12 Şubat 2021

Ann Ch. 5


Ann wrapped a towel around herself and walked down the hall to the bedroom. She looked at herself in the full-length mirror and smiled. The body that looked back at her was not that of a teenage girl, but that didn’t matter any more. She had discovered that at 29 there was no need to look like a teen! What mattered was that she was comfortable with the way she looked. After all, she had found out that if she stopped looking at herself as a sexual being, she couldn’t expect anyone else to look at her as one either. Her blonde shoulder length hair was still pulled tight on the back of her head so it wouldn’t get wet when she was in the bath. She took the clasp that held her golden locks out and her shoulder length hair fell, cascading down and tickling her skin. She slid the door open and rummaged through her closet.

“What to wear, what to wear,” she mumbled to herself as she pulled the dresses aside one at a time. She had so many clothes. Ann had so many clothes that she couldn’t wear because they were the dresses she would wear when she and Ed entertained. They were dresses that showed off the “proper corporate wife” and were much too formal for a night out on the town. Her eyes glanced along her collection and then she spied the perfect outfit. She took the dress from the rack that held it up and pulled the door shut, tossing it onto the bed. .

Ann walked to her dresser and opened her lingerie drawer. “Cotton or silk?” she asked herself. “Definitely silk, she said as she pushed her cotton briefs aside and picked up her sexiest pair of white thongs, running her hands across the smooth material. Ann had always been self conscious about the size of her breasts even though Ed loved to suck on them when he was home. Ann selected a strapless white lacy bra that snapped in the front. She wore this bra when she wanted to accentuate what God had given her, and tonight she wanted every eye, especially Donna’s on her. Reaching under her arm, she pulled on the towel and it dropped from her body and landed in a rumpled pile on the floor. “Ed,” she said out loud, “you should be here to take care of my needs!” Her hands touched her flat tummy and her hands moved down and she felt the area between her legs. She kept it completely shaved except for a small thin patch above her pussy lips. Ann touched herself, checking to see if she needed a trim yet. Her skin around the area was smooth and soft and it seemed like her pussy lips were slightly swollen. Stepping into the panties, she pulled them up her firm hips, tugging them into place. The silky material felt very nice against her neatly trimmed bush. Her light honey brown pubes were completely covered by the material but the white material was thin and she could see through them. Turning around, she looked at the thin strap of material that nestled between her butt cheeks. She slapped her ass and watched the reflection of her checks as they jiggled.

The bra was next, and Ann put it on, wrapping it around her 34 C tits. Snapping it, she pulled it up a little and tucked her breasts into the cups, adjusting them until they were just so-so. She looked at herself and her boobs were spilling out slightly at the top and sides and they were pushed up to a firm position on her chest. Her skin was still a little pink from the hot water and she could feel the heat coming off her body. Was it the heat from the water or was it heat from the thoughts of the past week’s events? God it had been such an exciting, wonderful thrill filled week. It seemed like she had gone for months without any affection or attention from another human being. But now, now it seemed like her body was attracting attention from members of both sexes like a heat-seeking missile to a jet fighter! Maybe it was her hormones changing. Whatever it was she didn’t care. All she knew is that she was going to enjoy it all she could and didn’t really give a shit about the consequences!

Reaching for the yellow cotton sun dress lying on the bed, she slipped her arms into it and pulled it over her head and pulled the dress down over her ample curves .The material created a contrast to the silky undergarments underneath them. Smoothing the material, she turned to the mirror and tucked and pulled, strategically placing her body parts where they should be.

“Now the shoes,” she said as she reached down and picked up a pair of white shoes with 6-inch heels and slipped her feet into them. She felt the muscles in her ass tighten as she forced her feet into the tight white shoes. They were not the most comfortable shoes she had, but she loved the firmness that they gave to her posterior and judging by the looks that men gave her when she wore them, they loved it too!

The clock on the wall told her that she had better hurry if she was going to be ready when Donna arrived. She quickly put on just a bit of makeup and ran a brush through her hair, teasing it slightly. When she was done she gave herself the once over and decided that this was as good as it was going to get. She dabbed a bit of cologne behind her ears, wrists and between the casino şirketleri cleft in her breasts and then she heard the front door bell ring. “I’m coming,” she yelled as she rushed through the house, grabbing her shawl and her purse.

