4 Haziran 2021

The Model

Big Tits

Jenny sighed, how the hell was she going to manage now. The final paragraph of the letter she held said it all. “In view of all the foregoing and because your husband was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of his death, the company has no alternative but to reduce the claim by 75%.”

She took stock: widowed at 28, because of a stupid drunk driver she had no assets of her own. The house was mortgaged, the school fees borrowed, she had no job, ergo no income. Already the bills were piling up, she needed money – and now. Deciding that she just had to get a job, Jenny walked to the local newsagent to pick up a paper. Arriving home she studied the sits vacant columns. Nothing. Nothing at all. Everyone wanted experience of typing or selling and Jenny had never worked since she married Jules.

Jules, – how could he forget his seatbelt just this one critical time. He was the most careful of drivers, she would frequently ask him to hurry up when they were out together, but he always took things slowly and carefully, his motto “better dead late than dead” stuck in her mind. Tears welled up as she fought for control, how could he leave her like this? She went back to looking in the paper. There was something. Model required for still life portraiture, no experience needed, hours to suit though some evening work may be required. It gave a local phone number. She agonised for a while wondering if she really wanted to go down this road, then looking at the latest electricity bill, she rang the number.

“Jefferson College”

“Oh er hello. I am enquiring about the part time modelling job”

“I’ll put you through to the art department”

A pause. Jenny nearly hung up.

“Hello? Jack Johnson” A mans voice, deep and reassuring and calm

“Oh, Hello I was enquiring about the vacancy for the model.”

“Oh yes that, well it’s quite simple really we just need someone who will pose for our art class.

“Well err, I have never done anything like that, but I need a job and I am a quick learner, do you think I could come and see you about it?”

“Sure, come on over about 3.00 pm tomorrow and we’ll talk, what name is it?

“Jenny Carmichael”

“OK Ms Carmichael three o’clock then. The next day duly arrived and Jenny dressed care fully trying to create the right image for the interview. After trying on several suits she settled on a smart navy suit with a white blouse. She checked herself in the mirror. She looked good in a quietly sexy sort of way. She made her way to the college arriving just in time for her interview. She introduced herself and was asked to wait in the foyer while a call was made to get Mr Johnson She waited nervously as the minutes dragged by. People were passing through on their various tasks, all looking busy and harassed. The time passed slowly until at 3.15 she started to rise to ask if Mr Johnson was coming. He came scuttling around the corner, slightly breathless and very apologetic.

“Oh Ms Carmichael, so sorry to be late, I was held up by the last class. Please come through to my office where we can talk in private”

They walked together down a long corridor, before entering his “office.”

Jenny looked around in dismay, the room was a shambles. Bits of old paintings and sketches were laying all over the room, the shelves were groaning under the weight of books on them an old chair with the stuffing sticking out was behind an equally old desk, and over everything was a layer of dust. Jenny was tempted to run her fingers over the desk, just to see how thick it was.

“Sit down Ms Carmichael” She looked around and saw the only relatively clean object in the room, a straight wicker chair, that one didn’t sit in, rather perched on. She sat as gracefully as she could.

“Now you have come about the models job?”


“And you have no experience”

“No none, but I am very keen and I am sure I could do it”

“To be honest Ms Carmichael I am sure you could do it too, anyone can do it – provided they are prepared to pose in the nude before a class full of students”

“Oh – I didn’t realise …”

“Oh its perfectly respectable, you simply pose as directed and keep still while the students draw you and try to catch the actions of light and shade on your body.”

“Oh I just couldn’t do tha…”

“The rate is 50 dollars an hour and we anticipate about 4 hours work”

“It’s just that I – well I have never done anything like that”

“As you said. Well if your not interested …”

“No. Wait, I may be. You say that it posing for students”


“Any female students?”

“Of course, there are, now let me see, yes, 5 female students”

“Is there anyone else interested?”

“Well we had some calls, but so far you are the only person who has come for interview. How do you feel about it?”

“Well, I aren’t too sure, I mean I don’t want to just make a fool of myself, and I don’t really fancy the nude bit”

“Well that’s OK then, I am sure someone will come along. It’s just that…”


“Well I think you would be rather good at it, without being too personal you have a nice bahis firmaları body – and as I said it is perfectly respectable”

Jenny blushed a little at the comment, but was flattered that he had noticed the care she had taken in getting ready. She took a deep breath.

