3 Şubat 2021

Brianna’s Panties


Mike sighed as he put down the phone. It was his sister-in-laws mother – his brother’s mother-in-law. Apparently Brianna needed something fixed in the house. Again. Ever since Richard had taken the job in the West Coast, he had been called upon to fix things in his house. Mike wondered if Brianna told Richard how much he helped around. He didn’t really care. She was family and family came first. Richard had always been a good brother to him although nowadays he was a bit of a dick. A dick who was more interested in making money than anything else.

Mike laughed to himself at the pun – Richard the Dick! How apt. He started the car and drove over to Brianna’s. “Wonder what’s gone bust this time.” He wondered aloud. He really didn’t mind helping. He just felt that sometimes he was being made use off. What was worse was that it was always Theresa that called for his help. It was never Bri. Mike knew that Theresa was a stingy old cat. Cute, but a stingy old cat all the same.

He was glad that Bri hadn’t picked up any of her mothers stinginess. Matter of fact, she hadn’t picked up any of her mother’s ways. Except her good looks and her amazing tits. Yeap, both mother and daughter were lookers with the finest pair of tits he had ever seen. He used to joke with Richard that his mother in law had ‘horizontal cleavage’. Whenever she wore low cut blouses, her tits stuck out so proudly that the cleavage was actually a deep horizontal line. Bri didn’t have such big tits but they were a lovely size and shape. They were just firm enough to stick out proudly but soft enough to juggle about as she walked. With or without a bra.

Mike was so lost in thought over Brianna and Theresa’s tits that he drove right past Bri’s house. Smiling quietly to himself he parked the car and got out. Bri opened the door even before he rang the doorbell.

“Oh Mike!” She said. “I’m so sorry to bring you out her. The sink is clogged. I was going to get a plumber but Mom said she would call you first.”

“Yeah well.” Mike said, rolling his eyes skyward. “We know what you’re mother is like! She thinks I can fix anything too. Anyway, I’m just glad I don’t like to far.”

Bri laughed along with Mike as she led him in.

“Got a toolbox?” Mike asked as he turned on the kitchen sink and noticed that the water hardly moved down the spout. He placed his hands over the drainage hole and pumped up and down a few times, trying to create a suction effect. That didn’t seem to help either.

“Here you go.” Bri said handing him a large toolbox. Mike knelt down and opened it to find a well stocked but hardly used tool box.

“Move aside, let a man do what a man’s gotta do.” Mike said in his best Clint Eastwood impersonation. Bri laughed and moved away to stand by the fridge as Mike knelt down and slid under the sink, the pipes just above his head. He used a wrench to open the elbow joint and immediately water spilled out over him, soaking his shirt.

“Damn!” Mike yelled out. “Shouldn’t have opened that joint so damn quick!”

“You okay?” Brianna called out as she moved toward him. Mike shifted his focus to look out from under the sink.

“Uh, yeah, yeah. Just a little wet, that’s all.” He felt a lump in his throat as he looked up at Brianna. The light shone right through her dark blue floral dress, making it almost transparent. He could see right up her thighs to her ass. He could see the outline of her panties – hicut bikinis. He tried not to stare as he felt his cock rising to life and pressing against his jeans.

He refocused on the pipes and gathered his wits. “Mind moving out of the light? Cant see too well.” He said, half wishing that she would just stay there and let him feast his eyes a bit longer. He kept working on the pipes and found that they were casino şirketleri clogged with a sticky, glue like substance.

“God I’m such a klutz!” Brianna exclaimed when Mike showed her the sticky stuff clogging her pipes. “I spilled a bag of flour yesterday and I guess I didn’t wash it all out.”

“It must have hardened overnight into this gunk.” Mike explained. “Then it would have created a vacuum effect and back pressure to stop the water from flowing down. Anyway, all fixed now.”

“And look at you! Your all wet and messed up!” Brianna exclaimed. “Why don’t you go take a quick shower? You can wear one of Richard’s shirts.”

Mike agreed. He was wet and had gooey bits on his face. A shower would help get his hard-on cool as well. Bri led him to her room and fished out a shirt from Richards wardrobe together with a fresh towel. “The bathroom’s over there.” She said pointing with her finger. Mike realised he had never been in her bathroom before. He usually only ever used the bathroom on the other side of the house, the one meant for guests.

“You get washed up. I”ll make some coffee and sandwiches.” Bri said as she danced out of the room.

