18 Şubat 2021

Geneva School for Girls Ch. 04


A typical Tuesday for Professor Tom Roberts…continued…


Second period was Roberts’ designated planning time each day, as it was for one of his colleagues, John Sullivan. The two men had arranged the day before to meet in Sullivan’s chambers at that time, Sullivan indicating he wanted to go over some of the changes to this year’s curriculum.

As the girls in his first period class packed up their things and left (including young Cindy, who gave him a sweet knowing smile on the way out) Roberts made a few notes in his laptop and then made his way to his friend’s rooms. He gave a quick knock. “Tom, it’s me,” he said as he took it upon himself to enter before his friend had responded, which was standard practice amongst the two of them. What he saw gave him pause for a second, but he quickly recovered his composure and closed the door behind him, throwing the lock with a flick of his wrist.

A short distance away, John Sullivan was standing with his shirt and tie on, his pants and underwear lying in a puddle next to him. On her knees in front of the professor, Roberts recognized one of this year’s new students, Meaghan Assuras, fully dressed in her school uniform, from her white Peter Pan-collared shirt, down to her school kilt, with her white kneesocks and black patent Mary Janes still on her feet. The back of her head was directed towards Roberts, but he still recognized her, having heard Sullivan talk about the new girl on more than one occasion.

Meaghan was the daughter of a Greek tycoon, who’d made his fortune in the olive oil industry. The girl was dark-haired, with a swarthy olive-toned complexion befitting of her heritage. Although Roberts couldn’t see the girl’s face at the moment, he knew she had dark luminous eyes that were compellingly large, and a lovely cherubic face with plump round cheeks and a cute button nose. Like all the girls at GSFG, Roberts knew that young Meaghan had been blessed with a tremendous set of tits, those soft young mounds filling out the shirt portion of her uniform nicely. It made Roberts once again feel a surge of thanks to Headmaster Walker that he always seemed to get these girls who looked so sweet and angelic, and yet had bodies that any adult film star would envy.

“Welcome,” Sullivan said as he looked over at his friend, a big smile on his face. His hands were gripping the young Greek girl’s head, his fingers buried deep in her inky black hair. He was working her mouth on his cock, and all Roberts could see was the back of Meaghan’s head moving rhythmically back and forth under her professor’s tutelage. “I was just giving Meaghan here a private lesson so she’s ready?”


“Yes,” Sullivan said as he rolled his hips, pressing the tip of his cock all around the inside of the girl’s sucking mouth. “I want to make sure she’s ready for the ‘official’ oral exam I’m going to be grading her on in two weeks.” Sullivan gave his friend a wink.

The lewd sounds of the girl’s hot wet mouth slobbering over his friend’s prick hit his ears. Roberts returned his friend’s smile as he felt his own cock give a little twitch. He stepped closer, moving to Sullivan’s side so he could see the girl working on that cock. And working it she really was. Her lips were pursed well forward, like a fish out of water, as her professor moved her head diligently back and forth, his long thick cock impaled into the middle of her sweet young face.

“And what’s the theme of this lesson?” Roberts asked, making note of the dreamy look in the young girl’s hooded eyes as his friend fucked her mouth.

“Well, I was telling her that it’s likely her future husband will want to share her, shall we say, ‘talents’, with his friends at some point. And as the loving wife she’s expected to be, it’s her duty to go along with his wishes.” Sullivan paused as he slowed down and rolled his hips, rubbing the blunt head of his sizeable cock all around the inside of the girl’s drooling mouth once more, his enflamed cockhead rubbing over the soft tissues on the inside of her cheeks. “So, Professor Roberts…” Sullivan used his friend’s title in front of the girl, not wanting her to get too familiar with any of the staff. That was the way Headmaster Walker wanted it, and all of his staff complied with his wishes. And why wouldn’t they, all of them were getting all the hot young cunt they wanted, wherever and whenever they wanted. “So, as I was saying, you’ve arrived at the perfect time.”

Sullivan looked down at the girl as he continued to lever his hips, his thick cock sliding noisily back and forth between the girl’s pursed lips. “Meaghan, why don’t we do a little role playing so you’ll know the kind of thing that will be expected of you? I’ll pretend to be your husband, and Professor Roberts here will act the part of an old college friend of mine that I haven’t seen in years. He’s here for a visit following a messy casino şirketleri divorce. I’m thinking it must have been some time since he’s enjoyed the benefits of a beautiful woman. Being the generous host that I am, I’ve decided that you should make my good friend feel right at home.”

