10 Ocak 2022

“Yes Daddy.”

Big Dick

AUTHORS NOTE: Based upon a true story of my intimate encounter with a young woman. Due to the massive and positive response I have received, their will be at least one more chapter in this series. Names have been changed to protect the guilty (or is that the horny?)

But if you’re looking for a longer story with much more emotional depth, then check out Cindy’s Journey.

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I walked into my favorite bookstore on a warm afternoon in late July. I wandered for a bit like I always do, perusing the books and picking a few that grabbed my attention. I headed over to the large cafe area, there was seating for about 30 people there. I scanned the area and looked for an open table.

Then, I saw her at a distance. This young, stunning woman with a fantastic body. She had just walked in through the cafe’s outside entrance, she was so exotic looking to me. As I walked to a table she walked right by me going the other way, and I caught a whiff of her aroma. It was sweet pea, one of those feminine scents that made me insane with lust: especially when a woman like her was wearing it.

I watched her walk away and caught a glimpse of her wonderful, wide hips and a perfect bubble ass. She was wearing tight, white leggings and a red halter top, exposing her thick, enticing cleavage.

I bought a coffee and sat down with my books. I was reading but unable to get her out of my head. She looked familiar, but I couldn’t place where I knew her from. But a little while later, something happened that I did not expect.


The bookstore was one of my favorite places to unwind at, but it was very busy that day. That was typical for Saturday’s there, I wandered for a bit and decided to go sit down. No tables were available, all of them had people sitting at them. But then I saw this man on the far side of the cafe, he was very handsome and all by himself. Then I realized why he looked familiar, he goes to the same gym that I used to. I gathered up my courage and walked over there.

“Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here?”

He looked at me and then I noticed them for the first time. The light coming in really captured the color of those big, gorgeous eyes-blue like the bluest skies. He looked surprised, but he definitely was welcoming to me.

“No, please have a seat.” He said in a deep voice that was soothing while it sent a tingle down my legs. I sat across from him and set my things down.

“Hi, I’m John.” He said with a smile while shaking my hand. I told him my name with a big smile on my face, I couldn’t hide it. “I know you, don’t I?”

“Yes, from the gym. We spoke about music once.” I answered while trying to hide my excitement at seeing him there. I felt it once again upon seeing him, the air was instantly charged by the animal magnetism I felt.

“Yes, that’s it! I was actually trying to remember why you looked so familiar.” He looked quite pleased that I was there with him.

My thoughts had lingered in the past on that day when we had talked. I wondered about him weeks after I had ended my membership at the gym. And now, it seemed like fate had intervened, at least that’s what I hoped for.

I noticed his collection of books and commented on his book about anxiety. I found out that we had both struggled with it and he opened up to me about what worked for him in his struggles with it. That made me feel more connected with him, my interest and attraction for him was blossoming. We talked for a long time about many things, he seemed quite interested in me.


I found out she was of half Irish and half African descent. That explained why her afro was a reddish-brown color. She had her mothers gorgeous eyes that were accented by her long lashes, just the way I liked them. Her long nose ended in a rounded tip above her red lips. My god those lips that looked like they could suck cock for days, the thick kind you just wanna suck and nibble on.

I really liked how our interaction was going, I was doing my best to be charming. I think it was working because she was constantly smiling and laughing at all my jokes. I was trying to think of a way to spend more time with her. I was getting hungry, so I decided to seize the moment.

“Daisy, can I buy you something to eat? Maybe from the nearby deli?”

“Eat at the deli?” She gave me a big grin. “Yes I’d love to, shall we go?”

“Yes, let’s go. Did you drive here?”

“Yes I did, I will see you over there.”

We both walked outside to our cars and drove the short distance to the deli.


Shortly after we arrived at the deli, it started raining. The rain always made me absolutely horny for cock. Maybe this handsome stranger will find out, if he’s lucky. Or am I? I was so happy he asked me to go eat, I was hoping to have him for dessert. I could sense that feeling tugging at me, gently yet with persistence it was drawing me in: I was becoming so attracted to him.

We both had sincan escort bayan a delicious meal together, he looked at me and put his hand upon mine during the meal. That, the flirting and the look in his gorgeous eyes made me absolutely weak inside. We got up to leave and I wondered when I would see him again, dare I hope that he wanted me like I wanted him?


