11 Şubat 2021

Love and Lust in the Welsh Valleys


This is my first attempt at writing a story – based partly on fact and partly on fantasy. Names have been changed to protect the innocent! Feedback welcomed.


It wasn’t the first time. As a 24 year old newly qualified nurse, Rebecca had seen patients die on the ward before, but this was the first time it had hit her so hard. The patient was a young man, only 35 years of age, who had succumbed to a rare form of bone cancer. Rebecca had looked after both him and his doting wife for the past four weeks, whilst he had slowly drifted in the downward spiral towards death. Over the preceding month she had grown used to chatting to him, finding out about his life and listening to his hopes and dreams for the future, dreams that they both knew would never be fulfilled.

Now he lay on the cold hospital bed, still and silent. Rebecca pulled the sheets over the lifeless body, switched off the lights and left the cubicle. The patient’s wife, her eyes glistening with tears, shook Rebecca’s hand and thanked her for all she had done. Trying hard to maintain her composure, Rebecca escorted her to the end of the ward and watched as she entered the lift, the lift doors closed and she disappeared from view.

Making her way back down the ward, under the intense bright neon lights, Rebecca pushed on a heavy wooden door and went into the nurses’ changing room. With the lights left off, she stood, looking out from the small, dirt covered window over the Welsh hills, as snowflakes began to fall from an overcast sky and the watery sun descended behind the distant horizon. It was then her eyes welled up and salty tears began rolling down her face. Rebecca felt alone. Her fiancé, Tom, was abroad for another 2 weeks and she longed for him to be there with her.

Standing there in the semi-darkness of the changing room, Rebecca heard the creak of the door opening and was aware of her friend, and fellow nurse, Gemma, standing in the doorway.

“Are you ok, Becca” Gemma asked, her voice soft and understanding.

Rebecca didn’t answer and Gemma walked over and placed an arm around her shoulders.

“Hey, I know it’s tough, it’s always hard but you’ll get used to it. It’s fine to feel upset and to have a good cry now and again.” Gemma was a year older than Rebecca and knew exactly how she was feeling.

Rebecca wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled weakly back. “Thanks Gem, I feel stupid, it’s just this time of year, a young patient dying and Tom being away, guess I just feel pretty low right now.”

“When’s Tom back?” Gemma asked quietly.

“Two weeks tomorrow” she replied, with a sad tone to her voice.

After a short pause Gemma said brightly, “I know, what you need is some cheering up. When we finish the shift why don’t I round up a couple of the others and we’ll go out for a few drinks?”

Rebecca nodded. “Ok, that’d be good – why don’t you all come back to my place, it’s only a couple of minutes’ walk from the hospital?”

“Great,” said Gemma, “that’s a deal! You take a few minutes, splash some water on your face and come back out when you’re ready.”

Rebecca took Gemma’s hand and squeezed it tightly. “Thanks Gem, I really appreciate it.”

Gemma flashed her a brilliant white smile. “What are friends for?”

As Gemma left the changing room, Rebecca flicked on the lights and stood in front of the tall mirror that hung on the changing room wall. Her deep brown eyes looked red, and it was obvious she’d been crying. She ran a hand through her long, blonde hair, flicking it back over her slim shoulders. The light blue nurses’ dress clung to her body, accentuating her slender hips, the hem reaching down almost to the end of her smooth creamy thighs. With her hands she smoothed out the creases, readjusted the sash around her waist and checked that the buttons on her chest remained fastened. Satisfied with her appearance and with her composure regained, she switched off the lights, opened the changing room door and, taking a deep breath in, went back to work.

Two hours later night had fallen. As they left the hospital foyer the snow lay deep underfoot and the air was crisp and biting. The darkness enveloped the four of them as they made their way from the hospital, out across the now quiet road and walked the short distance to Rebecca’s house. As she’d promised, Gemma had managed to persuade Rob, one of the student nurses on the ward, and Will, the ward’s junior doctor, to join them – mainly with the promise of free alcohol and an evening spent in the company of two of the ward’s most attractive nurses.

Taking out her key, Rebecca unlocked the front door and ushered them all inside. Removing her coat she wondered whether she should change out of her uniform, but decided the effort would be too great and that she was too tired. The house was small but warm and inviting, especially after experiencing the cold harshness of the night outside. They made their way into the living room and whilst Gemma produced a couple of bottles of red wine, Rebecca casino şirketleri went into the tiny kitchen and found four wine glasses. Over the next couple of hours they sat together drinking, talking and sharing stories.