“That sounds like an excellent plan, old chum,” Roberts said as he stepped up next to his friend and unzipped. He saw Meaghan’s eyes open wide as he pulled out his heavy limber cock, his member just as big as the one she was sucking on right now.

“Yes, Meaghan, we’ll give you more than enough to suck on,” Sullivan said. “Go ahead, wrap those sweet lips of yours around my old roommate’s cock. Show him how an obedient wife acts.”

The young girl slid her mouth off Sullivan’s surging prick and turned to Roberts. Her face was flushed with desire and her pouty lips were wet and shining erotically. Roberts didn’t waste any time. With his hand wrapped around the base of his stiffening monster, he plugged it right into her willing mouth.

“Unngghhh…” Meaghan gasped as Roberts flexed forward, sliding it deep between those soft lips. He was surprised when the girl automatically reached up and cradled his nuts in her hand, her slender fingers massaging him delicately.

“You’ve taught her well, old friend,” Roberts said as he looked over at Sullivan.

“Yes, she hasn’t been here long, but she’s turning into an excellent cocksucker already.”

Roberts saw that while Meaghan was sucking his prick and manipulating his balls with one hand, her other hand wasn’t idle. She had it wrapped around Sullivan’s cock, her circling fist pumping smoothly back and forth.

“Does she deepthroat yet?”

“Not yet, that lesson is coming next week.” Sullivan gave his friend a knowing wink.

“Next week? Before the ‘official’ oral exam the following week?”

“Of course,” Sullivan replied with a shrug. “It will be a lengthy test, covering all aspects that an oral exam entails.”

“How silly of me to forget,” Roberts said, smiling at his friend as he sawed his throbbing dick back and forth in the girl’s mouth.

After a couple of minutes, Sullivan pulled the girl’s drooling mouth back onto his cock, while she repeated her earlier motion by wrapping her other hand around Roberts’ prick and started stroking it.

“Yes, she is good with that pretty little mouth of hers,” Sullivan said after they’d switched back and forth a couple of times. “I think she’s going to do very well on her exam, but let’s give her pussy a try too. It’s a tight one. It’ll feel like your cock’s in a vice.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Roberts said as both men helped the girl to her feet. While Sullivan walked her over to his desk, Roberts kicked his pants fully off.

“Here, sweetheart, sit your bum on the edge of the desk for us.” Sullivan grabbed Meaghan around the waist and lifted her onto the front edge of his desk. “Now, spread your legs.”

With her massive breasts heaving with excitement beneath her starched blouse, Meaghan let her legs roll open. Both men were looking at the insides of her creamy thighs as the gap between them widened, her kilt rising higher and higher.

“Nice thighs,” Roberts said. He stepped close as he looked at the girl’s smooth olive-toned skin, his hand slowly stroking his turgid wang.

“Yeah, they’re nice and plump. This one really knows how to take a cock.”

“Or two?” Roberts asked, his eyebrows arching up.

Sullivan looked back at him with a lewd smile on his face. “I think we’ll find out soon enough. How’s that sound to you?”


Sullivan moved between the girl’s spread legs and pushed her kilt higher, exposing her white cotton panties. They could see that the front panel was absolutely soaked, almost to the point of being translucent. “I don’t think we’re going to be needing these anymore.”

He reached for the girl’s hips and she obediently shimmied from side to side as he drew down her panties. He turned and tossed them to Roberts. “Take a whiff of those while I start fucking her.”

Roberts pressed the sodden piece of fabric to his face, inhaling the warm girly scent rising like an intoxicating vapor from the soaked panties. It fired his senses, sending a pulsing jolt of blood to his throbbing prick. He breathed deeply again as he saw Sullivan position the engorged head of his prick between the girl’s shining labia. Sullivan had pushed the girl’s skirt up even higher, exposing her shaven mound. Roberts knew this was another thing that Headmaster Walker insisted on—that all girls keep their pussies as smooth as little girls, even if they were all of legal age. Roberts, like all the professors employed there, loved it.

