10 Şubat 2021

A Walk in the Park


She propped one foot on the park bench in front of her and inspected her ankle closely. A small, round patch of skin peeked through her nylon pantyhose just above the buckle of her sling back shoe. She rooted through her purse in search of clear nail polish to dab over it before it started to snake up her leg. Suddenly she became aware of the pair of eyes ogling her from the opposite end of the bench, dropping the small bottle of nail polish in the process. It rolled across the concrete and propped itself conveniently against the toe of his shoe. Smiling nervously, she pointed to the bottle and cleared her throat.

“Excuse me. Would you mind?”

“Oh, not at all,” Terry stammered, retrieving the bottle and handing it to her with shaking hands. His eyes roved her lovely frame as she pumped the brush up and down inside the bottle, glossing over her lovely ass that rounded so she could bend low over her ankle and cover the snag in her stocking.

“Damn!” she swore loudly and threw her hands up in exasperation. The man’s eyebrow raised and he leaned toward her slightly.

“Are you okay?”

“This is the second pair I have ruined this week,” the woman muttered almost absently, sticking her finger into the hole. Three small runs snaked their way around her ankle in separate directions. She sighed heavily and rolled her skirt from her knee to her thigh and slid her fingers under the lace top of her thigh highs. She allowed them to pool around her ankles before tugging her skirt back down and sitting on the bench to unfasten her shoes. She pulled the stockings from her feet and dropped them into the trash can beside her.

“Do you live around here? You could run home and change if you do.”

She looked up as if she had forgotten Terry was even still there. “Oh, yea, I just live over on Western Avenue. It’s only a couple of blocks from here but I have to meet a coworker here in just a few minutes and I don’t want to miss him. I would rather be here and catch him than worry too much about my stockings.” She shrugged and pulled at a loose bit of lint clinging to her shirt and smoothed her skirt against her legs, looking very prim. His eyes darted from her coiffed blonde hair to the fluted neck of her blouse that buttoned modestly at the bottom of her neck. She had tucked the tail of her shirt into the skirt and puffed it slightly at her waist. He smiled and opened his mouth to say something else to her but was interrupted.

“Denise, it’s good to see you here,” the man called amicably as he jogged in place by the bench. She looked shocked.

“Mister Williams! I didn’t know you jogged through here.”

“I jog for two hours every evening after work. Helps keep me in shape, you know.”

“That’s wonderful, sir. I come out to get fresh air in the evenings. I work out at the gym.” She glanced around with a slight nervous twitch. Moments ago she was prim and collected. Now she looked as though she were about to choke.

“I’m surprised you aren’t here with your family. Or is this your ‘alone time’?”

“My husband has the kids working on their homework right now. I get out before dinner so we can do the family thing later.” She fussed with her hair and looked nervously over her shoulder.

“I’d better be off. My heart rate is slowing down.” Mister Williams pressed two fingers against his neck and checked his watch. “I will see you on Monday morning, Ms. Baker.” He jogged off, leaving the two on the bench alone again.

“Someone you didn’t want to see?”

“My boss’s boss: one of the CEOs of the company. I never like chatting with the CEOs. They make me nervous.” She watched Mister William’s retreating figure jogging off down the lane.

“He obviously knows who you are. He said something to you.”

“William’s Enterprises wouldn’t be the same without me,” she mused rather sarcastically, scanning the park for her coworker. Her eyes locked with a man in a rather well tailored suit walking hurriedly up the path. She stood and bounced toward him, casting a look over her shoulder. “It was nice chatting with you.” She met him before the path broke and they wandered off toward the picnic area.

Terry shook his head and wandered off in the opposite direction to commune with his thoughts. It was a typical autumn day and the leaves were beginning to shift in color from green to gold and red. Though they had not yet begun to drift lazily from the trees, the time was fast approaching. Today was jacket weather. While the sun was up, it was pleasantly warm bahis firmaları until shortly after the sun set. The sun was sunny, the clouds were puffy, and there didn’t seem to be another soul around.

That woman would make an interesting character in a story, he mused. Denise Baker married with kids and apparently was a successful woman. She worked for an undisclosed company, most likely as a secretary, and liked to take evening walks in the park. She apparently also had business meetings at the park that was only a few blocks from her house. She dressed well in long, modest skirts and long sleeved blouses. Her ass filled out her skirt beautifully if he said so himself. His mind wandered to her creamy thighs she exposed when removing her stockings and the curve of her back with the thin white dress shirt stretched tight over her skin.

Terry detoured a bit off of his hike to tap the privy. As he entered through the winding entrance, there was a faint shuffling. He entered the open area of the rest room and nearly ran smack into Denise’s business partner. Terry excused himself and sidestepped to pass by.

The man stepped in the same direction.

Terry nodded once and stepped around in the opposite direction.

“Oh! Forgot to wash my hands,” the man stated rather suspiciously. Terry’s brow furrowed and he headed for the stalls. This guy was more odd than he had originally suspected. “So, nice weather we’re having, isn’t it?”

Terry stopped dead in his tracks and blinked hard. Why was this guy talking? He muttered an offhanded “yea” and closed the stall door behind him with a faint click of the lock.