Several times Rebecca caught Rob and Will stealing glances at her exposed long legs and the swell of her breasts pressed tightly against the fabric of her dress. Although she enjoyed the attention she made no effort to encourage either of them and her eyes kept wandering to the photo of her fiancé, Tom, which sat atop the window-sill. Rebecca noticed that the two guys were also not so subtly looking at Gemma, who was lying back on the sofa next to her, with her slim, toned body relaxed back into the cushions.

At eleven o’clock Rebecca slowly arose from the sofa, yawning and saying to the assembled group that she was exhausted and needed to get some sleep. The others took their cue and helped tidy up the living room, carrying the empty wine bottles and glasses back into the kitchen. With this done they said their goodbyes and Rebecca closed the door behind them as they went back out into the night. As she watched the three of them walk down the street, Rebecca noticed the snow had started falling again.

Locking the door, Rebecca washed up the glasses and turned out the lights. Making her way up the stairs in near total darkness she entered the bedroom that she and Tom shared, before going through into the en-suite bathroom and turning on the shower, waiting for the freezing water to become warm. At that moment she heard the shrill ring of her doorbell.

Slightly scared, knowing she was entirely alone, she made her way down the stairs and tried to discern through the frosted glass of the front-door who could be ringing her doorbell at this time of night. As she cautiously opened the door she relaxed when she realised it was Gemma.

“I’m really, really sorry Hun,” Gemma said apologetically. “I walked all the way back to my car and it won’t start. Is there any chance I could use your phone to ring the AA?”

“Of course you can, come on in,” Rebecca answered quickly.

A few minutes, and a couple of phone calls, later Gemma’s face looked worried. “I’ve spoken to the AA and they aren’t going to be able to get here for several hours, apparently the snow is so bad across the Valleys that most of the roads are blocked.”

“What do you want to do,” asked Rebecca?

“It’s ok’, said Gemma, “I’ll walk back over to the hospital and see if they have any free rooms in the accommodation block.”

“Don’t be silly,” said Rebecca, “you can’t go back out again in this weather, you’re already frozen. Look, why don’t you stay here with me tonight?”

“But I don’t have any night things though,” said Gemma.

“What size clothes do you take?” asked Rebecca. “I reckon you’re probably about the same size as me so I can lend you some night stuff.”

“I’m a size 8 – on a good day,” said Gemma.

“Perfect,” replied Rebecca, “that’s the same as me. Come on, let’s go and have a look for some things for you.”

As they both walked up the stairs, Gemma kept expressing her thanks, “I’m so grateful for this Becca, are sure you don’t mind having me here for the night?”

“Hey, it’s no problem,” replied Rebecca, “I hate being here on my own anyway.” Rebecca smiled for a second and then added “Just don’t tell Rob and Will you stayed with me though, I think they’d get very jealous they didn’t get the same offer.”

Gemma laughed. “Yeah, did you see the way they were looking at us both earlier, typical guys.”

“The shower should be ready by now,” said Rebecca, pointing into the bathroom. “It always takes ages to warm up but it should be hot. There’s shampoo, soap and towels on the side.”

“Thanks Becca, a shower would be amazing right now.”

Gesturing towards an old wooden chest of drawers by the side of the bed, Rebecca said “Have a look in the top drawer and grab something to wear, there should be some spare nightclothes.”

Thanking her again, Gemma removed some clothes from the drawer, entered the small bathroom, closing the door behind her and a few seconds later Rebecca could hear the sound of her uniform falling to the floor and Gemma climbing into the shower.

With the sound of the water splashing in the background, Rebecca drew the bedroom’s net curtains together and checked her mobile phone for texts from Tom. There was one, it said ‘I love you xx’. Smiling she texted back ‘I love you too xx’ then, switching the phone off, she placed it on top of her bedside table.

After ten minutes or so the bathroom door opened and Gemma reappeared, a large white bath-towel wrapped around her slim body.

“Wow, I really needed that,” she said “I feel a million times more human now.”

Rebecca stepped into the warm, steam filled bathroom and shut the door. With waves of exhaustion washing over her she unfastened the buttons at the front of her dress and dropped her uniform to her feet. Reaching casino firmaları behind she unclasped her white lace bra and let it fall to the ground, revealing her firm, milky white breasts. Finally she hooked her fingers under the elastic of her underwear and slid them down her long legs, past her ankles and tossed them onto the floor.

