15 Şubat 2021

Daddy’s Girl Ch. 02


“Very good, little girl, Daddy is pleased,” you whisper to me. I’m practically glowing between the praise and the intense orgasms You gave me. My pussy is overflowing with your essence and I feel your cock slip out of me as you lean heavily between my open thighs. Your hand is still kneading my left tit possessively as aftershocks cause me to shiver beneath you. Eventually you stand back and I begin to close my legs but you put your hands on my knees and hold them open. I blush as you inform me, “Daddies like to admire their work baby girl.” And then you proceed to watch as your cum leaks from my stretched hole and down my ass crack.

You reach out your hand and use a finger to push some of your hot spunk up inside my ass. I flinch and whimper at the invasion into my virgin ass. You know that I fantasize about having your huge, hard cock invade that hole, but also that I am reluctant to give in to that fantasy. With that in mind you play gently, using our cum to make my hole nice and slick. Once your finger slides easily in and out you add a second, holding me still and comforting me with your free hand on my belly. You murmur comforting words. “That’s my girl.” “Just relax baby girl.” Sometimes you reach up to rub my clit casino şirketleri and then back to my loosening ass.

You pull your hand away, leaving me feeling oddly empty and I moan at the lack of stimulation. I was just beginning to enjoy the fullness in my forbidden hole. You help me up, and I watch as you lift a wedge shaped pillow onto the bed. You help me back up and over the wedge, leaving my ass upturned to you. You proceed to wrap the restraints attached to the bed’s corners onto my ankles and wrists. I pull at them a little, you see that I’m rapidly getting nervous. With a firm hand you slap my ass. “Listen to me little girl, this is not your decision,” you say, “You can use your safe word and leave my home, or you can relax and let me show you how Daddy fucks his little girls tight, sweet ass.”

You know that I have no intention of leaving your home and you watch as I take several calming breaths. Once I seem to have myself under control you reach for the lube and coat yourself in it. “I haven’t gagged you girl, because I want to hear your natural reactions,” you tell me. “Sometimes I will wish you to be quiet and endure what I give, but in this case, scream or cry out if you need. Your sounds will be music to my ears.”

With casino firmaları that I feel you press your slippery manhood against my unused asshole. You push firmly and the greased head pops inside. I moan and grunt. You feel so huge, too big. I moan loudly and fist my hands, “Please Daddy, it’s too much.” “It isn’t,” you tell me, “it’s just perfect sweetheart.” You moan and push again, watching as a couple more inches spread my tight ass open. I’m writing on the bed beneath you, but unable to escape as you pull back and rut into me. I scream as I feel your thighs on the backs of my legs. “I’m all the way in,” you say and stroke my hair. “Such a good little girl, baby.” I’m moaning and screaming as you hold me tightly down, keeping your cock buried inside my asshole, forcing me to adjust to it.

I’m sure you’re ripping me apart as you start to move, the pain is excruciating. “Please Daddy, please stop, please take it out,” I pant. You pump inside me a few more times before driving deep and holding it in as you reach around to my pussy lips. You push them open and find my clit. I scream out and you feel my pussy and ass clench as you begin to rub and twist my clit. “Oh, my baby girl likes that,” you say, chuckling. güvenilir casino You begin to stroke in and out deeply as I unconsciously grind against you, your hand playing with my body like a pro.

Soon I am screaming and moaning and humping back against your thrusts. My pussy and ass clamp down, my tight ass rippling around your cock as I cum. As my orgasm subsides you push my hips down into the pillow under me and start pounding my ass at a painful rhythm. You shove deeper and harder than ever as I cry out in pain. With one final lunge into my tightness you explode. I feel spurt after spurt of hot cum fill my asshole, hear the squishing sound as you continue fucking your orgasm out.

You fall onto me praising my tight ass, telling me it’s the sweetest ass you’ve ever had. You pull out your cock and climb around to my face, presenting me with your slimy, cum and ass covered, cock. You grab my hair and command me to open, slapping my cheeks lightly when I hesitate. “Open your facecunt and clean your Master.” I still do not open. “You will clean your mess from my cock, whore,” you look down at me. I am disgusted but open my mouth, knowing I have no choice. Your softening cock shoves in deeply, still managing to choke me. You use my hair to pump into my face. When you’re clean to your satisfaction you pull out and pat my head. “Very good, little girl, your Daddy is pleased.”

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