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Jewels in a Sultan’s Hareem Ch. 02


Seven times the moon had shone its subdued, borrowed light from the sun since Yahminah and Jaffa had been stolen from their homes in Egypt and Nubia to be sold in an Athens’ slave market to a Muslim woman named Adara. She was the sister to Johara, the favored wife of Sultan Abdul – Khareen in Istanbul, Turkey, to whom the Sultan had given her the position of overseer of his hareem of fifty wives and 365 concubines.

Adara had outbid everyone at the Athenian market plaza who had come to buy slaves and especially for the beautiful, young women Jaffa and Yahminah, outbidding a balding, heavyset man who had offered 40,000 drachmas by doubling it to 80,000 drachmas in the name of the Sultan Abdul – Kareen, but, in truth, she had bought them for herself. As the sister of the Sultana Johara and Overseer and Protector of the hareem, Adara had the authority and permission to make such deals. The Sultan had bestowed upon her this high position himself that was quite out of the ordinary since women had no such place or authority in Islamic society; however, he could not refuse his wife Johara anything for which she asked.

For young girls of eighteen, Yahminah and Jaffa were exposed to many things for which they had little or no experience, and being sold as slaves was just one of them. They were also not experienced in anything sexual except masturbating to bring relief to their sexual needs, so it came as a rude awakening for both when they were given pelvic exams in Athens to confirm they were, in fact, virgins, after which the physician Galen and his mid-wife Maia performed cunnilingus on their sweet, virgin pussies that had never been licked by a tongue before then.

However, the most sexual experiences they had in that one day happened during their sailing to Turkey. They had lesbian sex with Adara who had them go down on her and eat her pussy until she shot her cum all over their youthful faces, after which she returned the favor by eating out Yahminah’s and Jaffa’s delicious pussies to orgasm, giving them their first taste of lesbian love.

Their sexual nervousness, however, was not made better by the time they were taken to the rooms of the hareem where they, Adara, and Johara, her sister, the Sultana, enjoyed a foursome in the beauty of the palatial, large room made especially for the wives and concubines of the Sultan.

Yahminah and Jaffa who had been given a luxurious suite of rooms to share talked much about their adventures and all that had happened to them. They also wondered what more would befall their young lives.

They definitely weren’t mistreated in anyway. In fact, all the women who saw Yahminah and Jaffa were Adara’s favorites went out of their way to please them, trying to communicate with them through hand gestures but speaking their language so they would become familiar with it as time went by.

Adara had told them they would not be burdened by studies in their ways by language. They would learn these things by using their language and customs every day, both by listening and by speaking it. She told them immersing themselves in all that was Turkish within Islamic traditions would help them greatly to adapt to their new lives more quickly.

“Talking with one another will also be a great advantage to your learning the ways and speech of our country. To learn a new language requires Practice. Practice. Practice. Soon your mistakes will be no more, and you will be just like all the rest,” said Adara, putting her arms around each and giving them a loving hug.

They in turn hugged Adara back because they, too, had learned to love her, not just sexually but for who and what she was.

There was one question, however, the two often talked about in the quiet of their beautiful lounge room whose floor was laid with white marble and had a beautiful ornate Persian rug with peacocks, flowers, pomegranates, and intricate patterns, and beautiful tapestries with figures of women making love in all kinds of poses hung on the walls. They were very erotic and sexually stimulating.

Their bedroom was much the same as far as the décor was concerned; however, one couldn’t help notice the very large poster bed in the center of the room that was omnipresent and touched no wall. It was made of the finest African ebony wood, and both the headboard and footboard had intricately carved women in various Sapphic poses. The tapered bedposts were tall enough for a woman of medium height to stand without having her hair touch the fine, shear curtains that covered the top and hung down on all four sides with slits on the sides that allowed the girls to get in and out of bed. The four bedposts were joined by a rectangular frame upon which were gold minarets.

There was an arched doorway on the East wall through which Yahminah and Jaffa could go and pray the Salat, their morning prayer, with the rising of the sun. It also afforded them with beautiful sunrises as well as cooling breezes.

An anteroom before the bath was unique unto itself. It casino şirketleri had blue tiled floor, white walls, and gold leaf molding where the ceiling and walls meet. There were two gold-edged mirrors, one on each side above two ebony dressers with carvings of goddesses.

