13 Şubat 2021

Camping Trip Ch. 02


Disclaimer: All individuals in this work of fiction are over the age of 18

Continuation of my first story, “Camping Trip.” This picks up directly after that one so you should give it a read before this one.

After a couple hours of sleep, I felt a tapping on my shoulder. I rolled over and saw Stacey standing over me. I figured it was time to switch tents again. We exchanged smiles and I made my way out. I zipped the door of the girls’ tent shut and in a sleepy haze, stumbled around in the dark back to my tent. I snuck back into the welcoming warmth of my tent, threw my sleeping bag down beside Jake and went back to sleep.

I awoke the next morning to a blurry figure kneeling over me. I looked to my side to an empty sleeping bag and realized Jake was gone already. As my sleepy vision came into focus, I realized the figure was Sara, who was smiling over me, dressed in a black bikini. My eyes widened.

“Mhmm, see something you like?” she giggled.

I replied with a smile as I processed the beauty before me. My eyes were glued to her chest. Her petite breasts, held tightly in the confines of her tight bikini top, her hardened nipples pressing against the black material. The peach fuzz on her handful ls of joy glowed almost golden, the result of the morning sun creeping in. She stood up, treating me to the sight of her bikini bottom snugly fitted on her waist, with only the faintest sign of the lips of her pussy, pressing ever so gently against the material. With a swift motion, she whipped my sleeping bag off me,

“Come on, breakfast is ready, then we’re going out in the canoe,” she squealed. “Wow, seems you really do see something you like,” she continued, her eyes fixed on my crotch. Whether it was simply morning wood or the sight before me, my member was a full attention, making a tent in my track pants.

“I bet you can’t wait for tonight,” Sara said with a wink as she turned and exited my tent. I changed my clothes and joined everyone outside for breakfast, well, almost everyone. Jake’s mom informed me that Jake and Stacey took one of the canoes and were out on the lake. When I was finished with breakfast, Jake’s mom took my plate,

“Why don’t you three take the other canoe and see if you can catch up with Jake,” she suggested.

“Sounds like fun, just as long as Lewis does all the rowing,” Piper replied, “Give me a couple minutes, let me get changed,” she continued as she retreated to the girls’ tent.

Piper emerged from the tent a couple minutes later dressed, like her sister, in a bikini, blue. Slightly more developed than her sister, Piper really filled out a bikini, her tanned curvy ass, encased by tight blue material, was simply breathtaking. The three of us made our way down to the water and into the old summer camp styled canoe that sat in the shallows. I removed my shirt and tossed it on the shore, receiving sarcastic catcalls from the girls. There were two planks that ran across the canoe, the one in the rear was just wide enough to fit two petite young ladies as Piper and Sara proved as they made themselves comfortable. I sat on the front plank, facing the girls. I grabbed the oars and pushed off the bank, making our way out into the lake. We rounded the corner and some trees and were now out of sight from our campsite. Apart from an elderly couple fishing, all the way on the other side, the lake was mostly empty. The girls and I concluded that Jake and Stacey had probably snuck ashore for more of their alone fun time.

Feeling confident in the security of their surroundings, the girls began to get fidgety.

“Wow Lewis, you seem to be looking a little tired there,” Piper teased.

“Yeah, some girls had me up last night,” I replied.

“Ooooo,” Sara giggled.

“Well, maybe Sara and I can provide some encouragement for you,” Piper offered.

Enticed by the offer, I sat up more attentively on my plank, “Hmm, what do you have in mind?” I questioned.

“Oh, I dunno, maybe something like this,” Piper responded, and without warning, quickly reached behind Sara, pulling on the strings of her bikini top. Piper grabbed hold of the flimsy material, pulling it off Sara, who was caught off guard as she made a useless attempt at keeping hold of her top. Sara sat there with a huge grin on her face, as her firm breasts, sat above her taut stomach, staring back at me.

“Aww, you’re not going to stand for that, are you Sara?” I encouraged.

“No!” she shrieked as she embraced Piper, fighting her bikini top off her, finally holding it up in the air, victorious. Now, both girls sat before me, their wonderful breasts on display for me to ogle.

“Cute, aren’t they Lewis?” Piper questioned before raising a palm to her sister’s chest, grabbing hold of her left tit, “So firm, and mhmm, those nipples, so hard,” she continued as she flicked Sara’s erect nipple with her index finger. Sara leaned her head back, letting the sun, shine on her smiling face. Piper’s hand then began to trail casino şirketleri down her sister’s body. With a devilish smile, Piper reached for the string on the side of Sara’s bikini bottom, pulling it loose. She did the same to the other side, allowing Sara’s black bikini bottom to fall open.