“Yea, fall is my favorite time of the year,” the man continued chattering, breaking every unwritten rule of bathroom etiquette. Terry ignored him, hoping he would shut up, but the guy just kept chattering. “Yea, I was just heading home, actually. Got to get back to the family at home. The wife should have dinner about finished and all that. Beautiful weather, though. Beautiful weather.”

Terry couldn’t even piss. This guy was severely creeping him out. Just keep ignoring him and he will go away.

“Well, nice talking to you, man. I’ve gotta jet. Have a nice night.”

Maybe Terry could lie to himself and pretend the guy was really talking on a cell phone or something. That would at least make his chattiness somewhat acceptable. Either that or he was….

He finished his business, washed his hands, and stood just outside of the doorway and waited. It was a considerable amount of time before he heard one of the stall doors creak open and a pair of heels click across the concrete flooring. Terry was waiting as Denise rounded the corner and skidded to a halt just in front of him. He smiled at her.

“Having an afternoon fling?”

“Well… I don’t… I don’t know what you are talking about,” Denise stammered, trying to retain a modicum of dignity. She was busted and she knew it.

“Well I am sure that Mister Williams would be very interested to know about it.” Terry’s knees were shaking. He had never been this forward before and generally took the passive role. He leaned against the wall of the privy in what he assumed looked like a casual manner, but was really to keep him from falling face first onto the floor at her feet.

Denise stared at him. “What do you want?”

He hadn’t counted on this. He didn’t know what he wanted to do. He just stood and stared at her, the smile melting from his face. He opened and closed his mouth a couple of times in an attempt to say something but he eventually settled for closing his mouth and feeling slightly sick to his stomach. His cheeks took on a tinge of pink and he stared at her sling backed shoes.

Denise sighed heavily and grabbed Terry by the shirtfront. “Fine. I know what you want. Just get your ass into the stall so we don’t get caught.” She shoved him rather roughly with a strength she didn’t appear to have possessed when he met her earlier. He stumbled toward the stalls. She maneuvered him to the back of the area and shoved him into the next to the last stall. He fell inside, bracing his hand against the wall of the enclosure to keep from ending up face first in the toilet. At least this one had flushing toilets instead of the primitive hole-with-a-trash-can type. Denise locked the stall behind them and turned to face him with her hands on her hips. Terry looked over his shoulder nervously.

“So now what?” he asked uselessly. Denise twitched and turned his body to face hers, unfastened kaçak iddaa his pants and let them drop heavily against the floor. She slipped her fingertips under the waistband of his underwear and yanked, sending them to meet his pants. She pressed against his shoulders so he sat on the stool. He stared up at her with wide eyes. She couldn’t be serious.

Denise bunched her skirt in her hands and rolled it around her hips and sat in Terry’s lap. Her chest was inches from his nose. She unbuttoned her blouse and unclasped the front of her bra. The cloth still cupped her breasts and covered her nipples. Denise placed her hands over his shoulders and looked down into his eyes. “I hope you don’t mind sloppy seconds because that’s all you’re going to get.” She rubbed her pussy gently against the head of his dick until her lips parted, arched back slightly so his dick penetrated her pussy and looped her ankles around his knees. The buckles of her shoes dug into the soft insides of his knees as she balanced herself against him.

“Put your hands on my hips. You’re going to steady me so I don’t fall off. The last thing I need to do is explain to my husband how I got a concussion at the park. He’d rush me off to the hospital to make sure I wasn’t hurt and demand the police look into muggings in the area.” Denise blew a stray strand of hair out of her face as Terry wrapped his hands around her waist. She slipped his hands under her skirt to cup her hips and buttocks and ran her fingertips across the backs of his hands, moaning. Her hands found his shoulders again as she thrust against him, pushing his cock deep inside her pussy. Terry was afraid to move. He didn’t want to pitch her off, so he sat perfectly still, his hands cupping her ass as she rode his cock. She leaned in, her mouth just above his ear and whispered; “Now be a good boy and don’t wiggle. Just let me take the driver’s seat, alright? You move too much and…” she stopped to moan as his cock glided back inside, “…and I’ll slip. The only thing you can safely move is your head and shoulders. I need you to keep an ear peeled for anyone coming in. If you hear something, squeeze.” Her hands snaked around his and pressed. He squeezed her ass cheeks in his hands, kneading them for a moment before he released them. She nodded in agreement. “You hear anything, you squeeze and I’ll stop so we can listen.”

Terry nodded and watched her breasts jiggle slightly as she bobbed in his lap. It was sexy the way the white lace of her bra clung just over the tips of her breasts with her nipples budding against it. He was careful to keep quiet and listen for approaching foot traffic, but she was hard to ignore. He pressed is face in close to her breasts so they slapped him gently in the face with each up stroke. His chin rested in the valley between them and they came in against his cheeks. Her lips were still dangerously close to his ear, the sweet music of her gasps and moans like a symphony in his head. Her pussy had soaked his balls with her cum as the tiny buckles on her shoes rubbed his skin raw. Her rhythm increased, her body came down against his harder and harder, her breath became ragged and choked as her tits slap-slapped against his face. Terry turned his head toward one of her nipples and flicked his tongue, urging her nipple free from the confines of the bra.

