18 Eylül 2023

You Need A Spanking – Lina – Pt 13


Part 6 – A Devious PlanIt was now Saturday night … my last night in New York … and the anticipation was killing me.  I’d thought about it all day, even though I had to admit to myself there was no way I could possibly figure it out.  All I knew was that it was my turn to get spanked and that somehow, I’d have to make it through an evening with her aunt before I’d find out what she had in store for me.  I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to know more about it before dinner.  While my curiosity was at fever pitch when I arrived at Rosa’s house I wondered if I knew more, might the anticipation get a lot worse, making it even harder to sit through a visit with some old aunt.We were off to a good start when I picked up Rosa and saw that she had dressed more casually, but on her everything looked more elegant.  Her simple top with a V-neck that emphasized Rosa’s modest cleavage and a short, full skirt of a slinky, flowing fabric worked well on her body.I asked about her aunt and was told that she’d been more like a close, good friend to Rosa growing up and as such, they shared everything.  She knew about Rosa’s interest in spanking and that I’d become a part of that interest.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about that … someone I don’t know, knowing of my interest in spanking … but there wasn’t much I could do anymore.  I wondered if it might become table conversation but dismissed it.We arrived at her home after a short drive … a larger house than I would have expected for a single person, … very well kept and in a neighborhood of modest, but nicely kept homes.  We made our way to the door and went inside without knocking.“Aunt Amy!  We’re here!” Rosa called out.  A return call indicated we’d find her in the kitchen.  Voices can be misleading, but I immediately imagined someone much more attractive than I’d been thinking, which was confirmed when we entered the kitchen where my first image was of a great pair of legs leading up to tight shorts bent over the open oven.  I looked at Rosa and she just smiled as though she’d realized my mental image of her ‘old aunt’ had just been shattered.  She turned around and greeted Rosa with a big hug and kiss, and I got nearly the same with a peck on the cheek.“You two look like you could be sisters!” I exclaimed, trying to cover any visible reaction I might have had.  She was gorgeous!  She couldn’t have been more than eight or ten years older than Rosa and looked remarkably similar, though not as thin as Rosa, but while she may have weighed a bit more, the extra weight was in all the right places.  The word ‘voluptuous’ came to mind.“You didn’t tell him, did you Rosa?” she asked as though this was a standard gag she’d pull.  “You’re not the first guy to come here thinking I’d be some old maiden aunt and realize we look more like sisters!”  Rosa laughed knowing she’d gotten me good.  I gave her a look that suggested she might pay for it later and got a return look that said she hoped she did.Amy was about the same height as Rosa but in bare feet, she appeared a bit shorter.  Long shapely legs, a bit more padding on her hips and larger breasts summarized the comparative differences, but hair and face were similar.  Suddenly for reasons unknown, I wasn’t so worried about her knowledge of our spanking interests!We had a wonderful Italian meal during which we had a lively conversation.  Clearly, Rosa and Amy acted more like sisters and after giving me the explanation of a much older brother getting married and having children early, I understood why they were so close, both in age and relationship.  Even after all this conversation, both with Amy and without, I still had no idea what plan or scenario Rosa had up her sleeve … until dessert.They insisted that I do nothing, so throughout the meal, they would disappear into the kitchen, together and separately and return with more food or to clean up more dishes.  We were done with dinner when they both went to the kitchen to get coffee and dessert prepared.  They were gone for maybe five minutes, during which I thought I heard them talking to each other but in a low, almost whispery voice.  Rosa returned, with Amy following a few minutes later with tiramisu, coffee, and tea.“So, you’re going back to Florida tomorrow?” bursa escort Amy asked.“Unfortunately, yes,” I said looking at Rosa making it clear I wished we could have more time together.“I think I’ll be planning a trip to Florida in the near future,” Rosa said laying her hand on mine.  “That’s if you want me to?” she added with a smile.“Can’t wait,” I replied.  Amy started talking but what got my attention was Rosa taking my hand from where it was resting on the table, down between our seats; like we were just holding hands.  After a brief pause, she moved my hand towards her, under the table and placed it on her bare thigh … all out of Amy’s sight.  We exchanged a look; mine an appreciation for the feel of her soft and silky, smooth thigh and her for the feeling of my fingers caressing that sensitive flesh.  We both acted like we were paying attention to Amy, and even took part in the light conversation, but our real attention was focused between Rosa’s legs … where my hand worked its way slowly towards that heavenly joining of her thighs. I was just about there, and reached a little further expecting to feel the smooth fabric of her panties between her legs when instead I felt the soft, warm wet lips of her delicious pussy!  She wasn’t wearing panties … the realization of which surprised me visibly and I noticed Rosa’s amused reaction to my reaction.  