This room led to a large walk-in bathroom, and in it were two of everything, extra-large porcelain tubs into which there were three steps to the bottom and dolphins at each corner. From their mouths water flowed to fill the tubs. In the middle of one side of the tubs were special heads with small holes that caused the water to surge out fast and hard, and the heads were attached to long, flexible hoses that reached anywhere in the bathtub.

The girls had no idea what the hoses with the special head-of-many-holes were for, but one day they bravely asked one of the girls with whom they had made friends if she would tell them. She was Egyptian, and her name was Nihanda, meaning “hardiness,” When they had asked her about the hoses, she burst out laughing. However, she drew them aside and quietly told them the hoses with the special heads were used to squirt water onto ones pussy if one got horny and wanted to have an orgasm.

“The water pressure stimulates the clit wonderfully well,” she smiled. “Believe me, it can really make you cum. Every time you use it. That’s the power of water,” she laughed as she walked away still chuckling to herself at the naivety of Yahminah and Jaffa.

It was on the very eve of their rite of giving the gift of their virginity that Nihanda had told them about the unusual use of the hoses with the special heads with many holes in them, and this information caused Jaffa and Yahminah to look forward getting bathed before going to bed. The idea burned in their sexual curiosity for themselves and for each other throughout the day.

However, the hours passed, and they retired to their rooms for the night. Yahminah and Jaffa excitedly removed their clothing. In their girlish excitement, Jaffa and Yahminah touched one another that made them giggle. When they got to the bath, Jaffa turned on the water of one bath since they were going to share, and the two watched it fill up as the water squirted out of the mouths of the four dolphins.

Yahminah looked at Jaffa, and in a little girlish way, asked, “Are you ready?”

Jaffa reached out and grabbed Yahminah’s hand as she stepped down onto the first step and continued down the three steps into the water. Yahminah followed her lead. When they reached the same level, Jaffa turned and faced Yahminah. Taking her by surprise, Jaffa drew Yahminah into her arms and bent her head and kissed her, prying her tongue between Yahminah’s lips.

Yahminah accepted Jaffa’s advances and opened her lips for Jaffa so she could put her tongue into her waiting and willing mouth. Both girls got lost in their lovers’ embrace that lasted for some time while each kissed, sucked, and licked the other’s lips. In their kissing frenzy, both girls took the other’s face between her hands and pressed her lips passionately together, each gasping for breath in between the movements of their mouths.

While still kissing, Yahminah and Jaffa let their hands wander all over the other’s body, feeling the other’s back, massaging her breasts, cupping her ass with her hands, and feeling between her legs where her fingers, exploring each other’s velvet smooth vulva.

Their passion and fondling of one another became so intense Yahminah and Jaffa pressed their entire bodies against one another, feeling breasts against breasts and pussy against pussy.

They both were intense in sharing their sexual-nature of themselves with wanton abandonment, but finally the two broke their exciting caressing, each one panting so hard their breasts rose and fell with each breath they took.

When they had their breathing under control, they parted and looked intently into each other’s eyes, and with their looks they spoke words of intense feeling and emotion.

Jaffa said, “Yahminah, I love you. You have become so very important to me. I don’t think I would have survived all that happened to us if I didn’t have you with me.”

Yahminah, looking backing lovingly at Jaffa, replied, “And I love you, Jaffa. What you just said is so true. We were at first tied together by rope, but now we are bound together by love. And for that I am so happy and thank the Goddess Artemis.”

Yahminah drew Jaffa to her once more for a lover’s embrace, but then she said somewhat lasciviously, “Let’s get our bath and see how the hose works.”

The water had filled the large bath by now, so Jaffa bent down and turned it off, and then the two submerged their tender bodies underneath the water, coming up with water dripping from their skin. Droplets of water clung to Yahminah’s tight, braided hair still held decorated with colorful beads. Jaffa’s hair on the other hand, while having been cut shorter than it had been, was still matted to her forehead and dripped water casino firmaları onto the back of her neck. It wouldn’t be long, however, when both girls would have their hair cut short and any body hair removed either by shaving or using a special cream made of beeswax.

Yahminah had gotten soap made of vegetable oils, a binding chemical, and aromatics such as thyme and came over to Jaffa.

