17 Şubat 2021

Janes First Time


Jane looked up and smiled, even though she was terrified. He reached out and held her hand, pulling her up from the couch. Jane stumbled a little bit, she was always a bit clumsy. They walked through the cream carpeted living room and up the wooden stairs to the guest bedroom.

He walked into the room and turned around, kissing her softly, their lips locked together as he began to press into her. She relaxed into his arms, feeling his hands run through her hair pulling her in closer.

His hand started to slide up her cute pink vest reaching up for her bra, nervous she just stood there as he promised to show her the way. Lifting up her top, he felt the goosebumps on her skin, running his hands up her sides, feeling the smooth soft skin. So young and silky. Pulling the top over her hay blonde hair, it dropped to the ground.

He pressed her into the bed covers, nervous she was breathing heavily, anticipating what what about to come. He kneeled over her, wearing just his boxer shorts. She felt scared but excited by his prescense and power over her.

Leaning in for a kiss, he nuzzled his lips on the side of her face, lightly stroking her nipples with his hand, giving her an unexpected shudder.

His mouth moved down every closer casino şirketleri to her nipples, she moaned softly as his lips teased her at the thought of sucking them.

Leaning back up, he placed both his hands on her beautiful C cup breasts, so full in the perfect teardrop shape, but not more than a handful. He squeezed them gently, before reaching down and teasing her pink pert nipple with his tongue. She arched her back putting more of her nipple into his mouth. Moaning softly she placed her hand on his back and dug her nails in.

He could tell she wanted it so badly. Spreading her legs with his other hand, he could feel the dampness spreading onto her inner thigh.

HIs tongue flicking backwards and forwards over the tiny rosebuds gave her an ache and longing for him while he felt his member grow ever long and hard, he pressed himself into her so she could feel his proud penis standing to attention against the moist wet pussy lips. Her wetness was beginning to soak through her delicate lace panties onto his grey boxers…

He slid down her panties over her small frame, so fragile and young, she quivered and he threw them on the floor. Knowing her dad would be home soon was an added thrill. After removing his own boxers, casino firmaları he climbed back onto her, feeling the tip of his throbbing cock on her tight little pussy was excrutiatingly good. He wanted her so badly, just to thrust his hard dick into that tight sweet virgin pussy, but he had to be careful not to hurt her.

Spreading her legs apart, he gently stroked her inner thigh and felt her shiver with desire. Her body ached and longed for his touch. Moving his hand further up her thigh, got him so excited he felt the precum oozing from the tip. He carefully ran a finger around her small pussy lips. Soft pink and delicate, the were beginning to swell with anticpation for the main event. This would be her first time and he wanted to make sure she enjoyed it.

Her little clit had grown in size and the soft touch of his finger was almost too much to bear as she cried out, grabbing his hand she whispered, please, please i want you.

He liked and enjoyed teasing her, so he only slid in one finger and it went in to easy she was so wet, but her tight pussy could barely manage two. he began to move his finger up and down inside her, bringing her closer to climax, before pulling out and kissing her hard.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes” güvenilir casino Jane whispered softly, all the anxiety and nervous heightening the sensations she was feeling down below.

With his hands either side of her, he eased himself just inside her delicate mound, the tip slowly approaching her wet cave. It felt so good, the gentle touch of her on him. He got too excited and pushed his way in, breaking her virginity with on move. She cried out in pain but he continued, knowing its best to get out the way, her whimpering soon turned to soft moans as he drove himself into her, pleasuring right at the G Spot. She was overwhelmed with this feeling and wanted more.

With every thrust, he could hear her moan and it was bringing him closer to climax. He absolutely loved the sound of her soft sounds as he felt himself go deeper inside her. His throbbing cock was now wrapped up in her tight pussy, feeling so good around his shaft too. He knew now that she was literally the perfect fit for him.

The door slammed downstairs, as her father came home from work. Coming in closer to her face the held each other in their arms cradling their moans between them. He could feel her breasts against his toned torso, her nipples perfectly erect and hard.

He reached down and touched her clit, making her shudder to the extent of climax. Her body rushed into a state of orgasm, and she tensed so tightly his cock exploded in her slipper wet vagina, shooting his hot load inside her.

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