14 Şubat 2021

Charlie at it Again

College Sex


Freckled faced and curly dark blond-headed Charlie Lott groaned awake on the morning after his 18th birthday knowing his parents’ birthday present he’d requested, a 3-year old Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster, was in the garage out of the rain. His pals would be over soon to resume the party and look at the bike.

He smiled, thinking of his girlfriend Heather Brook. Last night for the first time she didn’t snap her legs closed after pushing away his hand. He’d sunk fingers into the hot and squishy cave and he knew he was in love with Heather who was manager-designate of the Charlie’s band, now in initial rehearsals. The plan was to develop the band at college where they all would study music and to turn professional as soon as the demand for their services grew.

Charlie played keyboard, Colin was on drums, Ernie guitar and Geneva trumpet. The name of the band was created on an outburst from their favorite teacher who was bawled out by the principal in front of the biology class. Miss Johns possessed a magnificent body and sultry lips that were just so right for a biology teacher.

“Allowing your female students to display their breasts, even if this is a biology class, is outrageous and forbidden Miss Johns and if you transgress like this ever again,” Mr Piper fumed, his face turning purple and scarlet with a tinge of black, “then you will be suspended while your fate is decided.”

Miss Johns had stood facing him defiantly, her hands folded under her breasts that only served to push them out so splendidly that Mr Piper had to mop his forehead.

“Do you hear me?”

“Yes Mr Piper. Is there anything else?”

He stalked out without replying and the small class erupted in laughter when Miss Johns walked forward to close the door muttering, “Fucking despot.”

Charlie said to Geneva the trumpeter in the fledging band, “What’s a despot?”

“A power-hungry dictator I think.”

“Thanks. Oh I thought your tits looked the best.”

“Why Charlie, thank you. My pre-graduation party is in two weeks,” said the 18-year old. “Would you like to come?”

“Do you mean attend or come?”

Geneva giggled and Miss Johns barked, “If you giggle in my class Geneva please don’t use that sluttish tone.”

Everyone laughed and Geneva whispered to Charlie, “Sally Johns is a fucking despot.”

Charlie looked as if he were witnessing the birth of music. “Let’s calls ourselves Charlie & the Despots.”


“Because it was my idea to form a band.”

“Okay. You’re a smart guy Charlie. Remind me to allow you to fuck me when I turn nineteen.”

“What’s wrong with tonight?”

“Grow up Charlie,” Geneva said, giving him her No. 1 smile. “Your facial pimples should be gone within a year and your dick should be longer. However I may decide to let you at me much sooner. I’m just so apprehensive.”

“Of what?”

“Abandoning my youth in such a profound act of adulthood.”

Charlie looked in awe at Geneva. She appeared to know everything and her trumpet playing was real cool.

* * *

A week after Charlie’s 18th birthday he faced his grim-faced parents with his 19-year old sister who’d just arrived after a 100-mile drive from college for the hastily-called family meeting.

“What is it mom?” Rose said kissing her mom. “Have you got cancer?”

“Shut up and sit down. Something appalling has happened.”

Charlie was relieved to hear that. He’d been worried that one of the neighbors had seen him riding the Harley flat out on the highway when he’d promised his parents to not exceed 50 mph.

Rose was still getting over her mom telling her to shut up. Her mom never spoke to her like that. She whispered to Charlie, “Oh god, they are divorcing. Mom has found out dad is shafting his PA.”

“She’s sixty-five.”

“Oh then dad caught the lawn mower man shafting mom.”

“I reckon he’s gay.”


Robert brought in wine for Rose, whiskey and soda for Beryl and beer for his son and himself.

“This is so distressing,” Beryl sniffed into her glass.

Charlie watched his dad pat his dick and wondered what that was about.

“I’m pregnant,” shrieked Beryl.

Rose dropped her glass that smashed on the coffee table. She began crying and said, “You can’t be, that’s impossible. You’re thirty-nine and had Charlie eighteen years ago. You’re mistaken. You must have cancer.”

“Doctor Christensen has confirmed your mother is pregnant,” Robert said, placing an arm around his wife.

“But people at your age don’t fuck,” Rose said irrationally, quite forgetting she’d only minutes before had suggested adultery scenarios to her younger brother.

Rose’s parents stared at her as if wondering what on earth was the use of an expensive college on a daughter as ignorant as Rose.

“Well I don’t believe it,” Rose grinded on, unable to believe it. “Doc Christensen has made a mistake mom. Never in a thousand years would you embarrass your family like that.”