Standing under the shower she felt the hot water splashing over her face and chest, before trickling down her thighs to her feet. Rebecca poured some of the luxury strawberry gel Tom had bought her for her birthday into the palm of her hand and rubbed her palms together, generating a rich foam.

Rebecca’s delicate hands passed round her neck and upper chest, massaged over her firm breasts and down over her taut tummy to the top of her well toned thighs. Slipping a soap covered hand between her legs she then reached round and ran her hands over her smooth buttocks.

Tom had always jokingly told her that it was her bum that had been the striking feature that had attracted him the first time they had met – that was the very first thing he had noticed about her as she had stood at the counter of the coffee shop, facing away from him as she ordered her latte. Rebecca remembered she encounter vividly, she had been wearing a pair of tight black jeans that had enhanced the soft curves of her rear and the slim outline of her hips and Tom had been unable to resist.

With the shower turned off, Rebecca stepped out onto the bath mat. As she towelled herself dry with a large burgundy bath towel she heard Gemma call out from the bedroom that she was going down to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“OK Gem, there are some clean glasses in the cupboard above the sink,” Rebecca called back.

Once dry, Rebecca slid a pair of silk black panties up over her legs and pulled them up to her hips. Before stopping to comb her hair she slipped a matching silk camisole, with delicate thin shoulder straps, over her head, her long, flowing blonde hair cascading over the top and ending just above her cleavage.

She yawned again, looking forward to the warmth of her bed and, unlocking the bathroom door she went back out into the bedroom. As she emerged, Gemma appeared at the entrance to the bedroom, a tall glass of water in her hand. Rebecca could understand why so many guys made passes and flirted with Gemma – in her day to day uniform Gemma always looked very pretty, with her hair tied back in a conservative ponytail, an ample bust and beautiful sky blue eyes, but now, dressed in a pale pink satin negligee (one of Rebecca’s favourites) and standing in the half shadow of the doorway, Rebecca could see how incredible her natural looks really were.

Gemma had untied her dark brown hair and allowed it to fall back over her shoulders. A few strands of hair brushed over her face, accentuating the rich colour of her eyes. Even without a bra, Gemma’s cleavage was high and firm, the faint outline of her large nipples straining against the satin fabric. Her thighs were smooth and creamy and her waist was slender.

Laughing, Rebecca said out-loud “Will and Rob really would be upset if they knew they’d missed this.”

Shivering, Rebecca peeled back the duvet and climbed onto the white cotton sheets, slipping her legs quickly under the duvet and bringing it up over her shoulders. Gemma padded round to the other side of the bed and did the same. Reaching up with her bare arm, Rebecca hit the light-switch above the head board and the room fell into darkness, with just the soft orange glow of the streetlights outside illuminating the room.

Turning on to her side to face Rebecca, Gemma whispered “Thanks again for letting me stay tonight, I couldn’t have faced staying in one of those horrible hospital rooms.”

Rebecca whispered back “Gem, you’re my best friend, I wasn’t going to let you freeze to death in the snow out there besides, I feel much more secure knowing there’s someone else with me and I’m not home alone.”

Gemma flashed a smile back by means of reply.

Rebecca sank her head into the feathery pillow and started to close her eyes, feeling the heavy burden of sleep starting to dull her senses. With Gemma lying there next to her she felt a glow of happiness and even the thought that Tom was 2000 miles away on a different continent didn’t depress her as much as it had done in the last few days.

As she lay on her side she was aware of Gemma shivering.

“Gem, are you ok,” she murmured.

“Yeah, I’m fine, just feeling really cold,” replied Gemma, “I don’t suppose you’ve got an extra blanket or something have you.”

Rebecca giggled. “What are you like Gemma! Sorry, I don’t have any blankets, this is it I’m afraid. Come over this side and cuddle up with me, or you can go and grab a jumper from the drawer over there.”

“There’s no way I’m getting back out from under this duvet!” Gemma said, as she shifted her body across the bed over onto Rebecca’s side.

Rebecca was facing away from her and Gemma snuggled güvenilir casino up close, with her chest pressing against Rebecca’s back and their bare legs resting up against each other. Gemma slid her left arm over Rebecca’s waist and rested her chin into the nape of Rebecca’s neck.