“OK I’ll try it for one night is that ok?”

“Sure, if you don’t like it or feel uncomfortable then you needn’t go any further. Tomorrow night ok? Say 7pm.”

“Y-Yes” said Jenny, already regretting agreeing to it.

“Fine, see you tomorrow then. Bye”


She wandered home in a daze. What the hell was she getting into? And for so little money! She didn’t sleep well that night, both worried and lonely she lay awake, reading and watching the late shows on TV. She was apprehensive, but strangely excited. The thought of being naked in front of a group of people as they observed her closely was she had to admit, a bit of a turn on. She thought again of Jules and of the wonderful lover he had been, caring and inventive, never hurried. Gentle at first then becoming more and more fierce as the need in them both drove them on. “God, I must stop thinking like this” she turned over and went fitfully to sleep.

Next day found Jenny walking to the college. She found Mr Johnson waiting for her in reception. “Hello Ms Carmichael, you made it then”



“Yes – very”

“Don’t be, its all quite simple. Let me show you to the changing room” They walked together down the same corridor as yesterday, but turned left before Mr Johnson’s office.”Just in there, get ready you’ll find a robe. Get undressed then walk through the door over there” he said pointing to the other side of the room “that’s where you’ll meet the group.” He left, closing the door behind him. Jenny steeled herself and undressed. She looked around for somewhere to hang her clothes and found a hook on the back of the door she was to go through. She steadied herself, donned the robe, took a deep breath and walked into the studio. A small group of ten or twelve people were already there, seated behind easels arranged in a semi circle around a small dais. On the dais was a chaise lounge Jenny presumed she was going to have to pose on it.

“Welcome Ms Carmichael – or may I call you Jenny now?”

“Yes – please do”

“Fine, and you must call me Jack. Now what we want is for you to lay along the couch and face the group, resting your head on your left hand.” Jenny did so and noticed straight away one of the men looking between her legs as she moved. “Oh no” she thought “I can’t do this.”

“That’s great” said Jack, and said one of the oldest confidence boosters in the world “You sure you’ve never done this before? Now let your right hand rest on your thigh”

“Like this?

“Not quite a little higher, please”

Jenny moved her hand closer to her pussy.

“Nearly there, just cover your pubic hair”

Jenny moved her hand again and rested it just between her legs.

“Nearly,” said Jack, “you may need to open your legs a little we need your fingers just between them” Jenny opened her legs as little as possible and tucked her fingers in between them. She again noticed the man staring at her. She was unnerved by his look.

“Perfect” said Jack. “Now class I want you to look at how the shade falls on Jenny, notice how her breasts cause shadows and how there is a thin line of shade where her hand rests between her thighs.”

Jenny tried to think of other things, and closed her eyes, that only seemed to make things worse and she worried what the men were thinking. She could hear the scratching of the pencils as she was sketched and wondered how the pictures would look, would she be recognizable, would she end up on an office wall? The thought made her smile a little.

“Keep still, Jenny”


She opened her eyes and the mans eyes bored into hers. They seemed to see deep inside her, nothing was secret to them. He smiled. A pleasant but conspiratorial smile, for her only. She smiled back slowly becoming aware that her pussy was moistening. She wanted to touch herself but couldn’t. She contented herself by just gently moving her forefinger, slowly, gently, in the groove. There was something about him, something that… well just a presence.

“OK class that’s it for tonight,” Jack’s voice jerked her from her reverie. “Thanks Jenny you were great, you can get changed now.”

Jenny sat up; he was still behind his easel sketching furiously, forehead creased in concentration. She gathered her gown around her and went over to him.” Can I see?”

He seemed surprised, “Oh err well – do you mind waiting till it’s finished?”

Jenny pouted, “OK but will you finish it soon?” He smiled a warm, open smile “You bet!” She retired once more to the changing room, and got dressed.

As she combed her hair she found herself thinking of the man, was he married? Did she like him or was she just lonely. She didn’t know. As she left the room she was shocked to find him waiting for her.

“Got time for a drink?”

“Well I really ought to go, it’s getting late and…. His face fell”…Yes kaçak iddaa I’d love drink?” What the hell came over her, she didn’t do this sort of thing; she didn’t know him from Adam. He showed her to his car, an up market powerful sports model, after opening her door he stood while she got in, trying vainly not to show too much leg.

They left the car park and went a short way into town. A small quiet tavern was their destination. “What would you like to drink?”