Her mom began a watershed and her father glared at Rose and growled, “Doc Christensen bahis firmaları doesn’t make mistakes of this magnitude. I know this is crazy Rose. For years your mother worried about you getting pregnant when all the time I should have been checking that your mother was religiously taking her contraceptive pills.”

“Leave religion out of this,” sobbed Beryl irrationally.

“Well I guess it’s a bit of an upset,” Charlie said. “You know like Rose I had no idea you two still did it as your age. However I’ve always thought you could be great in bed mom.”

“Charlie!” shouted his parents and sister.


“Christ son there are some things you never say to a woman. Haven’t you learned anything about life?”

“Get off your high horse dad; that was a compliment.”

Rose goaded, “Hit him dad.”

“Nah that would be hypocritical of me. What Charlie said is the truth. Your mom is simply amazing in bed.”

Beryl smiled at her husband through her tears and kissed him and Rose began picking up broken glass muttering, “Oh god, I have such a dysfunctional family.”

Charlie said, “Well mom are you opting for an abortion or farming out the new-born kid to a couple in need as recommended by your church?”

“Shut your dirty mouth you pro-abortionist,” yelled his mom. “No I’m not. We have decided to rear our baby like we did with your two.”

Rose cried, “Oh god mom, I will be so embarrassed when our neighbors and my friends learn about this.”

“Tough,” snarled her mom. “If you feel like that don’t ever return to this home.”

“Mom you can’t do that to me, I’m your daughter and first-born,” Rose wept.

“Come on son,” said Robert and kissed his wife. “”Let’s go down to Amy’s bar for a drink. You two gals join us when you have overcome your complex emotional crises.”

“Don’t abandon us,” cried Beryl.

“We’re not and you know where we are,” Robert said, unhooking her grip. “As soon as you two sort yourselves out come down to the bar.”

At the door Charlie turned, “Mom if you are pregnant you should be off alcohol.”

“How the hell did that goon know something like that?” Rose asked.

“He’s the biology teacher’s star pupil,” said her mom as the guys left. “I have been wondering if there’s something going on between those two. She’s so glamorous.”

“But Charlie has only just turned eighteen. He won’t know enough about sex yet to attract any woman.”

Rose’s mom said, “And how old were you when you first did it with a guy?”

“Oh yeah,” Rose said. “Is it true you are really great in bed?”

“Come into the kitchen while I make green tea. I’d like to know how your sex life is going at college. You know I warned you about not to become tagged as a slut.”

“Oh yeah so you did. But let’s hear from you first mom.”

* * *

During the summer while all members of the Charlie & the Despots band waited to begin Elton College they met very frequently to practice to raise their combined performance and to expand their repertoire. Three weeks into rehearsals they attracted their first groupie except Charlie’s on again-off again girlfriend Heather Brook wasn’t thinking of sex. Waiting to begin studies in advertising and promotions Heather, still a virgin, felt compelled to hang around with someone and with most people away for summer Charlie and his group was all there was to connect with.

“Lovely to see you again Heather,” Charlie said. “Great tits.”

“Thanks but you should see mom’s.”

Charlie grinned, aware that he and Heather had just re-established rapport.

“Want to date me tonight?”

Heather said why not and Charlie asked, unabashed, would she do it with him and watched Heather swallow and play with the short hem of her skirt.

“I haven’t done it yet but have been thinking about it. What about you?”

Charlie hitched up his pants and tried not to look embarrassed. “No but I’ve been thinking about it. Want to try it with me? I believe I can perform the basics.”

“I can’t believe I’m still a virgin.”

Charlie said thoughtfully, “Is that because you attended a Catholic school?”

“So you have something against Catholics?”

Charlie snorted and said that was unfair of her to allege that.

“Okay, keep your pants on until tonight.”

Charlie grinned and said, “You’re all right Heather. Don’t allow me to get you pregnant.”

They were on a rug on the riverbank at sunset.

“Let me see your pussy Heather.”

“Why Charlie I don’t believe you’ve ever seen one.”

“Of course I have, mom’s and my older sister’s.”

“Oh them; they don’t really count. What will you do if I allow you to see it?”

“Lick it.”

Puffing and appearing to swell, Heather pulled off her panties with shaking fingers and cooed, “Go to it Charlie; don’t hold back.”

Later Heather looked at the dobs of semen over her tits and belly.

“God Charlie. Shouldn’t that mess been pumped inside me?”

