17 Şubat 2021

Blackmailed Ch. 02


In order to understand the story fully please read first my story “blackmail”

Unknown to Zilpha, Joey went out of the house and peeped through the living room window, concealing himself in the bushes beside the window. And what he saw through the window convinced him that Mrs. Rollins was not that firm in her position. He knows that he could seduce her well enough for her to give in to her feelings for him. So while he walked to school he devised a plan for the seduction of his mature teacher.

For two days, there was no contact between Joey and Mrs. Rollins until Joey approached her one afternoon while she was walking down the hall to her office.

“Good afternoon, Mrs. Rollins.”

“Good afternoon, Joey.” Zilpha greeted him as well.

“Mrs. Rollins can we talk?”

“Ok, Joey we can’t talk here let’s go to my office.” Zilpha explained to her student in a whisper.

While proceeding to her office Zilpha felt a surge of excitement envelope her whole body as she anticipated in her mind what Joey would want from her now. When they arrived at her office Joey, who was following her, immediately locked the door and went on to stand in front of her table while Zilpha sat on her chair behind her desk.

“Now Joey, what was that you would like to talk about?” Zilpha asked him in a casual manner trying to act cool but deep inside, her pulses where racing and there was an itch forming between her thighs that needed her attention. Seeing Joey for the first time since their encounter in her house triggered mixed feelings for this 43-year old teacher. One part of her wanted to smack the young boy doing this to her but another side of her was yearning for his young cock.

“You know what I want Mrs. Rollins.” Joey confidently told her as he unzipped his pants and then pulled out his cock from his boxers.

As Joey’s cock sprang out of his boxers, Zilpha just stared at the humongous meat in front of her. She had to squeeze her thighs together to keep her love juices from flowing out to her legs. Then Joey walked up beside her, with his 10-inch cock standing at attention a few centimeters from Zilpha’s face. Zilpha just watched as Joey gently stroked his rigid member, Joey could feel Zilpha’s breathe brushing across his cock as he massaged his young cock in front casino şirketleri of her face. By now Zilpha’s panties were soaked of her love nectar and that she was completely sexually aroused such that, with Joey’s cock just a few centimeters from her face she licked the tip of his cock sending him trembling in pleasure.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh………..Zilphaaaaaa…” Joey screamed as Zilpha licked the bulb shaped head of his penis.

Throwing caution and reason out the window and letting her emotions take over her body, Zilpha passionately licked the sides of her young student’s penis, running her hot and wet tongue all over his 10-inch cock causing Joey to groan in shear pleasure.

“Haaaaaahhh…haaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh….Mrs. Rollin’s.” Joey tried to suppress his cries but the pleasure of having his cock licked by the woman of his dreams was just too much for him to hold back.

Zilpha then got Joey’s hand from the base of his cock and then replaced it with her soft hand. Then without warning Zilpha, slid Joey’s enormous cock in her hot mouth.

“Huuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh….Mrs. Rollins…you are the best….” Joey cried as he experienced his first blowjob.

As Joey’s hard meat slid in and out of her mouth, Zilpha looked up to see her young student squirming in pleasure. Feeling his warm cock in her mouth opened the floodgates of her vagina such that she had to touch her self to relieve the itch she was feeling between her thighs. So Zilpha lifted one leg on the arm rest of her chair, spread her legs wide apart and then slowly rubbed her pussy through her soaked panties.

Although Joey was overwhelmed with pleasure, but as soon as he saw what his teacher was doing to her self he hurriedly reached out to where her hands were playing and then gently pulled her panties aside and then ran his middle finger up and down her dripping canal.

“Huuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmhhhhhh……Joey…..” Zilpha moaned, momentarily stopped her sucking of Joey’s cock, as Joey’s virgin fingers played with clitoris.

Zilpha was ecstatic at the feel of Joey’s inexperienced fingers trying to give the pleasure she deserves.

“Put your finger inside my pussy Joey…please…” Zilpha begged her young student, as she was now totally overwhelmed by the pleasure that his naïve fingers are casino firmaları giving to her mature pussy.

