13 Mayıs 2024

Zoey’s Girlfriend


Here’s another short story. As I’ve mentioned before, a longer work is being in production right now, it’s maybe half done and will take me quite a bit longer to write. I’ll try and continue these short stories to keep my ‘at least once a week’ postings.

Oh yeah, and as far as High School Love is concerned, I will probably not continue it. Frankly it wasn’t that well received.

This particular story is a t-girl top story with a gen-girl. It’s short and to the point. Hope you enjoy!


Well here I am… I’m in my sophomore year in college and still looking for love. I guess I’m getting a little carried away, I’ll introduce myself. Hi, my name’s Zoey. I’m 19 years old and am attending an out of state college studying English. I stand at 5 feet 5 inches with just-past-my-shoulder length straight auburn hair. I don’t really care for my body (but I guess who really does). My measurements are a small 32 A-cup breasts, 26, and 30 hips. I do like my legs though, slightly tan and completely smooth, I like to show off my legs when I can. Currently I’m not in a relationship, and to be honest, I’ve never really had that many. I’m a very shy girl. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had boyfriends but more often than not I’ve been dumped because I never put out. Most of my friends are girls, and I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I think I might like girls.


I’m sitting in my dorm room doing some homework when I hear a knock on the door. “Just a minute!” I put my things down and hop up to get the door. “Hey Kim, what’s up?” I ask.

“Oh nothing, just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out?”

“Oh, I’d love too, but I’ve got all this homework to deal with.”

“Oh okay…” I watch as she turns around but pauses “wait, for which class?”

“English…” I say.

“Is that English with Professor Hadley?”

“Yeah, you’ve got him too?”

“I do, he’s so cool!” Kim gushes.

“I know, I absolutely love his class!”

“So you working on the paper about lenses and stuff?”

“Yeah, I don’t know if I’m getting it at all…” I say.

“Here let me take a look,” she offers.

“Okay, cool, that’d be great!” Kim enters my room and she plops her rather cute butt on my bed.

“Okay Zoey, what seems to be the problem?” she asks. From here we talk about how lenses focus our arguments on a particular subject, but I’m not able to do that very effectively, or so I think. She explains to me what I’m doing right and wrong. We read and reread my paper countless times before we start getting into fits of giggles.

“Oh Zoey, you’re ssssssooooo wrong! I do not think Shelly is that pretty!”

“Hold on Kim, we’re getting way off topic,” I giggle.

“Actually can you call me Kimi, I like that better,” she asks.

“Okay Kimi, actually I like that better too,” I giggle görükle escort again. An awkward silence creeps up and we’re sitting there on my bed looking at each other like, ‘what’s going to happen next?’ I know I’m feeling some sexual energy from her and I have a feeling she’s feeling the same. To break the silence I crawl over to her and part my lips. She doesn’t hesitate at all and I feel her part my lips as well. To me it feels so weird kissing another girl. I’ve never done it up to this point in my lifetime, but it feels so right.

Before I know it, we’re getting really hot and heavy. My top’s off and hers is too. We caress each other’s breasts and moan into each other’s mouths. I’m on top of her while she holds me up and I make my way down her flat stomach. When I get to her belly button she stops me there and brings me back up so we can kiss again.

Locking lips feels amazing but she disappoints me when she pushes me onto my back. This time it’s her turn to kiss down my breasts to my belly button. She goes a little further than I did and raises my shirt so she exposes my midriff. She kisses me there and it feels good, boyfriends are always too quick to get into the action, but Kimi’s different, or maybe it’s just being with a girl that’s different.

She kisses my stomach and then returns to my mouth. We make out some more before she descends down my increasingly aroused body. She kisses her way down my breasts to my tummy and then waits over my shorts. Since I’m at home I tend to dress casually and have on a simple pair of short-shorts. Kimi looks up at me and smiles. I smile back as she bites at the elastic of my shorts and pulls them down with her teeth. My pink cotton panties show as she pulls my shorts to my ankles. I’m wet and my little kitten is waiting for her.

She looks back up to me and smiles again, I have a pleading look on my face as I watch her stick her tongue out and lick the soft fabric of my pink cotton panties. I shudder almost uncontrollably as she grazes my sensitive lips and clit. She smiles again and does it again. Again I shudder and moan out this time, it’s just too much for me.

I grasp my bed sheets on either side of me when she teases me again. I almost yell out to eat me out but I hold back just enough to watch her grasp my panties and pull them down. The cool air on my glistening kitten feels refreshing and I shudder again when her finger grazes over my waiting lips. In my mind I keep telling myself, ‘she’s so good.’ I watch her head in between my legs and can only feel what she’s doing now. I let my head rest on the pillow and close my eyes savoring the amazing sensations she’s bringing me.

I feel her warm tongue teasingly circle around my lips, never touching my clit. I shudder and moan each time she passes nearby until she plants a soft soothing kiss on my little button. görükle escort bayan I yelp out like a little girl and she doesn’t hesitate any longer. She devours my little clit and I’m soon on the brink of release.

