16 Mayıs 2023

The Rise and Fall of Jordan M. Ch. 05


What happened in Chapter 1: Jordan discovered that Jackie not only had soft womanly curves, but also had a very responsive and prominent clitoris. This turned out to be slightly problematic as Jordan was engaged to Barbara, a researcher working on a unique lie detector who found Jackie’s discarded panties on her desk.

What happened in Chapters 2-4: Jordan is injected with an experimental lie detector. Pinocchio nose grew when he lied. Jordon’s cock grows when he fibs and it deflates when he tells the truth. While visiting his parents, Jordan’s mother quizzes him about his (now ex) fiancé. Jordan tells lie after lie. Edith, the elderly house keeper gets the benefit of the consequences of Jordon’s misuse of facts.

Chapter 5 April 16, 2000 Saturday 7 th day with erectile malfunction

Jordan awoke to the smell of bacon. Hoping that he could eat and sneak off before his mother came down, Jordan went to the breakfast nook. Unfortunately, his mother and father were already there. While Janice was a domineering, bossy mother more interested in external appearances than in a building a strong connection with her son, Jordan, his father had no relationship with him at all – his father was a busy banker.

“I am going to tonight’s Boston Pops performance, and am leaving now. I want you to pull yourself together Jordan. You have been abused by that tramp. Get over it and don’t ever again let your manly desires rise forth when you are speaking to your mother.”

Jonathan, Jordan’s father was thoroughly confused, “What manly desires are you talking about, darling?”

“Oh, keep quite Jonathan. Since when are you interested in what is happening in this family?” Janice replied and stormed out of the house.

Jordan was tempted to tell his father the whole truth but realized that the truth was more unbelievable than the story he had made up, so he just gave his father a short summary.

“Dad. I lied to mom yesterday, Barbara caught me cheating and has left me. As I was talking to mom last night and telling her about why Barbara was not here this weekend I had a rather unfortunate erection that she saw.”

“Embarrassing. That’s a great pity about Barbara though. You screwed up something good. I am going flying in a bit, but why don’t we meet on Tuesday, 8.30pm at Cafe Afrika? I normally meet my squash partner there for dinner but this Tuesday I won’t be playing squash.”

“Sure, Escort Avrupa yakası Dad, that sounds great.” A real live normal conversation with his father would be both unusual and a pleasant change.

“I am looking forward to it,” said Jonathan eating the last piece of bacon.

“Bye, Son! See you Tuesday night at Cafe Afrika.”

“Bye Dad” Jordan had rarely seen his father as cheerful and as animated as this. He was happy that they would have the opportunity to get to know each other better on Tuesday. He went to find Edith so that he could tell her that his parents had left the cottage and that he intended to leave straight away. Edith was peeling potatoes in the kitchen. She didn’t mention the bewildering encounter they had had the previous night. However, Jordan was sure that he caught her checking out his package.

“Are you staying for lunch?” Edith asked him.

“No, I am leaving straight away.”

“Before you leave, I would like to tell you one last time that I am sorry your relationship with Barbara didn’t work out. I can’t believe she had an affair, it seems so unlike her.” Without having the slightest clue Edith, who had been Jordan’s cook and housekeeper since he was 4, was about to start a new and even stranger sexual encounter with him.

” I was surprised too, I couldn’t believe it when she told me.” That was the lie that fertilized his sunflower and that derailed his mornings plans.

“Good god Jordan! Do you have an erection again? What is wrong with you, you just had sex yesterday?”

“Nothing is wrong with me. I don’t have an erection.” Two more lies in a row and there was no denying that Jordan now had a massive hard-on.

“I can’t believe it. You are going to tear a hole in your trousers. Take them off right now and while you are about it take your shirt off too.”

Without thinking Jordan obeyed Edith. Naked, he stood before her withering gaze. Intimidated, he felt like a young boy. His cock had no such inhibitions, it liked the attention and stood tall and proud.

Edith walked around Jordan inspecting him from top to bottom. Tom, her husband hadn’t had a proper hard on for 12 years. She squeezed his butt cheeks, grunted her approval and wormed her arm between his legs to tug on his testicles.

“Everything is in good working order. I don’t think there is anything wrong with you. You are just a bad little horny Ataköy escort boy. A sicko who wants to fuck his housekeeper again.”

“No, that is not true.” But of course, it was very true.

