3 Şubat 2021

Bedroom Eyes

Big Tits

One of Kristen’s former paramours was prone to saying it best. Kristen Deluna had “bedroom eyes”. She could seduce someone just by looking at them. If Kristen was interested in you, you were going to succumb. It was as simple as that.

Not that there was anything wrong with the rest of Kristen. Her eyes were azure blue and beguiling, yet the rest of her measured up just as nicely. Back in the “old days”, Kristen would have been referred to as a bombshell.

To start with, there was the matter of Kristen’s body. She was a sensational, leggy, tanned blonde with hair so blonde and fair, it appeared to be bleached. It wasn’t bleached chemically; Kristen was a fan of the sun. She knew it could be dangerous, but the one flaw in her otherwise-perfect persona was her being a beach bunny. When she could get away with it, she tanned without anything on, so her tan lines were minimal. On her 34C-24-35 figure, tan lines usually weren’t the first thing others noticed about her. They were way, way down on the list.

Kristen was one of several girls who would have considered themselves to be free spirits. They had all met in university, at the sorority and stayed in touch over the years. Being a free spirit, Kristen had experimented with every one of her girlfriends. She wasn’t picky about things such as hair color or race – the girl just had to be hot. All of Kristen’s sorority sisters were hotter than the sun and all of them liked her crazy, wicked personality. Even as she approached the dreaded 30, Kristen showed no signs of slowing down. She wasn’t reckless and took necessary precautions. Never would she have done anything stupid like drink and drive. She wasn’t going to be an unwed mother either. In fact, weddings were for other girls, not for our Miss Kristen. She believed that she’d know when the time came for marriage, if ever. In the modern world, Kristen believed that there was nothing wrong with a girl who chose to stay single or have several relationships. She wasn’t against marriage; it just wasn’t for her at the present time.

Kristen was having way too much fun to settle down. Her family had money, so she didn’t have to work. She chose to do things that interested her. She traveled. She had posed nude for at least 3 artists who had made her immortal in paintings and sculpture. She had a few love affairs with some very prominent men – and women. She trained herself so that she would be a virtuoso in the sexual arts. When Kristen wanted to fuck, she fucked. She didn’t really have a lot of time to worry about something silly like falling in love.

So, when her cousin Tonya telephoned her to announce her impending marriage, Kristen was taken somewhat aback at the news. Tonya was a few years younger than her free-wheeling cousin and was a total extrovert. In times past, Tonya had come with her on a few of her rowdier adventures. Whoever this man was who had captivated her younger cousin, he had to be something else.

“You’re sure you want to do this whole marriage thing, huh cuz?” Kristen said as she tried to talk Tonya out of what she surely thought to be a huge mistake. “We’ve both still got plenty of life left to live and there sure are more adventures that I want to have.”

“Who says I can’t still have adventures once I’m married?” Tonya argued. “Just wait until you meet my fiancé before you make snap judgments. He’s one in a million!”

The flight to New York was uneventful, although Kristen did manage to get the phone numbers of both of the sexy flight attendants. One claimed to be straight and just interested in friendship, but Kristen knew better. She had set her sights on the petite brunette and she was going to get Bonnie into bed. Her tongue would do things to the girl that would make her heterosexuality a thing of the past.

She drove a rented car to her cousin’s new brownstone and when the door opened, it wasn’t Tonya who answered the door. It was a bronzed Adonis who must have stood at least 6″4″ tall. He was almost as wide across as a tree trunk and he had piercing dark eyes. This man had to be her cousin’s new love, Roger – something. Okay, at least her cousin hadn’t lost her taste. She couldn’t fault Tonya for desiring this guy, because he sure was something to look at. He smiled at Kristen, gave her a welcoming hug and picked up her bags as he lead her inside the spacious home her cousin had only recently purchased.

“I see by the look on your face that you’ve both met and approve of my fiancé,” Tonya laughed as she descended the stairs. “Isn’t he something? I know that look; keep your predatory paws off my guy!” She laughed.

“Does he have any cute friends?” Kristen asked, laughing along with her favorite cousin.

“Lots!” Tonya continued laughing as they made their way into the living area. “Are we talking men or women?”

Kristen smiled. “You know me, babes. Pick some from Column A and some from Column B and let me mix and match!”

Roger rolled in a cart laden with bottles of alcohol, glasses and ice. “Okay, so just what are you two lovely women going on about?”