Sleepily, Rebecca said “There, is that better, are you warm enough now?”

Gemma giggled, “Yes, thanks Becca, that’s loads better, this is just like when I used to cuddle up in bed with my sister when we were younger.”

As the girls lay there in the still silence of the late night the only sound was of their breathing. Outside the snow was continuing to fall, but it made no sound against the window. With Gemma snuggled up so close to her, Rebecca felt warm and secure. She could feel Gemma’s unrestrained breasts pressing against her upper back through the sheer fabric of her nightdress and Gemma’s hand lying over the middle of her belly, separated from her skin only by the thin silk of her camisole. Gemma’s leg was intertwined between Rebecca’s and Rebecca could feel Gemma’s gentle breath against her neck.

As Rebecca’s breathing slowed and she started to drift into a contented sleep, Gemma was aware of her own breathing quickening and her heart racing. Strange emotions and feelings started to develop inside of her. At first she thought it was the closeness of their friendship and the security that bought, combined with the effects of the wine they had consumed earlier, but with a slow dawn of realisation she began to recognise the familiar feeling of sexual arousal.

Between her legs was evolving a tingling sensation and her face was feeling hot and flushed. In her mind though was a turmoil of confusion. Gemma knew that she had no sexual desire for women, she’d never even considered having an encounter with another female before and the thought usually left her cold. Yet somehow, lying here in bed with Rebecca, an innocent and vulnerable vision of beauty in her revealing nightdress, she felt an almost uncontrollable lust that she’d never experienced with any man before. As she cuddled Rebecca under the duvet Gemma wondered if this was how she liked Tom to hold her and then she wondered how many times Tom had made love to Rebecca in the exact same place they were now sleeping. These thoughts only served to enhance the growing feelings of lust inside her.

Almost without being able to restrain herself, she began slowly moving her left hand, which lay across Rebecca’s tummy. Imperceptibly she stroked in small circles, feeling the smoothness of Rebecca’s skin beneath her camisole. As Rebecca slept, showing no signs of stirring, Gemma became bolder, letting her palm run over the whole of Rebecca’s lean abdomen. Gemma nuzzled deeper into Rebecca’s neck, smelling the sweet, fragrant aroma of strawberries and feeling the softness of Rebecca’s long blonde hair against her face

Very slowly, Gemma allowed her hand to wander gradually upwards in ever increasing circles until she could discern the change in contour that indicated the start of the swell of Rebecca’s breasts. With great care she began to gently caress Rebecca’s left breast, before moving to let her whole palm encompass it, cupping it in her hand. Rebecca’s breasts were firm and supple and as Gemma’s hand drifted over her nipple she could feel it beginning to harden. Rebecca’s breathing quickened and she sighed deeply, still lost in the reveries of sleep.

A few minutes later Gemma let her hand slide tantalisingly slowly down the side of Rebecca’s sleeping form, drifting down the camisole covering Rebecca’s flank, over the prominence of her pelvis and her hip, until she reached the naked, exposed skin of the outer side of her upper thigh. The skin was smooth and cool and Gemma explored it with her hand, gently working her way higher until she felt the silky edge of the black panties that lay around Rebecca’s waist.

Trying hard to control her own breathing and willing her heart to beat less rapidly, Gemma eased her hand around from Rebecca’s hip until it was over the front of her black silk panties. With tiny movements she began rubbing back and forth with the fingertips of her left hand, feeling the subtle outline of the lips of Rebecca’s vulva. Through the material she rubbed deftly and delicately and within a couple of minutes she could feel Rebecca’s panties becoming faintly moist beneath her touch. The tension between Rebecca’s thighs began to ease and Gemma’s handed slipped further between them as Rebecca’s legs parted.

With a start, Rebecca’s eyes opened and for a split second all was confusion to her. She was aware of a hand between her legs and for a moment she thought it was Tom. Then she realised with a jolt where she was and who was with her. With a sudden movement she turned over, face to face with a flushed and scared Gemma. Rebecca could feel the wetness between her thighs and she slowly realised that Gemma had been touching her while she slept. For a few seconds neither girl spoke. Both were flushed and breathing quickly, Rebecca’s mind a blur of emotions – she felt confused and disorientated, angry at what her friend had done, but from somewhere inside herself she also felt an intense burning in her loins and an animal arousal she had never felt before.

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