Moaning out her name, “Oh Kimi!!!!” I nearly climax but she pulls away. I pout and look down at her. She has this evil looking grin on her face as she raises and puts her legs on either side of mine. I look to her crotch to see if she’s wet but a rather odd looking bulge is there instead. I look back up to Kimi’s face and she still has that evil smirk, “Wait? What!?” I ask. She only smiles and grasps her own shorts. From the looks of it she grasps her panties as well, because the next thing I know her crotch is completely bare and her cock springs out. I haven’t seen too many cocks in my life so seeing hers is shocking to say the least. She’s certainly a decent size and leaking precum from her slit. Her cock actually looks right on her body, it’s weird to say but she looks incredible like that. Maybe it’s the fact that she has me all worked up, but I really want her cock now. I begin to raise myself but she stops me and presses me back down, “No.” is all she says. I pout playfully but soon I change to a look of fright and am scared when she aggressively takes my legs in one hand, grasping my ankles, and raising them high in the air. My butt is to her and my still innocent kitten is dripping with anticipation. As I mentioned at the beginning, I’m still a virgin and here Kimi is ready for me.

I know what she’s about to do so plead to her to be gentle. She again smirks and I feel afraid. Not a moment later she’s pressing her cock to my lips. I want her but I know it will hurt. She lets me feel her warm meat for a second before taking the plunge. I scream out as she breaks my virgin pussy. It feels like she’s pushing a train through me and I cry in pain. I soon feel she’s in me as deep as she can go. We’re in missionary and she’s close to me, above me and smirking again.

“Mmm, that’s my good girl,” she says. I’m still crying as the pain is so intense. She waits for me to calm but I don’t, it hurts so bad. She seems to lose patience and pulls out of me quickly before plunging back into me. From there Kimi plows into me without a care to how I feel. The pain finally lessens but I feel like I’m being used. She grunts and groans with each of her thrusts while I do the same. The pain subsides after a while and her cock tickles my insides and I begin to enjoy what she’s doing to me. I feel so many mixed emotions and have a hard time figuring out what’s going on.

I think she notices me warming up to her and places her hand just above my special button. I look down to see her press on my abdomen and see that her hand gets dangerously close to my clit. With each thrust her hand gets closer and closer until bursa escort I feel her warm soft hand over my clit. I take in a sharp breath when she flicks a finger across my sensitive little girl and uncontrollably moan out.

I can see she’s sweating from her efforts and now just realize I am too, my breasts jiggle along with hers and my arousal continues to rise again. Looking up to her, she smiles down at me, almost lovingly. “See I knew you’d eventually enjoy this,” she says. I really can’t say anything because her thumb strokes my clit; all I can do is lie there and moan.

I lie there taking her before I realize something else. I just realize now how I’ve been trying to fight against what she’s doing. My body is tense and I’ve been clenching the bed sheets the entire time. I try and relax and let my body take Kimi’s cock.

The next thing I know is the amazing fullness I feel inside my body. Her cock stretches the walls of my womanhood. Beginning to relax has me in an almost euphoric state. I feel this deep pressure inside me building with each of Kimi’s plunging thrusts. Her thumb caressing my clitoris coupled with her cock makes my life nearly unbearable.

Moans escape my mouth wildly as her body sends massive waves of pleasure through me. I can’t hold on much longer and grip the bed sheets with all the strength I can muster. I look up into Kimi’s eyes and she has a look of complete determination, it almost looks like she’s in pain or discomfort.

All of a sudden she leans down and puts her arms on both sides of me. I’m not sure what to expect but I soon see that she’s using that for more leverage because she plows into me with all of her strength. I whimper quietly when her vigor is renewed. She soon starts to grunt with each of her thrusts and I moan with her.

Her increase in urgency is just too much for me and my body does something I’ve never experienced before. It starts at the pit of my stomach and spreads quickly through my entire body. This magnificent tingling sensation breaks into a massive set of waves of pleasure. Involuntarily I jolt upwards on the bed and scream out obscenities to Kimi, “OOOOOOHHHHHHHH FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!! FUCK!!!!! FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!!!” Wave after wave after wave of orgasm courses through my body making me nearly incomprehensible and delirious.

An interruption from Kimi takes me away from my pleasures as I hear her own groans of satisfaction. I see her twist her face in anguish as she pulls out of me and grabs hold of herself. I can barely watch as my orgasm controls my every action, but I see just enough to know that she’s feverishly stroking herself. In just a few more moments I hear her groan one last time and I feel this warm wetness drip onto my body. At first there are a few drips but I soon feel long strands covering my body until she’s spent. She sighs one last time as do I when I finish as well.

She lowers herself onto me and we cuddle for a moment before she plants a kiss on my waiting lips. Pulling away, “that was great!” she whispers.

“I know…” we fall asleep in each others’ arms as my English paper beckons me to write…

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