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Housewife Hookups Part 1.


Housewife Hookups Part 1.I had been married to my wife Jane for 8 years who is now 43, one year older than me. She is a lovely BBW with big soft pillowy DD tits with massive proud nipples and areoles, and I mean massive. She has beautiful blue eyes and hair that is highly variable in colour and style. We both live in one of the outer suburbs of the Gold Coast on nice acreage, but still not too far away from things to feel too isolated. Our sex life for the first part of our marriage was tremendous. Over time and imperceptibly at first, it began to wane. There was no one cause and both of us were to blame – communication broke down, we grew apart. We became too familiar with each other and were generally dragged down by the pressures of a large mortgage along with raising a blended family. I guess we were only staying together for the k**s. When we tried to reignite things they just simply fell flat. One Saturday, my wife blurted out in the morning that she was going to go out to the pub with her friend Lacey that evening. Lacey was divorced and after a man hating period, was now actively looking. My wife assured me that she had mentioned this proposed evening to me before, but I had no recollection. Nonetheless, I wasn’t needed in the office and I have never had a problem with my wife going out with her friends so I dutifully stayed home and looked after the k**s, although they were at that age where they could look after themselves and generally seemed to spend most of the time out and about at friend’s places. From the pictures on Facebook it was clear that Jane was having a nice time, the obligatory photos of holding a full glass to the camera with a caption saying where it was taken and what the exact varietal that was being imbibed. My wife had organised to stay at Lacey’s house which she had done a couple of times over the years. I slept well and slept in. I got a text from my wife around nine in the morning saying that she would be home later in the afternoon as she still wasn’t fit to drive. I responded that she must have had a big night out and she informed me that they had not got back to Lacey’s place until two in the morning.My wife came home at about three in the afternoon. She clearly looking tired and she took herself off to bed in the late afternoon after a shower, her snoring quickly echoed through the house. She had left her phone on the kitchen bench. I never check my wife’s phone, but in the space of about 5 minutes she seemed to get about a half a dozen or messages come through. Thinking that something may have happened with a family member that required urgent attention, I opened her messages. I got a surprise, a surprise that I was both shocked and aroused by. One of the messages was from Lacey checking up on whether Jane had got home safely. Several from Lacey that had come in the last ten minutes suggested that my wife had done a lot of flirting to say the least and had attracted some attention! “Great night, cruising the bars perving, just like old times when we were young and thinner” “Did you get that blonde guys number too he was cute and wanted you!”“Are you going to meet up with either of them, just for a coffee, it can’t hurt!” My cock was instantly hard thinking about other men flirting with Jane and vice-versa. I can’t explain why this knowledge was blindly arousing. I suspect us men in general who feel this way when faced with this circumstance can’t explain it. It is what it is. As I was holding the phone, another message came through from a number I didn’t recognise. I opened it and it was one three text messages from the same number. “Hi Jane, thanks for giving me your number. You are indeed a hot and sexy woman.”“I so wanted to take you home and have my way with you”“I understand that you are married and thank you for your honesty, but I would still like to catch up for a coffee.”There was another number on her phone that I didn’t recognise with unread text messages, along the same lines. This time the person identified themselves as Scotto.“Hi Babe, Scotto here. Thanks for your number. Shame you are married. I enjoyed meeting you at the bar last night.”“If you ever want to some hot no strings attached sex, give me a call.”So the run down was this. My wife had got hideously drunk and flirted with some men. She clearly had had the opportunity to have sex, but told them she was married and turned them down. She had given them her number and they had dutifully contacted her and wanted to meet with her again. This was a lot to digest and mixed emotions flowed through. I put the phone back where I had found it. I kept myself busy for the next hour or so, I cooked dinner, looked after the k**s and did a few small odd jobs. When my wife woke from her hangover inspired nap, she made a beeline for a phone and grabbed it and moved quickly to the couch. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her furtively texting. I desperately wanted to know what was in the message, but I knew it would have to wait until she went to bed. I heard a number of new text messages come through in response. My wife was solely focused on the phone. After eating dinner and sending and receiving a few more messages, my wife toddled off to bed, leaving the phone again unattended. My cock was rock hard again in anticipation of the direction the text conversation may take. When my wife started her deep snoring again, I picked up the phone, I couldn’t help myself, and looked at the messages. I read the conversation between Lacey and Jane first. Jane: I was a flirt wasn’t I and now I am getting messages from both of the men I flirted with!Lacey: That happens when you lead them up the garden path and give them your number.Jane: I know, I did say I was married