6 Şubat 2021

Jessie Palmer Ch. 01


This story is based on interracial lesbian seduction, reluctance and coercion (although there is a sprinkling of MF sex).

The thoughts of a white women being seduced by a black woman is a long held fantasy of mine, but if this type of storyline is not for you, thank you for stopping by but please pass on without feeling the need to leave a derogatory comment.


A young reporter stumbles across an explosive story

Most of Claire Taylor’s journalistic assignments usually led down one cul-de-sac or another, which was why she was still a junior reporter. But there was something about THIS story that told her she could be onto something. This could be it … the story that could help make her mark in the newspaper profession.

She’d been following the details ever since they’d first emerged. And while other reporters told themselves it was an open and shut case, she wasn’t so sure. Yes, to all intents and purposes the girl was guilty. But there was more to this than met the eye.

Call it gut instinct, but she was sure of it.

That’s why she was here, at the Young Offenders Institute, about to interview the nineteen year old girl.

The teenager could easily have passed as a model with her stunning face and curvaceous body. She was happy enough to show it off with a black skirt that stopped mid-thigh and a tight white top that strained to hold her ample breasts in check. Didn’t these places have strict dress codes?

The girl’s gaze had found and held Claire’s as soon as she had entered the room. Despite her young age, it was clear she wasn’t short on confidence.

“Hi Laura,” she softly began, once they were alone. “I’m Claire, a reporter with the local newspaper. Thanks for meeting me—”

“We agreed a payment,” the girl interrupted, cutting her off mid-sentence. She had a sassy tone to her voice. “You have it?”

Claire kept her face straight but smiled inwardly. The only reason she was here was that she’d agreed a small ‘fee’. There wouldn’t have been any meeting without it.

“I have,” she answered, lowering her voice.

She had no reason to suspect they could be overheard, but payments to offenders were illegal. Newspapers did that sort of thing all the time, of course, but the recent high profile court cases had every one jittery. When she reached for her bag, a quick shake of Laura’s head stopped her mid-movement.

“Give it to Monika on your way out,” the girl quietly said. “I just wanted to make sure we’re on the same wavelength.”

Claire nodded. “We are.”

She would rather have avoided meeting Monika again. The way the butch guard’s eyes had been all over her on the way to the interview room had made her shiver. Still, she was here for a purpose and that was the only thing that mattered.

The teenager’s large tits moved seductively inside her white top as she sat back, confirming Claire’s suspicion that she wasn’t wearing a bra. This time her shiver was accompanied by a tingle between her thighs.

“Okay, what do you want to know?” Laura asked.

She twirled a few strands of her long blonde hair between her fingertips as she spoke, like a modern day Lolita.

“Your story,” Claire said, getting straight to the point. “In your own words. Why don’t you tell me your side of things?”

The girl shrugged her shoulders.

“I thought you were here to ask me questions,” she countered. “Why don’t you tell me what you know and I’ll fill in the blanks.”

Claire tried to disguise her impatience. She’d only been allocated half an hour. Okay, a quick summary would do and then they could get to the meat of the matter.

“You found employment working for a local Member of Parliament a short while ago,” she began. “Melissa Rhodes.”

She glanced down at her notes again.

“That was approximately a month ago. But she reported you to the police for stealing some jewellery from her and—”

“That’s pretty much it,” the teenager interrupted again. “So what else do you want from me?”

Claire leant forward and rested her hands on the small desk between them. If this girl thought she was going to take her for a ride, she could think again.

“I want you to justify the amount I’m paying for this interview,” she calmly said. “Otherwise the deal’s off. There’s much more to this than meets the eye and I want to know what that is.”

She raised a single eyebrow, as if to reinforce the point. She had nothing on the girl, of course, just her journalistic instinct. If Laura called her bluff, she’d have nowhere else to go.

“Well?” she asked, making her voice sound more confident than she felt. “If you want me to pay Monika, I need something in return. The truth.”

The look in the teenager’s eye told her she’d hit on something. It was just a flicker, but it was there all the same.