“Now that’s surely a wonderful view you got there Lew,” Piper commented as she noticed my eyes dart down to Sara’s nether regions. Piper moved her hand to Sara’s inner thigh, sliding it up her creamy white skin. When she reached her crotch, Piper leaned over and began planting kisses on Sara’s bare neck. My eyes were fixated, Sara was completely shaven, and her tight body was amazing. My cock pulsed at the sight of her rosy pink lips of her pussy, puckered and just slightly swollen. I could tell she was getting turned on as Sara, slid her hand between her thighs, sliding her fingers along her moistening slit.

I stared on, as Sara seemed to have drifted off into a dream. Piper continued kissing the back of Sara’s neck, as Sara turned around, pulling the blonde into a kiss. Their tongues danced excitedly as their hands traveled over Sara’s body teasingly. Piper then reach down, removing Sara’s fingers from her pussy, bringing Sara’s hand up to her mouth. Piper took each of Sara’s fingers into her mouth, very gently sucking them clean. I was transfixed by this display; Piper looked so sexy and erotic as she licked Sara’s fingers. She got up and transferred herself in the small space, between Sara and me, facing Sara.

She looked over to me and smiled coyly as she again turned her gaze back to her sister. Piper leaned in and kissed Sara once more. As her tongue ventured into Sara’s mouth, her hand that had been resting on Sara’s knee started to move up her thigh. Soon she was running her fingers along the lips of Sara’s pussy.

“Mhmm,” Sara moaned as Piper’s hand began to rub her slit. Piper then removed her tongue from Sara’s mouth, lowering her head to her sister’s crotch. I had stopped rowing at this point and was now staring down at Pipers tanned naked back, bent over, her head between Sara’s knees. I could tell Piper was horny as she quit slow playing and dove right in, letting her tongue lick Sara’s pussy from top to bottom.

“Ohh, godd!” Sara squealed, expecting a slower approach than what she was getting. I looked up to her as she stared back at me smiling, all the while, Piper’s tongue darting into and out of her cunt. Sara quickly tightened her eyes in pleasure as I could tell Piper had stepped up the pace. Piper slipped a finger into her sister’s pussy as her mouth latched onto Sara’s clit, pushing Sara over the top.

“Fuck! You feel so good!” Sara moaned as she leaned back, resting her head on the edge of the canoe. Sara had to bite her lip to keep from screaming when Piper started to suck on her swollen clitoris. Piper sucked harder on Sara’s sex, forcing her to cry out in pleasure.

“Oh God, Pipe! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! Ahh! I’m CUMMING!!” Sara screamed, her entire body convulsing as she was consumed by her orgasm. Piper kept sucking on her clit, prolonging the pleasure, making Sara scream louder and louder as she kept cumming.

Sara looked as though every muscle in her body had been pushed to the limit. When she finally calmed down, her body was covered in sweat, her brunette hair was matted to her forehead, and she looked like there was no way that she could possibly move.

Piper, in one swift motion was back at Sara’s side, gently brushing the hair out of her face, and planting soft kisses on Sara’s mouth. Sara looked up to me,

“Mmm, nice,” she cooed, as she could taste the pussy juices on Piper’s lips.

Sara seemed unaware that Piper was still rubbing her pussy until she stopped. Piper brought her index and middle fingers up to Sara’s mouth; they were coated with Sara’s sweet cream. Sara sucked them, much like Piper had done earlier, her tongue moving all over Piper’s fingers and making sure, she got every bit of her cum from them.

“That was amazing!” I commented still trying to process what I had just witnessed.

“You’re telling me!” Sara quipped as she sat up, tying her bikini bottom back on. “Looks like you’re gonna blow,” she commented.

I looked down to the outline of my throbbing member, pressed against my shorts.

“I’m sure you can help him with that Sara, while I row us back,” Piper added.

“Oh, I’d love to,” Sara eagerly responded, grabbing my hand, pulling me over to their plank while Piper took my place.

