20 Şubat 2021

I Remember


As I lay in your arms I can’t help but remember the first time that you took me. I was 18. I was sleeping in your bed due to a storm that startled me. I had always been afraid of thunder storms and you would always allow me to climb in bed with you.

You were a friend of my mom’s since I was a child of 4. She knew that you were gay but also she knew that you would never harm me. As she got to know you better she would allow me to spend a night or weekend at your house. She gave you authority over me and when you would catch me doing something that you knew that she wouldn’t like or that you knew was just plain wrong you would give me a spanking. Over the years I started calling you Daddy. You were the only father that I knew. When I hit puberty I developed a major crush on you that never went away. I never told you about it and you never knew. Until the night of the storm.

I had climbed into bed with you and you just moved over. I felt so safe just being near you. I knew that you would never hurt me and that you wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt me. I snuggled close to you. I was able to smell your manliness and that delicious smell got me horny as hell. I knew that you slept soundly and that you wouldn’t wake from my touch. At least I hoped that you wouldn’t. I reached down and felt your cock. It was the first time that I had felt a dick other than my own. It felt so smooth and soft in my hand. I kept touching casino şirketleri it and felt you get hard. I knew then that I had to feel it in me.

I had been looking at porn and knew that the best thing that I could do for you was to take that in my ass. I got up and went to the bathroom to get the lube that I knew was there. I took it back to bed with me. I lubed my ass and then your cock. With you laying on your side I backed into you. I reached down and guided you to my virgin hole. Once I felt the tip of you at the entrance I started pushing back. Once you were at the sphincter I kept pushing despite the pain. Finally you popped through and I was able to take the entire length of you deep inside me. I had no idea that it would feel so good. I just lay there for a few moments getting used to the invasion that I had endured.

Finally I started moving a little bit at a time. I heard you moaning in your sleep. I wondered what you were dreaming of. Suddenly you put your hand on my hip and grasped me. I quit moving and let you keep dreaming. Finally when I felt you relax I started my back and forth motions. Suddenly you grabbed me and rolled me onto my stomach. You started thrusting in and out of me. OH MY GOD!!! That felt so damn good!!!!! If I had know how good it was I would have been fucking you ages ago. I shoved back as you slammed into me and we built a rhythm of beauty. Finally you came deep in casino firmaları my ass. You collapsed on my back and just lay there. I had often wondered how it would be to have you on me and now I knew. It felt great.

Suddenly you jumped up in horror when you realized who I was. You begged me to forgive your for raping me and that I needed to go back to my own room. I tried stopping you and you wouldn’t let me talk. Finally I had to yell to make myself heard. I told you that I was in love with you and that you didn’t force me to do anything. That I was the one who started it all. You looked at me in disbelief.. You asked me how I started it. I told you and then I told you that more that anything that I wanted to be your boyfriend and lover.

You took me in your arms and held me tight.

“This is going to be a big adjustment”, you told me, “I am used to seeing you as my son and I will have to get used to you being my lover.”

I tell you that it will be an adjustment to me as well.

You kiss me tenderly and tell me that if I am to be your lover that I will have to do as I am told. I ask what you mean. You explain to me that you are a dominant person and that I have to obey you no matter what. If I can do that we can have a future together.

I tell you that I will obey you. You then tell me that I need to be punished for my actions earlier. You roll me on my front and tell me to güvenilir casino stay there. You get off the bed and pick up your pants. Taking the belt out you tell me that I will be given a spanking and then you will decide what to do with me next. You inform me that I will get more than ten and less than twenty lashes with your belt. I look at you and plead with you not to hurt me. You just laugh and lash out with the belt. It goes across my bare ass and oh god how it stings. I put my hands behind me to protect my ass and you just reach out and move them. Then the belt comes down again. I yelp in pain and you lash out again. I put my hands over my butt and you stop. You tell me to stay put and you will be back. When you come back you have a rope and with it you tie me to the bed.

My poor ass is defenceless and there is nothing that I can do to stop your attacks. You finish whipping me. You then lay down beside me and stroke my back. You tell me that if I disobey you that 20 will be the minimum. I am crying and blubbering as I promise to obey you. You reach down and give my ass another slap with your bare hand. I yelp again and you chuckle.

You raise up and climb onto my back. Reaching over you lube up my ass again and stroke your cock. When you are hard you put the tip at the entrance to my hole and with one quick move you shove into me. I grit my teeth as the pain hits. I am still not used to having a dick do that to me. You tell me that with time it will get easier and that I will learn to love this.

Now 28 years later I find that you were right. I have been your slut and slave. I have been a whore for you and I still love you more that you could ever know.

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