7 Şubat 2021

a life of service 6


hey … round six …leading in a new direction .more comments… let me know what u think

He held her by the pony tail with his left hand as he used his right hand to click through the photos he had on his phone which he held above her head where she could not see them. He sat comfortably on his couch in the living room as Sandra knelt between his legs.
She wondered where he got these panties from. They where small on her. They looked like a girls panties. But she obeyed with out question when he told her to put them on. She was not surprised that when she joined him in the living room he merely grabbed her hair and forced feed her his hard dick. Sometimes she could cum from him just using her mouth. It made her hot that he used her throat for masturbation. She sometimes liked begin diminished to nothing more then a hole for her master to cum in.
The panties hugged her cunt tightly which gave her camel toe. They gripped her ass cheeks. They had mascara on the inside of them from when he had put them over K’s tear soaked face. He had told her that this is what made Kate crack and that was that, but now that she had them on and he was watching something on his phone that clearly turned him on she knew there was more to it.
She rubbed his cap on the inside of her cheek as she stroked his shaft. It would not be long now she tasted his bitter precum. She pulled him out of her mouth to lick his shaft but he just forced it back in deeper now. She felt his cap on her tonsils. She heard him talk dirty but she could not tell if it was to her or the video. She felt the hair on the back of her head pulled and she slid his shaft out of her mouth. With out even looking down at her he told her ….
“Slap you’re self in the face with it”
She slapped him on her tongue and lips and her rubbed his spit soaked rod all over her face making a mess of herself for his enjoyment but he never even looked down at her, he just watched the videos on his phone.
“Master” she begged “fuck me please I need you’re…….”
“Shut up. Use your mouth for something useful” he cut her off
She felt him force his dick into her throat back and forth roughly and quickly she tried to fight back but he only used her harder. He crammed his cock all the way, her face pressed in to his belly. She could feel his sac on her chin. She tried to move her head back, from side to side to try and get some air as he suffocated her. She felt as if she was going to be sick when he pulled her head back and stood up. Still with a hand full of her hair he pulled her to her feet and then forced her back down and bent her over the coffee table. He let go of her hair and placed his hand on the side of her face as he pressed her head onto the coffee table. She could hear him breathing fast as he stroked himself off. She could feel the hot cum as it soaked through the panties on to her asshole. She felt his dick on her ass as he rubbed it on the panties getting all his guck out on her. She could feel him move the panties over as he forced his full length into her clenching asshole. She could feel it as it dilated to 4 times its size to accommodate his girth. She felt her anal cavity stretch into her guts to welcome his length. She felt pain bahis firmaları then she felt bliss. Then she felt him pull out of her and pull off the panties roughly as she laid limp on the coffee table as he left her and headed for the bedroom. Then she felt shame.

Sandra woke late Sunday morning. She rolled over to cuddle with her man but he was not there. He must be up already she thought. She sat up in bed holding the blankets over her lovely figure as she looked out the window. The sun shined its warmth on her body, hair wild and crazy. He always told her that she was so beautiful in the morning. She climbed out of bed then and walked naked to downstairs for a little Sunday morning loving. Strangely he was not in the kitchen. Maybe he was in Kate’s room. She went back upstairs.
Master had moved her out of the pit to the upstairs when she began to be more inline with his ways. But she was still under lock and key at night and when he wasn’t home, but she had a bed and bathroom and all the comforts of life. It had been the same for Sandra. Soon she will be free to wonder as she pleases.
When Sandra got to the door unlocked it and went in. No one was there but she heard the shower and head to the bathroom. She called for Kate and heard her call Sandra in. Sandra just climb in the shower with Kate and was sad to see she was alone. Kate kissed her good morning and began to wash her all over. Kate had definately taken a liking to Sandra. The two had become very close in always.
“Where is he“Kate asked Sandra?
“I don’t know I thought he was here with you, He’s not home I guess” Sandra answered
“What should we do today then” Kate asked
“I have an idea” Sandra whispered in Kate’s ear