though. Lacey: Scotto was the one who really had the hots for you I think, and he was a hunk.Jane: Mmmm I wish I was single. Lacey: You radiate a sex vibe honey, they flock to you!Jane: They keep texting me, and I so want to meet up and have sex with either of them, and Its not as if my husband is going to passionately fuck me hard and proper any time soon.Lacey: Lol. We’ll I’ve got my man lined up for tomorrow night hopefully, we’ll see how it goes. Jane: Lucky single bugger, I’m off to bed. That was the end of the text conversation between Lacey and Jane. The next one I opened was between Jane and the man whose name was revealed to be Martin.Jane: Thanks Martin. I have just had a nap to sleep off my hangover. Thanks for the lovely compliment. If I were single I would have been all over you last night!Martin: You perhaps don’t realise how sexy you are. I would love to meet up with, but understand if you are unwilling.Jane: I think I better pass on the coffee, I don’t know where it might lead!Martin: I wouldn’t put any pressure on you Jane, I know you are married. Jane: Thanks Martin. Martin: Anytime Babe…………….With that there were no more messages in that conversation. The last conversation was from Scotto and he was clearly more risqué and forward than Martin.Scotto: Hey baby. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you and your tits all day. I would suck them into tomorrow.Jane: They would like that, but I’m afraid I’m still married, just like I was last night. Scotto: Married women samsun escort are my specialty. They are always so horny and kinky.Jane: No comment, LOLScotto: Ha ha. It’s true, and they are always in need of new adventures, even if it hard for them to admit it to themselves even.Jane: No comment again you naughty man. I am going to bed now. No more naughty messages!Scotto: If I were going to bed with you, you wouldn’t be getting much sleep!Jane: Good night. ZZZzzzzzzzMy cock was at bursting point after having read the more than suggestive exchanges. My wife clearly wanted to have sex with strangers, but was not going to cheat. Flirt outrageously and suggestively – definitely. Cheat – by the looks of it no. I had to go and have a shower and wank myself silly. I went to bed, still with a hard cock despite the recent release, and a mind whirling through possibilities and anxieties. My wife wanted to fuck other men. I intrinsically and almost involuntarily wanted her to do the same. It wouldn’t be cheating if I knew about it and condoned it, was what I was rationalising in my head. That was more or less the last thought I had before going to sleep. I woke up with an erection, and when my wife stirred, I rolled over and on top of her and started to lightly kiss her neck. She was obviously surprised by such a show of spontaneity, something that had been missing in our relationship. I worked my way down to her tits and sucked them; her light moans clear evidence of her burgeoning arousal. I savoured her nipples which were engorged and throbbing. I reluctantly released her, went and locked the door. “I’m going to take you from behind,” I said. Jane got herself up on all fours and I got behind her. My fingers went to her pussy and delved in, spreading wetness around her entrance. My cock slid easily into her greedy pussy. It was a short but strong fuck. I drove into my wife’s cunt hard and deep and she pushed back fiercely against my cock. Jane started clawing at her clit as she was quickly overcome with orgasm. I felt her pussy walls convulse against my cock as Jane shuddered in orgasm. I buried my cock deep inside her and injected pulse after pulse of sperm as my own orgasm roared through me. We collapsed together playfully, before regrettably having to face the rest of the day. Over the next couple of weeks we had sex three more times. This was well and truly a significant increase in frequency compared to the last few years. Each time I was spurred on by thoughts of my wife wanting to fuck other men. I had nearly broached the subject with my wife a number of times over the ensuing weeks, but there was never a right time, or indeed the right way. I had played scenarios through my head numerous times. Finally I decided I had to do something, I had to roll the dice and see what, if anything was possible. On my way out the door to work, I mentioned to Jane that I had some important things to talk to her about after the k**s had gone to bed. She looked a bit perplexed but nodded. I was anxious but intent to follow up my plan of broaching the subject. Jane had no doubt picked up on my vibe and looked at me a couple of times rather quizzically during dinner. After the k**s were in bed, it was Jane who spoke first, “So what is it that you want to talk about that has got you so worked up?”“Ummmm. Don’t take this the wrong way as you might be surprised where I might be taking this, but have you ever thought about having sex with another man?”Jane was not surprisingly taken aback by this, but only momentarily, and she regained her composure. “To be brutally honest YES, since until just recently we had stopped having sex and our general lack of intimacy, but when we got married I committed to you and I have stuck to that commitment despite the opportunity to have some of my needs better satisfied,” replied Jane looking intently at me to gauge my response. “This may shock and surprise you, but it wouldn’t be cheating if I knew about it would it? In fact, if I enjoyed the knowledge of it and wanted it to happen?”Jane was really shocked now, I could tell it wasn’t the response she was expecting, and I continued to talk, “I can’t explain why it is such a turn-on for me, but it simply is. If I am turned on by it, and are happy for you to do it, and you want to do it, why don’t we go for it?”I explained further, “There would be some