Now Sara was in the middle of Piper and I, who were sitting on opposite planks. Piper grabbed the oars and began to row while Sara turned her attention to me. She put her hands on my chest and ran them down my body until she got to my shorts. She put her right hand on the bulge in my shorts and slowly stroked it through the material. Soon after, Sara was unzipping me, pulling my shorts down to my ankle. As my cock sprung free Sara’s eyes widened as, my manhood stood firm, casino firmaları glistening in the sun. Sara stood up, and sat back down on my lap facing me, sandwiching my cock between our bodies. She grabbed me and pulled me close. She stuck her tongue down my throat and explored my mouth while she began to grind her body against mine, my cock sliding against her wet bikini covered pelvis. Sara took my hands and put them on her breasts. She closed her eyes and sighed as I ran my thumbs across her hardened nipples. After a minute or so Sara pulled away from my mouth and looked down to my stiff cock pointing up from between our bellies.

“It’s gonna feel so good tonight when you get that condom Lew,” came Piper’s voice.

“Yeah, but he’s so hard now, I need to help him out,” Sara said in a shy voice while she lowered her arm, grabbing my member in her hands and rubbing it up and down. Sara lifted herself off me and knelt down between my knees. She smiled up at me and took the head of my cock in her mouth. As soon as my prick slipped into Sara’s warm mouth, a whole new wave of pleasure overcame me. Then Sara’s tongue began to swirl around the tip of my cock. She wrapped her lips around the head and lowered her mouth so she had half of my cock in her mouth. Her tongue moved to the underside of my member, dragging its way up the length of my cock. The sensation was unbelievable.

“Ohh god, that feels amazing,” I moaned in sheer delight. I could see Sara’s lips forming a smile around my cock as I moaned. Sara slowly moved up, allowing my cock to pop out of her mouth. She smiled and lightly licked her way up my shaft, reaching the purple helmet, she licked her way around the head. My cock was now begging for relief; Sara could see this in my eyes. She took pity on me and started to smoothly bob her head up and down my pole. Sara’s and my moans grew into one as the sound of slurping began as Sara quickened her pace. I sat there mesmerized as she spent the next few minutes expertly sucking my dick, as I began to stroke her lovely brunette hair. As Sara’s actions continued, I felt myself growing near.

” Mhmm, I’m gonna cum,” I managed. Sara ignored my warning and instead sped up her bobbing. Before long, I felt my body began to tense and my waist spasm as my cock began spurting strings of cum into Sara’s mouth.

“Fuck…ahhh,” were my best attempt at words as Sara continued to milk me dry. When she was sure I was spent, Sara halted her bobbing, popping me out of her mouth and leaned over the side of the canoe, spitting out my wad into the flowing waters of the lake.

I pulled up my shorts while the girls tied each other bikini tops back on. After a couple minutes, I rowed us back to the campsite. When we got back to the campsite Jake and Stacey where there helping his folks set up for lunch.

“Hey, I guess we missed you guys out on the lake,” Stacey said as they greeted us.

“Yeah, you guys were nowhere to be found,” responded Sara.

“Guess we must have taken a different route,” was Stacey’s reply.

We all sat round the campsite and had lunch, though the only thing on my mind was what I experienced this morning. When we were finished with lunch, Jake’s mom and dad went for a hike while we all cleaned up. We spent the next half an hour just sitting around chatting, when Piper stood up.

“I think I’m going to get some sun,” she announced.

“Well we told mom and dad we’d hike with them so we better try to catch up before they get too far,” said Jake as he and Stacey got up and headed off for the trail.

“So what do you say? Anyone wants to join me?” asked Piper.

“I think I’m gonna take a nap, this morning’s activities has me exhausted,” replied Sara.

“Guess it’s just you and me,” I said.

“Cool, let me just grab some stuff,” Piper replied, running off to the tent while Sara smiled at me and followed her. Piper returned with a beach bag and we headed off in search of a good spot near the lake. After a fifteen-minute walk, we came to a rather secluded spot next to the lake that was pretty sunny. Piper grabbed a blanket out from her bag and laid it out on the grass.

“Isn’t the view amazing up here? The lake is so pretty,” she commented.

“Yeah, the view is amazing, but I’m not talking about the lake,” I replied as I looked upon Piper’s tight bikini clad body as she lay down on the blanket.

“Aww, smooth talker,” she giggled.

We both laid out on the blanket taking in the sun and the beauty of our surroundings. Then, Piper rolled over on her stomach,

“Hey Lew, can you grab the suntan lotion from my bag and help me out here?” she asked.

“Sure,” I excitedly replied, as I fumbled through her beach bag, finally retrieving a white bottle of suntan lotion. I snapped open the cover and squeezed a generous amount of the warm cream into my palm. I spread the cream over both my palms and then began to rub Piper’s shoulders.

“Mmm, that feels good, but don’t be shy, get back there and güvenilir casino have at it,” she cooed.

