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Kat stood in the hot, bright glare of the spotlight and smiled beguilingly down upon the audience. From speakers at the side of the stage, Robert droned a litany of increasing numbers, drawing bids from the crowd. Kat glanced towards Robert and mouthed ‘How much?’ in his direction. He held up his hand with three fingers extended.

“Do I hear three thousand? Three thousand five? Four thousand?” he droned, rapidly.

Kat moistened her lips and slowly began to unbutton the front of her white silk blouse, easing the material further and further apart, so that the bidders could catch a glimpse of the deep cleft between her ripe breasts. She smiled more widely, then pouted sexily, as the bidding became livelier. She had suggested in her office that they could have an auction of promises, to raise money for the local cancer hospice. The idea had taken off and soon she had more pledges of help than she had believed possible. They wanted to raise ten thousand and, Kat thought, they had stood a slim chance of raising that amount, until Robert had suggested that they could have a second auction, this time of more adult orientated promises. Karen had already raised seventeen hundred with the promise of a striptease and a blow-job, with her lucky boss (how made the winning bid) watching her swallow a thick wad of his cum.

Kat, in friendly rivalry with her friend, had promised an intimate evening, with the highest bidder purchasing her every conceivable service and it looked as though she would raise most of the money for the hospice on her own.

Robert was coaxing even higher bids from the audience, including the current highest from the personnel director, a tall willowy blonde woman who, it had always been rumoured preferred to party with busty brunette women, very much like Kat. Kat hoped that her bid would be bettered, as she had heard rumours that the personnel director not only preferred women, but took great delight in beating them cruelly. Kat recalled watching her latest conquest, a pretty young brunette who had thought that an affair with a director would open company doors for her, wincing as she sat down behind her desk and barely able to sit still.

Kat sighed silently as the personnel directors bid was beaten, first by five hundred and then six hundred. By the time the bidding finally slowed to a halt, Kat had raised a pledge of seven thousand. As Robert brought down his gavel for the third, and final, time, Kat slowly buttoned her blouse and turned, with a sexy tip of her hips, to sashay sinuously off the platform. As she passed behind him, Robert handed her an envelope with a hotel key and a slip of paper with a room number on it. Leaning back he spoke softly to her.

“They want to collect their promise right away, that’s their room number,” he murmured.

Kat hurried backstage and made her way quickly up the plushly carpeted stairs. The room number was on the fifth floor of the hotel, two floors above the large conference room that they had hired for the auction. Kat could feel her heart fluttering in her chest as she raced up the staircase, though whether from excitement, nervousness, or just the effort of running up the staircase, she would never be able to say. The fifth floor was deserted and quiet, not a sole in sight and Kat paused in the corridor to catch her breath, for a moment, as she scanned along the doors, deciding whether to turn to her left or her right. The room she was looking for was to her right, in fact a corner suite rather than a room. She slid the electronic key into the lock and pushed the door slowly open. The suite was dark, only the pale silver moon shedding a wan light through the open drapes. A faint, expensive, tang of a man’s cologne tickled the back of her nostrils, with an underlying hint of male muskiness. The door clicked shut behind her and Kat took another step into the room. The bedclothes had been turned right down to the bottom of the bed and Kat could see the smooth linen of clean sheets in the moonlight. She took another step into the room, and stood by the couch in the main room.

“Hello,” she called, “I’m Kat. Yours was the winning bid. Is anyone here?”

“Good evening Kat,” a deep voice murmured from the darkness behind her, “Don’t move, just relax and we’ll have a wonderful evening together.”