provisos. It would be no strings attached. Although the final decision would of course be yours I would like to be involved in choosing the men and I would want to know all of the details. The anticipation of the action and then hearing all the details is a huge turn on and I would almost certainly want to fuck you when you came home.” Jane was in fact simply lost for words as I provided this “green light”.This is no doubt a big surprise, and I think you should obviously think through it all. If you agree then I have some ideas of how to make it happen. “sleep on it and take as much time as you need?” I added before getting up to have a shower. I had dropped my “bombshell of opportunity” and departed the bedroom. When I returned after my shower, Jane had fashioned a response that did not provide any gauge as to her thoughts, She simply said, “That was not the conversation I was expecting,” before turning over and switching the bed side lamp off. We both had a largely sleepless night, thinking about the conversation that had transpired, but not broaching it with each other. The next day we didn’t mention it. It was two days later when I got a text just before leaving work that simply said she wanted to discuss things tonight. That evening it was Jane who was anxious, while I was quietly calm, having decided to accept whatever decision Jane made, but happy that I had put forward my feelings and desires. Finally that evening Jane provided her answer, “You have become so predictable, but this was a massive surprise, I have some questions and reservations, but in principle I agree to try it. I don’t think that either of us have been happy the last few years, and if this helps rectifies things, then good. At least in my view it is a risk worth taking. I do think that it is strange that you are turned by knowing that I am having or had sex with other men, but so be it. I do want to know that this is what you really want and that you will not have any regrets (I answered yes and no). I must admit it is a turn-on for me to think that I can have more and varied sex, but I am a little scared, more than a little scared. I am no longer young and thin, and I don’t want rejection. You seemed to have thought about how this would all work, and I would like to hear those thoughts.”“I recognise that this is a massive change for both of us, and not something I thought I would ever agree to, let alone willing propose. Just the thought of it all happening has made me hard. I have thought about how to do it. There are a number of dating sites which cater for casual sex and I have taken the liberty of checking them out, all in the name of research of course. I have found three which I think are suitable and seem to have a generally large membership base in Australia. I propose that we make a profile on these sites and we şanlıurfa escort put forward exactly what we are looking for – stressing that your husband agrees to you having sex with the right man, but that he will not be involved or present. I think we can have a nice couple of g-rated photos of you on the profile and perhaps some topless ones that show off your beautiful boobs in a password protected gallery. We can though also recruit through bars and clubs if the opportunity arises, but let’s hedge our bets. In terms of not being young and thin, my extensive research suggests that full bodied big breasted 40 year olds are what most men are wanting.”Jane had listened intently to what I had said, only interrupting to playfully chastise me about being presumptuous and looking up dating sites, but also admitting they over the past few years she had sporadically taken to checking out porn pics of men online. I continued, “In terms of a meeting, it is up to you, but I think you should meet the man first for a coffee with no sex on the first meeting. If it is a goer, then perhaps to work around the k**s, have him come home during school hours. That will give you about five hours and you should be able to accomplish a lot in that time. Although it is going to make it difficult to concentrate at work, I want you to text me through updates and maybe some pictures. Then when I get home I will fuck you silly. That will be two men who have had sex with you in one day! I would very much like the action taped so we can both watch it all later, but perhaps not the first time, let’s both be comfortable with the idea of things in practice. Together, I think we should draw up an agreement which outlines the rules of engagement or more correctly the rules of copulation.” Jane had not said no to any of my suggestions as she continued to listen intently and giggled at the bit regarding having two men in one day and at my play on words. When I had finished she asked for more details as to what I meant by an agreement and I explained and she seemed happy with the explanation, commenting that only a bureaucrat like me would design paperwork for extra-marital sex. Over time, we realised the officious nature of how we approached our new found kinky hobby was perhaps unique, but it was something we perversely enjoyed and it bound us closely together. It was us. Well into the night we worked on the agreement and Jane had taken her top and bra off and posed topless for some photos for our profile. The photos were hot as hell, as she lifted up her big breasts, offering them seductively towards the camera, the nipples were clearly engorged. When the agreement and photos were finished we celebrated with something we had not done for a long time – oral sex. We had both commented that it had been a long time since we had really worked on something together, and chuckled at that something being my wife having sex with strangers. Jane sucked my cock, initially savouring the oozing pre-cum like she use to when we were first married and squeezed my