20 Şubat 2021

At Work


I work for a large city firm as a PA to a senior manager, which means that I have to dress and act very respectably. The trouble is that the majority of my company is male and sometimes, if I’m bored or if the work is slow I’ll wander around the building chatting to the guys, or they come to my desk for a gossip and a harmless flirt. Sometimes this gets me in trouble with my boss but I think he fancies me and so doesn’t say too much.

This morning was a particularly boring and I found myself sitting at my desk day dreaming. Lunch changed things around though when this delicious looking client came in and was so fantastically sexy he made me feel very horny just thinking about him.

Obviously, I acted like the ultimate professional whilst he was there but when he left I leant back in my chair and started to fantasise about him. Leaning back like that made my skirt rise up my thigh revealing the top of my black hold up stockings.

I watched as my finger tips ran over my breasts, tracing the outline of my lace bra under my tight white shirt. Oops! My nipples started to harden and push against the material making them really obvious.

I looked around and seeing no one was near I popped open another shirt button revealing a little more cleavage and giggled knowing there were at least 100 guys working just feet away from my open office door and none of them knew what I was thinking or doing.

I gently stroked my inner thighs feeling the soft material of my stockings and dreamt it was the client’s hand down there.

Under the desk I tugged at my skirt pulling it up higher revealing the crisp whiteness of my thong and watched as people walked past my open office door as I pulled my thong tight across my tight little pussy.

I felt so horny and very mischievous but couldn’t be too obvious, so I slowly tugged down my thong and quickly stuffed it into my coat pocket on the back of my chair and might have even blushed as I sat at my desk with no panties on.

I ran my fingers across my plump pink pussy lips and rubbed my clit a little and felt the warm glow of my juices trickle out and down across my bum. I love touching my pussy, especially as I’d waxed last night so it was really soft and very smooth. The naughty thought of making myself cum in the office was incredibly tempting and almost too exciting but I had an idea and wanted to tease someone before I exploded over my fingers.

I stood up, straightened my skirt, which was fairly short with bahis firmaları a hem well above my knee and walked seductively out into the main office, wiggling my hips. I walked over to the coffee machine and accidentally dropped my money on the floor and slowly bent over with straight legs and knew one or two guys were looking as my skirt pulled tight across my ass and rose higher revealing more of my slender legs and stockings.

As I stood, I ran my hands over my firm ass as if to smooth out the material and wondered if they realised I wasn’t wearing panties?

I looked a round the office and spotted Adam, a guy I knew quite well and had fancied for a while. I strolled over to him and sat next to him, tugged my skirt up higher and pretending not to notice his eyes out on stalks as I flashed my stocking tops and long silky legs. We chatted and flirted for a little while as I chewed the end of my pencil seductively and looked deep into his eyes. Occasionally he would playfully touch my knee, which was all quite fun but I wanted more than just a flirt.

So next, I sat on the corner of his desk and practically spread my legs in front of him flashing my thighs and secretly hoping he would look up my skirt and catch a glimpse of my exposed shaven pussy.

I leant forward flashing my cleavage and my breasts held tightly in my shirt and watched him blush as he looked down my top at my large breasts. Success! I could see a bulge growing in his pants and the more he tried to hide it, the more it spurred me on.

I asked if he wanted anything from the stationary cupboard … embarrassed and unable to stand up with a hard on he said no. I pulled a sad face and said that was a shame, jumped down from his desk and wiggled over to the large cupboard and knew his eyes were following every move of my cute ass. I looked back at him as I opened the door with a lustful cheeky smile and walked in.

Once inside I realised I didn’t actually want anything in there and was kind of stuck but suddenly the door opened and Adam walked in … I thought I would give you a hand he said. I smiled up at him innocently and said ummm, I was just getting something from that box on the top shelf. I quickly grabbed a ladder and started to climb it and as he held the bottom of the ladder steady I could tell by his quivering voice that he could see right up my skirt at my naked ass and pussy. This felt so naughty and I could hardly believe I’d taken it this far but now that I had, I decided kaçak iddaa to play on it a little. I wriggled around on the ladder pretending to move the box but only managed to open my legs a little wider and let him have a beautifully clear view of my nakedness.