Donna was standing on the steps to greet her new friend when the door opened. “Ann, you look absolutely beautiful!” she exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around her and gave her a squeeze. Ann could feel her body react to Donna’s hug and she hugged her back and she locked the door behind her. “We are gonna’ have a blast girl,” Donna said as they walked to the car. Ann was surprised when she saw the long Cadillac limo in the driveway.

“Wow,” she said as she ran her hand across the freshly waxed paint.

“Isn’t it just great!” Donna exclaimed. “It’s the company car. I told them I was taking a big money client out tonight and I needed to borrow it.” They both giggled as the driver opened the door and Ann sat down on the cool leather seats. Donna leaned forward and Ann could see the tops of her tits as they almost spilled out of her low cut dress. She felt a stirring in her loins and did her best not to stare at the red headed girl’s tits, but it did no good, she couldn’t take her eyes off of them. Donna slid into the seat next to her and Ann flinched slightly as her smooth hand touched her knee. “We are going to have such a great time tonight.”

The driver got in and the car moved forward, ever so slowly. Turning onto the street, Donna turned around and got close to Ann and almost in a whispering tone said, “You want to have a little fun tonight or do you want to have a lot of fun?”

“A lot of fun of course!” Ann told her, giggling like a schoolgirl on her first date. Donna squeezed her knee and then removed her hand, pushing a button and a privacy window went up to block the him from a view of the back seat. Donna picked up her purse and opened it. She reached in, smiling a big cheesy grin and then pulled out a joint. “This ought to do it,” she said, pausing as she lit the cigarette.

“Shit Donna, I haven’t done that since college.”

“Well, it’s about time you started enjoying life once again,” she said as the blue-gray smoke moved across her painted lips. Donna handed the joint to Ann and nodded as she put it to her lips and inhaled the smoke. Holding it in as long as she could, she handed it back to Donna and Ann could feel herself loosen up a bit as they made small talk and smoked the weed.

“Where are we going,” Ann asked her friend.

“Oh, just a little place I know on the outside of town. You did say you wanted to have a lot of fun tonight didn’t you?”

Ann nodded and sat back and let the effects of the weed take hold. Donna put a CD into the player and soon the soft gentle sounds of music were filling her ears. She closed her eyes slightly and Donna put her hand back on Ann’s leg. She did not flinch this time, instead opting to enjoy the sensations created by the woman’s soft touch on her leg. Her head was swimming from the music and the effects of the pot had loosened her inhibitions and she was taking in every sensation that the world was going to offer her tonight. Donna moved her hand up Ann’s leg slightly, touching the inside of her thigh, caressing the soft flesh. “Very nice,” Donna whispered into Anna’s ear. Ann could feel her hot breath on her neck and she could smell her cologne as she breathed the words to her. Donna moved her hand up a little more and Ann could feel her long red fingernails brush across the crotch of her panties. “No Donna,” she said weakly, wanting this woman to take control and touch her regardless of what she said. Donna was too hot to listen to Ann. She hooked her finger into the crotch of her panties. Ann breathed deeply as Donna pulled them aside and touched her hairless slit. A soft moan escaped her lips and Donna knew that Ann was all hers. “Oh yes Laura,” she said.

Donna was a bit taken aback by being called Laura but decided to play along. “Ann,” she whispered, “your cunt feels so good girl. You like it when Laura touches you here,” she asked as she pushed her finger into her cunt?

“Yes Laura, yes. Touch me. Feel me. Play with my pussy.”

Donna inserted her finger into Ann’s pussy and pushed her thumb across her clit. Ann arched her back and began a rocking motion against her hand. “You have such a nice smooth pussy!” Kissing her on the neck and fingering her pussy, Donna could feel her juices start to flow. “Mmmmmm. Tell Laura you want her to finger fuck you Ann,” she said as she pushed into her a little deeper.

“Oh my god Laura, finger fuck me you nasty little bitch! Finger my pussy Laura.”

Donna now moved 2 fingers inside of Ann and she completely lost her composure and started moaning and groaning and bucking against her hand. “Shit…….oh……gawd…..dam……. Fuck me Laura, fuck me!”

“Laura’s gonna fuck you good Ann,” she said as she nibbled on her neck and pulled the straps of her sundress down, exposing her nipples to the world. “You are such a sweet little girl Ann. Laura wants casino firmaları to eat you alive!” she said as she moved down her beautiful breasts and took one of her nipples in her mouth and pressing her two fingers in as far as she could.

