13 Şubat 2021

An Experiment in Dating Ch. 05


Marianna lay back on her hotel bed and panted. Tall, hunky Steve’s cum was leaking out of her pussy, and she was still coming down off her third orgasm. She was not happy.

“I told you to cum on my face,” she said, trying to keep the annoyance out of her voice.

Steve blushed. His muscular form was shiny with sweat from their marathon fuck, as was his wilting cock. It wasn’t as big as she usually liked, but she was in a new city, so her usual options weren’t available. It would take time to cultivate a new list of pretty young men to play with, but Steve would do for now. He’d been embarrassed when she’d caught him looking in the hotel gym, but he warmed up quickly when he realized that she’d been there looking for someone like him.

He was good looking, tall, well groomed, and his stamina was excellent. Plus, he admitted to being at least bi-curious during her standard, mid-sex questionnaire that she gave to all her potential lovers. She’d been teasing him about cleaning up his own cum of her tits right as he blew his load in her pussy, and that had set her off for the third time. The thought of this hottie sucking and fucking another man was deeply arousing for her. She wondered if Josh would be up for a threesome…

“Sorry, I tried to hold out,” Steve muttered as he collapsed on the bed next to her. “I can try again in a minute, once it gets hard again?”

Josh was the one who put her in this position, mad at having her pussy filled with Steve’s cum instead of wearing it on her face and tits. That damned photo of Kat in the shower had made Marianna thoroughly jealous. If she’d gone with them instead of flying ahead, it would be her enjoying a facial.

But no, she was here with Steve and a pussy full of his cum. The frustration made her want to punish him for not following orders. She pushed Steve onto his back and straddled his chest. His cute, bewildered face almost made her laugh, but right now, she was disciplining him.

“I told you to cum on my face and lick up your mess.”

Again, he blushed. He would be the bottom if Josh agreed to a threesome. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

“But you did,” said Marianna. “And you still haven’t cleaned up your mess.”

He looked down at her leaking pussy and gulped. “I…I don’t think I want to anymore.”

She gave him a cold smile. “Well, if you want to come anywhere near my pussy again, you’ll lick it clean and you’ll like it.”

With only a slight hesitation, he nodded and stuck his tongue out. Marianna grinned and ground her messy lips against his mouth. He might make a good lover after all.

Her phone buzzed on the bedside table. Another text from Kat.

Heart racing, Marianna leaned over to grab her phone. Steve tried to follow her with his tongue, which was cute, but ineffectual. She took his hair and pressed him back down onto the pillow, grinding her hips into his tongue. A fourth orgasm might be nice.

I believe we’ve moved to PHASE TWO of Project Boyfriend.

The text from Kat came with a series of attachments. Marianna couldn’t believe her eyes. The first picture was taken from Kat’s perspective on a similar hotel bed, her long legs spread eagled on before her. Sara’s face was obscured by her hair, but there was no doubt that her mouth was clamped down on Kat’s pussy. Josh had his hands on Sara’s hips, mid-stroke as he fucked her from behind. It was an incredible photo, and suddenly, she was way closer to that fourth orgasm than she’d been a few moments before.

“Mmm! Yeah…fuck, keep going.”

She kept up a string of responses to Steve’s tongue fucking and they seemed to egg him on. He wasn’t skilled at cunnilingus, but he was eager, and that was saying something. He was eager to eat her out, even after he came and wanted to pussy out of cleaning up. With two competing drives, he’d let her decide a winner, and Marianna could respect that.

Steve gasped as she sat up, his face sticky with their mingled cum. His cock looked bigger and harder than it had been before. Marianna noted ‘enjoys bisexual domme fantasies’ on her mental checklist for him.

“Good boy,” she said. “Now, I’m going to fuck you again, but this time, you’re going to do as I say and cum on my face. If you cum in my pussy again, you’re going to regret it. Understood?”

Steve nodded, then moaned as she shuffled down and planted herself on his cock. It felt bigger inside her. Hopefully, it would bring to orgasm quickly and she could focus on getting Steve’s cum where it was supposed to be. Then she could reply to Kat with some ammunition of her own. No way was she going to let Kat get her horny like this without casino şirketleri repaying the favor.