“I have no idea. Anyways you said you wanted to grow older before you fuck. Can we go somewhere to eat?”

“Yes kaçak iddaa of course. Come home and stare at mom’s tits while she cooks for you. She’ll like that because dad ignores her. He’ll be drinking beer and watching TV.”

“Will I have to fuck your mom?”

“I don’t think so but Charlie you are kinda cute. Anything could happen for you.”

Charlie and Heather learned to fuck during the summer.

The band and Heather met up a college and because she was doing PR and promotions as part of her studies they agreed to make her manager of the band so she could use that experience as a study project.

* * *

Their associate professor at college was delighted to learn that all members of the band had received several years of private music tuition and rather than audition them himself, he set up a full audition panel and it soon became apparent that everyone was impressed. The head of the department, Professor Summers said, “You guys are much better than might have been expected and appear to be well led and managed. But I make two observations: if you wish to make a big impact you’ll need to have a repertoire of original songs and you’ll need to add a bass player.”

“But Professor Summers, think about it. With the addition of a bass player and that awkward sized instrument will need an extra car to move us about.”

“Charlie if you wish to make it think music, not logistics. You have a manager so hand the problems of logistics to her.”

“Yes professor. Well said professor.”

“Call me Anne Charlie. You others keep calling me Professor Summers. You may as well learn now that Charlie has a brilliant career ahead of him as a bandleader if he continues to grow and persevere in music. You write the songs Charlie. I assign you special tuition.”

“I have no idea about song writing.”

“That’s why you will be assigned special tuition Clunkhead. You’re a natural Charlie and you better believe it. You have an innate sense of rhythm and your timing in directing your players when to come in for their solos appears impeccable. Just don’t allow my words to inflate you little ego Charlie.”

Professor Summers sent them a studious bass player with long hair riding over his collar. Sylvester Blackwell played with them and everyone agreed he would be a great acquisition.

Heather had invited Charlie home for the long weekend break and as they neared her home she said, “Charlie would you mind if I dated Sylvester if he’s interested?”

“No that’s cool. Would it upset you if I tried it on with Geneva?”

“No but don’t fancy your chances. Geneva only has girlfriends. She doesn’t date.”

“Well sometime ago Geneva suggested I knock on her door when she turned nineteen. I looked up her profile and she turned nineteen last week.”

“Well best of luck Pal.”

During the weekend Heather’s mom jumped Charlie while he was watching TV. She had him unzipped and scooped out before he knew it.

“Mrs Brook,” he said weakly, stiffening in her hand. The only thing he was really focusing on were her big tits swelling out of the top of her dress.

“Just lay back and accept what going to happen here darling.”

Mrs Brook had her fill but the experience left Charlie unimpressed because clearly Heather was a better fuck than her mom. Her mom’s pussy didn’t appear fresh and it sagged around his thrusting penis and he had a hard time getting off until the bitch squeezed his balls painfully. He was pleased he was gaining enough sexual experience to be able to make such comparisons. However he’d been a little upset the bitch bit his cock hard when sucking.

* * *

Geneva looked at Charlie coolly.

“You have a nerve bringing up what I said rashly many months ago that I might start having sex when I turned nineteen and now expecting me to deliver.”

“Keep calm Geneva, I’m only asking, not demanding.”

“Let me see it.”

Charlie almost fell off his chair. They were sitting together in one of the libraries. It wasn’t very busy but he realized the place could be under electronic surveillance. He said lamely, “Can’t we go somewhere private?”

“No and please understand before I decide whether to allow you to shaft me I have to be confident it might be worthwhile.”

“Are you used to seeing guy’s dicks at the ready?”

“No Charlie. All my sexual experience to date has been with some of my girlfriends.”


She snapped, “Exactly what does that mean?”



Charlie decided to give up on Geneva Kennedy.

“Well thanks for talking to me so intimately and honestly Geneva. I guess this isn’t meant to happen.”

“Says who? I’ve been thinking more and more about being shafted by a real dick and in music you and I are in tune. We could also be in tune with sex.”

“Huh? You have great tits and a great body Geneva. You are developing into a mighty fine woman.”

“Oooh Charlie, I want to reward you for saying that. The aqua center closes at 9:00 but the dressing rooms remain open. I’ll meet you in the female dressing kaçak bahis room at 9:15.”

“Um great. Will other couples be there?”

“Possibly but how would I know? I’ve just heard it’s one of the places to go for nookie.”