Ann began to buck wildly against Donna’s hand and the sound became so loud that the driver was suddenly rolled the privacy window down. Donna quickly pulled her hand out of Ann’s pussy and did her best to straighten herself and Ann up but she could not conceal the fact that she had been up to hanky panky because Ann’s eyes were closed, her legs were spread slightly and her breasts were exposed. “What’s going on back there?” he asked. Ann’s senses came back to her and she realized she was exposed to not only Donna but to the limo driver too!!! Donna quickly pushed the button to roll the privacy window back up.

“Fuck!” Ann said trying to straigten herself up. Looking over at Donna, she checked the face of her friend. “I’m sorry Donna,” she said after a minute of silence. “I didn’t mean to call you Laura.”

“It’s ok Ann. I take it as a compliment. She must have been very special to you! Besides, we aren’t going to worry about little shit tonight. Out for lots of fun tonight, eh?”

“Yeah, lots and lots of fun,” she said leaning back and listening to the music.

The limo pulled onto a road that led out of town. Ann felt a little apprehensive as they drove to an area she was not familiar with. “Just where is this little club,” she asked?

“It’s just a few more minutes. Not getting cold feet are we Ann? Don’t you trust me?”

“It’s not that…it’s…just…that,” she said trailing off.

“I know,” Donna said, somehow comforting her friend as they drove. “I promise you will be safe with me,” she said, once again patting her on the bare leg.

“Look! There it is,” Donna squealed as they neared a tall brick building. It was an older building, probably built in the early 1900’s. The architecture definitely had a French flavor to it. Ann leaned forward as the limo pulled against the curb. The driver got out and walked to the back door and opened it. “Ladies,” he said as he reached for Donna’s hand and helped her out. Ann smiled at the tall man with the kind eyes that helped her out of the limo. “Thank you,” she said as she felt his strong yet gentle grip on her fingers. Donna opened her purse and handed the man a crisp new 50 dollar bill. “We’re not sure how long we’ll be. We’ll call a cab when we are ready to go home. Thanks Brad,” she said giving him a gentle peck on the cheek. Tipping his hat to the girls he shut the door and then got into the car and drove off.

“Damn Donna, that Brad is a hunk!”

“Yeah, he’s a looker for sure,” she smiled as she took her friend by the hand and they walked to the revolving glass doors. “I’ll tell him you want to fuck him,” she laughed as Ann blushed.

The faint sound of piano music could be heard in the distance. A man was standing inside the door and Donna smiled at him as she entered. She took a card out of her purse and showed it to the man. The man looked at it and then back at Donna, handing the card back to her and nodding. “We are going to have so much fun!” she exclaimed as they continued their journey toward the music. Entering the room, she handed the waiter a card and he took 2 menus and led them to a table in the corner of a very large room. Ann and Donna sat down and ordered drinks. The waited put the menus on the table in front of them and walked away. Ann looked at the name on the menu. “The Meat Market?” she read outloud.

Donna laughed. “Yeah, that’s what they call it,” she winked at her friend.

“How come I’ve never heard of this place before Donna?”

“That’s because it’s a very private club. It’s by invitation only. They have a closed membership and you can only get in here if you are the guest of a member.”

“So how do you become a member?”

“You can’t. It is handed down through families. My husband was a member, his father was a member and his grandfather was a member. When my husband passed away the membership transferred down to me.”

“I’m so sorry Donna,” Ann said, touching her friend’s hand. “I didn’t know you were a widow!”

“Oh don’t worry about it. It wasn’t that great a marriage anyway. All he wanted to do was work and work and work. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, as they say.”

Ann knew exactly what she was talking about! So many nights she had lay in bed longing for Ed’s touch and his kisses on her body. Oh well, sometimes you have to make the best out of what life hands you she thought to herself as she looked at the menu. Ann looked at the menu. It was in French or some other language. She could not tell for sure. ” I don’t know what any of this is Donna.”

“It’s ok Ann. If you’d like, I could order for us both.”

“That’d be just fine with me.” The waiter returned to the table with their drinks. He sat them down and waited while Donna told the waiter what they wanted to eat. The waiter nodded and said “Very good madam.”

“This güvenilir casino is so cool Donna,”

“Yeah. It is very cool, but later baby, it’s going to get hot!”

