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Alexia smeared the bathroom mirror with her hand, giving her just enough clear glass to see her reflection in the opaque mess. With her new small window, she could just barely make out her dark brown hair, blue eyes, and thin facial features through the steam. Taking her comb, she began to slowly brush through her tangled mess of hair. After several minutes of stroking, the steam from the shower began to clear, and the bathroom began to take on a chilly hair.

She grabbed her towel, wrapping it snugly around her body with a tug. She turned to leave the bathroom, and she hadn’t taken one step outside when the ship’s intercom sounded throughout the small ship.

“Arriving at Jannada in five minutes. Arriving in Jannada in five minutes.”

Jannada, the Mystery Colony. Nobody knows when it was founded, but twenty years ago it began to accept applications for immigration. However, its immigration applications were anything but standard. On top of requiring basic information, applicants also had to submit a full DNA profile of themselves, along with a full-body picture.

Nobody truly knew what the precise criteria was for how they accepted applicants, save that every known immigrant to Jannada had been a lesbian woman, including herself. To add to the mystery, nobody seemed to know where the planet even was, as none of its immigrants had ever returned. Alexia herself had been instructed to wait on a certain park bench until approached by a women, who asked her a coded question. When she answered correctly, a car with pitch-black windows pulled up next to the park, and she was invited inside.

The dark windows prevented her from seeing where they had gone, and she was quickly shuffled aboard a landing pad she’d never seen before when they exited the limo. For all intents and purposes, Alexia was off the grid.

She felt as though she should be worried, but the anxiety was fleeting. She was more surprised than anything when the application she had submitted as a half-joke was processed, and she was given a personality test in return. When she completed that and submitted it, it was only a few days until she received a message on her com about the designated meeting place.

The intercom suddenly crackled back to life.

“Alexia to Medbay. Alexia to Medbay”.

With a sigh, she unfurled her towel and walked over to her suitcase, dressing herself in the first things she grabbed. Still damp, she opened the door to her room and walked to the Medbay just down the hall.

It was instantly recognizable from the window outside; an almost absurdly white room filled with all manner of medical equipment. The door slid open at her approach.

A red-haired doctor had her back turned to Alexia, drawing something into a syringe. She spun around, slightly jumping when she saw her new guest.

“Oh! Alexia! How are you?”

“Fine,” she replied. “Just wish there wasn’t all this spooky secrecy stuff about coming here.”

The doctor smiled. “We just have to make sure we let in the right people.”

She beckoned over to a chair. “Now, could you please sit here? I need to do something before we land.”

Alexia nodded, walked over to the chair and carefully sitting down. The doctor raised her syringe, tapping it a few times.

“What’s that?” Alexia asked.

“Oh, just something you’ll need for the surface. They’ll explain more there.”

The doctor gave coy wink. “This won’t hurt a bit.”

Walking over to Alexia, she glided the syringe to the top of her arm, pressing down slightly to insert the syringe. The clear liquid inside the syringe slowly disappeared, and after a few second she withdrew her impliment.

“There! All done.”

They both heard the loud click of the intercom.

“Now descending to Jannada. Now descending to Jannada.”

The sterile whiteness of the medbay suddenly took on the slightest shade of orange as the fires from re-entry raged outside the one viewport in the room. Even with equipped with gyroscopes and the most modern equipment, the ship still jangled slightly from the immense forces at play.

The black of space outside the window gave way to light blue, and soon white clouds zoomed past the window.

“We’ll be landing in a few seconds. And welcome to Jannada.” the doctor stated.

Alexia nodded, turning to leave. As their arrival was imminent, she walked back to her room to grab her suitcase, then to the cargo bay where she would disembark. She could hear the loud hissing outside as the craft kicked in its VTOL thrusters to ensure a soft landing, and the gentle lurch downward as the shuttle made landfall.

With a mighty mechanical sigh, the cargo door dropped downward, temporarily blinding Alexia with sunlight. When her pupils adjusted, she took a deep breath and marched into her new home.

The cool air of the cargo hold was instantly throttled by the gentle warmth of the sun shining brightly in the sky.

Looking around, Alexia could see their landing pad was on a beach. Crystal-clear waters lapped up against the sandy shores, and inland there was a thick jungle. Several paths were cut through casino şirketleri it, and she also spotted what looked like a large on the very far end of the beach, modern buildings set up right next to the ocean.

