13 Kasım 2023

Wife’s First BBC- Hubby Regret Pt. 05


The Fifth Wheel

‘Where had my life gone wrong?’ I began thinking to myself! Since the day I met Jessica, I gave her everything she ever wanted…Love, a family, a wonderful marriage, an expensive home, and an extremely loyal husband! Yet somehow this wasn’t enough for her!

As I sat there watching his Huge Black Mamba approaching my wife’s mouth, I could feel my little prick beginning to twitch and grow in my pants! How is it possible to be heartbroken and aroused at the same time?

Feeling humiliated, I decided to ignore my erect penis and wipe away my tears, calming my heart rate and catching my breath!

Jhonas: “Baby, this ain’t going to fit in your mouth!” He said smiling at Jess.

‘Thank God’ I thought! I felt relief knowing that Jessica wouldn’t be able to handle his colossal Dick!

Jhonas: “Spit on the head!” He said whilst raising his eyebrow at my angelic partner.

Me: “Please stop Jess!” I begged her, whimpering and wiping away my tears!

Jessica decided to ignore me and obeyed his command, spitting on the end of his dick, making it wet and shiny. Jessica then removed her hands from his dark muscular bum and wrapped them around his thickened veiny shaft.

Jessica: “My God! This Cock’s as wide as my arm…I can feel the veins pulsating!” She said whilst squeezing it.

Jhonas: “Now…Force it in your mouth…Show your Cuck how you suck Black Cock!” He said whilst flexing his girth.

Jessica, of her own free will, spat in her hand and massaged her saliva around his Mamba’s head, ensuring there would be no friction during her oral performance.

Jessica: “You ready Cuck?” She asked me whilst staring at his agressive penis.

Me: “I think so…” I said through tear-filled eyes.

Jessica: “I love it when my cuck cries!” She said laughing at the tears rolling down my cheeks.

Jhonas: “Snivelling little bitch!” Jhonas said, joining in on the humilation.

Jessica: “I’m going to suck these Black Balls dry!” She said whilst having a feel of his swollen testicles.

Jessica turned to face his muscular penis and opened her mouth ready to receive his Apple-sized head!

Me: “Please can we stop?” I asked one last time, letting out a heartbroken plea.

My cowardly behaviour appeared to make Jessica hornier, making her lunge towards her tiny mouth towards his erect member. I could see the moment her lips made contact, spreading and consuming the surface of his throbbing head.

Jessica began to moan, relishing the taste of her well-endowed Bull, forcing her mouth to reach the lip of his Bel, right where it meets the shaft!

It was clear that his Dick was too much for Jessica as she started to gag and choke, backing away and gasping for air.

Jessica: “Fuck me…it’s too big baby!” She said whilst panting.

Me: “Let’s call it a day then, let’s have some drinks ey!” I said eagerly, hoping Jessica would give up from embarrassment.

Jessica: “Shut the fuck up Cuck!” She shouted at me.

Jhonas: “Good girl…train your Cuck!” He said praising my wife.

Jessica: “You’ll speak when you’re spoken to, understand!” She commanded.

Although I felt completely embarrassed and outranked in my own home, I decided to obey my wife’s instructions so that I could stay in the house.

Me: “Sorry!” I said through gritted teeth.

Jessica: “Good boy cuck! Now sit there and watch this Bull train your wife’s throat!” She said whilst staring at his enormous appendage.

Jhonas: “Open your mouth and relax your throat baby!” He instructed.

Jessica obeyed, and once again wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and proceeded to swallow the head!

Jhonas: “Good slut…Work your way down the shaft…Keep going!” He said, watching her struggle to receive its giant mass.

Once again Jessica had started to gag and pull away from the head of his penis as she fought desperately for air!

Jhonas: “Fight it!” he said in an aggressive and dominant tone.

Jhonas quickly grabbed my wife’s hair and forced her lips over the head of his penis. Jessica began to thrash and scream in terror as she fought for breath!