“Tonya was just about to tell me which bahis firmaları one of your friends I should fuck first,” Kristen said as she stretched and crossed her long legs. Roger took notice and smiled. Something about this man informed Kristen that her cousin was getting some wonderful fucks.

“Some fiancé, she is putting my friends ahead of me,” Roger teased. “What’s wrong with me, why can’t I be first?”

Tonya put a mock scowl on her pretty young face and wagged her finger. “In case you’ve forgotten, YOU happen to be taken! I know this horny slut – once she wraps her pussy around that big cock of yours, you’ll want her to keep doing it and she’ll want to keep you all to herself. No way, buster!”

Kristen was pleased to see that her cousin had still maintained her sense of humor. “He has a big cock, does he?”

“Hey, HE is still in the room!”

“Oh shush Roger, you know you love it,” Tonya grinned. “He sure does have a big cock – everything about him is big, if you haven’t noticed.”

“Oh, I’ve noticed,” Kristen flirted a bit.

“Um, ladies, still in the room,” Roger commented.

“They grow them big in Texas,” Tonya insisted. “Do you think I’d give up my wild days for just ANY man? He’s hung like a Texas Bronco and you know this bitch – she likes to be taken for a good, long ride.”

If their intimate banter bothered Roger – whose last name just happened to be Best – it didn’t seem to show. He let the girls blather on about their lives, playing catch up and talking about some of the sexy fun and games they had got up to in the past. The girls were still laughing when Roger called it a night around 11. Tonya went to join him about an hour later, which left Kristen alone with her thoughts.

She wanted to give the young couple something great to start their marriage with. An ordinary wedding present wouldn’t do, not for her favorite cousin. It would have to be something they could enjoy for the rest of their lives. All at once, the thought came to her. She knew Tonya would love it and she just hoped that everything she had heard about Roger Best was true. If it was, she felt sure that Tonya’s married life would be just as exciting as her singlehood had been.

The next morning, the two cousins and besties were left entirely alone. Tonya had taken a leave of absence from her work, but Roger had to work at the brokerage firm. “He can keep me in the style to which I’d like to become accustomed,” Tonya smiled as she poured them both large mugs of coffee. “Hey, what’s up with the enigmatic smile?”

“Oh nothing, I was just admiring this beautiful old brownstone,” Kristen answered. “Are those the original hardwood floors?” She asked as she looked around the kitchen.

“Bitch, I know you aren’t in the slightest bit interested in the floors or in my brownstone,” Tonya said as she folded her arms across her beautiful chest. “You’re up to something – now give! We’ve been besties since I was 10 years old and you know you can’t hide anything from me!”

“Okay, okay, jeez, maybe marriage is the right thing for you now,” Kristen said as she stuck out her tongue and then, shook her head. She was still a bit jet lagged, although that would soon pass. “You’re not as much fun as you used to be.”

“Do you want me to call Roger and prove you wrong?” Tonya countered. “I assure you, he can attest to just how much fun I can still be. There are a few times I’ve almost funned him so much he couldn’t walk straight the next day,” she snickered.

“Yeah, yeah, so do you think that you’re going to give me a run for the money in the hottest slut on two legs department?” Kristen asked as some lewd thoughts entered her fevered mind. “Now tell me, do you think you might be up for one final wild adventure with your favorite cousin?”

“That all depends, will I still have a fiancé when all of this is over and done with?” Tonya looked at her cousin seriously.

“Oh yeah, I’m not out to wreck your engagement,” Kristen laughed. She outlined her plan to Tonya. To her credit, the other blonde listened to every word before she told her cousin that she was crazy.

Of course, there are two kinds of crazy – bad crazy and good crazy. Kristen’s plan was the latter. With their shared history, Tonya was used to the good kind of crazy. She knew that she would agree, as they had both often talked each other into all sorts of freaky adventures. Tonya had less than two weeks before her wedding. A final blowout with her cousin didn’t seem like the most awful thing in the world.

A few nights later, Roger was getting ready for bed when Kristen appeared at the bedroom door. Her appraisal of the man had been spot-on; he was a big ‘un. She flashed him a dazzling smile and the hunky Texan returned it. Then he noticed that she was in a slinky negligee and heels. He wondered if she had a date lined up. Tonya wouldn’t have minded if her cousin brought a man – or woman – home for a bit of fun. He knew about Tonya’s little oddities and he rightly assumed her crazy cousin shared many of them.

It seemed like a long while, but it was only a few minutes. kaçak iddaa Kristen stood in the doorway and then, Tonya showed up. Her negligee was a copy of Kristen’s, only where Kristen wore black, her cousin wore white. Even their heels matched. The girls were now blocking the door, one of the left, one on the right.