As much as I love panties and always prefer a girl wearing them rather than not, there is no way to ignore the instant and unexpected thrill of finding your fingers slip into a slippery, wet, naked pussy.Sitting in a hard chair as she was and limited in my mobility as I was, I couldn’t do much, but she clearly enjoyed what I could do.  By this time, we had finished dessert and Amy stood up, gathered several dishes, and headed for the kitchen.  Rosa stood up as well, but very slowly, allowing my fingers more freedom both in movement, and in not having to hide what I was doing.  Two fingers slipped inside her easily but only for a moment.“Oh my God,” Rosa exclaimed and then stood up quickly, hearing Amy returning and not wanting her to see her with my hand up her skirt.  “Hold that thought,” she said as I pulled my hand out just as Amy appeared.  Together they started gathering dishes from the table.  “Why don’t you wait for me in the living room?” she asked.“You remember I have that errand to run, Rosa?” Amy asked, “I’ll only be gone for a half hour or so.”“I remember,” Rosa replied as she looked back at me with a look that said, ‘We’ll be all alone!’I went to the living room, sat on the sofa, and tried to entertain myself with a People magazine.  Rosa joined me five minutes or so later, with an excited look on her face.  A minute or so later, Amy passed through saying she would gather her things, run her errand and be back in thirty minutes or so.“I told her we would wait for her to come back before we leave, but we’ll have a little time to have some fun.  I don’t think we should do any spanking because we’re liable to be interrupted, but I’d love to pick up where we left off!  Okay?”Trying to stick my hand back up her skirt, I said, “I’d love to get my tongue on that sweet, little pussy!”“Don’t be rude!  You know what’ll happen!”“Yes, I do … and I can’t wait!”“You’d better do a good job, or I might have to spank you for that too!”A few more minutes and we heard Amy call out a goodbye as she entered the garage.  Rosa took me by the hand and led me down a hall to a bedroom.  Leaving the door ajar she went directly to the side of the bed and sat down on the edge.  I bent over to kiss her and felt like my face was getting sucked in.“We may not have a lot of time,” she said as she pulled away, scooted further back onto the bed, and spread her legs.  “I love the way you lick me!  Eat me?  Please?” she pleaded with a voice and a look I could not refuse.  Kneeling on the bed, I ran my hands up her legs, moving to the inside when I reached her creamy smooth thighs.  With a satisfied sigh, she laid back, drew her knees up, and spread her legs even further.  I was about to lie down myself within tongue’s reach of her crotch when she complained about it being too bright and suggested I turn the lights out.I altıparmak escort went back to the door and flipped the overhead light off, which left one bedside light lit dimly and casting a nice glow over the bed.  Returning to the bed, I laid down on my side close enough that I could bury my face in her pussy but started with my fingers running up and down her thighs, teasing her with brief passage through her steamy slit.  She made her impatience known so I leaned over to plant a soft kiss with a bit of tongue on her pussy. That’s what she wanted.I rolled over on my belly and slipped both hands underneath, holding a soft, warm cheek in each palm, while my face insinuated itself in the moist valley between her legs.  My tongue went to work on the soft, slippery flesh of her pussy which immediately had her moaning in appreciation.  Pulling her to me by lifting her ass, I nibbled, probed, and poked with my tongue to a quick climax, her body going limp in the process.  I was about to start in again with fingers and tongue this time when a loud voice shocked me out of my sexual stupor.“Rosa!” the voice cried, “What are you doing?”  I realized it was Amy’s voice before I could turn to see her.  “Don’t move! … either of you!” she ordered as we started to get up.  My first thought was that she couldn’t have been gone for thirty minutes.“Aunt Amy!  I thought you … I’m sorry, we were just …” Rosa tried to say something that made sense … unsuccessfully.“I don’t care what you were trying to do.  I can see very well what you were doing! … and you know how I feel about that in my house!”“I’m sorry Aunt Amy, we weren’t going to …”  I noticed Rosa now calling her Aunt Amy instead of just by her first name which she’d done all night, except when we first got there, and she had the ‘old aunt’ gag going.“What did I tell you about doing that in my house!?” she demanded, now standing over us.  We were still in roughly the same position … except of course that my face was no longer attached to her pussy.“We weren’t going to …” Rosa said trying to defend our actions.“Never mind what you were going to do!  What did I tell you about doing that?  … and what did I tell you would happen if I caught you again?”“But …”“No buts!  Answer my question!”“You told me you didn’t want me having sex with any boys in your house.”“Finally … and what did I tell you I would do if you did?”“You said you’d …,” Rosa paused and looked at me, before finishing.  “You said you would … spank me,” she said with a contrite voice.  I was quite sure this was all set up for my benefit … and Rosa’s, as she was the one threatened with a spanking … but she was playing her role well enough that I couldn’t tell for sure.“That’s right! … and you know what to do, so what’re you waiting for?”Rosa looked again at me with genuine sorrow on her face as she lifted one leg over me and slid towards the end of the bed, where she rolled over so that she was bent over the end of the bed, much like I was.  