Steve glanced down at her phone. “Holy shit.”

Marianna considered slapping him, just to see what he would do, but she agreed with his sentiment when she saw the latest text. Kat and Sara filled the screen, clearly on their knees before Josh’s cock. Kat was positioned slightly behind Sara, who was in the process of receiving a hot load of cum all over her face and chest. She looked so into it, like she’d been waiting for his cum for centuries.

“Fuck. Alright, Steve, we’ve got our work cut out for us.”

Hannah examined the pictures of Kat and Sara with curiosity, though Josh’s penis was somewhat in the way. She wasn’t afraid of phalluses or anything, but they tended to get in the way of the sapphic beauty on display in pictures like these. The looks on their faces were pure ecstasy in the one photo, but only in response to the cock they were sharing between them. It was somewhat less enticing to her sensibilities. Leslie on the other hand…

Hannah brought the phone down so she could see. “Is that what you wanted?”

Leslie moaned softly and nodded, never taking her mouth off of Hannah’s black strap-on. The beautiful blonde’s clever fingers were playing with her clit, pussy, and asshole throughout the simulated blowjob. Hannah felt a jolt of pleasure as Leslie deepthroated the dildo and plunged her fingers deeper to match.

They were sitting in the dark on a blanket in the middle of the empty floor of their new home. Josh and Kat had the bulk of the furniture with them, and the rest wouldn’t be delivered for a few days. Leslie was naked and stretched out before her, all attention being paid to the work on Hannah’s body. Hannah was similarly naked, save for the strap-on harness and large cock, which Leslie was sucking with gusto.

It didn’t bother her that Leslie was bisexual, but Hannah worried that she wasn’t able to completely satisfy her amazing girlfriend’s desires. Leslie had told her about the incident with Josh back at the old house, and she wasn’t completely against the idea of letting Leslie enjoy that side of her sexuality. But some part of her brain, the part that was still listening to her mother, told her that her girlfriend would leave her once she found the right man. Or rather, that Hannah would meet a nice Jewish boy eventually and get on with perpetuating the Hebrew people, just like her sisters.

Josh was fucking Sara’s ass in this one, taken at an unnatural angle by Kat. Sara’s perfect ass was on full display here, and Hannah could almost imagine her own cock sliding in and out of those brown cheeks. She flipped to the next photo and immediately brought it down to Leslie.

“If you want it like this, my cock isn’t going to cut it,” said Hannah. The image of cum covered faces did nothing for her really.

But that wasn’t the case for Leslie. She took her phone back from Hannah with her clean hand and put it down on the floor. Her firm breasts were bare curves in the darkness, and they sent a shiver down Hannah’s spine.

“I would love to be soiled, covered in sticky cum,” said Leslie in a sex-laden whisper. “but don’t think for a second that your pussy doesn’t fill my dreams. I’m not going anywhere or do anything without you.”

A tear pricked at the corner of Hannah’s eye. Leslie always knew what she was thinking and did her best to assuage her doubts. They really did have a solid partnership, even if Leslie wanted a little dick on the side. Right now, she’d have to enjoy the synthetic.

“Get on your knees, bitch,” she said with a laugh. “I’ll give you something to dream about.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

Leslie assumed the position, wiggling her tight ass in anticipation. It was very tempting to drill her ass like Josh and Sara, but that would require lube and condoms, and right now, Leslie just needed to be fucked. Hannah lined up behind her and slowly fed her cock into her girlfriend’s pussy.

“God yes,” gasped Leslie.

Hannah held her hips steady, forcing Leslie to take it slow and let her set the pace. One day, someone would come up with a dildo that sent it’s sensations back to the wearer, and Hannah would be first on line. She wanted to feel Leslie’s pussy from the inside, like Josh had, only she could take hers off when she was done. For now, she would have to rely on Leslie’s moans and soft hips for her own stimulation.

Hannah leaned into her, filling her up with silicone dick and reaching for the phone. She flipped to the next photo; Kat held the phone out for a selfie, but it wasn’t the usual view. casino firmaları She lay flat under Sara and her tongue was buried in Sara’s pussy while Josh’s penis was still fucking Sara’s ass above her.