A sound met his ears. It was a jingling noise like keys or a dog collar. Terry squeezed Denise’s ass in his hands, kneading it until she stopped. They both turned toward the door of the stall, listening intently. Heavy footsteps echoed in the wooded enclosure, followed by the clickety-clack of dog toenails. Denise began slow gyrations in Terry’s lap as the door creaked open, then closed. A miniature waterfall serenaded them as the panting dog’s furry head peeped in at them from under the door. Terry cleared his throat. The leash twitched and the dog’s head disappeared back into the other stall. Denise was running her tongue along the outer edge of Terry’s ear. She lifted his shirt, exposing his chest, and rubbed her nipple back and forth along his collarbone.

He was glad she was enjoying herself, especially with some guy in the stall right next to them. He kept his hands firmly planted on her ass cheeks and refused to move. She, on the other hand, freed her other breast and let her nipples rub against his chest with each slow stroke she made.

The door to the stall next to them creaked open. The man and his dog paraded past their door. When the water turned on, Denise bounced hard into kaçak bahis his lap, driving his cock deep inside, then flexed so only the head of his cock was still inside before trusting herself forcefully back down against him. Terry’s breath caught in his throat, stifling a moan. Denise’s body slammed against his, her tits bouncing hard against her chest, her head thrown back, arms extended, blonde hair slipping out of the barrettes, small wisps clinging to the sheen of sweat covering her face. Terry’s ears were greeted by the sound of the dog’s tongue lapping noisily at the water rushing from the tap. He silently thanked the stars for the man and his thirsty dog.

The water stopped and so did Denise until the man and his dog were outside of the restroom. She writhed in place on his lap, rolling and rocking against him with his cock buried deep inside her pussy to give him time to get outside of earshot. She looked down at Terry and whispered, “Do you think he’s gone?”

Terry nodded in agreement. “I think so. Why would he hang around the restroom?”

“Good.” Denise pressed her tits into Terry’s face. “Want some?”

His eyes glimmered for an instant as he ran his tongue along one of her pert nipples. She whimpered and dug her nails lightly into his shoulders as she resumed her normal rhythm. Terry suckled gently on the perky bud before performing the same treatment on the other. Denise buried her fingers in Terry’s hair and pressed in against him with every thrust. He pressed his face into her heaving bosom and gripped her hips, shoving her down roughly into his lap. She took the hint and fucked him like she had while the water was running. She shifted and wrapped her legs around Terry’s waist and leaned back so he could penetrate her more easily.

He was close. He could feel the tingling beginning in his lower back and thighs. He looked up. Her eyes were closed and she was pulling herself into him with her legs as he pulled her hips. She was grinding against him, her mouth slack and her eyes fluttering just slightly behind her eyelids. Her hands splayed across his chest, holding her body away from him, her body becoming more rigid, breathing becoming ragged, her thrusts more needy. Terry rammed into her, watching her tits bounce against her ribs. He leaned forward and grabbed one of her nipples into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue and sucked hard.

Her body went rigid and her nails dug into his chest. He looked up over her the mounds of her breasts. She may not have been making a sound, but she was cumming.

And so was he.

Terry’s mouth went slack and Denise’s nipple leapt free of his mouth. Her tits bounced, slapping him in the face as he came hard into her. His body tremored and he rocked forward with each wave as his orgasm overcame him.

Her body relaxed but she continued until Terry was finished. She rubbed her nipples against his lips playfully as he panted for breath, her face flush.

“So was that good enough to keep you from knocking on my door or telling my fuckbuddy’s boss about us?”

“Your fuckbuddy’s boss?”

“Yea. That guy I was in here with?” Denise leaned in conspiratorially. “That’s my boss. I was fucking him to keep him from telling my husband about the copy boy and me. Coincidentally, he’s a good fuck, so I told him I would forget about the copy boy.”

“So what are you going to tell the copy boy?”

“I’m going to tell him to meet me in the copy room closet every Friday like we have been doing for the last month.” Denise tucked a stray hair behind her ear. “Just like I’m going to tell you to meet me here on Thursday nights so we can do this again. You’re a lot easier to please than Danny.”

“Who’s Danny?” Terry’s head was spinning.

“Danny’s my boss,” she smirked and slid out of his lap to right her clothes. Terry shook his head.

“So you want me to meet you right here or can we meet someplace else?”

“Tell you what. Why don’t you just wait for me on that bench where we met earlier? I am sure we can go from there.” She winked and tucked her breasts back inside her bra with a playful squeeze of her nipples. “Now go out and tell me if the coast is clear. If anybody comes in, let me know. It might be a bit awkward for a woman to come out of the men’s toilet.”

Terry grinned and pulled up his pants. “So that was why he was chatting at me.”

Denise shook her head and rolled her eyes. “Could he have been more obvious? It tells me that he’s never done this before.”

“Well neither have I, but that doesn’t mean I would make an ass of myself.” He pushed the door to the stall open and peered around. “Looks like the coast is clear. See you next Thursday,” he chortled as he headed back toward the path.

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