“Alexia?” a voice called out.

She looked ahead to see a women standing on the end opposite to her on the landing pad, waving her over.

When she was closer to the woman, she could make her features out more clearly. She was striking; her thick brown hair perfectly covered one of her piercing gray eyes, complimented with red, shapely lips and chiseled features. Her pale figure was just slightly curly, and she wore a small two-piece bikini wrapped with a floral pattern cloth.

“Alexia?” she asked again.

“Yes?” she asked, not sure of the woman’s purpose. A welcoming committee, perhaps?

The woman grinned. “I’m Brooke. Nice to meet you. And let me be the first to welcome you to Jannada, lesbian utopia!”

Lesbian what? Before she could ask, the woman grabbed one of Alexia’s hands and pulled her away from the landing pad. A roar behind them could only have meant the shuttle had taken off, and she was now at the point of no return.

She was guided down some stairs by Brooke, leading to the sandy beach. There, a small hovercraft waited, bobbing just a few inches off the sand. Brooke let go, turning around. Instead of talking, her attention went to Alexia’s briefcase.”

“Oh, what’s in there?”

“Just some clothes,” Alexia answered.

“But you’re n-“

Brooke stopped herself mid-sentence, then giggled. “Whoops. Almost spoiled the surprise.”

She motioned back to the hovercraft, getting into the driver’s seat. “Come on. I’ll give you the tour.”

Alexia hopped into the passenger’s seat, and with a turn of a key they hovercraft took off, kicking a small plume of sand behind it. As they traveled toward the city, Alexia noticed a small collection of buildings coming up quickly. A series of apartments, if she had to guess, with several more hovercraft parked out front.

Near one of the apartments, she saw a woman standing in the sand. Brooke seemed to see her too, slowing down the vehicle and pulling up alongside them. Alexia then saw it was not one woman, but two, and her pulse began to race when she realized what they were doing.

The woman standing was a completely nude Indian woman. She was beautiful, with her skin tanned just the right shade of bronze. Her dark black hair draped over her shoulders like a curtain, as well as rolling down her C-cup sized breasts. Her eyes were closed, mouth slightly agape as she had both her hands on the other woman’s head.

Kneeling in front of her was another nude woman with pale skin and short brown hair, which was all Alexia could see since her back was turned to them. The slight movements of her head and the quiet slurping noises left no doubt in Alexia’s mind: this woman was giving oral.

The Indian woman seemed to notice their presence. She opened her eyes and looked over to Brooke.

“Hello, Brooke.” she purred. She glanced over to Alexia. “New girl?”

Brooke grinned. “Hello, Nali. Yeah, I was just about to show her around.”

The woman and Brooke began to engage in small talk, all while she was still being eaten out. As the conversation continued, the woman’s breaths started to come a little faster, and the kneeling woman became more and more bold with the strokes of her tongue. Meanwhile, Alexia was struggling to pick her jaw back off the floor.

“Well,” Brooke said, “I’ve got a lot to show the new girl. See you later!”

“You too, Br-” the woman said, before her breath halted and her body began to shudder. She threw her head back, moaning loudly in the throes of an orgasm. Her toes curled in the sand, picking up small clumps as her legs wobbled slightly. She managed to keep standing, her spasms tapering off as she gave a contented sigh.

The brunette kept licking, Nali running fingers through her hair. She brought her head back down.

“You too, Brooke,” she said as if nothing had happened.

Brooke gave a single nod, pressing down the pedal and zooming off.

They drove in silence for almost half a minute, wind whipping up their hair. Finally, Brooke turned to Alexia.

“That was Nali. She was one of the first ones here.”

Alexia blinked. “She was-“

Brooke shrugged. “She’s always hated clothes. Anyway, we’ll be coming up on our first stop in a second.”

Surely Brooke had to have noticed how she reacted to that little encounter? Alexia could feel her face had turned beet red a while ago. The city loomed before them, and Brooke let off the pedal to slow down. Soon enough, they had stopped blowing sand as they now slowly floated above an artificial surface.

Brooke turned to Alexia. “This is Saph City. It’s also the newest city here, so it’s still got a long way to go.”

She began to point at various buildings, explaining each of them. Food stores, gyms, apartments were all included.