The rain had slowed down by the time we walked back outside and I walked her to her car.

She reached for her car keys, but then she paused and looked at me. The smallest moment can sometimes change your life. That moment when attraction and sexual tension reaches a crucial junction. When she looked at me, she was saying goodbye, but her eyes were saying something else. I knew that look, and I absolutely seized that moment in time.

Sometimes, you meet a woman and you go out with her. Maybe it doesn’t work out and you never see her again. But when I kiss a woman, I make damn sure she’ll never forget it. Even if nothing else happens between us, I want her to remember me and that moment.

I grabbed her and kissed her. She moaned and opened her mouth to my wet, eager tongue. It was a long and deep kiss while I pulled her tight against me with my strong arms. I left her panting for more. She paused for a moment and looked at me with her beautiful hazel eyes.

“Ohhh..oh my god.” She whispered with her lip quivering, she found it hard to maintain her composure after that. I knew what her look meant, I had seen it so many times before. She wanted to fuck me, there was no doubt about it.

“My place is not far…would you like to come over for…ummm..coffee?”

“Of course I would.” I gave her another lingering kiss and relished the look of horny desperation on her lovely face.

I walked to my car, my dick was already swelling from that hot kiss. I knew things were about to get much hotter soon.


Holy fucking shit, he can really kiss. He completely took my breath away with such passion, I was already so wet for him. I could feel my thick grool flowing down into my ass crack, sitting in my car seat was making it stick to my leggings. We got to my building and I led him upstairs with all haste, he grabbed me at my door and pressed his hard cock against my fat ass. I managed to get it unlocked, even though I was trembling in anticipation.

I sat on my couch and ran my hands down his front, all I could focus on was getting his cock in my mouth. I unzipped his pants and was taken aback by the size of his veiny trouser snake.

It was so hairy and thick. His beautiful cock was leaking pre-cum already. I kissed it all over and listened to him moan deeply. And that smell, that wonderful smell that only a man has down there. His cock was very clean and smelled so enticing, with only his natural odors filling my nose. He had already made me so fucking wet, it even surprised me that I was soaking my leopard print thong. Funny I considered that thong a good luck charm, and today I was very lucky indeed.

I had gone months without cock, and this near total stranger was about to have me. It felt so dirty to me, and so right. He pulled his shirt off and I took in the sight of his pale, strong body. He looked down at me with his gorgeous blue eyes and he ran his hands over my thick afro.

This much older man was truly a masculine stud to behold, I could not believe he was 43. He looked into my eyes and I felt totally powerless, I wanted to be utterly devoured by him.

I felt his throbbing cock sliding on my tongue, and it was heavenly. I slowly opened my mouth, gagging in my attempts to take him deeper into my throat. He groaned and pushed slowly on my head, coaxing me into relaxing my jaw to deep throat him. Then, all 8 inches of his fat manhood was in. I felt his pubic hairs against my round nose, he grunted and shivered as he swelled in my mouth.

I wanted all of him, in every hole fucking me hard, fast, and then so slowly. His cum all over me, dripping from my holes and filling my stomach. In that perfect, sensual moment that was the only thought I had in my dirty mind. Yes, I would be his possession for as long as he wanted me. Hopefully, for a long time to come.


Daisy sucked me like a hungry, wanton woman starving for cock. I loved watching her thick, ruby red lips slide over my cock as she whimpered and sucked it so hard. She looked up at me with those beautiful eyes that sparkled like green gems in the sunlight. I held her adoring gaze as I thrusted deep into her mouth and tugged on her hair.

She slurped it like a horny, desperate whore that was eager to please. I’ve had my cock sucked by plenty of women, but honestly, she might have been the best ever. And there was just something about how she looked at me, how she used her mouth and her tongue. And the atmosphere in her apartment was thick with the instant sexual chemistry between us. It was intangible, but also there was definitely an invisible charge in the air.

She eryaman escort then started going a bit faster, she moaned with her mouth stuffed with my tingling, aching cock. I started pumping and grinding Into her demanding, sexy mouth. My balls were so heavy from a lack of sex, but I didn’t want to cum so fast either.


