9 Şubat 2021

Car Head


My wife has been giving me some of the best head I’ve ever received. It’s been 20 years with the same woman. I love her and our life, but I can’t shake my desire to have my dick sucked more often than she does it. Yeah I know I’m a shitty person, you could make an argument that I don’t really love her if I cheat on her, but show me a guy that won’t let a pretty girl suck his dick every now and then.

Ever since Craigslist changed their personal’s page, it’s been difficult finding anyone other than my wife, Kay, to give me head. Time after time I received that dreaded email informing me that my ad violates their policy and it’s been flagged and removed. I was determined to have my foot pole polished. I posted an ad simply looking for a female friend. Much to my delight a 22-year-old new college chick emailed me asking me to show her around town. Well I’m not into showing anyone around town. I’ll show you all the places I like to get my dick sucked, and the scenery I enjoy looking at if I’m not looking at the top of your head! casino şirketleri I was honest with her and told her what I was looking for. She said that she wouldn’t mind having a fuck buddy as long as I still wanted to hang out and go to the movies or to dinner, blah blah blah.

We emailed several times as the evening crew old and we agreed to pick up our conversation the next morning. After all I am married and can’t be emailing some chick and cant expect to not get caught. So the next day we emailed a few more times only this time she wasn’t sure about having me over to her house just yet. So we agreed to meet in a large parking lot with a lot of cars but still mostly vacant. When she arrived and stepped out of her car I could hardly believe what I was looking at. A tall skinny but healthy long brown hair chick in her pink shorts and matching flip-flops and sunshades. She walked over to the passenger door and after opening it she told me that she was nervous because I was older, I’m 41, and this wasn’t a great location. casino firmaları She also noted the cab of my truck was small. I promised her that I could easily see someone walking up before they even got 200 feet away and that my truck was big enough to give a blowjob. That’s when she told me she’s never given head before! I was not about to pressure the girl into doing something she did not want to do, so I gave her some bullshit line about me taking her to dinner on the 4th of July and being a sugar daddy! As she thought about it I simply told her look you are already here which is the hard part. What’s the point of walking away now.

Next thing I know she’s sitting in the passenger seat and I am pulling my shorts down. She leans over and swallows my entire flaccid dick. Of course this action causes my dick to swell inside her mouth. I moan and she lets out a giggle. At this point I don’t even care if we get caught. I let my right hand explore her back and side boob and her ass. She didn’t let me explore her mouth for long güvenilir casino before she put my mushroom head at her lips and circled her tongue around it. Seeing this beautiful girl that’s almost half my age and knowing her mouth has never tasted a dick before kept me erect and focusing on not cuming too quickly. Finally she alternated between trying to take me deep and just licking the head. It wasn’t long start to finish, maybe three minutes, but I knew it was time. As she was licking the tip I grab the top of her head and thrust my dick to my balls. As far in as I could take it and with a little resistance on her neck muscles, I begin to buck my hips and coat her tonsils with my love juice. Rope after rope of baby batter shot into her mouth and most likely right down into her belly. When I was done I let the pressure off the back of her head and like a good girl she slowly licked me clean. I slapped my softening dick across her chin a couple of times and congratulated her on now being a cock sucker.

By the time I reached the office I had two emails from her thanking me for the introduction and asking what I’m doing on the fourth. I may or may not reply but one things for sure, if we see each other again she will be showing me what she learned from our first session.

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