Alexia was more interested in the people. Beautiful women of all ethnicities walked down the streets. Some were nude, while casino firmaları others wore skimpy bikinis. One of the nude women she saw were sitting in front of one of the restaurants, masturbating while carrying on casual conversation with several other women. Her pulse quickened again, but this time it was accompanied by an all-to-familiar sensation between her legs.

After another minute of cruising, they exited on the far side of the small city and were once again back on the beach. After another small period of silence, Brooke looked over to Alexia with the widest grin she’d ever seen.

“So,” she said, “You’ve probably figured out by now that this isn’t your regular colony.”

Alexia could only mouth the word ‘yeah’, the sound dying in her throat.

Brooke relaxed in her seat a bit. “Long story short, Jannada was founded to provide who we believed were the best examples of lesbianism in the galaxy. Here, the woman’s body and how she uses it something to be celebrated. It’s actually funny, you coming here today…Whoops! Almost let the cat out of the bag again.”

Brooke squinted at something ahead, then pointed. “Aha! Our final destination for today.”

Alexia followed Brooke’s finger to see another collection of apartments like they had passed earlier, but with only a few hovercraft parked out front.

With a hiss, the hovercraft slowed to a stop out in front of the apartments, and Brooke hopped out. She motioned for Alexia to follow.

“Come on! Let me show you your room!”

After a moment’s hesitation, Alexia opened the passenger door and followed her guide. They walked past several of the apartments before coming to her own, a rather large one with the number 89 stamped on the front door. Brooke went in first, the door opening with a creak. Alexia stayed right behind. Cool air overtook her as soon as she stepped inside.

Looking around once, she saw her apartment was actually quite impressive, with modern furniture, a TV, a computer, and even stairs leading to a second floor.

“I know it’s not much,” Brooke complained, “But I like to think the extracurricular activities makes up for it.”

“Hello?” a voice called from behind them. Alexia turned to see another naked woman in the doorway, looking at them curiously, an asian women with short black hair. Her figure was perfectly slim, large D-cup breasts only adding to her beauty. Her face was round and cute, and unlike some of the other nude women Alexia had seen, was not completely clean shaven, instead having a small patch of black hair right above her pussy.

Seeing yet another beautiful woman naked made Alexia even more aroused, and she found it harder and harder to keep down her urges.

Brooke waved to the woman at the door. “Hi, Aiko!”

She looked over to Alexia. “Alexia, this is your new neighbor, Aiko.”

“Wow,” Aiko breathed. She glided over to Alexia with a few sensual sways of her hips. “They sure know how to pick the pretty ones, huh?”

Alexia tried to summon the will to back away, but the woman closed the distance between them, sealing their lips together in a kiss. Aiko’s tongue danced against hers, and after a few glorious moments she pulled away.

“Now,” Aiko said, “for something I’m really curious about.”

She leaned down, putting her face level with Alexia’s waist. In a few smooth motions, she unfastened Alexia’s pants and let them drop down. She pulled aside her panties, exposing Alexia’s pussy. Without another word, she licked it in one long motion.

Aiko suddenly stood up with a smile, a small trail of lubrication coating her mouth.

She licked her lips. “Mmmmmm! And your pussy’s so tasty! I can’t wait until tomorrow.”

With a final coy grin, she turned to leave. Alexia could see two other Asian women outside, doing their best to peer past Aiko.

The woman shut the door behind her.

Brooke made a ‘tst tsk’ sound. “That Aiko’s always such a tease. She did the same thing to me on my first day here.”

When Alexia didn’t answer, Brooke walked over to her. “Hey, if nothing else, she got you ready for me.”

Alexia’s mind was racing from everything that had happened in just the last hour. All the nude women, public sex, erotic encounters. It was so…exhilarating. She’d never felt anything like it, and the more she thought about her future on this new planet, the hornier she became.

Taking the lead, Alexia lunged forward, snagging Brooke’s mouth into a passionate kiss. Brooke responded in kind, and she began to slowly guide Alexia backwards to a bed on the first floor. They fell backwards, still kissing as they both tried to undo each other’s clothes. Alexia had an easier time of it, simply having to unfasten Brooke’s loose-fitting bikini, while Brooke squirmed Alexia out of her pants.

Brooke shifted underneath her, twisting around until she was facing the opposite direction. When Alexia felt the tongue in her pussy, she responded in kind as they had sex in the 69 position. They wildly lapped at each other, the strain growing in each of them.