“Don’t lie to me. You bad, bad boy. I am going to have to deal with this right now before it gets totally out of hand.”

Edith sat down on a chair. Pulled her skirt all the way up so Jordan could see her skinny wrinkly legs and white bloomers.

“Lie across my lap and put that monstrosity between my legs. You are a naughty little boy. Do you really think you will get to fuck Mrs. Lodge again?.”

Edith Lodge clamped Jordan’s manhood in a surprisingly strong painful, yet pleasant squeeze. Before proceeding to unleash a tornado of frustration on his exposed ass cheeks – twenty years working as a housekeeper for a bossy stuck-up bitch – was a lot of tension to release. With each whack Jordan’s hairy ass morphed into his mother’s flabby bitch ass and Edith redoubled her efforts. She spanked that arse with all her might until through the fog of revenge she felt Jordan rocking on her lap, each slap was driving his cock between her legs and he was dry-humping her. He was getting off on her.

Unbeknownst to Jordon he had major mother issues, not surprising as she was not an easy woman. This was his first spanking, his buns were on fire, his dick was on a rampage and his mind was in a lust induced juvenile haze. His mother was an obnoxious verbal bully, who often brought Jordan to tears, but had never laid a hand on him. He now wished she had. The heat of his ass cheeks, the delicious friction between Edith’s legs and the confusing thoughts of his mother had Jordan frantically fucking Edith’s legs. Edith abruptly stopped spanking him.

“Get off me, you naughty scoundrel. Who do you think I am. I hope you have learnt your lesson. Turn around let me see my handy work.”

Jordan turned around. Edith was both appalled and turned on by the damage she had done to Jordan’s firm tush.

“Do you really think I would be interested in fucking a naughty little boy?” she said grabbing him by the cock and giving it a good tug.


“You are so darn right. I am not interested in little boys, but I am interested in your enormous horse-cock. Now take that monster and stuff it into my soppy pussy” Edith said ripping off her bloomers and lifting up her skirt, she bent over the table and presented Şirinevler escort bayan her posterior to Jordon. A bum that had been appealingly firm and round a few decades back, had now lost all of it’s shape and had become quite saggy. Driven by his dick and it’s desires Jordon didn’t care he grabbed hold of the cottage cheesy buns, spread them as he slipped his donkey-dong (he had told many untruths in the past hour) past them and into the anxiously awaiting parking garage. Edith’s slippery nether lips guided the golden appendage into its stable. Where it rested, engulfed by Edith’s comforting warmth. Her pussy had a most pleasurable grip on his pulsating meat, which was gathering steam for the upcoming brief and energetic onslaught. Two slow strokes allowed Jordon to observe and admire the size of his cock. It was magnificent, never before had it been so large. It was a prime circumcised cock with thick veins winding their way around the red-hot meat grown by some major unturths. Impressed with his weaponry Jordon increased the speed and vigor of his thrusts, his hips slapping against Edith’s sloppy butt. Their roles were reversed. Thanks to his inflated shlong Jordon was the boss. Edith held onto the table and enjoyed the full feeling of having a hard strong cock in her grotto. Since it had been so long since she had such a robust visitor to her box, Edith immediately had a series of small orgasms and she wasn’t disappointed when Jordan soon delivered his load deep into the depths of her love tunnel. She couldn’t have taken much more pummeling. Perhaps she would have asked for some more endurance had she known that this would be the last time she would get to enjoy a such a young, large and hard cock.

Jordan’s drive back to his apartment was exquisitely painful. Every bump brought back vivid memories of his spanking.

In his apartment Jordan smeared cream on his smarting bum. By now he was down from the rollicking highs of the morning and he was thoroughly depressed. He had no control over his life. His cock was in charge. Who knew that he would lie so much. To overcome his depression he drank too much and found himself kneeling in front of the toilet throwing up. Most of it went down the drain following the condom he had sent down last week. Three more bouts of puking and he mercifully fell asleep in the bathroom, with his head resting in some undigested sunflower seeds. Four hours later Jordan woke up, wolfed down three Tylenol Sleep tablets and munched on two Tums, while dragging himself from the bathroom into his bedroom and onto the bed. He managed to get his spew-covered shirt off somehow and fell into a fourteen-hour intermittent sleep. During those fourteen hours he did not think of his dysfunctional penis or Barbara once.

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