Michael walked into the bathroom and locked the door. There was a wonderful smell in here. The smell of soap mixed with perfume. He looked over at the array of soaps, powder and perfumes on the long vanity counter. He took off his clothes and as he was about to step into the shower area, his eyes fell on the laundry basket. His heart started to thump wildly as he recalled Bri’s semi transparent skirt and her toned legs and panties. He pulled the laundy basket out and rummaged through it.

He picked up a black spaghetti strap blouse. It felt so soft and light in his hands. He lifted it to his nose and inhaled, getting the sweet scent of her perfume together with her own body odour. It smelt so womanly. He rummaged about again. His heart pounded wildly as his hands located a think piece of flimsy white material. He lifted it out. It was a pretty, white lacy cotton panty with a thin band of cotton running along the crotch. The crotch was stained with a slightly yellowish streaks. He could feel butterflies in his stomach as he raised the panties to his nose.

He sniffed tentatively and his cock jerked as his senses were inundated with the sourish smell of her stale pussy juices. He buried his nose into the crusted streaks and inhaled deeply. He imagined his nose was stuck deep into the seething gash of her pussy. He sniffed and smelled her used panties until he felt he couldn’t smell anymore. He placed the white panties down on the vanity counted and rummaged about some more in the hamper.

He located a pair of dark blue panties that weren’t as flimsy as the white pair. These too had a thick smear across the crotch area. He stuck his nose right into it and he felt heady as the smells permeated his nostrils. This one smelt slightly fruity and not as sourish. His cock was a throbbing ache now and he lined up the black panties next to the white ones.

Rummaging about some more, he found a pair of sheer, light blue panties. These panties were so sexy with the front practically transparent. These didn’t have such a large stain on the crotch. He lifted them up to his nose and he got the acrid smell of ammonia mixed with the fruity scent of pussy. He realised that he was smelling her pee, absorbed by the panties. The pussy scent was still fresh and he realised that she had probably only dropped them in the hamper this morning.

He stuck his hand in the hamper again and found a few more plain cotton panties. None of them looked particularly exciting as the other three had but he gave each of them a good sniff. They all smelled of Bri’s pussy and his cock lurched as she sniffed each casino firmaları pair. He gave each of the sexy panties a final sniff before dumping them back into the hamper. He felt a thrill knowing he had not only seen the most private underclothes of his sister-in-law but he had also smelt them. This was the first time he had ever done such a thing but he knew it wasn’t going to be the last.

He quickly showered, hoping his raging hard on would subside but his cock just stuck out hard as ever. He towelled himself dry and as he was about to put his clothes on, a wicked idea hit him. He reached into the hamper and pulled out the sheer blue panty. He put in on, feeling how soft and sexy it felt on his buttocks. His hard cock pressed against the sheer, lacy front and he stuffed it down as he pulled his pants up.

Mike felt so kinky wearing Bri’s used panties that he almost came in his pants. He walked out to the lounge, relishing how the panties encased his cock and yet felt soft and sexy.

“There you are!” Bri called out. “Had a nice shower? You look all clean now.”

“Yeah, the pressure is great in there.” Mike answered. “so I took a long shower.” He was trying to cover up why he had taken so long.

“Have some coffee and help yourself to the sandwiches.” Bri said as she busied herself, trying to move some boxes.

“Here, let me help.” Mike said, noticing that she was struggling with some of the heavier boxes.

Mike bent to demonstrate and lowered himself, knees bent to pick up a box. He straightened up and moved the box into the store room, lowering his knees again as he did so.

“See? You gotta use your knees.” He explained as he lifted another box. “Otherwise you’ll hurt your back.”

Bri watched as Mike lifted the boxes from the kitchen to the store room. She liked how his arm muscles tensed as he grabbed the boxes and then how his arse tightened as he bent his knees. She watched as his shirt rose up each time he straightened his knees and she admired his hard back.

As he lifted the final box, Bri noticed a flash of blue. “Oh my.” She thought to herself. “That looks familiar.” She paid closer attention as he lowered the box into the store room. His shirt rode up and his pants slid down and she saw the flash of blue again. It was all too familiar a blue!

“Uh, thanks Mike.” She mumbled. “Gotta go use the ladies for a while.” Bri practically ran to her bathroom. She had to make sure she was right. She emptied her laundry basket on the floor and used her feet to spread the clothes around. She was right! Her blue panties were missing! Mike was wearing them!