“We both know that Melissa Rhodes is a prominent business woman,” she continued, pressing home her advantage before the girl had too much time to think. “She was elected the first African woman MP in the local constituency. casino şirketleri And that means her word will have been accepted as sacrosanct, whereas yours would have been doubted from the start. So—”

“If you’re asking if I stole the jewellery,” Laura said, stopping her in her tracks. “I did. I wanted the bracelets, so I took them. Why should the rich have all the nice things?”

Claire felt her heart sink. Had she misread the situation? Here she was again, entering another cul-de-sac.

“What made you think you could get away with it?” she asked, trying to disguise the look of disappointment on her face.

A few strands of the girl’s long blonde hair fell over one eye as she cocked her head to the side. She sexily blew it away.

“I didn’t think she’d dare report it…”

Claire’s head jerked up from her notebook to meet the teenager’s challenging gaze again. Dare report it? There was definitely something here. But what?

“Why?” she softly prompted.

“She can’t afford for the truth to come out.”

The reporter’s heart began to beat faster. Her instincts had been right all along.

“The truth, Laura?” she asked, keeping her voice level. “And what exactly is that?

“I thought you’d worked it out,” the teenager said, in that clipped accent. “Did I expect too much?”

She casually pulled down on her top as if to straighten it. The action—deliberate?—drew Claire’s eyes to her tits and to the stiffened nipples on show through the fabric. Even through the material she could see they were long and thick.

When her gaze returned to the teenager’s face, she saw that Laura was grinning at her.

“Lots of women look at me that way,” she teased. “Wondering, just like you. Want to see?”

She used both hands to drag her top up and above her breasts before Claire could respond. The movement was so sudden, so unexpected, that at first all the reporter could do was stare. The girl’s tits were just magnificent. Full and firm, with dark nipples that grew long and hard out of her small areola.

She could easily pass as a Playboy centrefold.

“Please cover yourself,” Claire snapped, as a bead of perspiration began to form on her forehead.

Should her mouth be feeling this dry? She took another sip of water as Laura nonchalantly tugged her top back into place.

“You don’t need to wonder no more,” she said, with a wicked grin. “Now you know…”

Claire tried to stare at her impassively, to ignore the smirk on the girl’s face, but it wasn’t easy.

“This is getting us nowhere,” she said, keeping the emotion out of her voice.

But even as she kept her gaze fixed firmly on Laura’s eyes, it was the image of those thrusting breasts that remained imprinted in her mind.

“It isn’t?” the girl drawled confidently. “Then let me spell it out. The truth is that I didn’t work for Melissa. She was paying me for sex.”

Claire stifled a gasp. Paying for sex? She couldn’t be serious, could she? Melissa Rhodes was a well-respected Member of Parliament. If there was even a semblance of truth in the revelation then she, her career, would be ruined.

She reached for the glass of water on the table in front of her, playing for time as she thought it through. Had she’d stumbled onto the story of a lifetime, one that would give her the chance to establish herself as a serious journalist? Or was this girl just playing games with her?

“If what you say is true,” she slowly probed, unwilling to take the admission at face value. “Then why did she report the theft? Why take a chance of this coming into the open? It doesn’t make sense.”

“Because she was pissed,” Laura chuckled, as if it was that simple. “She’ll drop the charges when she thinks it through. She’ll have to. When she does, you’ll have your proof that I’m telling the truth.”

Claire nodded slowly. That was true. If there was any credence in this girl’s story, the last thing Melissa Rhodes would want was a reporter asking questions about their relationship.

“Have you told anyone else?” she suddenly asked.

If it was true, she wanted this story for herself. Any journalist breaking this as an exclusive would make their name for ever.

“No way,” Laura said. “I’m not stupid. Olivia is angry with me. She told me to stay quiet and it’ll all work out.”


“I work for Olivia. She said she’ll talk to Melissa, help her understand she’s been a little hasty.”

She laughed out loud, running a hand through her long hair and shaking it out.

“Olivia told me to keep my mouth shut and I’ll soon be out of here.”

“But you haven’t kept your mouth shut,” Claire queried, thinking it through. “You’ve told me. Why do that?”

“You’re paying me,” Laura said defiantly. “You’re paying me for my story, so now you have it. You have to pay. But we both know you can’t use it.”

“I can’t?”

Laura laughed again.