balls hard as I came. She let cum splatter on her face as she drained my balls. Without wiping her face, she sat on mine, and I dined on her wet pussy that she thrust and dragged across my mouth and face in general. She came quickly and came hard, squeezing her own breasts as my own fingers dug deeply into her bum. The content of the agreement that we both signed was as follows:This agreement creates the provision for Jane to have extra-marital sex free of guilt and with the full support of Steven. Steven and Jane agree to be bound by the content of this agreement from the date of signing for a period of one year. The agreement can be amended at any time if both parties agree and will be reviewed at the end of one year. The provisions of the agreement are as follow: oJane is permitted to have extra-marital sex with men (herein referred to as participants) that are jointly approved for this purpose by herself and Steven. oThe eligible pool of participants are between 25 and 60 years of age, with men known to either Jane or Steven expressly excluded. oParticipants are required for sex only and activities leading up to sex (e.g. dinner, drinks, dancing). oParticipants should recognise that Jane’s immediate pleasure is the priority. oThe building of relationships with participants is prohibited. oThe participant is prohibited from humiliating Steven in any way. oOral, vaginal and anal sex are permitted at the discretion of Jane. oParticipants must be non-smokers and be able to provide up to date medical information on their sexual health. The use of condoms is at the discretion of Jane. oParticipants are not to contact Jane or Steven for additional sex sessions, unless invited. oJane agrees to keep Steven updated on all sex activities, preferably in real time. oJane agrees to keep a tally of all orgasms given and received. oSteven agrees to not be present for sex activities between Jane and a participant. oBy prior agreement and with the consent of a participant, sex activities may be video recorded or pictures taken. oAny video material or pictures produced will remain private property and will not be made available to third parties (including participants). When consenting to be video recorded or photographed, participants must be made aware of, and agree to this provision. oSteven agrees to fuck Jane as soon as practicable after Jane’s sex activities with the participant have been completed. oParticipants are to sign a form agreeing in total to their role and responsibilities as outlined. The next evening we made our online profiles. We specified what we are after. Any trepidation that my wife may have felt about her desirability were soon dispelled. Within hours we had numerous responses and we soon discovered that a key part of our new pastime together was to actively filter out responses. The majority or responses, at least initially, were from overseas men from various countries with no intention of meeting, who unfortunately had not read the part of the profile specifying that we wanted local men for real time action and not cam to cam or cybersex. In among the Australian responses, there were only a few that we both agreed showed promise. Many were too pushy, couldn’t really communicate politely online, or like their overseas counterparts were not willing and/or able to meet in person. A couple of potential participants were into “humiliating the cuckold”, but this was not what it was about for us. After some brief chatting we narrowed our first pool of participants down to three: Jake who was a 29 year old private security guard, Richard who was a 48 year old high school teacher, and Jeremy who was a 38 year old lawyer. All three claimed that they were super attracted to married woman and it was all made even better that they would not have to sneak around behind a husband’s back. Unknown to us at the time, a sort of ritual was born then and there where kept initially three, and then five suitors short-listed and when one had been utilised or fallen by the wayside, we would canvass for a replacement. Thus, always having a stranger’s cock potentially at the ready to penetrate my wife. We siirt escort gave them the password to our private galleries, and they were suitably impressed by my wife’s tits, not unexpectedly making all the right lurid comments. My wife too was suitably impressed by the pictures of their bodies, and while never having a thing for really big cocks (to my knowledge!), she was clearly impressed by the above average size of Jake. Now that we had our initial three participants, it was time for us to gauge their availability for an initial meeting with us and prove to us that they weren’t just going to be strangers behind a keyboard, and also their availability for the sex itself. It was Monday and with our timetables we narrowed down Wednesday or Thursday for a lunch time meeting in a coffee shop and Friday between 10:00 and 2:00 for sex. Jane informed me mischievously that she had been shopping online and was updating her toy and lingerie collection as she had new priorities, and informed me that they should be here by Friday. From our short list of participants I had Jane choose who should be contacted first. She choose Jake, but unfortunately as he lived interstate, he was not going to be available at short notice. Next we contacted Richard who we knew was more or less local. Richard had given the best response to the question she asked potential participants about eating pussy, to which he responded “Definitely and I keep going until my jaws ache”. After some checking, he got back to us and said he was available. We arranged to meet for lunch and at a coffee shop in Broadbeach. We stressed that there was no guarantee of sex with my wife until we all met casually first and he was understanding of this. Now that we had