I was a slowly boiling pot of sexual lust. And he had lit the fire under my stove, I was going to fucking explode soon, I realized my body felt like a pressure cooker of lust. Tasting his pre-cum was making my hairy cunt leak and drip in my soaking panties. My brown puffy nipples that actually stuck out off the end of my breasts were super sensitive, although I felt a little self-conscious about them.

I refocused as I felt my pussy absolutely throbbing, just tasting his delicious cock was enough to make me cum. I felt a little orgasm spreading through my thighs, and I hoped he would like my hairy pussy. I had shaved my legs but I liked how my fuzzy hairs felt between my legs and in my armpits. He pulled his cock out with my saliva dripping off and onto my top.

“I wanna see your body Daisy. Then I’m gonna fuck you.”

I was totally captivated by his commanding presence, I didn’t hesitate to strip for him.


She pulled off those extremely tight leggings and pulled off her halter top. She undid her bra, and let her magnificent breasts hang free.

Then I saw her thick, wide patch of reddish brown pubic hair under her leopard print panties. What a truly erotic and gorgeous sight that was, and I spotted the hair poking out of her armpits as well. I was even more turned on than before by her, my cock was hard as steel for her.

“Pull your panties off sexy.” I growled at her in a low voice. She trembled and obeyed, pulling them down to be totally naked before me. She was a rare and unique beauty, and I had to indulge in her.


I pulled my thong down and felt long, thick white ropes of grool clinging to my thigh. My panties had left a trail on their way down. I was almost in shock at how absolutely horny I was for him. But I still felt embarrassed about my breasts, they stood out like perky torpedoes with their fat and puffy nipples. But then, he spoke again.

“Your pussy is absolutely amazing and beautiful. So are your tits, I could suck on them all day every day.”

I shivered from feeling my body respond to him, but I also wanted to cry in happiness. He was being totally sincere, he really liked what he saw, I could see it on his beautiful face. Only a few moments had passed since my panties were off, but the sexual tension reached a fever pitch. He stepped closer and pulled me over to my recliner, he playfully pushed me down on my back.

Then, he fucking attacked me, he lunged at my juicy cunt with his mouth. I felt a huge jolt in my core as his sexy lips devoured my thick, hairy labia. He sucked them into his mouth and licked me with rapid, long strokes of his wide tongue. He so quickly sent me into ecstasy like no man ever had, I had never experienced anything quite like this.

“Ohhh..ohh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…fuck..yesss.” I babbled like a total slut, my mind was fading into the persistence of his assault on my soaked pussy.

His mouth slurped all my thick cunt juice and he licked labia up and down, then he fingered me. I felt his strong hands push apart the soft, yielding flesh of my buttocks, and he found my dark brown hairy asshole. He was licking and prodding all the right spots in my ass crack with long strokes of his tongue.


I licked her beautiful pussy and parted her very dark lips to reveal her bright pink center. I love the sounds a sexy woman makes when you lick her in her juicy center just right. She moaned loudly and pushed her crotch against my mouth, her grool was all over my face and her pubic hairs were dripping with it. I totally wanted all of her juices, and I loved sucking it out of her writhing body.

Then when I licked her asshole, she suddenly tensed up even more. Her body shook, her mocha skinned thighs trembled as she thrust her hips up off the chair and begged me. “Don’t stop! Please, please don’t! I’m gonna fucking cum!”

I pulled her left thigh with one hand, pushing her leg up high so I could go deeper with my other hand-I knew exactly what to do to her.


Again, holy fucking shit. His mouth and hands were doing things to me I’d never experienced before. He jammed his strong fingers suddenly into my leaking cunt. He rammed into my tight pussy with long, fast thrusts as I rubbed my clit hard and fast. My moaning, raspy gasps reached a peak as my whole body felt the sudden urge knotting up in my core.

Then I felt my breath stop for a moment as I heaved before I exploded in a huge, messy squirt. My pussy became a fountain as I had the biggest squirt of my life. I squirted before, but not like this. “Ohhh..my-my-my…FUCKING GOD!”

I finally screamed loud enough to wake the dead, as I etimesgut bayan escort rubbed and slapped my cunt into a sticky, milky mess.


I thought she was probably going to squirt, but this was fucking amazing. Her clear and white cream was all over my front, it was dripping down between her legs and over her chair. There was a puddle soaking into her area rug. She shook more with the end of her orgasms passing through her exotic body. I slurped up all the cum from her thighs and shared it with her in a lewd French kiss. She drank it all down and we shared a passionate kiss on the mouth.

