7 Şubat 2021

Castration fun


I wear a skirt, thinking you were joking about my balls, you walk up behind me and ask “hey, does this taste like chloroform?” as you rub it against my mouth, I suck it in and fall unconscious. when i wake up i see you standing over me with a strap on. I marvel at the detail of it, noticing that it has had excellent detail. It reminded me of my cock. I always did like women with a strap-on and expected to feel the normal erection flare up. when i felt horny but no erection surfacing, i raced my hand down my body, noticing it felt soft as a ran my hand down it. I began wondering why i was naked, but a more worrisome thought was surfacing as i ran my hand down my crotch. As i entered myself i felt a warm wet surface graze my hand. I stared at the cock that you had close to my finger as you chuckled, and realized that it looked alot like my cock. As i raise my head to look at your eyes i notice you have a jar in your hand. I look at it, and see to flesh colored spheres floating in it.
“I told you i would chop them off if you wore a skirt.” you said, as you set them down. ” Now you can wear it, let me show you what they were meant for. Easy access.” you muscle my hand out of myself with my cock and it enters me. I feel A blissful emotion, mixed with a slight pain. As you come in me you begin a rocking motion back and forth. The stress of it caught me by surprise and i let out a little yelp. “Squeaky little thing aren’t you?” you say, as you begin to rock faster. I can no longer control myself as i let out more squeaks, which soon became longer, and became squeals. As you laugh, i feel bliss overcoming casino şirketleri my body. ” coming already?” you say, as i begin to orgasm.
You bend down real close to my head and say ” I see why you men like this” i can only moan in response. you lift your head a bit, to reveal your nipples, I quickly put my lips around them, as you begin to moan in response, your humping slows, and my cock lingers in and out of my body longer. I quickly begin to lick them. I caress your breast with my soft hands, ever so lightly against the edge, and begin to massage them. As i move my tips and tongue against your breast your humping slows even more until it finally stops and you rest atop of me. you begin to massage your breast with me, increasing your quiet moans. ” I wish my fingers were a little moist.” then you rub your hand down my stomach and into me, which quickly wets your finger. I quickly delve my hands into myself, which brings a wave of pleasure over me. As i remove them, i quickly begin to rub the bottom of your breast this time, working my way to the center, and right around my mouth.
As i begin to rub you breasts again, you begin to hump me again. I feel the cock going deep inside me, as if it is caressing the bottom of my belly. ” this was harder than i thought it would be” you said.” I found out after i removed your shaft that i was suppose to invert your cock inside you. Cutting your actual balls off made no difference, imagine that.” as you tell me this i realize that, my cock had never given me this kind of pleasure. I then begin to return your thrusts, hoping you will become more aggressive. I casino firmaları heard a sound, and i stop suckling your nipples long enough to tilt my head backwards and see Caitlyn walk in. Her blond hair flowing to about her shoulder, she looks at you on top of me, and then looks down at me and her mouth dropped.

Caitlyn slowly starts to head back out of the room. You quickly get up, lurching my cock in me in a position that hits the top of me, and nicks my chin as you fly over me. You latch on to her arm, and pull her back in. closing, and locking the door behind you. ” Caitlyn, check out my new sissy!” you say, as She stares wide eyed at me. ” I just got her two days ago, She decided to wear a skirt. I decided to make he a she.” I sit up and start back, and huddle in the corner against the wall. ” That used to be a he?” Caitlyn asked. ” yes, i’ve been pumping her full of estrogen to fix her.”
You quickly rush up to me, and grab my arms, heaving me out of the corner. As you twist me around, you place yourself behind me, and bend me over, then began to stare Caitlyn in the eye. “oh no” i think as i feel the cock lowering and lowering. “I bet she planned to keep this empty.” as you enter me, thrusting my cock quickly into me. My ass nearly splitting in pain as you yank it back out, the pain dulls. ” she is so squeamish” Caitlyn said. ” kind of a disgrace for her to be a women.” ” She’s learning, and i am slowly breaking her in. She will love this stuff by the morning, i am sure.” you reply. As Caitlyn slowly patters foward, You thrust yourself into me again, deeper than last time, ripping my ass open. güvenilir casino As it sears through me, all i can do is moan in pain. Caitlyn reached her destination point, 2 inches from me. She crouches down, to look me in the eyes. ” Can I try?” she asks”.” Why hell yes, don’t go easy on her now.” you respond. a grin spreads across her face, as you remove the strap on, she steps in and tightens it around her waste. Then she pulls it back out of me, and almost immediatly thrusts it back in, and begins swinging back and forth, my ass exploding with this unwanted intruder.
You laugh, as she swings in me yet again. ” wishing you didn’t wear that skirt now?” you ask, as you begin to circle around Caitlyn to stand in front of me. when you finally get to my head you scoot closer so that all i can see, is your moist glistening flesh in my face. “Lick me.” you demand. I stick my tongue out, and start moving in a figure eight motion. You tremble, almost loosing your footing, and you fall a step backwards. Caitlyn, seeming to have finally run out of energy, begins to slow down, as you take a step foward, placing yourself in my face again. ” Do that again!” you whisper at me. So as i trace my motion over you again, you again tremble and take another step back. Caitlyn looks up at you and says, “what is a matter?”. “nothing, she is just better with her tongue than i thought she was.” you respond. Then you jump, as a banging fills the room and the door rattles. “DAMNIT KRISTINE!” a voice on the other side shouts, “THIS IS MY ROOM LET ME IN!” as you and caitlyn make eye contact, she stops and pulls out of my ass for the last time, sweat running down her body, and falls silent as she locks with your eyes

not sure what happened to the third part of this story, ill rewrite it later.

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