“Of course not. For one thing, I’ll deny everything. For another, we both know you can’t write about anything casino firmaları as sensitive as this. Not without proof. No-one would believe you and Melissa would sue your ass off.”

Claire fought back the pinpricks of frustration. Laura was giving her the story with one hand and taking it away with the other. But losing her cool would get her nowhere.

“So what’s the point of me paying you?” she asked, setting her notebook down on the desk between them for emphasis. “You’re giving me something that may or may not be true, but that I can’t use. You’re giving me nothing.”

Laura smiled quietly as she cocked her head to one side again in that sexy way of hers. This time she used her hand to flick away the hair that fell over her right eye.

“Ever heard of Jessie Palmer?”

The sudden question took Claire by surprise. She thought for a few seconds, running through high-profile court cases, trying to place the name. It wasn’t one she was familiar with.

“No. Who is she?”

“Look her up,” Laura said. “She’s an actress.”

“An actress? How is she relevant to our conversation?”

Laura’s smile broadened.

“You could be her double. You have the same innocent look, hot little body, milky-white skin. Melissa would love you. She adores white girls like us.”

Claire’s breath caught in her throat. Was Laura trying to deflect her from the question she’d asked, or was she simply trying to get under her skin? That wasn’t going to happen, despite the unexpected lick heat that had found its way down between her thighs.

“I don’t think that’s the point, do you?” she asked, trying to keep her expression neutral. “I said that—”

“You don’t?” Laura interrupted, curling some blonde hair around her index finger. “I thought you’d want to hear about Melissa. She’s the real reason you’re here, after all.”

Claire sat quietly, knowing she was on the back foot and that her allocated time was almost up. But there was a point to this, wasn’t there? There had to be…

“What about Melissa?” she reluctantly asked, making it obvious that she was glancing at her watch.

The teenager ignored the lame gesture and instead her smile widened at the question.

“She likes me to play with myself in front of her. She always finds that hot. How about you?”

It took a few moments before Claire realised she’d fallen into a well constructed trap. Laura’s body was slouched a little lower on her seat than before and her thick nipples were straining through the white blouse again. But it was the hand beneath the table that drew her attention. It was barely noticeable, but she could see that Laura’s arm was flexing.

The girl was touching herself…

She watched the movement, enthralled, knowing should have said something to take control of the situation, something to restore order, but instead she just sat there unable to respond. The unexpected sexual tension was definitely getting to her.

“You said I was giving me something that may or may not be true, but that you can’t use,” Laura continued, her fingers moving in a gentle rhythm now. “You’re the reporter. You work out how to take things forward. But I’ll help you…”


The word came out as a croaky growl. This was absurd. The girl was openly masturbating as they talked. It even felt as if she could smell her aroma. And yet she was allowing her to get away with it. Becoming entangled in the sexual spell…

“Nothing gets traced back to me,” Laura continued. “You don’t use my name. Understand?”

Claire nodded. She’d finished her glass of water and wished she had more.

“Okay. Write this down.”

She picked up her notebook and scribbled down the number the teenager gave her.

“That’s Leroy’s number,” she said. “He looks after Olivia’s girls. Go see him.”

“What will he—” Claire began, but Laura was suddenly pushing up from her seat.

It seemed the meeting was over.

“He knows everything,” the girl softly said. “It’s up to you to get him to talk but whatever you do, don’t tell him you’re a reporter. Tell him you’re interested in getting in the business. He’ll like that. He has a thing for white women, too, so my advice is to wear something sexy when you meet.”

With that, Laura reached across the table between them as if to shake her hand.

Claire leaned towards her, but at the last moment Laura brought her fingers upwards and touched them to the reporter’s lips. She reflexively drew back, but not before the girl had traced her fingertips across her mouth.

When she unwittingly licked at her lips, the unmistakable taste sent a whirlpool of emotions down to Claire’s loins.

“Make sure you pay Monika on your way out,” the teenager said, grinning over her shoulder as she headed towards the door. “That was the deal.”

She was so confident about her sexuality that she didn’t need to look back to know that Claire’s gaze was fixed on her tight ass.


Claire waited a moment before hurrying along the corridor towards güvenilir casino the ladies room. She licked her lips a second time as soon as she pushed through the door. The intoxicating taste was circling around her senses, as if she’d been fed an aphrodisiac.