Hannah set the image on the floor in front of Leslie and resumed fucking her. “Is that what you want to do with Josh?”

Leslie gasped with one particularly good thrust. “Yes! I want you to eat my pussy while he fucks my ass. Or maybe the other way around…”

Hannah laughed. “That sounds like fun. But I have a request.”

Leslie looked back, confused and concerned.

“If you want to fuck Josh, that’s fine, but he needs to know who’s boss here. When you’re ready to go forward with him, we’ll all sit down and go over the ground rules.”

Leslie smiled and said, “That sounds great. I love you so much.”

Hannah smiled back, then pushed Leslie’s head forward again and slapped her ass hard. “I love you too. Now shut up and take it, you little slut!”

Lin hated herself as she furiously fingered her pussy. She had her phone in her free hand, and it bore the image of Kat, Sara, and Josh fucking. Josh sat on the bed with his legs spread out over the edge. Sara stood on the floor, her mouth engulfing his cock. Kat was behind her, pounding her ass manually with a rather large dildo. The angle was good, but it was hard to tell who took the picture; Kat probably just set the timer on her phone.

Lin licked her lips and tasted the familiar salty tang. Those damned pictures. Kat knew she was trying to get away from this, yet she kept sending her pictures anyway. And now, the inevitable had happened.

A noise from the other side of the wall brought her attention back to the small room she inhabited. It had been easy to find, once she started looking for it. She leaned in and opened her mouth.

A huge cock greeted her through the hole and took no time in fucking her face. It tasted like sweat and pheromones, and Lin closed her eyes as she went to town on it. She promised herself she was done with these places, but the second she got worked up again, she was searching for the nearest adult bookstore or sex shop.

“Uuhn! I’m cumming!”

Already? Lin clamped down and felt the delicious jets of sperm flood her mouth. At least he produced a good amount. The taste wasn’t bad either. She swallowed his cum in a gulp, sending it down to mingle with the two previous loads settling in her stomach.

He pulled away quickly, and she heard the telltale sound of a fly being zipped up hastily. He was going to be her last one for the night, she promised herself, but the quick in, quick out routine left her wanting more.

Stupid Kat and her sexy pictures. Lin felt her muscles tighten and her pussy clench as her own orgasm hit, third one tonight. They were coming quicker than usual, in pace with the men she sucked off, and it irritated her to no end. Why should she be such a slave to her own desires?

She looked back down at her phone and shuddered. Kat and Sara kissed with open mouthed ecstasy, their cheeks and lips plastered with cum. Lin was going to have to have a conversation with that bitch when she got back.

For now, a huge cock passed through the glory hole, balls and all. Lin could feel another orgasm building inside her as her fingers massaged her clit. She could do one more tonight. Maybe she’d even let him cum on her face…

Josh, Kat, and Sara lay in a heap on the hotel bed. It wasn’t really big enough for the three of them, but the ladies were pressed up against him in postcoital bliss. Their legs criss crossed his own, and he could feel the heat emanating from both of their pussies.

From the moment Sara had said ‘please’, it had been a total whirlwind. He’d taken her into his arms, kissing her passionately and putting his hands on her curvy hips. She tasted like chlorine, but her lips were eager, parting with each meeting as if she were holding in a moan of pleasure that was fighting to escape.

Josh knew Kat would join them soon, so there was a question of where he wanted to be in the process when she arrived. He’d settled on burying his face in Sara’s pussy, since it would really get her going, but also allow him to control her hips so she didn’t try to dart when Kat opened the door. Not that he thought it was likely, but Sara was opening up and he hadn’t wanted to spook her.

But, that wasn’t the way things went. Evidently, Sara was at least vaguely religious and wouldn’t let a man touch her pussy. She wouldn’t let any man penetrate her lips but her future husband. Women were fine to suck on her clit, but men were expected güvenilir casino limit their enjoyment to her mouth and her ass.

That was fine with Josh. He’d been eyeing up her backside, and if Sara wanted his cock there, he’d give it to her. It was definitely worth the modest wait.