Kat turned a little, straining her eyes into the darkness of the main room. A dark shadow seemed to move closer, a blacker patch in the gloominess. She opened her mouth to speak, but a finger pressed lightly across her lips silenced her. She casino şirketleri felt a soft velvet cloth wrapped over her eyes and tied behind her head and a shiver of excitement rippled through her. This promise looked as though it would be as pleasurable for her as for the mystery bidder who had bought her for the night. She felt warm fingers touching the silk of her blouse, unfastening the buttons and sliding the slick material out of the waistband of her skirt. The air in the room was pleasantly cool and Kat felt her nipples swelling and hardening as the fingers curled around the taut globes of her breasts. She stood, motionless as he pushed the material of her blouse down her arms and then unfastened her bra, scooping her breasts out of the cups and lifting them upwards. She groaned as she felt hot breath on the points and then a flicking of his tongue over the point of her nipple.

Her bra and blouse fell to the floor and Kat felt fingers unfastening her skirt, letting it fall around her ankles. The black lace of her panties clung to the smooth skin of her pussy, damp and sticky from the juices that were leaking slowly from between her pussy lips. Kat felt fingers sliding under the material and easing her panties down her legs, leaving her naked, except for her hold-up stockings and heeled pumps. The warm fingertips danced over her smooth skin, tracing a line either side of the neatly trimmed strip of dark curly hair that rose, like an exclamation point, from the hood of her clit. The fingers moved lower, stroking the swollen, fleshy lips of her pussy, feeling the dampness that had oozed over them. Kat moaned softly as she felt the fingers slide between the tops of her thighs and press between the lips of her pussy.

For a moment, the hands released her and then she felt the touch of his damp fingertips on the rounded swell of her buttocks, teasing them apart so that he could caress the cleft between them, from the top of her spine to the dark rosebud of her anus. She felt the pressure of his exploring finger against her asshole and sighed as she bore down a little, letting the tip of his finger slip into her back passage. The finger moved again and she felt cool air against her asshole, and then a cool wetness as he pressed a finger’s worth of lubricant into her tight ass. She shivered as he worked his finger slowly into her asshole and stretched the tight ring, probing her hot ass.

Kat felt the finger sliding out of her ass and then the movement of air in the room as he stepped away from her. Footsteps whispered against the carpet and a bed creaked as weight shifted upon it. Kat jumped as hands grasped her arms firmly and the voice she had heard when she first entered the room spoke again.

“I think everything’s ready,” he said, “bring her over.”

Kat almost cried out as she felt her legs swept from beneath her and she was carried, in a long swooping movement, through the air. The movement stopped and Kat felt herself suspended by strong hands on her arms and thighs. Kat tried to relax as she felt herself lowered gradually, and fingers gently spread the cheeks of her ass, opening the cleft and pressing against the centre of her anus. She gasped as the tip of a hard cock was pressed between her cheeks and against the dark rosebud of her asshole. The hands gripped Kat firmly, stopping her slightest attempt to struggle or wriggle. Relaxing her body, Kat yielded to the supporting hands as they lowered her onto the cock, pressing harder against the entrance to her back passage. Kat moaned long and softly as she felt the head of a cock stretching her tight asshole and slowly penetrating her. A tiny gasp slipped from her lips as the rim of his cockhead slipped past the tight ring of her anus and into her ass. The pain was momentary and she sighed at the feeling of fullness as she was lowered onto his cock, until her feet touched the carpeted floor and she could feel the mat of hair on his torso pressed into the soft skin of her back. Her head hung back, her mouth open as she gasped in delight at the feeling of his hard cock filling her backside.

Panting, Kat tried to push upwards and arch her back, so that she could feel the movement of his hard cock inside her ass. Before she could move though, the hands on her thighs lifted her legs and, as her weight drove the cock further into her asshole, she felt her thighs being spread wide. She felt the bed shift again as another weight rested on it, between her splayed thighs. She felt a hard, smooth-skinned chest pressing on her breasts, crushing her casino firmaları aching nipples and the blunt tip of a hard cock nuzzling between the lips of her throbbing pussy. Kat moaned in the back of her throat as her pussy was filled with a hot, slippery cock, stretching her and piercing her as the man on top of her bore down, filling her.