She knew that she had to face Monika again, to pay her, but if she didn’t take the edge off her arousal right now she felt as if she might go mad!

Hurrying over to the sink, she watched her reflection in the small mirror as she eased her hand under the hem of her skirt. The woman staring back looked like her and yet she didn’t. The face was the same, but her eyes were clouded with desire and her mouth was half open with need.

This was wrong on so many levels, but the intense feelings in her supercharged body were impossible to resist. When she worked her right hand down inside her thong and touched herself, she let out an involuntary whimper. The immediate sexual charge that ran through her slender frame was overwhelming.

Did Laura know how much she’d affected her? It was as if she’d lit a flame inside her…

She planted her feet firmly on the floor and widened her stance, glaring back at her heated reflection in the mirror. The very thought of watching herself masturbate increased her arousal. When the warmth of her hand took her me towards a rapid climax, she wondered how she could be this close, this quickly.

Lifting up onto her tiptoes to give herself better leverage, she worked a single finger inside her wetness, then a second. Laura had said that Melissa Rhodes liked to watch her masturbate. What would the Member of Parliament think if she could see Claire now?

That wicked thought sent a shiver through her. Her orgasm began to swirl. When her thumb brushed her clit, it exploded.


Once the intensity of her climax had subsided, Claire left the ladies room and headed back along the corridor. The sexual need burning inside her was still strong, but at least she’d be able to cope with it until she got home.

Once there, her favourite vibe would be waiting…

Monika was sitting at the desk when she returned to the observation room. Her short-cropped black hair and coloured tattoos on each lower arm cultivated a strong butch image, reinforced by the way her short-sleeved blouse displayed every ripple of her well muscled black body.

Her gaze covered Claire’s body again as soon as she entered the room, but it was the smile she gave her that was unnerving. It betrayed the faintest hint of amusement, as if she knew something Claire didn’t.

The thought gave the reporter goosebumps.

Claire glanced around, looking for clues, and found them in the two monitors that sat on the desk infront of the woman. One showed the empty interview room in which she and Laura had conducted their meeting. Was that the reason for the glint in her eyes? Had she watched the encounter between them?

“Ya have something for Monika,” she asked, tapping her fingers on the desk infront of her.

Claire nodded, pulling the envelope from her bag and handing it to her. Without checking that the agreed amount was inside, Monika opened the top drawer of her desk and slipped it inside.

“An audience with Laura is worth every penny, don’t ya think?”

Claire gave a non-committal nod. In all honesty, the woman scared her and she didn’t want to get into any sort of conversation. But Monika wasn’t going to leave it there

“Ya got what ya wanted?”

Claire nodded again. The woman’s eyes were all over her tits and she knew why. Her nipples were on display through her red blouse and they stiffened further under the intimidating gaze. The sooner she got out of there the better, but Monika’s next utterance stopped her in her tracks.

“I guess she got us both a little hot under the collar,” she grinned, and then gave a brief nod towards one of the monitors. “I watched ya. Quite a show ya put on.”

At first, Claire thought she was referring to her meeting with Laura. But when she glanced at the second monitor, the truth hit her in the face. The picture on screen was the empty ladies restroom she’d just vacated. The one she’d masturbated in…

“A lot of women get the same way thinkin’ about that gal,” she continued, pushing up from her chair.

Claire tried to regulate her breathing as she took a couple of steps backwards. It was coming as fast as her pitter-pattering heartbeat. This woman was taller and more powerful than her and the brooding look in her eyes suggested she was thinking of something more than casual conversation.

“Most don’t run straight to the bathroom, though…”

Perspiration instantly broke out on Claire’s brow. She’d been caught out in the most embarrassing of acts and there was no point in denying it. All she wanted to do was get back to her car. But Monika was standing between her and the door.

“Still feeling it?” the woman asked, reaching out to stroke her cheek.

Claire took another couple of backward steps but all of a sudden the wall was behind her. There was nowhere to go. She knew she should be frightened—she WAS frightened!—but she didn’t want to openly show how much she was intimidated.

“I have to go,” she said, with as much conviction as she could muster.

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