So without hesitation, Joey slid his middle finger in to his mature teachers drenched vagina causing her to scream in pleasure.

“Haaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…haaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…Joey please don’t stop.” Zilpha was trying desperately to stifle her cries, as she experienced for the first time in 2 years someone else other than her self touching her depraved pussy.

Then after a few minutes of Joey’s finger sliding in and out of her dripping pussy Zilpha came to an intense orgasm.

“Aaaargggggggghhhhhhhhh… Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh…Joeeeeeeeey.” Zilpha screamed as she squeezed her thighs together enveloping Joey’s arm between her soft plump thighs.

As the pleasure of being fingered by a boy about 20 years her junior started to subside, Zilpha reached out for Joey’s cock, she released his cock from her mouth due to the intensity of her orgasm, and tightened her grip on her students cock and masturbated him passionately, stroking his massive member up and down in her soft hand. Then she returned his cock in to her mouth and then she tried to consume all of his 10-inches but just half way through his cock Zilpha gagged as Joey’s cock hit the back of her throat. So she just wrapped her long soft fingers around the base of his cock and then started to jerk him off with her sucking on the bulbous head of his penis.

Then after a few minutes of these intense blowjob…

“Haaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Mrs. Rollins I’m cummmmmmming……” Joey screamed as he tried to push Mrs. Rollins back, but Zilpha held on to his butt so that he could not move back and remove his cock from her mouth.

After a couple of strokes Joey exploded inside Mrs. Rollins mouth. Zilpha at first was surprised at the amount of sperm that squirted from young Joey’s cock but she tried her best not to allow a single drop of his cum escape her mouth as she continued to milk his penis in her mouth. Then when Zilpha was sure that she has milked all of his cum out of his limp cock she released it from her mouth, Joey’s slimy and sticky cum dripping from her chin and landing on her satin blouse.

Joey was awe stricken as he had just experienced cumming inside a woman’s mouth and the feeling was just fantastic. güvenilir casino After Mrs. Rollins released his cock from her mouth he sat down on a couch beside her desk. Then she joined him on the couch and, with her hand still stroking his cock sending his limp cock to harden again, asked to him.

“Did you liked it, Joey?”

“Yes, Mrs. Rollins that was the best orgasm that I have ever experienced before.”

“But Mrs. Rollins you said that jerking me off was the farthest you can go with this?” He asked her as if he did not know the answer.

“Well, Joey lets put it this way there are times in our lives when we say, “To hell what people say, and just follow your feelings. Well Joey I just followed my feelings and am sure glad I did.”

“So this means that we are now like this.” Joey asked her and placing his two forefingers together.

“Oh yes baby, but we must be discrete with this we don’t want anybody finding about us Joey.” Zilpha explained to her young lover.

Then Zilpha kissed Joey passionately on the lips and this time she stuck her tongue inside his mouth, letting him suck on her soft tongue and in the process he tasted his own cum in her mouth. Their passionate embrace was interrupted when the intercom buzzed. So Zilpha reluctantly let go of Joey and then answered the phone, after talking on the phone for a few seconds, Zilpha cleaned up and then kissed Joey again lightly on the lips and then said

“I have been called to the principal’s office, we’ll continue this tomorrow. Is that all right with you Joey?” Zilpha told Joey as Joey zipped up his trousers.

“Ok Ma’m, where will we meet tomorrow?” Joey asked with excitement written all over his face.

“Just call me tonight, I must have thought of something by then.” Zilpha told him as she handed him a piece of paper with her home number written on it.

Then Zilpha got some papers from her desk and then went to the door, but before she could open the door Joey grabbed her by the waist and then pulled her to him and then kissed on the lips and letting her suck on his hard tongue. But after a few seconds of passionate kissing Joey released her from hid grip and then patted her on her behind a signal to her to get going.

When Zilpha walked down the hall to the principal’s office there was a bounce to her steps and an aura around her that could only be manifested by a sexually satisfied woman. And she could not wait for tomorrow to come, she was dying to get Joey’s handsome cock in to her mature pussy.

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