Something seemed a little – off – to Roger. “What – what can I do for you, ladies?” He asked them both.

It was Kristen who moved forward with a beguiling charm, fluttering her eyelashes and using her eyes to attract Roger’s attention. “Actually sugar, we’re all going to do for each other, if you get my drift?”

Tonya had clued her cousin in that her fiancé could, on some occasions, be somewhat obtuse. “Um, actually, no, I don’t,” he answered. Tonya entered the room after that and took Kristen’s hand in hers.

“Two hot girls in the doorway to your bedroom and you don’t pick up any hints?” Tonya said to Roger. “Tch baby, I may have to rethink this whole marriage thing,” she teased him. He had never heard her sound quite this way before, her voice low and husky. It was very sexy, that he had to admit.

“We’re here to offer you your first-ever threesome, lover,” Kristen said, putting a bit of extra punch into the final word. “It’s going to be my wedding gift to the two of you.” She stared at him intently. “You DID say you would like to fuck me, didn’t you?”

Roger gulped. “Yeah, I did, but I was only making a joke. I wouldn’t exactly DO it, that wouldn’t be right just before I marry Tonya.” To Roger’s surprise, Tonya didn’t seem at all fazed by her cousin’s scheme.

“It’s no joke darling, you are going to fuck my gorgeous cousin,” Tonya smiled, her fingers entwined with Kristen’s. “I really want to see that, God; it will make me so fucking horny to see your big cock driving deep inside her cunt.”

Roger was really turned on. Tonya had told him she got wilder when in the presence of Kristen and here was the proof. If his lady-love didn’t mind him screwing her gorgeous, busty tanned cousin, who was he to argue?

“However – this is going to be a threesome with a twist,” Kristen smiled as she traced her finger along the collar bone of her lovely younger cousin. “You will be fucking me. You will NOT be allowed to fuck Tonya for the foreseeable future.”


Kristen and Tonya walked towards Roger, still linked together. “We’re going to have a bit of fun with you, darling,” Tonya spoke. “We both fuck like minks and I love, LOVE, fucking my man. But things needed a bit of – spicing up. You’ve gotten accustomed to fucking me and Kristen thinks – and I agree with her – that fucking a strange piece of ass might up the ante a little bit. So until our wedding, as often as you want and can handle it, you’re going to fuck her. Believe me, if you can rock with my cousin, you can take on anything. When we have our wedding night, you’re going to bring you’re a-game and also, you’ll probably be so horny to fuck me that I won’t want to leave the room the next day,” she chuckled.

Being a man, Roger was not likely to turn down a last chance for a pre-marital fling, especially if Tonya was giving her consent. A stray thought ran through his head. “I know you,” he said to his slender blonde fiancé. “You’re a huge sex freak; you can’t go more than a few days without making love – no scratch that, without fucking! If I’m going to be having sex with your cousin, who is going to be having sex with you?”

Kristen was still holding Tonya’s hand and squeezed it tight. Roger picked up on the not-so subtle signal. “You’re shitting me!” He gasped aloud. “The two of you – together?!”

“We’ve done it before,” Tonya nodded. “You know I like girls every so often and you sure know that I was a wild child in the past.”

“I know, I know, but Kristen is your own flesh and blood,” Roger commented.

“I sure am and you know what they say lover, incest is best,” Kristen spoke up. “Don’t even try to deny it; you should see how wide your eyes are. The thought of it turns you on, admit it!” When Roger nodded, the two blondes broke out laughing. “Typical male! Well baby, you’re going to watch us make love and I’m going to make her cum, then let loose on you. While I’m sucking and fucking with you, Tonya is going to act as my personal slut-slave. We just have one rule – until after the wedding; you two kids can’t have sex together. We all on the same page, babies?”

Kristen already knew Tonya’s answer, but it was up to Roger to complete the circle. “Okay, fuck, this is nuts, but okay. I’m not passing up the chance to fuck Kristen if her cousin is cool with it. And yeah, my balls are already aching at the thought of seeing you two go at it. Are we …?”

Roger didn’t even get a chance to finish his thought when the two women jumped into the huge bed. Tonya was practically ripping his clothes off, which was not quite within the rules. Kristen decided to cut her some slack, as she was going to be fucking the attractive stallion for the next several days. The girls kissed each other, then Roger, then back to each other as their kaçak bahis hands moved over each other. The lingerie stayed on for a while as both girls liked how they looked and both girls wanted to give Roger a hot show.