“All right, Meaghan, let’s get this sweet pussy of yours loosened up for my old friend, shall we,” Sullivan said as he reached down and wrapped his hands around the girl’s casino firmaları ankles. Setting himself into position for a good hard fucking, he slowly brought the girl’s plump legs up, extending them as far up as they could go. She instinctively leaned back, bracing herself with her hands behind her. With her babyish Mary Janes pointing skyward, Sullivan moved her feet as far to each side as he could, spreading her open in a ‘V’, like a wishbone. He wriggled his hips, knowing the girl was in the perfect position for a good hard fucking.

“Fuck, her pussy’s hot,” Sullivan said as he looked over at Roberts. “She’s gripping the head of my cock like she’s trying to pull it inside.”

“Well, you shouldn’t keep your wife waiting,” Roberts said, staying in character.

“Do you think I should go in nice and deep?” Sullivan asked, speaking to Roberts as if the girl wasn’t even there.

“The deeper the better.”

“Yes, this one likes it deep.” Sullivan turned back and flexed forward, driving his thrusting erection into the girl with one long, slow, merciless stroke.


Roberts watched as the girl’s dark luminous eyes opened wide for a few seconds as his colleague forced his cock deep, stretching the young girl’s tender insides. Then her eyes half-closed in blissful rapture as she felt that cock, felt it press luxuriously against the gripping walls of her steaming cunt. He saw Sullivan press his groin up against her shaven mound as he achieved total penetration, his sizable cock as far into the girl as he could get it.


Roberts smiled to himself as he watched the girl start to squeal and thrash about as an orgasm shot through her. Her face was glistening with a dew of perspiration as his friend wriggled his hips, grinding the rigid stake of his cock against the oily walls of her quivering trench. Her big tits were heaving as she gasped for air and, as his friend started to really fuck the girl, Roberts couldn’t resist. He stepped forward and undid the top buttons of her school blouse, exposing her big round tits, gorgeously encased in a lacy white bra. The girl’s dark swarthy skin stood out boldly against the white bra, her generous mounds sculpted beautifully by the heavily-structured garment.

Sullivan was really pounding her now, long-dicking her with vigorous thrusting strokes. His midsection was slapping up against her glistening mound with each powerful thrust, the obscene noise filling the room. She was moaning and whimpering continuously now, but Roberts could tell the sounds coming out of her weeped of pleasure, not pain.

With his colleague fucking the shit out of her, Roberts reached inside Meaghan’s open blouse and blatantly groped her tits, loving the feel of the cool satin bra against the palm of his hand. He cupped one breast, hefting it. He smiled to himself, impressed by the weight. With one hand still keeping his cock at the ready, he slid the fingers of his other hand down the surface of her big soft tits and right inside her bra. He sought out her nipple, which was already stiff. He flicked his thumb over it, drawing a deep sigh out of the girl. He slid his hand lower, cupping her whole breast. He lifted it right out of her bra, letting it settle down over top of it. He smiled as he looked at the heavy round orb, so youthful, and yet so deliciously big. The color of her nipple and areola matched her skin tone, being darker than most of the girls’, almost raspberry red. Her nipple was big, perfectly matching the size of the breast they were attached too. He reached forward and rolled the pert bud between his thumb and forefinger, drawing another whimper of pleasure from the girl. He felt it stiffen even more under his touch.

“All right, old friend.”

Roberts’ attention was diverted as he looked over at Sullivan. Still holding the girl’s legs spread wide open, his colleague had just backed out of the girl’s buttery snatch, his cock thrusting skyward and glistening with her youthful juices. “I know you mustn’t think too highly of women after that nasty divorce, but you’ve got to try my wife here. She’s something quite special.”

“I’ll just have to do that.” Roberts gave his friend a wink as they traded places. They didn’t let the girl’s legs down for a second as Roberts grasped her ankles before Sullivan had even let go. Now standing between the girl’s legs, Roberts could smell her hot cunt first hand. The scent was sweetly young and innocent, but perversely arousing at the same time. With his libido on fire, Roberts plugged the enflamed head of his cock into the girl’s dripping pussy and drove it home.


