5 Haziran 2021

Your Massage


To put you at ease, I hand you a towel first, and tell you to undress while my back is turned, then lay down on the bed, face down, and to cover your backside if you are at all modest.

After all, you don’t want to make it too obvious what you really want. I will have a bottle scented body oil ready to apply. I start out by pouring a small amount of warm oil or lotion in one palm, then rubbing my hands slowly together, making sure my fingers and hands are amply coated. At first I rub the wide part of your shoulder blades, then work my fingers up to the top of your shoulders, from one side to the other, then up the back and sides of your neck to the base of your skull. This seems to help relax you…you just lay there with your face on the pillow, enjoying those sensations you’ve missed for so long, or maybe you’ve never felt before.

Using my fingers and thumbs, I work out all the tension in your neck and shoulders. My hands move outward to the edge of your shoulders and upper arms. That’s when I hear your first soft moan, when my hands wrap around your upper arms and work slowly down towards your elbows. Taking your right arm in both hands, I hold it tight as my hands move down to your wrist, then pressing into your palm, and lastly, to each of your fingers, one at a time. After that, I move over to your left shoulder, and do the same, down to your fingertips. You whisper aloud, you had no idea how good that could feel, all the way to your fingertips. Back up your upper arms, over the corners of your shoulders, and back up to your neck. Pushing out whatever tension may remain.

Next, I drizzle warm oil between your shoulder blades. My fingers begin to rub it in with a little more pressure. First the wide part of your shoulder blades again, and down your ribs. With just the right amount of pressure, using the heels of my palms, I can usually push out a soft whimper or moan. Hearing that, I continue working the same areas. Down your spine, pressing one hand on top of the other and working down to the small of your back, then slowly back up your ribs, and even the sides of your rib cage. Down your spine again, and up your sides a few times, I touch the sides of your breasts, but just once. You now have to ask yourself, “was that an accident?” You don’t know for sure, but your mind is now thinking in other terms….not just about a relaxing massage. As I walk around the bed, you turn your face and can’t help notice the bulge in the front of my shorts. Hardly able to speak, you answer softly when I say, “it’s so warm in here do you mind if I take off my t-shirt?”

Standing by your left side now, you feel more of the warm oil drizzling into the tiny gully at the small of your back, just above the top edge of the towel, covering your bottom. With one hand on the towel, barely pressing against you, my other hand massages the small of your back, my fingers slowly slipping under the top edge of the towel. Without realizing it, your hips begin the slow up and down motions, hardly noticeable, pressing your mound against the mattress. Your eyes closed, thoughts of sex on your mind, you don’t want it to ever stop.

After pouring more oil in my hands, they now emek escort make their downward journey, starting on the back of your thighs, just below the bottom edge of the towel. My hands knead your flesh as they move down to the back of your knees. At first it tickles behind your knees, but after a short time, you realize there’s a direct connection to the part of your body slowly grinding against the table. You’ve felt that direct connection before….it comes from deep, passionate kissing, and touching the obvious areas of your body, like your breasts and nipples, and even under your arms, licked gently with a soft tongue. But you never realized how good it would feel when attention is given to the back of your knees. Continuing down your calves, hands rubbing and squeezing the tension down to your feet. Standing at your left side, near the foot of the table, I lift your left leg with both hands, bending it back, then resting your foot on my chest. Both hands start at your heel, my fingers on the top of your foot, my thumbs pressing hard along your arch, then moving up to your toes. Both thumbs squeezing the smallest toe, from bottom to top. Over to the next toe, and the next, and the toe next to the biggest. My fingers even exciting the spaces between your toes. Both thumbs squeeze the underside of your big toe, pushing up from the bottom to the top. Something feels different….surrounding your toe…not like fingers at all. It feels so good, but what is it, you ask yourself. Could this magician…this master of massage…be sucking your toe? Is that his tongue licking like it’s the head of a cock?

I return your foot to the bed, walk around the head of the bed, to the other side. Your head lifts from the pillow, eyes following the bulge in my shorts. You lick your lips at the sight of the head of my cock peeking from the bottom of the left leg opening, and then I’m out of eyesight once again. My left hand slides down the back of your right thigh, past the back of your knee, over your calf to your heel. Again I lift your leg, bending it, and placing the top of your foot against my chest. Once again, both thumbs press along your arch, on the way to your toes. Each toe receives special attention from my fingers, and again the same sucking and licking sensation of your big toe. As my hands move back down your foot, and begin rubbing and squeezing your calf, you have no doubt that I’m rubbing the tops of your toes over my left nipple. You can even feel it stiffen as it passes from big toe to pinky toe.

I return your right leg to the bed, and you feel my hands moving slowly up your calf, past the back of your knee, then thumbs pressing against the back of your thigh. Both hands trying to encircle your thigh now, thumbs still rubbing and squeezing. Back down to the bottom of your thigh, and slowly back up, all the way to the bottom of the towel. You’re unaware that the towel has slipped off, and fallen to the floor. Hands massaging back down to your knee again. You feel my fingers running up the inside of your thigh…higher, and higher and higher….”how high is he going?”, you ask yourself.