“Fuck, girl,” a deep voice gloated in her ear, “You’ve sure got a tight cunt!”

“Oh god, your fucking cock is so big in my cunt,” she moaned.

Hands dug into her curvy hips and the man on top began rocking her back and forth. Kat grunted as she felt the cocks in her ass and pussy sliding in and out, making her cunt and ass burn to start with, and then settling down to a tightening of her ass and belly. Kat grunted and moaned as the two men moved within her, feeling the shift of their cocks as they slowly fucked her cunt and ass. She leaned back, abandoning herself to their pleasures as she felt deliciously sluttish, giving her body totally to two strangers.

“Ohh yess! Fuck me,” she moaned, “shove your cocks in my ass and cunt and fill me with your filthy cum.”

“You’re talking too much, girl,” the one beneath her grunted in her ear, “Mike see if you can shut her up.”

As he spoke, the guy beneath her shoved hard with his cock, ramming deep into her ass and bucking her into the air, so that the cock in her cunt was driven hard into the mouth of her womb. As she opened her mouth to groan, a hard hand grabbed the back of her head and another cock was fed between her moist lips, sliding deeper and deeper. Kat’s eyes watered and she almost gagged, but then the cock was past her tongue and in the back of her throat. Gradually, rhythmically, they began rocking her back and forth, so that their cocks moved in Kat’s ass, mouth and pussy. Kat could feel the hard cocks filling her in every way possible, her ass and cunt smearing the slippery cocks with her filth and juices as they fucked her. She gobbled greedily on the cock in her mouth, swallowing the hot sweaty flesh and slobbering as he fucked her face, the pressure of his balls against her lips almost bruising them. The three of them were tossing her between them like a ragdoll as they used her pliant body for their pleasures. She felt her breasts kneaded and squeezed, the points of her hard nipples pinched until she cried out around the cock in her mouth and her whole body trembled like a violin string.

As if commanded, the three men stopped thrusting, with their cock deep inside her. Kat groaned around the length of swollen cock in her mouth, the tone of her voice begging them to carry on and grant her some release from the pent up torment that threatened to rob her of any vestige of control. Her sweet cum was gushing from her pussy, saturating the cocks that were buried deep in her cunt and ass, while her spit had mingled with the pre-cum from the cock in her mouth to cover her cheeks with pungent slime. Kat felt probing fingers sliding over her belly and, as the hands on her breasts tightened their grip, leaving red prints across the swell of her breasts, she felt a finger and thumb close on the swollen bud of her clit. She was helpless as he began to stroke the tiny shaft, gently at first, but more firmly until he was frigging her tender clit, bringing her almost to the brink of her orgasm.

Kat’s whole body was almost vibrating as she had her erect clit stroked and teased. Suddenly, the fingers tightened, pinching her clit cruelly. Kat bucked violently, feeling the cock driving into her body as her ass and cunt tightened in a long spasm. Her ass and cunt rippled against the cocks buried deep inside them and she swallowed desperately as she howled. She tried to scream a warning that she was coming all over their cocks, but the one in her mouth muffled any sound that she could make.

Kat felt the cocks swell and stiffen in her rippling cunt and ass, then begin to spray thick wads of slimy cum into her heaving body. She could feel the hot semen spurting inside her and coating the insides of her cunt and ass. The two men groaned deeply, signalling the third, fucking her hot mouth, that they were filling her with their hot spunk. The cock in her mouth jerked and, suddenly, she was swallowing his thick slimy cum. Sperm filled her and oozed out of her ass and cunt, and dribbled down her face as it spilled out of her mouth. The taste of sperm in her mouth and the feeling of it splashing hotly inside her was enough to push Kat into a devastating orgasm that ripped though her, leaving her weak and güvenilir casino limp in their arms.

