3 Haziran 2021

The Oasis


You’re sitting behind your computer thinking, what kind of surprise can I come up with? As you ponder that thought, you type a short email message.

Really looking forward to our time together today. Are you leaving work early? you click the send button.

Almost instantly, my computer indicates a new email message. As I open the email file, I see your secret email address with your message. Thoughts of your naked body dance through my head as I read your note. I immediately reply,

“Leaving at noon. Where should I meet you?”.

A short time later, I get your reply. I anxiously look at the clock on the wall.

“Damn, only 9:30 a.m.”

It’s gonna be a long morning, I tell myself. Upon confirmation from me, you start making preparations for the days activities. You try on different bras and panties and decide to go comfortable, after all, you won’t be wearing them for long anyways, you tell yourself.

On the way, you stop and pickup some beer, correctly thinking that maybe we’d like to have a few drinks to start our afternoon. Satisfied with your purchase, you continue to our chosen meeting spot.

Waiting only for a few minutes, my car arrives. I greet you with a, ‘burning for you’, passionate kiss. You slowly push me away smiling and ask,

“What would you like to do today?”

“Aside from seeing you naked, I’m pretty open.” I say.

Giving me my choices of a hotel room, a trip to the local strip club or an afternoon in at the Oasis Hot Tubs, I tell you how much I like the thought of spending the afternoon soaking with you in a pool of hot water.

Having decided on that, we depart and find a nearby park to relax and drink our beer. We make a quick toast, laughing at how silly we are, and then we kiss, our mouths parting, our tongues flicking back and forth, each minute that passes increases the intensity of the moment.

Uncaring of any onlookers, we devote all our energies on each other. Our hands groping for each other while our mouths continue the kiss. I decide to take our tryst to another level and I reach around you and expertly unhook your bra. I place my hands upon your breasts, not caring if anyone sees us, my kiss moving from your lips to your neck, softly nibbling on you.

You can feel the electricity throughout your body, making your pussy ache with desire. You suggest that maybe we should take this to the hot tubs where there’s a little more privacy and we can get totally naked. I eagerly agree as I start the car and drive the short distance to The Oasis Hot Tubs.

As you check in, the attractive woman behind the counter asks for your name,

“Smith” you reply,

“Your first name?” she asks.

You stammer out some fictitious name as güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you smile at her. She asks you to sign the release form and then passes it to me. I sign it with “Smith” as well.

She asks us if we have a preference as to which setting we’d like, but we shake our heads as we tell her we’re not sure what they have to offer.

She gives us a quick tour and then decides for herself that we need room number 7.

“It’s got a nice outdoor setting with just the right amount of sunlight”, she says.

You ask for the restroom and she points you in the right direction. As you leave, she shows me which buttons to use to operate the tub and showers, and says to me,

“If you need me for anything, just hit this button. It’s the intercom, and I’ll bring you whatever you need,” she exclaims with a devilish smile.

I look around the room, impressed with her choice. I remove my clothes and head towards the hot tub. The outdoor tub is large, allowing for at least 8 people to be seated comfortably. However, today, there will only be two.

There’s a small tree offering some shade from the midday sun, and a gas burning fireplace located in the wall. I hit the button to start the jets and relax for a moment while you’re away. As you return from the restroom, the girl who checked us in approaches you smiling, and tells you that she’s available for anything that we may need.

You smile back at her, and say

“I think I’ve got everything I need for now, but don’t stray too far away. Ya never know what needs may arise,” and you wink at her.

You enter our room, take off your clothes, and give yourself a quick look in the full length mirror. Satisfied with what you see, you pick up the towel, wrapping it around your naked body as you walk towards me and the hot tub. As you put your feet in, you carefully remove the towel and sink slowly into the tub, allowing me a brief glimpse of your splendid figure.

I gaze at you, your hair pulled back off your face, thinking to myself how beautiful you look. You lean towards me and I grab you by the back of the neck, pulling you close to me, pausing only for a moment to look you in the eyes, and then kiss you.

Again, our lips open, our mouths part and our tongues twirl. My cock begins to stir, and I begin to rub it against your body. You feel the shaft harden and begin to stroke me.

“Oh, yeah,” I say,

I lean my head back to enjoy the sensations of your hands stroking me, while the jets of the hot tub message my back. Feeling that my cock couldn’t possibly get any harder, you climb on top of me and slide my cock into your pussy and begin to grind up and down on me.

Your breasts are rubbing against güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my face as you bounce, and I can’t ignore them any longer. I reach up and take each nipple between my thumb and forefingers, pulling them slightly, making them as hard as my shaft.