“Here, Love, let me soap you down and wash your body, and then you can do mine,” Yahminah said as she began to wash Jaffa’s hair with aloe and lavender. When she was finished, Jaffa sat down in the water to rinse her hair and body, and then she came back up. She then did the same for Yahminah.

When their bath was finished, Jaffa asked Yahminah, “Should we now use that hose with the special head with all those holes, the one Nihanda told us about when she explained its use?”

Looking sheepishly, Yahminah said, “It’s something neither one of us has done, Jaffa, but I think we at least ought to try it to see if what Nihanda said is true. Don’t you?

“Yes, I think we should try it at least once so we know what it feels like,” answered Jaffa.

Thus, the two girls went to the center of the far side of the bath away from the entrance where the hose was coiled on a form shaped like an octopus. The unusual head of the hose hung on the pointed beak of the octopus’ mouth. Jaffa took the head in her hand and uncoiled the hose. There was a handle on the side that one turned to let the water come out.

“Are we ready, Yahminah?” asked Jaffa.

“Yes, I guess so, and I must admit, it makes my pussy tingle just thinking about how it might feel. Yours?” replied Yahminah.

“Yes, mine, too. So who goes first?” Jaffa asked.

Yahminah shrugged her shoulders, not knowing what to say.

However, Jaffa said, “Well, since I already have the hose in my hand, you be first, and I’ll squirt water onto your pussy, and you can tell me how it feels and what to do. Is that all right with you?”

“I guess so, Jaffa,” answered Yahminah.

“Then get up onto the top of the bath and sit on the edge with your legs opened so I have a clear shot at your pussy,” said Jaffa.

As Yahminah did this, Jaffa turned the handle, and immediately the hose became taught from the water pressure and danced almost out of her hand.

“Oh my, this is like handling a large snake, Yahminah,” Jaffa said surprisingly as she watched the water shoot out in tiny streams through each of the holes in the special head.

Her first thought was how it was going to feel when squirted on hers and Yahminah’s pussies.

“However, with Yahminah going first, I’ll get to know from her what it feels like,” she thought to herself.

Nevertheless, to get some idea of what it might feel like, Jaffa aimed the head at the palm of her hand and immediately felt as if a swarm of bees were stinging it.

“Oh, my,” Jaffa thought,” what is this going to feel like on our pussies?”

Yahminah, too, watched with more than interest at the water squirting out forcefully from the special head Jaffa held in her hand, and she was just about to change her mind when Jaffa said, “Well, Yahminah, I guess now is the time. You ready?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” Yahminah answered, and she braced herself for the unknown sensation of the water hitting her pussy.

Jaffa raised the hose and aimed the streaming water between Yahminah’s legs, beginning inside her thighs and working up to her pussy. When the water first hit Yahminah’s sensitive parts, she raised her ass off the tiled edge of the tub so shocked was she by the intensity of the water under pressure on her pussy.

“Oh, Jaffa, the pressure of the water against my pussy is so forceful, and yet once getting over the initial shock it is so stimulating, especially on my clitoris,” Yahminah hissed as she squirmed with delight.

“Well, then,” answered Jaffa, “I shall concentrate the water onto your aroused clit.”

Jaffa brought the head of the hose towards Yahminah’s clit and aimed it right on it. The head had a lip on it so it could actually cover a woman’s clit, the water making direct contact with her most sexually sensitive spot on her body. At the same time Jaffa found a dial that let one regulate the amount of water pressure and the intensity a woman would want at any time, changing the pressure from mild to exquisite.

The water hit Yahminah’s clit with such force that thousands of sexual sensations all came together at that very small, excited organ.

“Oh, Jaffa, the pressure. It’s like having a mouth sucking my clit as hard as it can, and the feeling is so intense, I am about to cum already.”

Jaffa thought it came really fast, but then it wasn’t she whose clit was being inundated with the water.

“Ohhhhhhhh, god. May Allah be praised, Jaffa. I’m cumming! And cumming! Without end it seems.”

Jaffa once more was astounded at the short time it took to put the water hose on Yahmina’s clit from the time güvenilir casino she had her orgasm.

However, she recalled Nihanda’s words, “Believe me. It can really make you cum!”

“Oh, Jaffa, take it away. Take it away. My clit is so sensitive it actually is too much right now. Take my word for it. You’ll find out when you use it,” Yahminah said.