Alexia began to twitch, and within a few second her whole güvenilir casino body rocked with an earth-shattering orgasm, with Brooke quickly following suit. They both continued to lick until their climaxes had completely tapered off.

Alexia rolled off Broke, doused in sweat and panting heavily. Brooke simply grinned.

“Welcome to Jannada,” she said.

They laid in each other’s arms for nearly an hour, until Alexia got up and began putting her clothes back on. She took the opportunity to explore the rest of the house, even going upstairs. Brooke was still laying in bed when Alexia came back down with a puzzled look on her face.

“The bathroom only has a shower.”

Brooke yawned. “Of course.”

Alexia’s dumbfounded stare made her hit realization. “Oh! Right, I haven’t told you yet.”

She stretched. “Well, a lot of the original founders of Jannada were scientists. Nanotechnology, specifically. Also, all lesbians. So instead of using their technology to destroy or just get rich, they dedicated their work to bringing about a sexual utopia.”

“I still don’t get it?”

“Remember that shot you got right before touching down?”


“Jannadan nanomachines. Anyone compatible woman injected with those has her body become super-efficient. Our bodies will never product waste, nor will they age. It also makes our libido skyrocket, changes our body’s chemistry to make our pussies extremely tasty, and after a few days you’ll gain erogenous zones on your tongue and fingers. Obviously, we only share this with women we deem worthy and are compatible with the nanobots, like you or me. We still have showers because hey, who doesn’t like a woman with wet hair? “

Brooke sat up, rubbing her chin. “I guess since I’ve shared that with you, I can finally tell you about the other thing.”


“Well, our bodies never produce waste, never age, and the nanomachines also grant us a pretty big resistance to extremes of heat or cold. Clothing isn’t really necessary here, which is why so many of us go nude. But tomorrow we’re gonna make it official.”


Brooke’s face lit up. “At 11 o’ clock tomorrow, clothes will officially be banned on Jannada. There’s gonna be a big ceremony where all the women still wearing clothes will strip down and throw away everything.”

Mandatory nudity? Everything was moving so fast. But here she was, just having slept with a woman she barely knew. And these nanomachines? Were they really as good as she said they were?

A question formed in her mind.

“Are you going to be there?”

“Sure. To be honest, I only wore clothes when I met you to make a good impression, but the idea of disowning clothes forever in a group turns all my cranks, you know?”

“Where will it be?”

“All over the planet, but local groups will meet in the cities, like the one we passed through.”

Alexia nodded, walking back over to the bed and flopping down. “Well,” she said, “guess I better enjoy my last day in clothes.”

Brooke laughed.

She was curious to see what kind of television programs Jannada had, and after a bit of searching found the remote under the cushion.

Flipping it on, she discovered that Jannada’s eroticism was well on display in television programming. From her channel surfing, she found:

– Many channels dedicated to straight-up lesbian porn

– “Educational” shows, with tips on masturbation or how to give the best oral

– A few sex-themed game shows. One involved an “orgasm race”, where two contestants would go down a row of women, giving oral to each of them until they climaxed, then moving onto the next until they reached the finish line. Another was what amounted to a guessing game, where contestants would lick a pussy blindfolded, then try to guess which one it was.

– An actual news broadcast, covering local events, weather, and sports. The anchors were wearing bikinis, but reminded viewers that starting tomorrow they would be nude just like everyone else.

– A “slave training” channel. According to Brooke, slavery was much more popular in the past, where two or more women would enter into a contract, with one being the mistress and the other being the slave. Apparently, slaves declined in popularity as more and more people started going nude, which made a slave’s forced nudity rather pointless. It was still a niche industry, though.

– And the only channel that didn’t have some kind of sexual content, which showcased the various natural wonders of Jannada.

The sexual nature of the TV shows made Alexia ready for another round with Brooke, and they made love for hours on end until they were both sweaty and exhausted. They fell asleep late into the night, their arms tangled together.

Alexia found herself prodded awake. She wearily opened her eyes to see Brooke in her clothes again.

“Get dressed, sleepyhead. For the last time.”

Alexia snorted, rising up and looking for her clothes flung away during her passionate sessions with Brooke the previous evening. After a bit of searching, she was able to find all her clothes and clumsily put them on. Standing next to Brooke, she actually felt a bit self-conscious. She hadn’t expected anything Jannada had thrown at her, her long pants and shirt felt downright Victorian compared to Brooke’s tight bikini.

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