By the time Kat arrived from the shower, Josh was firmly planted in Sara’s tight ass. From there, the evening was a blur. The pictures Kat had taken served as the best record, since his memory was so jumbled.

It seemed odd that he wouldn’t be able to remember it better, but the night had formed an envelope of haze around it that left him with feelings, but not specifics. They’d changed positions several times, and he could still feel the rush of exhilaration as Kat urged Sara on, calling her all sorts of things and encouraging her to make him cum.

Kat had always possessed a dominant personality, but seeing her treat Sara like her own little slut had set Josh’s heart racing. Sara was shy and timid, but she loved his cock in her ass, and Kat made sure Sara got the most out of the experience. As they lay in bed, Josh wondered if he was more turned on by Sara’s submissive sexuality or Kat’s dominance. He would probably have to work on his own dominance, so he could better care for Sara’s needs when it was her turn with him.

“Getting worked up again?”

Kat’s fingers wrapped themselves around his cock, which was finally coming back to life. His refractory period was much longer than usual after their hour long fuck. He gave her a smile and flexed his things muscles to press against her pussy. It left a warm, wet smear on his leg.

“Seems like you are too.”

Sara moved in closer. Her pussy was basically dripping as well. A shame that it was off limits. “I don’t think my ass could take another round, but I…I’d like to watch?”

Kat gave her a wicked grin and said, “I’d expect nothing less.”

The ladies took their legs back, and Kat moved off the bed so he could adjust his position. Then she straddled on top of him, her freckles crinkling with her smile.

She turned to Sara and said, “Guide it in me.”

Sara took a moment to understand what she meant, then hastened to take hold of his cock. It oozed seminal fluid, and it ran down over Sara’s fingers as she held his cock steady for Kat to enjoy.

“That’s better,” said Kat as she wriggled into position and sank down over him.

Sara’s hand was trapped between pussy and cock, but she didn’t move it away. Evidently, she was waiting for instructions from Kat. Josh confirmed that he found submissive Sara incredibly sexy. As a bonus, she was acting like an impromptu cock ring, so he would last longer underneath of Kat’s sensual curves.

Josh put his hands behind his head and watched as Kat rode him, her hands massaging her smooth, freckled tits. She was an amazing woman with an amazing body, and she was doing her damnedest to make him cum again.

Or maybe it was her own orgasm she was working towards. After only a few minutes of her gyrations, her pussy clamped around his cock and spasmed. She cried out and yelled, “I’m cumming!”

Josh nearly came as well, but as soon as Kat was done, she rolled off him and gave him a wink. Then she turned to Sara and said, “Suck him clean and swallow his load. Now.”

To her credit, Sara didn’t hesitate. Without a moment’s pause, she sat up and leaned in to wrap her lips around Josh’s pussy-drenched cock. His orgasm was close, but he didn’t want to cum so quickly, not before he could really enjoy the view. Sara’s dark skin against his paler body was a beautiful contrast, and she had such a sweet face… especially when she was sucking dick.

Kat wasn’t done yet, though. She came around to Sara’s side of the bed and put a hand on the back of her head. She pushed Sara’s head down onto Josh’s cock.

“I told you to make him cum,” she said in a sinister whisper, right into Sara’s ear.

Sara groaned, but he mouth was full of cock. She was definitely trying to make him cum, no doubt about that, but Kat spanked her upturned ass anyway.

Josh gulped. Domme Kat was pretty hot as well. He wondered what it would be like to be on the receiving end of such treatment from her.

That put him over the edge. Sara gagged for a moment as she backed off his cock, doing her best to swallow his cum as it came and went. Dribbles of it eked out of the sides of her mouth. When he was finished, she sat back and opened her mouth, revealing a huge load of cum.

Kat pulled Sara’s head back by her hair and the two shared a deep, passionate, cum-swapping kiss. Josh could get used to this kind of thing.

They settled down after that, returning to separate beds. They’d have another long day tomorrow, and Josh really did need the sleep. Evidently, they’d have plenty of time to continue once they got to New England.

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