Feeling confident, I straddled Piper’s leg, and continued my rubbing. When I got to the tie of her bikini, I simply pulled it loose letting it fall to either side of her, eliciting a slight giggle from Piper. I rubbed all the way from her smooth neck to the small of her back. I let my hands wander to her sides, letting them gently pass over the sides of her firm breasts. I scooted myself forward a bit allowing a better reach. All this rubbing had been having a stimulating effect on me and I soon felt my hardening cock pressing into Piper’s ass. After a few seconds of grinding into her, I moved back,

“Aww, that was starting to feel good,” Piper commented, as my cock was no longer pressed up against her.

I just continued rubbing Piper’s body, but started to move my hands lower and lower. Soon I was slipping my slick hands under Piper’s bikini bottom, feeling the curve of her soft but firm ass. Naturally, Piper moaned every time I slipped my hands under her bikini. Soon after, Piper rolled over on her back, treating me to an up-close view of her sun soaked tits. I wasted no time in spurting out more suntan lotion into my palms and getting right back to business. I lowered my hands to her flat toned stomach and slid them up to her breasts. I let my fingers trace the outline of Piper’s hardened nipples before grabbing a breast in each hand, kneading and massaging them. I then abandoned Piper’s globes, letting my fingers trickle down her stomach to her abdomen.

“Oooo! that tickles,” she said in a shiver. As I neared the brim of Piper’s bikini, I lay my palm flat on her glistening abdomen, and then slowly began to slip them under the material. As my palm moved along Piper’s crotch, I felt the prickliness of her pubic hairs on my fingers. I then felt the wet lips of her vagina and allowed my fingers to slip along its length. Piper let out a soft moan as I slipped two fingers into her. I felt Piper’s protruding clit and saw her body shiver in response to me flicking it between my fingers. I looked down to Piper’s face whose eyes were tightly shut, but whose wide smile was all the encouragement I needed. I began a rhythm of sliding my fingers in and out of Piper’s moistening cunt as she gently began to raise her hips, pushing to meet my fingers. As Piper began to widen her legs, I used my free hand to undo the ties on the sides of her bikini bottom, pulling it open, revealing her slick pink lips to me. Piper’s pussy was so wet; my actions were now making slick wet noises as I sped up. Piper arched her back as the focus of my fingers was now only on her clit. I saw her bite down on her lip as I introduced my other hand to resume sliding into and out of her.

“Ahh, FUCK! Lew…I’m cumming!” she announced as I felt her warm wave of ecstasy on my fingers. I looked on as Piper bucked her hips, the orgasm taking control.

“Mhmmm, ohh godd,” she moaned as I continued teasing her clit, only to see her finally collapse, letting out a sigh.

“That was amazing, thank you, so much” she panted.

“Don’t mention it,” I replied, lying down next to her.

“I’m sure you’ll be duly rewarded tonight,” she teased.

We lay there, just talking, until it started to get dark. We picked up the blanket and headed back to the campsite. By the time we got back, it was already nightfall.

“We were starting to get worried there,” Piper’s mom said in a concerned voice.

“Sorry mom, I guess we just lost track of the time,” Piper replied.

After we ate dinner, I left the others around the campfire, and went to the park’s outdoor showers. I returned to my tent in the chilling mountain air to store my dirty clothes, remembering to retrieve the condom from my wallet, slipping it in my pocket. I rejoined the group where I saw Jake had busted out his guitar and was entertaining the group. As we moved deeper into the night Jake’s parents announced that, they were going to sleep.

“You girls better not wait for too late to use the camp shower,” Jake’s mom advised.

“Yeah, I’m pretty tired too, I think I’m going to call it a night,” I said while getting up, glaring over to a smiling Piper and Sara who in turn got up and headed to the showers.

I went into my tent and was followed by Jake shortly after. We both talked for a while and then went to sleep. I was so excited that I found it hard to fall asleep but eventually found myself drifting off. I was not in too deep a sleep when Stacey came tapping on my shoulder; I rolled over and looked up to her smiling face. Tonight I knew the drill; I grabbed my sleeping bag and was out of there in no time at all. I hastily made my way over to the girl’s tent. The fire that was still going, allowed for the tent to be illuminated, and for me to see both girls sitting patiently, waiting for me. Although they were both dressed in flannel pajamas, they still managed to look incredibly sexy.

I entered the tent, zipping t closed behind me. Both girls greeted me with soft kisses to the mouth that lasted just a second.

“Jeez Lew, what took you so long?” joked Piper as she could tell I was over here as quick as humanly possible.

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