“Gin and tonic, please”

He took her to a seat in a dimly lit corner, “Back in a sec”

He brought the drinks – large ones. “So, how long have you been modelling?”

She smiled “First day today”

“Like it?”

“Well you know – got to do what I can, it wasn’t so bad, I was a bit nervous.”

“Does it pay well?”

She made a face “No – well yes and no- I get 50 dollars an hour but there’s only 4 hours work. “Two hundred bucks eh – not a fortune”

“No but – well my husband died and I need the money”

“I see.” He paused, “Have you ever thought of other types of modelling?”

“I – no, no I haven’t. I never gave it a thought until yesterday”

“I think you could be a really popular glamour model”

“A glamour model!”

“Sure, you could do that, your beautiful, your tall, and you have natural grace. And you would wear more clothes than tonight”

.He moved closer, leaning on the table he turned toward her. “Look, I will pay you a lot more than you will get from college – you need the money and I need a good model.”

“I couldn’t”

“Why?” Jenny was getting out of her depth, “well, what if someone recognizes me?”

He smiled, “Do you really think someone is going to stop you in the street and say, Hey I saw you in that glamour mag last night, – well do you?”

” No but…”

“That just doesn’t happen, look just think about it overnight. Then if you really don’t want to, we’ll say no more.”

“I don’t even know your name”

“Jeff – Jeff Sanders, and I think I have met the girl who is going to be rich in only a few months!”

“Oh don’t be silly…”

“I aren’t being, you are going to be the face and body of the year – trust me”

“I’d better be going, you know, things to do,” She said rising from her seat and smoothing her skirt.

“Let me take you home”

“Thank you, that’s kind. He dropped her off at the door. Jenny was wondering whether to invite him in, he was nice and polite and God, she needed a good fucking. Before she had chance to make the offer though, he remarked that he was late already and really had to get going. She waved him away on the understanding that he would phone for an answer the next day. As he drove away Jeff knew he’d got her, she had been surprised when he hadn’t made a move on her, and he knew that she would ring tomorrow if he didn’t. He went back to make preparations…Jenny undressed, bathed and got into her nightclothes. She got into the big lonely bed and wondered, could he be serious? She knew she was attractive, but face of the year? Yet it was undeniably exciting, the thought of posing for some male mags, Jules had bought some in the past and she found the pictures – interesting. Of course the pouting lips and wanton expressions were just for the camera, she knew that, and yet sometimes she had felt a stirring deep inside. The more she thought of it, the more she became obsessed with the idea, and determined to see where this path led. She would do it, she would pose, and what was more, she’d be bloody good at it. The following morning the phone rang promptly at 9.30. It was Jeff.

“Well have you had time to think?”



“I’ll do it, in fact I want to do it – soon”

“Soon as you like” she heard the smile in his voice “come round later this morning about 11.30 should be fine, I’ll have things ready by then”


Later that morning found Jenny at the studio, a small backroom really but with lots of photographic lights. Jeff met her at the door.

“Jenny, great to see you again, we’re all ready for you if you want to go and get changed”

“We?” Jenny was startled.

“Just me and Carole. Carole helps with make up and things, come and meet her”

Carole was a pretty girl with long dark hair and blue eyes, she looked at Jenny appreciatively.” Wow Jeff you struck gold this time – she’s beautiful,” she smiled at Jenny, “come through and we’ll get you all fixed up with make up and clothes” Jenny followed Carole into the back of the studio. They chatted as they went into the changing room.

“So, ever done this before?”

“No, never I am a bit apprehensive”

“No need to be, Jeff’s very good.”

“Here we are, now if you just get out of your clothes, we’ll make a start” Jenny was embarrassed, “What now – with you here?”

Carole laughed, “Oh sure, don’t worry about me, now Jeff said he wanted you in lycra first, I think – lets see… Oh yes just the thing” She held out a tiny skirt and top to Jenny, “This should start the ball rolling!”

Jenny looked in amazement at “clothes” she was going to wear. They looked positively indecent. “C’mon kaçak bahis lets get busy” said Carole “just slip out of your things and I’ll help you into the kit”

Jenny started to undress, but felt uncomfortable with Carole so close. “Look” she said, “I can manage”

“Baby you won’t get into this skirt without some help, believe me, don’t be shy, lets get you ready” so saying Carole unzipped Jenny’s skirt and slid it down her long legs, “my, nice legs, you won’t be needing the slip either, or the pantyhose. Carole hands stroked the clothes off her so easily, that Jenny felt in a dream, they were warm and soft, and she felt that they lingered sometimes, the atmosphere changed subtly and Jenny felt herself start to get aroused. “Oh god no” she thought, “this can’t be happening, don’t let me get wet now” and of course the more she thought about it the worse the situation got.