A surge of lust went through her as she realised how kinky this was! Mike wearing her panties. Her used, filthy panties! She could ignore it and just keep it to herself or she could use it to her advantage. Her pussy started to moisten at all the possibilities playing in her head. Her eyes fell on to the hamper again and noticed a pair of red mens underwear. She realised with a smile that Mike had been careless. She decided she was going to take charge.

“Mike? Can you come in here a second? There’s something strange in here.” She called out as she packed all the clothes back into the hamper except the red male brief. She heard a light sigh and then footsteps as Mike approached her room. She picked up the underwear and dangled them from her fingers. She heard Mikes footsteps getting louder and suddenly stop.

“What the….?” Mike said softly as his eyes took in the sight of his sister in-law holding his underwear.

“Forget something?” Bri purred as she dangled the undies sensually.

“Um… I mean. err” Mike stuttered, dumbfounded. How could he have been so stupid to leave them there? “They got wet.” He managed to mumble.

“They güvenilir casino don’t seem wet.” Bri said mockingly as she walked over to Mike. “You make a habit of not wearing your underpants?”

She suddenly slipped her hands into the waistband of his jeans and down over his cock. “Oh my! But whats this?” Bri said mockingly. “You are wearing underpants!”

Mike was flabbergasted. He didn’t know what to say and he didn’t know how he could explain himself. Bri pulled Mike forward, with her hand still stuck in his pants, to the edge of the bed. She used her free hand to unbutton his jeans and then knelt at his feet.

“Oh God, what sexy panties!” She purred. “Oh! I think they’re mine!”

“I errr I –I can explain.” Mike stuttered

“No need to explain” Bri smiled. “I think this is kind of kinky.”

She pulled his jeans off and licked his balls that were sticking out of the side of her panties. Mikes semi-hard cock sprang to attention, stretching the fabric of her used panties. Brianna nuzzled his hard cock through the panties, enjoying the sight of seeing a hard cock in panties. Her panties!

She slipped the shaft out of the panties and gave it a slow lick. She could smell her pussy juices on the panties, now bunched around his balls and that only served to excite her even more. She sucked his cock deep into her mouth and tongued the head as she did so. After a few sucks, she pushed him back on the bed and straddled his face.

“You like panties?” She said in a husky voice. “Suck my pussy through my panties.” She ground her hips down onto his face. Mike got an even stronger smell of urine on the panties and his nasal passages burnt with the strong smell. He stuck out his tongue and tasted pee as he licked the thin material. He placed his mouth on the panty material and started to suck and chew her lips through the panties.

Brianna began to thrust her hips up and down and harder on to his chewing mouth. “Oh yes. Yes! You panty sucker. Suck my pussy!” Brianna squealed. She moved her hand down to pull the panties aside, exposing her vulva. Mike’s tongue made contact with her pussy lips and clitoris and Brianna moaned.

“Mmmmphhh….lick it. Lick me with your hot tongue.”

Brianna was enjoying the tonguing but her pussy had a deeper need. It needed to be fucked and fucked hard. She rolled of Mike and lay on the bed, spreading her legs wantonly. Her panties were still on and pulled to the side.

“Fuck me Mike. Fuck me while I wear my panties ” She called out. “And you wear mine too.”

Mike looked at her gaping cunt, outlined on one side by bright pink panties. How apt that he was wearing blue panties he thought! Blue for boys, pink for girls. He slipped his cock into her soaking pussy and it slipped right in.

“Oh yeah. Oh yeah!” Bri moaned. “That’s what I need. Hard cock. Oh yesss.”

Mike was spurred on by Bri’s wanton cries. He had never expected his sister in-law to be such a hot bitch but she certainly was. Her pussy was hot and creamy and he fucked faster into her.

“Fuck it baby, fuck it”

“Make me cum! I need it”

“Show me what a good fuck you are!”

Mike felt the cream in his balls began to churn as he hammered faster into her. Then he heard it.

“Oooooohhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhh Oh God. Oh Mike….nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnn ummmmm unnnhhh Aahhhhhhhhhh!!””

Bri started to hump her hips up wildly at Mike as her body shook and trembled. His cock spurted deep into her as she continued moaning and yelling out her orgasm. Mike kept his cock buried in her as he felt her pussy spasm and clench at his cock, milking every last drop from him. Finally he felt his cock deflating and he withdrew slowly from her.

Bri pulled the panties back in place to stem the flow of cum from within her.

“Oh wow! Mike!” Bri smiled up at her brother in-law. “You can wear my panties anytime”

Mike grinned at her sheepishly. “I wonder how she’ll react if she finds out I like to sniff her panties?” He thought to himself.

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