I didn’t wait any longer, I grabbed hold of her thighs and started fucking her. She squealed and gasped with delight as her beautiful breasts swayed beneath me as I rammed my cock Inside her tight cunt.


I felt that thick rod enter me and he immediately pushed deep against my cervix. He grunted and pushed a few more times until he was completely inside me. His fat cock hit every little ridge inside my pussy, massaging me on the inside while his girth pushed sideways. My toes curled as I felt like cumming again on his cock. He was slowly grinding, then he suddenly went faster and faster. I felt him pounding me hard, his wet balls slapped against my hairy asshole.

I let out little moans with each plunging thrust, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t talk in that wonderful moment. I could only groan like a slutty bitch for more, because that’s what he awakened in me. This absolute surrender to my desires to be fucked so good like this, whenever and wherever he wanted me.


After a few minutes of fucking her, I put her legs up high on my shoulders to go even deeper. Her thighs pressed against her lovely breasts with her ass up. I pushed my cock back in, feeling her tightness open to me.

“Do you want it fucking rough babe?”

She looked deep into my eyes and licked her lips.

“Yes baby, pound your pussy. It’s your pussy now! Give it to me, stud! “

I smiled at her and pushed deep as I rested my body on my hands above her to brace myself at an angle above her. My knuckles pushed into the chair as I pushed back in hard. I bottomed out in her cunt and made her mouth drop open with her loud moans of horny abandon. I went fast and deep, fucking her so hard that the heavy chair creaked.


His cock hurt at first, because I’m so tight, but my wetness made him glide back and forth inside me. His cock was buried deep inside me, right where I wanted it so fucking bad. I lost all self control by then.

“Fuck the pussy! Fuck the pussy! Fuck the pussy!! Fuuuck meeee! Yes daddy!”

He didn’t just make me wet, I was totally soaked. The deep fucking made me feel like I was constantly on the threshold of a huge orgasm, the pleasure was overpowering. My cunt was making loud, sopping wet noises as he fucked me with such forceful thrusting. Then I felt the squirts coming, one after another it jetted out of my cunt and drenched his crotch while it ran down my thighs.

A few more minutes and then I could feel him slowing down, I thought maybe he was going to cum and was trying to hold off.

“Are you going to cum?”

“Yes.” He grunted with a grimace of concentration.

“Just wait please baby. I need to feel you in my ass.” I felt his cock pull out with a loud, wet noise escaping my pussy. I ran to my kitchen and grabbed my coconut oil.

“Sit down in the chair stud.” I eyed him while I rubbed my asshole, coating it thoroughly. I put a generous amount on his aching cock. I took a deep breath in anticipation of that thick rod pounding my poor asshole, but I wanted it so badly. I turned and faced away from him, I rubbed my ass cheeks on that fat cock and teased him a little.


“Put it in my ass daddy.” She said as she wiggled her glorious ass on my dick. I grabbed the mounds of her ass and thrust. I slowly pushed inside her, feeling my length slide into her tight, brown bud. She moaned and pushed down with her hips, allowing my cock to fill her completely. Soon she was grinding and bouncing on me with hard, desperate thrusts on my girth.

Loud guttural noises and filthy obscenities spilled out of her along with her long, gasping groans of ecstasy. She leaned back and I held her close against my chest with my hands tweaking her fat nipples, that made her moan with another sweaty climax. Soon came a long series of moaning trembles with her hot, wet orgasms.

My cock pulsated, it was impossible for me to hold back any longer. I fired my thick hot jizz inside her with a string of shaking moans, her quivering body grinded hard against mine. Our mutual orgasms passed through our bodies like a burning wave of lust, fueled by our raw attraction for each other. I could feel my cum oozing back down over my hairy balls as my cock finally started to soften.

She laid there, sweating on me in the blissful afterglow. I kissed her and caressed her gorgeous, statuesque body. She let out deep breaths of elated satisfaction, she kissed me as her delicate hands rubbed my thighs. She turned around and sat in my lap, then she rubbed her body against mine while letting me indulge in her wondrous lips again, sucking and licking my mouth with hers.

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