15 Şubat 2021

Billy’s Mistress


I spotted this guy from across the way. He was pretty cute. Blonde hair, leather jacket, big brown eyes. And a very hot body. I knew he had to be a new move in, in our complex.

Couple weeks later, he walked by my apartment. He noticed I was checking him out, and I was, hard. I lowered my sun glasses. My hormones were going spastic inside. He smiled, a nice sexy smile. I watched as he walked on by.

I yelled out, “What is your name?”

“Bill” he said.

I replied with, “Can I call you Billy?” He smiled another sexy smile.

Later that night Billy showed up at my door. He asked if I wanted to hang out. I told him to go ahead and hang I had to take a shower. I wasn’t in to long before the door opened and the lights went off.

The shower curtain opened and there stood all fucking 8 inches of him hard. Billy stepped in and grabbed the soap. I turned with my back to him, I put my hands on the wall, rubbing my ass across his dick.

Billy lathered his hands really good. Leaning into me he reached around and lightly rubbed his hands over my big tits. Playing until they’re hard. I rubbed harder up against him, as he grinned into me.

I had to turn around, I slowly kissed him. His lips were soft as a babies ass. I pushed him against the wall. I went to his neck, kissing casino şirketleri my way down. Reaching his nipples I flicked my tongue, biting just a little. Billy’s hands went to my head, I pinned his hands down.

Kissing down to the forbidden area. Licking around by his balls, coming up to his dick. He looked ready, but it wasn’t going to be that easy. I turned shutting off the water.

Taking Billy by the hand, leading him to my bedroom. I pushed him onto the bed. I grabbed a pair of black stockings tying his hands to the bed and blind folded him. I spread his legs, sitting between them I started at the inside of his thighs, kissing my way up.

Reaching his dick, I licked just under the head. Making his dick come up to my lips, but not taking him in. My mouth went to sucking him, between the base of his dick and his balls. I kissed him softly there, then went back to sucking. Letting my tongue out to play, licking applying pressure sucking his balls in my mouth.

Billy grabbed me by the arms, pulling me up to him. Our lips came crashing together, a very deep passionate kiss. Tongues exploring, mouths sucking. Billy pushed me back to sucking his dick. His head fell back on the pillows, and low groans escaped from his lips.

I returned to licking and sucking, I could not casino firmaları describe the feeling of having a big cock in my mouth, the feelings over took me. I worked his big dick in and out of my mouth, like a fine oiled machine. I loved the feeling of his dick hitting the back of my throat, taking my tongue licking down on his balls.

It turned on Billy as well, he’d thrust his hips to meet my cock sucking. But to his surprise I slowed down my pace. I still sucked his whole cock, but at a much slower pace. Then letting his big dick fall from my lips.

I turned and got on my knees, sticking my ass in the air. Billy knew I wanted to feel his cock in my pussy, deep in my pussy. He placed his hands on my hips, leaning forward I could feel the head at my opening. I pushed backwards on Billy’s dick, feeling it enter my cunt slowly.

I so badly wanted to ram my pussy back on his dick, but I also wanted to tease him. I rocked my hips letting the head be pushed in and out of my wet tight hole. I could feel my juices slicking up his cock, Billy’s fingers dug into my flesh. I guess he’d had enough of my teasing, he slammed his cock in me hard.

Billy pounded his big dick into my pussy with long hard thrusts. The sounds that escaped from my lips cant even be put into words. Over and over güvenilir casino Billy told me to be quiet, but I couldn’t. I was being fucked by a very thick 8 inch cock. His dick spread me wider as he grew.

The sound of slapping flesh, hard breathing, moans, and groans was all that could be heard. I could feel Billy’s dick grow a little more, and my pussy becoming tighter and tighter around him. My pussy juices lubed his cock, I could feel them dripping out of me.

I squeezed my pussy around his dick, backed my body to his. Billy’s cock pounded deep into me. Long hard thrusts I could feel my back arch. My pussy give way to his demands. His cock craved that my pussy juices flow before his. My body stayed stiff while the hot juices flowed from my pussy.

Then harder and harder, Billy pounded his dick deep into me. His own body caved, sending his own juices to flow into my pussy. Deeper and deeper he thrust his hips to release his cum. Billy stayed inside my pussy not moving, I squeezed back on him again. Making him give one last thrust of his dick.

Billy sat back on his heals. I turned around staying on my knees, bending my head I again parted my mouth to take him in. I kept the hard fast paced rhythm, sucking his cock. My lips were tight around his dick, tongue flicking hard and fast. It wasn’t long before Billy grabbed me by my hair, turning my head to the right. Just then Billy’s load exploded all over my face. Long bursts of hot cum shot at close range in my mouth, in my eyes, in my hair. My face was covered in his cum.

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