Carole didn’t seem to notice and as she took off Jennie’s panties she looked at her. “Oh dear, that’s got to go my love” she said pointing to Jenny’s pubic hair.

“What? – Why?”

“Well you won’t be wearing any panties, and a shaven pussy always looks nicer don’t you think. Come on lay down on here, it’ll be gone in a minute.

“Is this really needed, I mean is it essential?”

“Oh yes darling girl, you have to be clean shaven to get on in the glamour world.

“But I though it was just going to be some bikini and lingerie work.”

“Have you seen the size of some bikini bottoms,” smiled Carole “they’re tiny. Come on let’s get you up here” she said pointing to a bench, “Just lay down and relax” Jenny got on to the bench and laid back, she felt worried, frightened and confused, but she was so excited…Carole got some warm water and soap

“Now this won’t hurt, in fact you may like it” She commenced wetting Jenny’s pussy hair, working the soapy water into it and softening it ready for the razor. Jenny was finding it difficult to lie still now as the water trickled down between her arse cheeks. Carole hummed quietly to herself as she worked, while expertly watching Jenny for more signs of arousal. Her fingers played around the lips of Jenny’s cunt, nearly, but not quite touching. “Open up a little dear, and let me sit between your legs, that way I can see just where needs attention” Carole smiled. She moved the stool and sat right between her legs “That’s right love, nice and wide then I can see what I’m doing.” Carole reached for the razor and gently started to shave Jenny, slowly working the lather up with her fingers and carefully letting the razor drift down over the hair “See you needn’t worry I’ve done this lots of times and never lost a patient yet” Jenny’s mind was buzzing she was getting so worked up; she knew her cunt was oozing juices Carole must see. If only she would touch her. She looked down and saw Carole carefully studying her cunt, she knew it must be wide open and wet she could feel it, admit she could smell it, but Carole made no move. She shifted slightly, moving down a little, hoping that Carole would take the hint, but Carole seemed absorbed in her task.

“Would you like it all gone or just a little tuft left?” Jenny just moaned softly.” All gone then” said Carole and with a final stroke took the last hair away “smooth as a baby’s bum!” She leaned forward and planted a kiss just at the top of Jenny’s cunt. Jenny moaned again “Ohhhhhh don’t please don’t, can’t you see what you’re doing to me. Carole smiled again and leaned forward, gently she placed her lips right on Jenny’s slit and prodded her with her tongue, letting it slide up the groove close to her clitty.

“This is just for starters babe – we’re going to have a wonderful time later – just you and me” as she said it, Carole slid a finger into Jenny and slowly worked it around while her thumb traced slowly over her clit. Jenny couldn’t help herself, she raised her hips and gasped, “Ohhhhh don’t stop – please don’t stop.”

“Sorry, have to, business first,” she smiled as she said, “later darling, later, in the meantime, just to keep you interested put this on. She handed jenny a small, bullet shaped object attached to a lacy g-string. “What’s that? “It’s a butterfly, you wear it and I control it”

“What does it do?”

“Just put it on, no let me put it on for you, then we’ll make sure it’s right. Stand up and put this on like a pair of knickers, I’ll help with the adjustments – legs wide apart” Carole made sure that Jenny’s lower lips were wide apart before placing the butterfly close to, but not touching her clitty, “now we’ll just make sure it works” Carole reached over for the switch and turned it on low speed. Jenny’s back arched as the tremors hit her.”Ohhhhh God”

“You like?”

“God yes”

“Ah well, to business. Lets get you dressed”Carole reached over and got the tiniest skirt Jenny had ever seen, it was so tight that she had to squeeze into it in stages, holding her breath before tugging it further up. She eventually got it on, black and so tight; that she could see Carole had been right, you could hide nothing under it.”Now the top” A miniscule bra was next, again black and only just covering her nipples, Jenny could feel them hardening, pushing against the scratchy material, Carole again helped in the final adjustments, letting her fingers trail over Jenny’s nipples and breasts.” There, your ready, lets go”

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