Jaffa pulled the hose away from Yahminah and looked at her. She was now lying down on the tile floor, breathing deeply as Jaffa saw by the rise and fall of her beautiful, black breasts topped by her dark areolas and turgid nipples.

Minutes passed before Yahminah was in control of her inner feelings and outward composure for her to sit up.

“You are in for a treat, Jaffa. Believe me,” Yahminah said emphatically. “So now it’s your turn to get up here and let me give you ‘the hose treatment’ or should I say ‘hose treat’?”

Before Jaffa moved, she said to Yahminah, “See this dial here on the side of the head of the hose?”


“Well, just as you were shouting out your very fast orgasm, I discovered it is intended to let one adjust the water pressure so one can draw out the enjoyment of the special head as well as ones orgasm,” said Jaffa.

“Now you tell me,” Yahminah smiled at Jaffa in playful annoyance.

Jaffa changed places and sat on the edge of the bath with her legs spread for Yahminah.

Yahminah took the hose in her hand and adjusted the water pressure to mild and then sprayed Jaffa’s pussy all over so that water wet her legs and abdomen, too. She then slowly walked forward, smiling brightly since she knew what it was going to be like for Jaffa, which narrowed the force of the water more directly onto her pussy where she stayed awhile, spraying back and forth and up and down. Often she moved it down so the water tickled Jaffa’s asshole which was a new sensation for her.

However, after doing this awhile, Yahminah brought the head of the hose up to Jaffa’s clit and sprayed it about a foot away from it.

Moans of delight escaped from Jaffa as she felt the water massaging her vulva, but especially her clit.

Yahminah then did as Jaffa had done to her; she slowly brought the head closer and closer to her clit until the special head enclosed her clit and the flesh around it.

As did Yahminah, Jaffa jumped when she felt this direct force of the water on her sensitive clit. She even placed her hands, palms down, on the bath floor and raised her hips so that her knees were bent and her feet were on floor. Jaffa squeezed her eyes as the erotic sensations came wave after wave into her now overly sensitive clit.

However, unlike Yahminah, Jaffa was feeling only the mild pressure of the water on her clit, but as Yahminah listened to Jaffa moan with delight, she slowly turned the dial and increased the water pressure more and more until it was squirting full force against Jaffa’s clit.

Jaffa’s response was immediate. “Oh, Yahminah, it feels like thousands of tiny pins are stinging my nub, causing it to vibrate in absolute sexual desire.”

In the short time it took Jaffa to tell Yahminah this, she cried out, “Ohhhhhhh, Yahminah, I’m cumming,” as she threw back her head and pushed out her hips so the water made as much contact with her overly excited clit to the point of overpowering her wanton sexual desires.

Jaffa’s legs trembled beneath her as did her arms, and in one fluid motion she smoothly lowered her raised body onto the tile floor of the bath, reached down, grabbed hold of the hose, and took it off her clit while Yahminah still held it in her hand. However, Yahminah knew Jaffa’s clit had become so sensitive after her orgasm that she couldn’t stand to continue being stimulated.

While Jaffa still lay on the bath floor with her legs spread wide, Yahminah went over to her, bent down between her legs, and licked her glowing, reddish pussy flesh that had been enflamed by the pressure of the water.

Jaffa gratefully accepted Yahminah’s lingual ministrations while, as with Yahminah, she let her body relax while she composed herself until she was able to get up and slide back into the water to be with Yahminah whom she clasped in a fond embrace.

Jaffa whispered into her ear, “Oh, my love, that was wonderful. Never have I had such an orgasm in my life. It was almost beyond belief, and who would have thought it would come from the pressure of water against the clitoris.”

Yahminah sighed, agreeing with Jaffa about this most unusual way to get an orgasm, and said, “This is true, but it shall never replace the warmth of your mouth on my clit nor my mouth on your clit. Am I not right?”

“You are most certainly right, Yahminah,” said Jaffa. “Now, let’s towel one another dry and get into our bed naked as usual where we can hold, kiss, and caress one another. I thought we might eat one another’s pussies tonight, but, I’m sure you’ll agree, our clits are far too sensitive to be touched and sucked any more this evening.”

“You are so right, Yahminah,” Jaffa said, “but holding and caressing one another after such intense orgasms will be wonderful. I love the feel of your warm, scented body next to mine and awaken in the morning to find you sleeping next to me.”

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