If our knees could reach the floor, we’d be kneeling on the floor, and bent over the bed … our bottoms folded over the edge. In one of the sexiest moves I’d seen all week, Rosa reached back and pulled her skirt up and laid it on her back, baring her bottom after which she folded her arms in front of her and rested her head on them, looking directly at me.  Without a word she had acknowledged what was to happen, prepared and presented herself for the punishment she knew she was to receive.  Still quite stunned by the whole thing, I don’t know how my face looked, but Rosa gave me just the hint of a little smile … a sad smile, just before she closed her eyes as Amy moved into position ready to begin.“I warned you, Rosa!  I told you how I felt about you having sex in my house! … and now I find you with a boy’s face between your legs spread wide open!  I’m sorry, but I don’t believe you’ll learn your lesson unless I give you a good, hard spanking.”  Standing at Rosa’s left, with her back to me and the bed, she raised her hand up.“I’m sorry Aunt …” Rosa said just before the first spank, “Owww!  I’m sorry, Aunt Amy … owww! … I won’t do it again!” she pleaded as Amy spanked with speed and force from the outset.  görükle escort For the first thirty or so, Rosa blubbered out apologies and promises to be good, while Amy continued scolding and spanking.As Amy paused briefly, I tried to get up saying, “I should just leave you two …”“Stay right where you are!” Amy ordered, “I’m sure you’re as much to blame as she is, so you should certainly be punished as well!”“You mean you’re going to …” I stammered only half acting.“Spank you?  Of course, I am!  You shared in the pleasure, so you’ll share in the pain as well!”  I fell back into my position bent over the end of the bed.  Looking over at Rosa, she smiled a little more obviously this time and after stealing a look at her now-pink bottom, we exchanged a knowing look.  She had set this up for me so that we could both get spanked without the conflict we’d spoken of before. Determined to enjoy every last swat, regardless of who was getting it, I focused on watching Rosa getting spanked and found myself seriously aroused.  Eventually, they both stopped talking and concentrated on the spanking, with an occasional cry of pain from Rosa.  I watched her face as she was spanked … an initial grimace followed by a look of pain mixed with pleasure.  I watched her bottom as Amy’s hand landed … the fleshy cheeks rebounding with the force, changing color to darker shades of pink and sometimes she just wanted the next one so bad, she’d lift her bottom to meet Amy’s hand.  I watched Amy’s hand … rising to her shoulders, and higher, and descending in a long, swift arc to impact with Rosa’s waiting bottom!I have no idea how many spanks she got … at least a hundred, probably two … but as Rosa’s cries of pain and apology started increasing again, Amy stopped.“Maybe you’ll take my rules and warnings more seriously now!” she scolded.“Yes, ma’am,” Rosa replied as she reached back, rubbed her sore bottom, and gave me a look that said, ‘Your turn!’  Indeed, Amy turned towards me with a stern look.  I only now noticed again, the tight, sexy shorts she wore and suddenly wished she’d take me over her knee for my spanking.“I’m not done with you yet, young lady, but I think Mark has been enjoying the show a little too much, so it’s time his bottom started getting punished as well!”“Please, Amy … don’t spank me!  I didn’t know about your rules and …”“Oh … so it’s Rosa’s fault that I caught you with your face in her crotch?”“No!  No … I didn’t mean it like that!  I …”  Rosa was smiling so I know she was enjoying the wordplay.“Isn’t that nice!  She gives you a taste of her sweet, young pussy and then you blame her when you get caught!” she said, “Enough!  I don’t think you want to make me any madder.  Take your pants down.”“But …”“Take your pants down … now!” she said slowly enunciating each word.  Doing as I was told; I opened my jeans and pushed them down to my knees on the floor.  I paused, not sure if I should take my briefs down as well, but the instruction came quickly.  “Underpants too!  Rosa’s started on her bare bottom … although that was largely her doing as she elected to go without panties tonight … planning all the while to have your head up her skirt no doubt … so I see no reason why your bottom should be spared in any way!”As I pulled my underwear down, my hard cock sprang out to attention.  “See!  I told you he was enjoying watching you get spanked!  Let’s see how hard he is after I spank his bottom to a nice deep shade of red!  Bend over!  Just as you were when you were munching on my niece’s crotch!”Amy moved to my left as she had with Rosa and started spanking … awfully hard!  At first, I wondered how much of this kind of spanking I’d be able to take, but as the pain started to turn to pleasure, I marveled at the fact that a week ago, I’d never been spanked and now I have a second woman spanking my bare bottom.Amy scolded me as well, though mostly for my inadvertently throwing the blame on Rosa.  Suggesting that she ought to spank me as well, I looked over at Rosa to see her nodding as though saying ‘Oh yeah, your ass is mine!’  I smiled back hoping I’d still be able to take more spanking after Amy was through with me.Rosa watched me getting spanked with the same interest as I had watched hers.  Later she’d tell me that she didn’t often get to watch someone else get spanked, so she wasn’t going to waste this opportunity.  Once or twice when I looked at her, she looked as though she had just finished saying … or mouthing something to Amy but played innocent when I returned a questioning look. 

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