The two beauties moved together in perfect syncopation. Tonya went in one direction and her cousin moved in another. Their lips sought each other and their hands touched and explored, barely disturbing their outfits. Sweet, passionate intimate kisses were exchanged, tongues swirled together. Kristen had missed the intimacy of making love with her sexy, younger cousin and the warmth of her body. While both were cognizant that they were putting on a sexy show for Roger, there was no pretense to their shared sex. They always could get each other heated up. Early on in their relationship, the more slender Tonya had felt inadequate when compared to her curvier, older cousin. Kristen had set her clear on that, saying how much she enjoyed Tonya in bed, especially when their legs were entwined.

Roger was just astounded as he watched his bride-to-be make love to the other sexy blonde. He knew that Tonya was kinky, but the proof was in front of his eyes. The girls were now slowly removing their outfits, naked women writing atop the bed, the sheets being tugged in every direction. Normally he would have touched himself as he viewed this tableau, but Roger was smarter than that. He would let the girls enjoy their time and await the first touches of Kristen.

“Oh Christ, I forgot how fucking good you were with pussy,” Tonya gasped as her cousin spread her long legs and went down on her. She slurped and licked and for a time, the busty blonde was content to do all of the work. This and the future sexual romps to come, would be a treasured wedding gift for Tonya and Roger. Anyone could give them a blender or a Gravy Boat, but only nasty, slutty Kristen could give them an experience to remember!

Tonya and Kristen had already been through all of this and had decided to pull out all of the stops. After Kristen had made her bestie cum, they writhed and churned against each other on the spacious bed. Both of them were aware of their audience. A heated sixty-nine followed, but that wasn’t the penultimate. That came a few minutes later when the whorish Tonya got out a strap-on and fucked her cousin wickedly, including up her tight little ass. Roger had never imagined his lady could be such a slut, although he was thrilled to find that out.

“Oh, you fucking whore, my ass loved that pounding you gave it,” Kristen gasped out. “Do you ever let Roger fuck you that way?”

Tonya put the two on the night stand. “Hell, NO!” She laughed aloud. “I like walking far too much for that.”

Kristen thought her cousin was exaggerating a bit until Roger rolled over closer to the two of them and she got a good look at his naked cock. It was almost as big around as her wrist and long – before she had sucked on it to get it fully erect! Her cousin had no reason to be jealous of her, none whatsoever – not with a fiancé that possessed a cock that fucking big! She drew in a huge breath of air as she moved near Roger’s cock. Tonya was already preparing herself for the next act. She caught her cousin’s attention and winked. Poor Roger, he was likely going to be exhausted by the time he and Tonya got married. If they weren’t careful, she and Kristen would wear him out and he’d be sleeping all the way through his honeymoon.

As Kristen did her work on Roger’s massive cock, she had to breathe through her nostrils. The mammoth shaft filled her throat and she worked her level best not to choke on it. Her head moved up and down, but slowly. She didn’t know how much cum he had in those huge balls, but she would bend the rules a little and share it with Tonya when it was time. It was due to Tonya’s efforts that she was relaxed enough to give Roger amazing head, as Tonya slurped noisily at her shaved pussy. Sex between the two related friends had always been good, but this, their first MFM threesome, was spectacular.

“I told you he was hung!” Tonya sort-of whispered in between licks of pussy. As best she could, Kristen looked back at her cousin and acknowledged the other girl. Roger wasn’t just hung, he was the fucking Louvre! His cock was the biggest she had ever had and she would have to stop sucking on it soon or her jaw would drop off.

“Fuck, you gorgeous blonde sluts,” Roger gasped as Kristen sucked him and his lady licked at Kristen. Tonya had commented a few times that she admired Kristen’s skills at giving head and now, he knew why! He loved Tonya, but her cousin had her beat by a country mile! He felt as if his balls were going to explode and his cum would go up to the ceiling. He was thankful when Kristen stopped blowing him and changed her position. She looked back at Tonya and gave her a wink and a saucy little smile as she mounted the massive cock. It would be a difficult undertaking fucking Roger’s huge prick, but one that Kristen was willing to try. Tonya moved in behind her and as Kristen impaled herself on Roger’s tool, Tonya was there to provide support. She and Kristen kissed and touched so that Kristen would have a distraction from the pain. Her poor cunt craved cock, true enough, but Roger’s was beyond words. It packed her full and stretched Kristen almost beyond measure.

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