The girl moaned incoherently as another nerve-wracking climax shot through her as soon as Roberts bottomed out, the blunt head of his cock bumping up against the gates of her womb. Roberts could feel the muscles in her legs güvenilir casino quivering like plucked bow strings as her body was shot through with orgasmic tremors. He drew back and slammed his big cock into her again, causing her to give off another animalistic groan. Sullivan had put her in the perfect position for a good hard fucking, and Roberts didn’t let down his end. He hammered the girl with cunt-stretching strokes, his midsection slapping up against hers time and again. She came again before Sullivan pushed him aside and took over, the two men alternating as they fucked the girl continuously for over half an hour. Sullivan had pulled her other breast out of her bra, and while one of them was filling her needy young cunt with cock, the other kept busy mauling her voluminous tits. All the while, the two men continued to talk about the girl’s skills and attributes right in front of her. By the number of times she climaxed while they were manhandling her, it was obvious she had no objection.

“I want that hot mouth of hers again,” Roberts said as he finished his latest turn of ploughing the girl’s eager young pussy.

“Get on your hands and knees, Meaghan,” Sullivan instructed.

Meaghan readily complied as the men moved into position, both of them getting to their knees with her leaning forward between them. While Sullivan flipped up her skirt and entered her from behind, Roberts kneeled in front of her pretty face and stuffed his oversized prick back into her mouth. They took turns at each end as they spit-roasted the girl for the next fifteen minutes, her squeals of ecstasy echoing off the walls time and time again.

“Okay, like you said earlier,” Sullivan finally said, “let’s see how she does taking two at the same time.”

Sullivan reached into his desk and passed Roberts a bottle of lube. Sullivan led the weary girl over to the plush leather couch in his reading area. He plopped himself on the couch, his rigid erection pointing skyward. On shaky legs, Meaghan manoeuvered herself until she was straddling the professor, facing towards him and the back of the couch. With her kilt draping over both of them, she sank down, the older man’s big cock sliding deliciously into her ravaged young cunt.

Roberts drooled a generous amount of the lube onto his prick and then moved in close behind the two of them. He flipped her cute little kilt up over her back, exposing the plump round cheeks of her curvy bum. Sullivan had told him during their numerous discussions that he’d already broken in Meaghan’s ass, so Roberts wasn’t surprised when his cock slid into her tight little chute without a whimper. There wasn’t a whimper, but she did give off a full-throated groan of pleasure as he sank his thick cock in to the hilt at the same time as Sullivan bottomed out, both of them absolutely stuffing her full of hard mature cock. And then, they really started to fuck her…


Meaghan’s wails of delight caromed all around the room as the two older men plundered her holes. They switched places, lifting the girl off and then dropping her back onto their towering erections as they fucked her within an inch of her life. She was bouncing around like crazy as they drilled her, her massive tits jiggling and wobbling every which was as they hung outside the opening of her blouse. She came, and came again, as the men ratcheted up their assault, absolutely hammering her two dripping holes.

“Let’s make use of her pretty face,” Sullivan said after his latest turn in her ass.

Roberts agreed with a nod and withdrew his cock from her gripping cunt. They got the girl onto her knees in front of them as they both stroked their rearing pricks. Sullivan went off first, dousing her with a thick rope of milky cum that raced from her chin up into her hair. Roberts was right behind his friend as he aimed the tip of his cock at the girl’s pretty features and rifled a volley of semen onto her upturned face. They continued flooding her face as they both unloaded, shot after shot of thick hot cum raining down on her smooth young skin. They absolutely pasted her, gobs and ropes of semen pelting her smooth young skin time and again as they jerked their cocks onto her upturned face.

“Doesn’t she look sweet like that?” Sullivan said as both men flicked the final droplets of cum onto the girl. Meaghan was covered with the stuff, both her face and her tits taking the full impact of the torrents of spunk they shot onto her. But still, she was flushed with excitement, her hand busy beneath her skirt.

“An angel, no doubt about it,” Roberts said as he stepped away and gathered up his clothing. After getting dressed and zipping up, he turned to Sullivan, “Thanks, old friend. Next time I get a divorce, I’ll be sure to come for another visit.”

As Sullivan chuckled, Roberts turned and let himself out. He looked back to see the young girl lifting one massive breast up towards her mouth, her tongue extended. The last thing he heard as he closed the door was Sullivan’s voice, “Go ahead, Meaghan, lick it all up. A young girl like you needs a lot of protein.”

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