As Charlie approached the dressing rooms Geneva appeared in the gloom at the doorway and waved.

“Hi it’s vacated inside. Let me see your dick.”

“Let’s go inside first.”

“No it’s pitch dark in there. Let me see it.”

Charlie pulled it out and Geneva bent down to peer at it in the gloom and said, “Gosh Charlie that thing is big. That will push me to me limit.”

“Nah don’t you remember Miss Johns told us in biology that the female vagina stretches to accommodate a large penis.”

“I bet you remember little else she taught us. Oh wait, you were her top student and yes, the rumor was she was seducing you.”

“Nah no such luck. Actually you were the chick I wished I were shafting but the truth was I didn’t get it in any babe until almost four months after graduation.”

“That would be Heather Brook.”

“Yeah I’ve only had sex with her, Professor Summers and Heather’s mother.”

“Heather’s mother?” Geneva gasped. “God remind me not to take you home with me.”

“Heather’s mom jumped me when I stayed there last weekend. It was either give it to her or risk her creating a scene.”

“Was she any good?”

“No she was floppy, not energetic, overly wet and she tried to run the show. In fact she was as bad as Professor Summers.”

“And Heather is good them?”

“Oh yeah she goes at it like a cat on heat.”

“Oh Charlie please. That’s no way to speak about a woman.”

“Isn’t it?”

Geneva sighed.

He stalled at the door.

She asked what was the matter.

“This seems all wrong, not the way to go about it. You are too classy for this.”

“Omigod Charlie, what a lovely thing to say to me. I had misgivings myself but I was anxious to feel a real dick up me. Let’s go and sit on one of the benches in the quad like so many other couples do and plan our sex future.”

A few days later Beryl summoned home Charlie and his sister Rose because her baby was due anytime soon. They responded obediently and Charlie invited Geneva to accompany him.

“I really can’t afford to take time off classes.”

Charlie was ready for that.

“You haven’t seen your family for a while.”

Geneva looked interested.

Charlie then delivered what he believed would be a winner. “My aunt and uncle are in France. We could go to their house and set up for sex.”

Geneva looked intensely interested. “You mean stay at their house all night?”

“Yeah and do it again in the morning.”

“I’m off to make arrangements right now,” Geneva said enthusiastically, giving Charlie a great kiss with tongue, confirming to him that she’d picked up something from her sexy girlfriends. “How on earth did your mother get pregnant at her age?”

“She had sex with dad.”

Geneva hurried away giggling.

Charlie found his mom looking huge and healthy but she appeared anxious. She relaxed visibly when Rose arrived and clucked around her.

Charlie had gone in his mom’s car to collect Rose from the bus station and he grabbed a breast and squeezed it and said, “These have become larger. You are looking great, very fuckable.”

“God Charlie, I like you all grown up and sexy. Squeeze me there again.”

He did that and she said to touch her pussy.

Charlie did that too because he could be obedient at times but his sister refused to allow him to insert a finger.

Next morning just after Robert left Beryl in bed to make breakfast she shrieked and it was all on.

The baby that would be named Linda Lott was born in the maternity facility seventy minutes later and Beryl was disappointed she wasn’t celebrated as being the oldest new mother; that dubious honor went to another woman who was forty-four.

Charlie, who felt something special with the baby because it was born on his birthday, although the unheralded occasion had not gone unnoticed by him. He went to Geneva Kennedy’s home by invitation for lunch and Wendy Kennedy was all over him, not for sex but to learn all about his mom’s pregnancy and the birth.

“Where you there?”


“Did you see it come out?”

Charlie turned puke and suddenly didn’t feel like eating lunch but Geneva came to the rescue and said, “Mom ease off. Can’t you see your interrogation is stressing Charlie? What he witnessed was enough to frighten him.”

Charlie nodded. “It was awful. Mom was letting out some blood-curling yells and then was blaming dad for her extreme discomfort and crying she didn’t want the baby.”

“Omigod you poor sweet boy,” Mrs Kennedy said hurling Charlie’s head between her rather substantial breasts and stroking the back of his head, an action that made Geneva’s eyes pop.

As soon as he extracted his head, Charlie said, “But when the baby was out and we were told it looked okay mom was all joy and said wasn’t it the most beautiful little thing in creation.”

“What was it?

Charlie thought for a moment. “A girl, yes a girl.”

“Oh what a lovely story,” Mrs Kennedy said, jerking Charlie back to her and kissing him passionately on the mouth.

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