When I came down Adam held my waist to steady me and we were so close I could feel his breath on my cheek. Nervously he asked if I got what I wanted. I smiled a naughty smile and accidentally let my hand brush the obvious bulge in his trousers. Surprisingly, Adam took the next move and kissed my mouth deeply. Strangely, I was a bit shocked but soon responded by kissing him back and let out a quiet moan of pleasure and lust as my tongue slipped into his warm mouth to explore.

We only kissed for a few seconds and I stroked his strong arms holding me close. His hands stroked my sides and pulled my shirt free from my skirt. We stopped kissing and looked deep into each other’s eyes. I bit my lover lip in anticipation and immediately frenziedly grappled with his belt and trouser zip.

I realised the door was unlocked but before I could act he span me round and pushed me across the photocopier. Pausing for a second, he ran his hands over my ass and thighs and started to slowly hitch my skirt up. He let out a soft moan of approving lust and I felt him grope my bare ass cheeks and stroke my hips, then heard him freeing his cock from his trousers. It was so exciting, so disgustingly naughty and I was so turned on by the whole scene that I couldn’t wait to have him in side me.

With my skirt now around my waist framing my ass, Adam’s fingers slid down across my ass and found my waiting pussy. He stroked my pouting pussy lips hard while his other hand pulled my breasts free of my bra. I felt the head of his cock rub up and down the crack of my ass and then along my pussy lips. Impatiently I looked back at him over my shoulder and told him to fuck me … to fuck me hard. He needed no encouragement and started to push the end of his hard cock into me, parting my already very wet lips. I moaned out loud with lust as my tight little wet pussy parted for his lovely large cock. He gripped my hip with one hand and pulled my hair with the other yanking my head back and I felt every inch of his long thick cock push deeper and deeper into my tight little hole.

He started to build a rhythm, pulling out so just the tip was inside me, then plunging his whole length deep into my hot pussy. Working together, I pushed back kaçak bahis against him with every thrust and held the copier tight as he forced me against it hard. Fucking harder and faster, I could hear his moans and groans and tried to stifle my own but it felt so glorious to have him thrusting deep inside of me and even better to be here, in an unlocked stationary cupboard.

Adam must have been feeling braver now and in control as he spanked my ass with one hand while the other massaged my breasts and rolled my nipples between his fingers. I felt the raw sting of my ass as his hand spanked me hard over and over. Hmm my moans were getting louder as I screamed harder, deeper, faster … he responded and fucked me as hard and deep as he could, thrusting me into the copier.

I felt my pussy tighten around his thrusting cock and the spasms of my orgasm building deep inside. Adam kept on fucking, thrusting harder and spanking my pert ass cheek until I couldn’t hold back any longer and exploded in a quivering mess of an orgasm all over him. My legs buckled beneath me as I came hard and Adam held me up, pushing me against the copier as wave after beautiful wave swept through me. I was out of breath and moaning, looking back over my shoulder at him pounding away.

Oh my god, I can’t remember the last time I came so quick and so hard, it felt so good, my legs were shaking and my pussy was soaking wet and felt like it was on fire.

As soon as my orgasm began to subside Adam lent back and groaned that he was going to cum too. He pulled out quickly and I instinctively turned around, dropped to my knees and gripped his slippery shiny cock tight in one hand and wrapped my mouth around it. I think he was pleasantly shocked as he looked down at me sucking him hard, bobbing my head up and down his delicious shaft and tasting my own juices. He let out a moan and as I looked up I saw him bite his finger to muffle the noise as the first waves of his cum shot out and hit the roof of my mouth. I flinched a little and felt his warm sticky cum splash onto my lips and ooze out over my tongue.

It tasted harsh on the back of my throat and I giggled as my own orgasm was still rebounding around my body as I swallowed his thick hot cum. I kept sucking him nice and hard and massaging his balls until I was satisfied I’d collected every last drop.

Adam leant back against the shelves and I sat on the floor, both quite out of breath. He pushed his still semi hard cock back in his trousers and I tidied myself up as best I could and licked my fingers and lips clean. We stood-up, kissed deeply and tried to keep a straight face as we left the cupboard but I have a feeling we will be meeting in there again very soon.

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