For the hour and a half drive on that early Sunday morning their conversation flowed freely and brushed on many topics, mostly personal things about their lives. Kelly had wisdom beyond her years that he could enjoy. It was maybe eight in the morning and it was a lovely day as they pulled up to his cabin. It was small but lovely perched on a little forested hill. They stepped out of his car and up to the front door. He fiddled with the lock briefly but they where soon inside. He lit a smoke and turned to Kelly who removed her jacket to reveal a tight wool sweater which hugged her bust. He eyed her as she did this. She also made sure he got a good look at her ass as she bent over to unlace her boots. He needed to figure out a way into that tight teen snatch. Just as he thought that she turned to him, walked to him took the smoke from his hand and with her other hand grabbed his package
“I didn’t come here to ski I came here to get dicked” she said as she took her pull off the smoke.
He just smiled as he lowered his zip. Her hungry eyes flashed when she saw his impaler. He moved her then to the kitchen table were he laid her down on top of it and undid her pants. He went to her side then so he could kiss her while he slid his hand into pants and under her panties to massage her clit. Her tongue slid into his mouth and her hand went to his cock, to glide up and down his length. He turned her around then so that her legs were before him. He began to peal of her jeans and underwear to reveal kaçak iddaa her hairless smooth clam. He eat her there on the table. He licked and suck on her clit as she moaned in ecstasy. He slid his fingers in and up to her rough patch and stroke gently.
“Oh my god …. Fuck please… don’t stop.” She moaned.
He caressed her strong thighs. She was soaked and quivering ready for the taking but he was patient. He brought her close to orgasm and back a few times till she thought that she couldn’t take anymore and that’s when he stood suddenly and slid his fuck stick in her all the way. Kelly came so hard cuz of the sudden entry that her cum shot out of her onto him but she didn’t even notice. He placed her legs over his shoulders and began to pump away. The whole experience was just one big orgasm to her. And she loved it. In her ecstasy she pulled her sweater up over her tits for him to fondle, which he wasted no time in doing. Enjoying her huge jugs, bouncing all over as he rammed her.
“You can fuck me anytime, anywhere you want” she cried with her eyes closed and her mouth twisted in ecstasy. Her hands held his as he clutched her tits.
“Tell me the places you want me to fuck you and how you want me to fuck you” He asked her to see what she was made of.
Kelly was cleaver she knew what he wanted to here.
“I want you to fuck me in my dorm and in your car while I’m in my uniform. I want to suck your dick at the drive thru. I want you to dick me in front of the girls in my class. I want you to tie me up and have the camera on while you do it. I want to suck your dick while your friends watch our videos. I want you to fuck me while we watch videos of you fucking your girlfriend. I want to swallow your cum for money. I want you to fuck my tits right now”
He pulls out of her and climbs up on the table to place his rod between her hot tits. As she begins to fuck him with her tits she looks up at him and says “I’ll do anything you want for money….anything.”
He cums then as she tit fucks him, his load hitting her under the chin and pouring down here neck into her hair. She collects it with her hands and slides them all over her torso and strokes him with her jizz cover hands.
“I think you stand to make a lot of money” ….

Kate was drilling Sandra doggy style with her strap-on when Master entered her room. They where so busy fucking they never heard his calls. They froze and turned to look at him. Sandra smiled and said
“You were gone and I needed……”
“Good morning my loves. You both look so fucking hot right now don’t stop” He smiled at them as he opened the legs of the tripod and turned on the video camera that he had grab out of his bed room. “I’m going to sit and watch a bit before I join”.
Sandra began to pump herself on K’s strap-on. Kate had her by the hair and thumbed her in the ass. Sandra’s mouth was open as her eyes locked with his. “Fuck me harder” she begged. Kate gave her everything she had.
How beautiful a sight this was he thought, two perfect women fucking each other. Two perfect pairs of breast bouncing almost in harmony. The sound of two women fucking. He began to stroke himself after he found his place in the sofa chair in the corner of the room.
Sandra pulled kaçak bahis herself off of K’s rod and stood before her. ”My turn” She said.
Kate removed the strap on and laid down on the bed ready for a fucking but Sandra had other plans. Sandra grabbed K’s hand and brought her before master.
“Clean it off before I fuck you with it” Sandra ordered. Kate complied, licking and sucking the strap-on clean.
Sandra ordered Kate to kneel before master, right at his lap. She did, still licking her toy. Sandra knelt behind her and reached for the strap-on, putting it on and slowly sliding its head between her lips. Kate moaned in pleasure as its length entered her. Sandra began to drill her, deep and slow, there tits bouncing in harmony
He stroked his rock hard shaft inches away from Kate’s face; he felt her hot breath on his sac. Sandra’s pace quickened as she knew Kate to be enjoying herself. Masters eyes were fixed to Sandra’s awesome breasts. He thought of the teenager he had just fucked that morning and of the drugged prom queen Lisa he had analized a few days before.
“Fuck her ass” is all he said and Sandra complied, sliding the rod out of Kate’s dripping clam and into her tight back door.
He watched as again there magnificent breasts began to sway tempting him to grab them. Just then Sandra reached forward and grabbed Kate by her hair and pulled her back, then grabbed her wrist to give her the “chariot”. Kate complied but with protest.
“Bitch” Kate grunted “fuck me hardier”
“Little cunt wants more” Sandra replied just as she gave an extra hard thrust.
Kate screamed in pain and ecstasy, her body twitching, convulsing as Sandra fucked her without mercy.
The sight of them fucking each other was unbelievable. He stood then. Kate leaned back, placing her head on Sandra’s shoulder so that there faces were next to each other.
“Give us your fuck sauce” Kate said
The three of them were astonished by the vulgarity of her comment, but by no means did he hold back.
His first gulp of cum landed square on Kate’s forehead, another on her chin. Then next gulp caught Sandra in the eye. She twitched but held her place, her mouth open and her tongue out. He took her invitation and forced his dick in all the way till her chin was on his balls. He moaned with pleasure as he continued to unload in her throat. He released her then and Sandra gagged a little as she slid him out of her mouth.
How marvelous they looked fucking each other with his jizz on there face. His cum now running of Kate’s forehead and into her eyes.
Kate’s hand slid to her clam and began to make tiny circles around her clit. Sandra fucked her hard now. It took about 30 seconds for Kate to climax. Her juices gushing down her legs.

The rest of the day was spent lazily on the couch the three of them together, watching movies or chatting. The phone rang that afternoon. Sandra answered it. She came into the living room with her hand over the receiver.
“It’s for you” she said to her master. “Its some guy who says his name is master black.”
He snapped to attention and ordered them both up stairs grabbing the phone from Sandra’s hands.
“Master Black” he said
“Master blue…your time has come, Next weekend at the farm house. I trust there will be no issues” Said the voice on the phone.
“Yes master Black”
The line went dead and he hung up the phone.

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