“Hot?” Ann asked?

“Yes Ann, hot!” she said, putting the emphasis on the “hot”!

Ann looked around the huge room that they were sitting in. It was dimly lit and although it had a very romantic setting, she couldn’t see that it was any different than many of the other clubs she’d been in. Maybe it’s the food, she thought to herself as she wondered what was so great about this “private by invitation only club”.

The piano player stopped playing and stood up and left the room. Ann watched as a band took his place. She watched as the musicians got their instruments in place and then they started playing some of the more popular songs of the day.

“So,” Ann finally broke the silence. “Just what is the draw of this place anyway?”

“Well…” her friend said after a pause. “It’s kind of hard to explain.”

“Try me,” Ann said.

“Oh, I intend to,” Donna said smiling from ear to ear.

“I’m serious Donna,” she said in a somber tone.

“Well… you see, this club has a special club house for whatever a patron wants to do.”

“What do you mean Donna?!”

“I mean whatever a patron wants to do. Like they say, membership has its privileges.”

Ann looked around the room and noticed a pair of men sitting a couple of tables down from them. One of them was in his thirties and the other one appeared to be a little older. They were smiling at her and Donna and Ann felt a slight blush come over her. The older of the two men got up and started walking toward the table. Ann elbowed her friend to get her attention and Donna looked up and smiled.

“Hello ladies,” the man’s deep voice said as he stood by the table. He was dressed very conservatively but he was obviously a man of means.

“Well hello there!” Donna’s voice giving away her obvious excitement at seeing this man.

“Hi, my son and I,” he said pointing over to the table where the younger man was sitting, “we would like to know if you ladies would care to dance?”

“Uh…I don’t know,” Ann said looking at her friend for a little help.

“Yeah, we’d love to,” Donna said standing up. “Come on Ann, it’ll be fun,” she said as she walked to the dance floor with the stranger.

The man at the table stood up and walked to Ann and held out his hand. ” Would you like to dance miss?”

“Look Mister,” she said trying to find an excuse not to dance. “I am not a very good dancer.”

“Don’t worry about it. I am a very good lead. Just follow me and you will be surprised what your body can do,” he smiled.

“Shit!” Ann thought to herself. She reluctantly stood up and the man took her by the hand, leading her to the dance floor. The stranger took her by the hand and pulled her against him. “Hi, my name is William,” the man said.

“Hi,” Ann said nervously. “My name is Ann.”

“Glad to meet you Ann.”

“Nice to meet you William,” she said trying not to look nervous.

“Come on Ann, don’t be so tense. You will be able to dance better if you loosen up a little.”

“I’m sorry William,” she told him as he started a slow gentle back and forth motion to the music. “It’s just that I’m a married woman and I am not sure I should be here.”

“Don’t be silly,” William said as he pulled Ann closer. “It’s just a dance, I didn’t ask you to fuck me!” he laughed. Ann blushed a deep shade of red at the sound of his words. “Besides, your husband doesn’t have to know and even if he did, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”

“No, you’re probably right,” she said. What he would mind Ann thought to herself is the feelings that were rushing through her body as this man pulled her tight and danced with him! Ann looked around the dance floor and saw Donna with her partner. They too were dancing except they were dancing much closer together. In fact, Ann didn’t think that Donna could be any closer than she was against that man! Not only was she close, she was dancing very provocatively against him. She had put her arms around his neck and had her head on his shoulder. She watched in awe as the man put his hands on her butt cheeks and appeared to be massaging them! Donna started swaying her hips side to side slightly and was rubbing them against the man’s leg. Ann felt her hormones start to rush as she watched what appeared to be Donna dry fucking this man’s thigh!

William held her tight against him as they danced to the sound of the music. He felt so good next to her and she needed the touch of a man right now. He moved his hands to the small of her back and started to slowly massage, gently moving his fingers around and almost tickling her. The pot mixed with the alcohol was taking its toll on her and she felt her body respond to his touches. His fingers were expertly plying her muscles in her back and she was so lonely for Ed’s touch that she almost imagined it was him on the dance floor with her but it was not. It was a stranger and she could feel her body respond to him. Ann moaned slightly as the man moved his hand down a little more and was now touching her hips. William pulled her closer to him and she felt the unmistakable lump in his pants pressing against her.

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