8 Şubat 2021

Kate and M


It was dark, and quiet without her in the room. We’d had a fight and I was now laying alone in the queen size expanse of our bed, thinking about the dumb reason we had fought. I began thinking about how it felt when we had make-up sex though it didn’t seem like she was coming back for it or ever. I began to absent mindedly run my hands over my naked body, teasing my nipples thinking of her, and her wicked tongue.

My fingers tweaked my beaded nipples. Then they slid down my body to my slowly moistening cunt. I thought about her being there while I began to play with myself my fingers dancing in and out of my body. I smiled and delighted in the sensations I was creating in my body…my fantasy inflaming me. My orgasm came quickly but left me feeling lonely and empty. I fell asleep dreaming of her.

It was late when I suddenly felt arms wrapping around me, I almost screamed but recognized the voice that suddenly said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to dance with that other girl. I didn’t mean to make you feel like I don’t love you because I do.”

I smiled and rolled over, “I’m sorry too. I over reacted.”

I cuddled into Kate and she cuddled back. She kissed my forehead and I looked up at her, she kissed my full on the lips. Her tongue was slipping inside my mouth and tasting me.

She was still clad in her clothes…her white wife beater and the faded blue jeans she wore that clung casino siteleri to her curves and made me want her every time I saw her in them. I pulled the wife beater off over her head as we continued to kiss and she continued to tease my breast with her fingers pulling and tugging at my nipples making me want more, like her lips on my breast. I pushed her head towards my heaving breast. I was panting she teased me fighting my urgings in order to lick and nibble on my ears, and bottom lip. She was doing the things that drive me crazy.

“Am I forgiven,” She pants in my ear, “I forgive you.”

At that moment I was so excited I could only nod. She knew me so well, my Kate. Her mouth licked and nibbled its way towards my breast. I panted knowing what was coming and getting more excited about it. The feeling of her mouth one my breast was amazing. I couldn’t believe the excitement that flooded through my body. My cunt flooded as well. I was almost embarrassed by the moisture that was there; embarrassed because she knew me so well and I couldn’t hide my excitement. She continued to suck and play with my sensitive nipples.

I drug my nails up and down her back, attempting to bring here the same pleasure she brought me. I started with very light pressure slowly increasing it as I continued. I panted and groaned. As I continued to tease her she pressed her hips against my upper thighs, they began slot oyna to part and she rolled us so I was on my back. She was nestled between my thighs. I struggled to reach between us aiming my questing fingers at the buttons at her jeans. I tugged at the waistband and then the zipper fighting to release her pussy.

She laughed at my attempts to reach her sex, she stopped and I whimpered. She stood above me unzipped her pants and slide them down her body along with her boy shorts exposing her sex to me. I arched myself up and reached for her, my fingers teasing her wet sex. I smiled as she worked herself up and down on my fingers for a few moments. She sank to the bed, crushing my breast into hers as she kissed me. I continued to stroke her clit.

I removed my hand from her pussy, and fell back onto the bed pulling her with me. We kissed for a while longer before Kate began nibbling and kissing her way down my body. My skin stippled with goosebumps, my stomach quivered as her tongue circled my belly button. I pulled my legs up my calves sliding against her ribs, and she groaned softly against my groin. She wedged her shoulders between my thighs and slowly parted my moist heat with her thumbs. I felt Kate’s cooling breath wash over me, and then her scalding tongue brush my sex.

I attempted to close my legs and shut out the pleasure was bringing me. I felt her tongue continue to flick and tap canlı casino siteleri against me, as her fingers began to slowly sink inside of me. My back arched and her long arm stretched up my body to hold me in place. My stomach rose rapidly, the anticipation had over excited my body and I nearly exploded after only a few moments.

I needed a distraction and begin to try and pull her back up my body to kiss her and slow things down but she resisted, “At least let me taste you,” I begged. She twisted around so that I could. I drove my tongue inside of her, swirling around and pulling her essence back into my mouth. She groaned and paused at her ministrations, pressing her sex into my mouth. I wiggled my tongue against her clit, used one hand to pull her closer as the other hand sank two fingers inside of her.

I plunged my fingers in and out of her as Kate’s fingers sank into me over and over. We teased each other for a while before Kate’s thighs began shaking slightly. I began pushing against her clit with my tongue, my fingers driving in and out of her rapidly. She began doing the same, moaning against me as well. My back arched off the mattress nearly dislodging her as I began cumming all over her face, as Kate began gushing over my face. We laid on the bed her on top of me as we began relaxing. She continued to lick and clean me. She rolled off of me, and turned around.

“I’m sorry,” Kate whispered in my ear, “I was really just going to come in and cuddle with you.”

“I’m glad you woke me up,” I said and

cuddled against her. Soon our legs were tangled in amongst each others and we fell quickly asleep.

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