our first pool of participants we temporarily switch off the profiles. We contacted Jeremy and put him on hold so to speak. Both of us were of course extremely nervous virtually the whole time leading up to meeting Richard, our first participant for coffee. When I was at work, Jane sent me a text saying that her mail order had arrived. I tried to coax out of her exactly what she had bought, but she insisted they would be a surprise and that I could see them in photos. I must have walked around the office with an erect cock the whole day and it was a wonder that I could concentrate on any work at all, as I continuously thought about what would be happening later in the week. As we became more practiced and confident over time, the outright nervousness subsided, but the thrill of anticipation always remained. Jane joined me for lunch on the Wednesday and very soon after Richard arrived. She was wearing a blouse that clearly showed her beautiful cleavage, but not too much. Her face was made up immaculately, and the slacks that she wore fitted nicely. The good thing was that he was just how he looked in his profile. He was of average build, and he too was clearly nervous, but a lot less so than us. He knew it was our first time, although he had met a couple of wives before for sex. We made small talk, and towards the end of lunch I engineered the conversation to Friday and we all agreed that we wanted it to happen. With that Jane produced the form “Roles and Responsibilities of a Participant” that he signed with much mirth. We had already explained the rules to him online and told him he would have to sign the appropriate paperwork! That evening Jane and I fucked vigorously, thoroughly spurred on by knowledge of the escapade arranged for Friday. When Friday morning came around, the first thing I said to my wife, who had gotten up early, was to make sure her phone was charged to which she giggled. She had already showered and was obviously eager to get the k**s out of the house and a stranger’s cock into her cunt. She sent me a text which I got just after I got to work, thanking me for letting her do this and telling me how hot and wet she already was. I was thankful that I had a private office to myself and would be able to read the messages and view any pictures. I honestly didn’t know how I wouldn’t cum. At 9:30 on the dot she send me another message which just simply proclaimed “He’s here.” Amazingly at 9:45, she sent me a picture, she was lying on our bed and holding the phone near her face. It was a photo of Richard, between her thighs eating her pussy. The message that accompanied it was simply, “We wasted no time, he has already eating me out and made me cum.” Another text message came soon alerting me that both Jane and Richard would be taking photos and sending texts to me so I was kept fully update, quickly followed by a teasing message, “Excuse me for a few minutes, I need to suck Richard’s cock.” A series of pictures came through over about ten minutes which showed my wife slobbering on Richard’s shaft. Richard was holding the phone and in the last one she was staring with unbridled lust directly into the camera. A text came through from Richard telling me that my wife had promised to thoroughly drain his balls before he left. There was a pause for a more prolonged period until another text came through via Jane, “Sorry for the delay, it was a bit hard sending a message as Richard has been fucking me hard from behind with no condom. He has cum inside me. Just resting for a few minutes before I suck his cock upright again, creampie pictures to follow. I didn’t have long to wait before a series of up close photos of my wife’s freshly fucked cunt arrived with the accompanying comment “Jizzed to perfection LOL”.Richard dutifully left at the designated time after having spent four hours with my wife. I received numerous pictures and ribald texts during that time. Pictures taken by Jane as Richard had her head buried between her thighs, eating the cum out of her pussy. Pictures taken by Richard as he fucked her from behind. Pictures taken by Jane as she lay on her back and Richard fucked her. Pictures taken by Richard of Jane riding him. My balls were aching and I had fought off the urge to go into the toilet and jerk-off, but I wanted to save the load or more correctly loads for my wife. Jane sent some messages soon after Richard left saying that she had cum seven times and he had cum four, and that she would fill me on the details when I got home and we were alone. When I got home I was desperate to know all the details obviously, and the minutes ticked by so slowly until the k**s went to bed. When we went into our bedroom, the first thing Jane said was simply, “It was beyond words, I still have butterflies in my tummy and pussy and tits are still tingling. It appears the more sex I have the more I want. You must be nearly exploding having seen all those pictures and comments. Fuck me now however you like, and then I’ll tell you everything after.”I was relieved at this, told my wife to get on all fours and I fucked her from behind. I didn’t last long, but unsurprisingly the amount of sperm that I deposited in my wife’s cunt was huge. It flooded more than dribbled out of her cunt as I withdrew my softening cock. As we cuddled and I revelled in such a much needed release, Jane filled me in on the details. The first thing she said that everything had lived up to her expectations. She felt so confident and so desired and that she had come to realise that if she had just simply gone behind my back, it would not have been same. “I love you more and want you more for encouraging me and for actively being involved in this. I know it is strange, but I think you’ll agree. It has bought us closer…. “

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