8 Kasım 2023

Worker’s Reward


Its only 8 a.m. And Jon is already hot. Its a Saturday and I am the only one that had to work. As I am driving the skid loader he cant help but think of the smoking hot blonde I seen next door the other day. Hopefully I will at least get to see her today. That would make this day so much better.

Hopefully I can get finished up early. Its been a long week, maybe ill go get a massage after work. That would help me relax since I wont be home for another week. Holy shit. There is a smoking hot blonde but not the one I seen the other day. She is however going into the same house. Must be a daughter. They look a lot alike.

I’m working away and when I look up the blonde is on her front porch. Im not sure where her daughter went but I like the view I’m seeing. Her long flowing hair that reaches the middle of her back. Not to mention the way her firm tits are pressing against her white sports bra. Instant hard on.

I think I must have sweat in my eyes cause it looks like she is waving to me and holding a glass up in the air. Surely my luck cant be that good. I mean I’m the only one stuck here at work today. Why would she be waving at me, but she is.

I shut my machine off and walk out the gate over to her porch, She says hi I’m Amber, I say hi I’m Jon how are you doing today, is everything ok. She smiles and says yes I just noticed you were the only one working today and thought you looked like you could use a drink. I have fresh lemonade inside would you like some.

I say yes but I’m much too dirty to come into her house. She said its fine it is her daughters day to clean the floors so its all good she says. As we enter the house her daughter comes bouncing down the stairs she sees me smiles big and says hi I’m Ashley, I introduce my self as my mind goes crazy with şişli escort lust for them both.

We enter the kitchen and Amber tells me to go ahead and sit down and she will get my drink. When she gets to the fridge she bends over to grab the lemonade and her shorts are so tight I can see the lips of her sweet pussy making my cock hard all over again. Ashley sits next to me and says she will have some as well.

As we drink I find out that Amber is 39 and Ashley just turned 18 a week ago but never got to do anything special for her birthday. I said I’m sorry to hear that. She smiles and licks her lips and says maybe one of these days something will come up that will allow her to celebrate as her gaze moves down to my crotch.

She tells her mom she was thinking about going and hanging out with friends unless she had other plans for them to do something. Amber smiles and says well she may have some plans but isn’t sure yet. As she says that she gets up walks over to Ashley leans down and begins kissing her hard full on the lips. I’m thinking what the fuck. No way I’m dreaming or drunk or something. This shit does not happen to me.

I see their lips part as their tongues begin to play with each other. My cock is making my pants way too tight to stay in there much longer. They are really going at it. I wonder if I should excuse myself but I cant take my eyes off them. Amber moves her hand down and begins to slide Ashley’s shirt up over her equally perky perfect tits from what I can see. She takes a hard nipple into her fingers and gently rolls it back and forth as Ashley lets out a sigh.

They break their kiss and look into each others eyes. Amber says lets take this up stairs. As they turn to leave the room they look back at me and say well are you coming. I say hell yes I’m coming and we all head up to the bedroom. They are not even two feet into the room and are completely naked. Ashley says mom get on the bed I need to taste your pussy. Amber jumps to the bed and has her legs spread wide as Ashley slides between her legs.

As she traces her tongue up one leg and reaches the velvety folds of her moms pussy her mom shivers and lets out a moan. I am now naked as well and come in behind Ashley and in one swift motion have my tongue darting into her sweet pussy. My god I have never tasted one so good and tiny. I continue to work on her pussy as she pushes back onto my face. She is a wet one and I can already hear both of their breathing getting faster and heavier.

Before I even realize what is happening Ashley is squirting her juices onto my face and I cant drink enough of it as her Mom is squirting into her face. How lucky am I to be with 2 women at the same time and they both are squirt. No one is ever going to believe this story when I tell them.

They waste no time in telling me to get on my back they want to show me some attention. As I get on my back they both go down on me and take turns sucking my cock and licking my clean shaven balls. I tell Amber to get on my face as I want to see if she taste as good as her daughter. She readily turns so she can face her daughter as she begins to ride my face. She taste every bit as good as her daughter. I feel my cum begin to boil in my balls and hope she slows down as I want to enjoy the feeling of her mouth on me and my tongue in her mom.

Amber says she is going to cum and I tell her to fill my mouth with it, she squirts so much I thought I may drown. Ashley stops sucking me for a moment and Amber moves to my side. Ashley looks at her mom and says she is ready to take a cock. I say excuse me. She then tells me she is a Virgin and I’m her birthday gift. I cant believe it. Her mom says ok Straddle him and she will guide the cock that is going to take her cherry.

She gets into position as her mom takes my cock and holds it at her opening. She moves it around some coating the head with her juices as she slowly lowers herself onto me taking just the head inside. She lets out a little gasp and says ooh my. She moves just the slightest up and down moving the head in and out a little bit getting more juices flowing from her.

She takes a little more of me and I feel a resistance that I know is her cherry about to be popped. She tells her mom it hurts a little but its like a good hurt. Her mom says she knows as she rubs her shoulders for her a little helping Ashley to relax some. The next thing I know Amber pushes down hard on Ashley’s shoulders pushing me all the way in and breaking her cherry, she lets out a scream.

She holds her there letting her adjust to me being inside her, and before long she begins to move her hips. She is so tight and hot I do not know how long ill be able to hold out. Her mom begins playing with one of her boobs as she fingers herself with her other hand. I move my hands to her hips and help to guide her up and down on my shaft. She starts off with slow short strokes but as her breathing increases so does her rhythm.

She is really riding me now and thankfully says she is going to cum as I cant hold out any longer I am going to bust. Her mom moves a hand to rub her clit as she begins to squirt all over my cock. I gram her hips and hold her down as I shoot stream after stream of my hot cum deep into her pussy. We all collapse in a heap, as we are laying there they inform me that I’m spending the night. And all I can think of is I hope she is on birth control. If not ooh well they both have great pussies…

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