I take first one, then the other nipple into my mouth and suck it, and then I bite them, softly at first, and then harder. Your moans tell me that you’re enjoying it, nearly as much as I’m enjoying the feeling of your pussy riding me.

After a few moments, you whisper to me,

“I want to swallow your cock whole”.

Needing no further coaxing, I lift you off me, and begin to stand up. I’ve never seen you so hungry to suck my cock before, but I don’t complain as you expertly handle me, first taking the head of my cock into your mouth, swirling your tongue around the head, and then plunging it deep, taking me all the way down as you let my cock slip down your throat, before pulling me back.

Your right hand reaches up to stroke me, twisting up and down as your mouth slides up and down the shaft. I mumble something about how good it feels, surprised at your tenacity. I can tell that you want me to cum this way, so I grasp your head and begin to gyrate back and forth. My cock moving in and out of your mouth, your hand stroking me, keeping a tight grip and your mouth keeping me wet and slick.

After a few minutes, I can feel the cum working its way up my shaft, I know that my release is only a few minutes away. I tell you that if you keep it up, your gonna make me cum. You just smile and say,

“I want to taste your cum, I want you to squirt it in my mouth and on my face, and then I want you to lick my pussy”.

Hearing your words sends me over the top as I explode in your mouth. With the first spasm from my cock you pull my cock out and let the next spasm shoot cum on your face and the next spasm, shooting even more cum on your breasts.

I practically fall over, my knees are weak and I grab onto you to hold myself up. I then lift you out of the tub and sit you on the towel that we had laying near us. My mouth starts on your stomach, but quickly works down your inner thighs and then to a very, very wet pussy.

The hot tub didn’t do anything to stop the flowing of your pussy juice as my tongue begins to slide up and down, in and out of you, and in no time, you can feel your first orgasm build.

The sun is beating down on your skin, your feet are still in the hot tub, your getting hot in more ways then one, but you don’t want me to stop, and then it happens, with a sudden burst, you hear yourself screaming and moaning out

“I’m cumming, Oh God, I’m coming.”

Your hands grab the güvenilir bahis şirketleri back of my head, not letting me go, telling me

“Don’t stop, Oh, Oh, I’m cumming again”.

Amazed that you had two orgasms so close together only turns me on more. I can’t stop now, even if I wanted to, I need to make you cum again and again. This time, I suck on your clit, giving you an entirely different feeling.

You raise your hips up to meet me and then tell me,

“You know what I want”.

I manage to give you an “um-huh”, then I slide my thumb deep into your pussy, pressing down on you, allowing you to grind against me while I lick and suck on your clit. Again, you hear yourself calling out in an orgasmic climax, this time sitting up, attempting to control the pleasure.

As you release my head from your hands, I look up at you, smile and kiss you long and hard. You can tell by the look in my eye that I’m not done with you yet, but you need time to come down, so I turn you around and stand up behind you.

As I slide my cock into your drenched pussy, you push back against me, wanting to feel me deep inside you. I take ahold of your hips and begin to rock back and forth, my cock getting harder with each stroke.

You can feel my cock grow inside you and it makes you even wetter. You reach back between your legs, and begin to rub your clit as I fuck you from behind, knowing how much I like it when you play with yourself while we fuck. My own orgasm building, even faster than the last time, I pick up my pace, sliding my cock into you faster and faster.

My knees getting weak again, I know that I’m near cumming, and so are you as your fingers work on your pussy at a furious pace. I can take it no longer, I pull my cock out and give it a couple of strokes and then grasp it tightly, letting the pressure build in me, and with a quick release from my fingers, my cum shoots all the way up your back as I let out a long groan.

I let go of you and collapse back into the tub, feeling spent, hearing my heart rate pulse in my ears. You turn over, looking at me with wanting eyes and say,

“Are you done, or will you lick me one more time? God, I’m still so horny!”.

I know that your close to cumming, so I dive back into your wet snatch, giving you a few quick licks, when you tell me,

“Stick your thumb in my ass”.

It only takes you a few minutes and you’re bucking wildly on my thumb, loving the feeling and the mental stimulation of being dirty and you have yet another orgasm.

As you lay there, I look at you with admiration and appreciation for a well chosen afternoon destination. We get up and take a quick shower with more touching, probing, licking and sucking before we finally depart.

Just as we climb out of the shower, the intercom rings to advise us that our hour is up. Dissapointed, but knowing that it was gonna end, we get dressed and depart.

As we walk out the door, the girl that checked us in, told us that she’d love to see us again sometime, and winked…….

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