I got on and did the same but she could not hear me like I heard her.

Just before we got in the shower she asked if I had any sharp scissors and I got some for her. We got in and I sat on the bench and put a chest belt around me to keep from falling off. She had me wait to turn the water on and got between my legs with the scissors. She took hold of the end of my penis and went snip, snip towards it looking like she was laughing. I just sat and grinned at her. She then proceeded to cut all the hair as short as possible around my now hardening cock. She then wet me and applied shaving cream and proceeded to shave me. It took two razors but she did a great job. I ran my hand all over it and could not feel any stubble right now. I knew it would grow back soon.

I signed how long had she been shaving hers and she said about 2 week ago and was doing it every other day. She said after a month or so she could cut that back. Grinning she signed she would be glad to shave me as often as necessary. The thought had already run through my mind that it would be nice to have her move in with me. Time will tell. She rinsed me off and we took turns washing each other. After we were out and dry I did ask her if she would like to spend the night with me. Lin said she would love too and leaned down and kissed me. After we got dried we went into the kitchen for some pie. It was very good!

After we were done with the pie we talked about our first sexual experiences with each other. I asked if there was anything I had done that she did not like or had hurt her. Lin said no to both and that she never knew sex could be so great, nothing like doing yourself. She asked me the same thing and I also said no she did great and did she want to go further tonight. For certain she did she signed. I asked if she wanted me to use a condom and she said no, she wanted to feel the real me. I told her I was a little uncertain what positions I could or could not get into and she interrupted saying it did not matter we would just have to try and see what happened. She was not worried about it. Shyly she asked if she could be on top the first time and I answered that was fine with me, I could see her beautiful breasts that way.

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