Dazed, Kat felt the cocks inside her softening and sliding out, leaving slimy, sticky trails between the cheeks of her ass and across the tops of her thighs and belly. The cock in her mouth slid from between her lips and along her cheek, then she felt herself lifted and laid gently on the bed. She still trembled through her whole body and could not find the strength to unfasten the blindfold over her face. She heard clothes rustle and felt the coolness of a draught of air on her sweat and cum covered body. There was a soft click as the door closed and she was left alone, the trembling slowly leaving her limbs, leaving only a delicious soreness in her well-used cunt and ass. Gradually, she lifted her hands to her face and pushed the blindfold away from her eyes. Looking down at her naked body, in the moonlight, she could see trails of cum splattered over her sweaty body. Leaning back she mentally explored her body, cataloguing the hot aching from her ass and pussy and tasting the sweet metallic taste of cum in her mouth.

She must have dozed for a few moments, because she was startled by the click of the lock closing and a vague shape moving through the gloom of the main room. The moonlight caught the newcomer’s face, glinting from the lenses of his eyeglasses, and she recognised James, her on-off lover. She had told him about the auction but, perhaps wisely, she would not be sure, had not been specific about the nature of the promises. He stood there for a moment, a leather bag in one hand, and looked down on her ravaged body. Smiling, he reached out towards her and ran the tip of his fingernail across her tender clit. Weakly, Kat shook her head, even as a tiny orgasm rippled through her pussy, forcing a mixture of her cum and semen over the tops of her thighs. James just smiled and sat on the edge of the bed, taking her hands in his and looking at her.

“You look like you’ve been having fun,” he murmured slyly, but you haven’t finished yet.”

Kat could only stutter a nervous reply, “Wh wh what do you mean?”

“I’ve got something in here that you’ve been wanting for a while,” he replied.

Dipping into the leather bag, James drew out a long silk scarf that he wrapped quickly around her wrists, fastening them firmly together. Kat struggled weakly, but James ignored her and grabbed her ankle, looping a leather strap around it and fastening her to the post at the bottom of the bed. James grabbed her other ankle and fastened it to the opposite bedpost, spreading her thighs until the tendons ached. Sitting beside her, he stroked his fingers over her tender clit, gently teasing the hood back over the hard point. Kat moaned softly and shuddered as James tormented her pussy, cum oozing onto the sheet beneath her ass.

His hand delved into the bag again and he brought out an alcohol wipe, just like those used by nurses when they give injections. Opening the foil, he carefully wiped the skin above her clit, swabbing it clean with long, gentle strokes. Kat moaned quietly as she felt his finger and thumb gently pinching the skin above her clit. Holding a fold of skin in a gentle pinch, he reached back into the bag and brought out a tiny punch, like leather workers use to punch holes in leather belts. Kat flinched, her eyes widening as she felt the cold steel of the punch against the pinch of skin in his finger and thumb. She tried to lift her head and speak, but she was still exhausted and numb from earlier. Taking a deep breath, James squeezed the handles of the punch together, and the jaws closed, punching though the skin and neatly piercing the hood of her clit. Kat screamed as pain ripped through her, then the scream died to a long moan of arousal and shame as the pain magically changed to an orgasmic rush. James pulled a small jeweller’s box from his pocked and opened it to reveal a gold ring with a tiny gold bead on it. James twisted the ring, opening it and then fed the shaft through the weeping hole he had punched in the hood of Kat’s clit. Carefully he closed the ring and then wiped the drops of blood away, letting the bead fall against the tip of her clit.

Kat’s clit throbbed gently from the piercing and the pressure of the golden bead against the tip, making her moan in pain and arousal. Even now the pain was fading fast, being replaced by a mounting wave of arousal. James leaned over, unfastening her wrists as he spoke.

“Now my darling, I’ll let you get cleaned up and make yourself pretty again, and I’ll see you ate the presentation, when they have totalled the pledges.”

Standing up from the bed, he smiled and then walked over to the door, opening it and giving her a knowing, secretive smile before he left, closing the door softly behind him.

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