Fingers exploring now, touching and probing. Just as eryaman escort you want to raise your ass high in the air, to consent and submit everything you have to me, my hands coax you to turn over onto your back. Not wanting to seem hasty, you slowly turn over, your eyes locking onto mine. “Shhhh,” I whisper, with one finger touching my lips, “I know just what you want.” My eyes never leave yours as I lean over to kiss you. It’s a nice, slow, passionate kiss….. warm, and wet, and deep….the kind of kiss that can go on and on, for hours and hours. You feel that direct connection again, and as if I could read your mind, my left hand touches your wet pussy. As we continue kissing, my fingers touch and begin to explore. When you feel one finger slip into you, your body starts to quiver, and I know you’ve just had your first mini orgasm.

“You’re so wet, and so fucking tight, I whisper. I look down and notice your clean-shaven pussy. There’s something about a smooth, hairless pussy that I can’t resist. As I stare at what’s before me, your hands move down the front of your body, past your navel, and just as I think you’ve become a little modest, and are about to cover up, your fingers spread your lips apart. Now who’s the mind reader, I ask myself? My hands slide slowly up the inside of your thighs and I lean in to lick your inner lips, all pink and glistening with your juices. I can smell your sex as my tongue licks one side, and then the other side. Your hips lift up to meet my tongue as it pushes inside. Probing with my tongue, I lick your inner walls, and places you’ve forgotten. No one has ever touched you with a tongue the way I do. As I drag my wet tongue over your clit, I feel your body tremble once more, and know you’ve just had another mini orgasm. My tongue licks all around your clit, but not touching it directly. I look up at you and push one finger back inside. Your fingers run over my scalp and through my hair. You feel a second finger pushing inside and I feel your pussy squeezing around my fingers. My cock throbs when I feel how tight your are. I curl my fingers behind your clit, searching for that very special spot. The moment the tips of my fingers feel the small mass of nerve tissue, you let out a moan and your body rocks once more, even harder than the first few times. You feel my fingers inside you, moving side to side, up and down, and all around till you moan and tremble again, and I know I’ve found your g-spot. No one has ever touched you the way I do. You’ve read all about it, and have even tried to find it yourself, but always curse the awkward way you have to bend your wrist, never quite finding the elusive little button that’s supposed to take you to a higher level. And now, a total stranger has touched you in a way you’ve never been touched before.

As my fingers continue their massage inside, my tongue finally touches your clit directly. I feel another of your mini orgasms shake your body as my lips circle your clit and the tip of my tongue flicks at it. I watch your face and listen to the way you respond to my every touch. I hear the way your breathing has changed, and the way your tummy starts to rise and fall. All ankara escort signs of an orgasm building deep inside you. Suddenly, your thighs slam around my face and I hear your muffled screams. I feel the palm of your hand pressing flat against my forehead, trying to push me away. This is the “Big O”, but I keep on licking your sensitive clit, my fingers still rubbing your special spot right behind my tongue. My pinky finger touches your little puckered hole for the first time, taking you even higher. Even in your wildest masturbation sessions, with your favorite toy, you’ve never cum so hard. Why didn’t you know to keep the pressure on your clit once you start to cum, you ask yourself.

Suddenly everything stops, and you realize I’m standing at the foot of the bed. You watch as I unzip my shorts with my free hand and allow them to drop to the floor. Your eyes are on my hard cock now. The anticipation keeps your orgasm going. I pull my wet fingers from your pussy, and use your juices to coat the head of my cock. With one hand wrapped around my cock, I start rubbing the head on your clit. You shudder once again. The spongy head of my cock moves down and finds your opening. Your knees, that up until now had been pulled back to your chest fall open. I start the slow, steady push inside, till my cock is buried to the hilt. Your eyes widen at the feeling. It’s been so long since you’ve been penetrated like this. With the back of one of your hands pressed against your forehead, you close your eyes and enjoy the feeling of my cock as it starts to move slowly in and out of your still quivering pussy. Slowly, I pull almost all the way out, then push quickly back inside all the way. In and out, in and out, again, and again, and again. Very slow at first, allowing you to feel the full length of my cock deep inside you. My hips start to move in a circular motion, stirring your insides. I pick up the pace, and you can hear the faint grunts and groans from deep in my throat starting, in perfect rhythm with each thrust. I pull your legs up and over my shoulders, my hands pressing against the top of your thighs, thrusting deeper than you could ever imagine.

Your hands move down the top of your chest and over your breasts. I watch as your fingers pull and pinch… even twist your nipples. My cock is slamming in and out of you now. The sounds of flesh slapping flesh is too much for both of us. Sweat pours from my face and chest as your moans become louder, in the same perfect rhythm with each of my hard thrusts. I watch as your eyes squeeze closed. I feel it starting in my balls. There’s no way I can stop now, even if someone burst into the room. You scream again and every muscle in my body tenses up. At the same time your 2nd big orgasm hits, I explode deep inside you. Streams of warm cum fill you. I grab your wrists, pulling your hands from your breasts, pulling your arms over your head, stretching them almost out of their sockets. My body collapses over yours. Your knees clamp tight around my hips, keeping my cock deep inside you as the last of my spasms subside. We lay motionless for what seems like hours….our bodies coming down from a sexual high no two people have ever experienced. Our heartbeats slow, and our breathing returns to normal. I kiss your eyelids, your forehead, your cheeks, your chin and your nose…..and finally your mouth again. Laying close to each other, I wrap my arms around you…and hold you close.

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