Jhonas: “Open that fucking throat!” He said with a wild look of power in his eyes.

Jessica’s thrashing stopped as her body collapsed from a lack of oxygen. Her spit and saliva began to run down Jhonas’s shaft, dripping from his swollen balls onto Jessica’s amazing breasts…To be honest, I thought she’d passed out!

Jhonas’s biceps flexed as he gripped Jessica’s head and used it like a rag-doll, forcefully fucking her mouth up and down the head of his beast, trying to loosen her jaw and throat.

Jhonas: “There you go baby…that’s it!” He praised her.

Jessica had miraculously found some strength and got back to her knees, no longer limp from suffocation. To my utter shock, Jessica removed Jhonas’s hands from her head and placed them on her firm breasts.

Jessica: “Squeeze my big tits baby…I can do this!” She said, eager to pleasure his Black Mamba.

Jhonas massaged my wife’s tits with his large dark hands which gaziantep escort forced her to moan! Jessica once again wrapped her lips around the head of his penis, but this time resisted choking!

I watched in amazement as my wife mouth fucked Jhonas’s cock, swallowing his mamba inch by inch! Before long Jess had accommodated 7 inches of veiny shaft inside of her throat, occasionally choking and gagging as Jhonas moaned

Jess eventually released her mouth from his flexed cock and began kissing the head passionately, occasinaly tonguing the hole!

Jessica: “I love this cock! I could suck it every day!” She said whilst licking pre-cum from the tip of the head.

Jhonas: “You can have your Bull anytime babe!” He said squeezing my wife’s nipples.

Me: “Jess, you said this was a one-off thing!” I blurted out without thinking.

Jhonas: “Shut up you stupid little Cuck!” He shouted aggressively.

Jessica: “Right you’re done, out of the house…NOW!” Jessica commanded, pointing to the door.

Me: “I’m sorry…Honesty…Please let me stay!” I said realising they were being serious.

Jessica: “OUT…NOW!”

Jhonas: “You heard your wife Cuck…OUT!” he said, flexing his chest and muscles.

I know I’m a wimp for tolerating their behaviour, but I love her, she’s the best thing that ever happened to me! Frightened that Jessica would leave me, I decided to collect my car keys and headed out to find a hotel.

Just before I closed the door I took one final look at my wife, hoping she would stop me from walking out, only to realise that she had started sucking his Black Cock and ignored my departure.

I drove my car to a few local hotels, only to find out they were fully booked! I was now sitting at the side of the road festering and worrying, wondering what Jessica might be doing with Jhonas!

I spent around 40 minutes trying to fall asleep in my car when I heard my phone ping! I looked at my mobile and it was a text from Jessica!

Jessica’s Text: ‘Come home, but sleep in the spare room tonight! Me and Jhonas are going to share our bed…love you xXx’

‘She still loves me, thank God’ I thought!

I raced across the city with the hope of arriving before Jhonas took my wife to bed! I pulled up on the drive and entered my home, only to realise that I was too late as the lower half of the house was in darkness!

I crept quietly up the stairs and noticed our bedroom door was open with the light on, ‘maybe Jhonas has left’ I thought to myself.

As I got near the door I could hear distant moaning…’ was Jessica masturbating?’ I hoped.

I peered through the foot-wide gap in the dory only to witness a large, muscular, naked, Black giant eating my wife’s pussy…She was loving it!

Jhonas: “I love the taste of this pussy…It’s so smooth!” He said, as she stuffed a pillow over her face to silence her moaning.

Despite feeling upset and hurt…I couldn’t help but watch as Jessica’s incredible body responded to his every lick!

My penis hardened as I listened to Jessica’s high-pitched moaning, proving that Jhonas was very talented with his mouth.

Jhonas had passionately kissed my wife’s tightl hole for at least 20 minutes, tasting and spreading her beautiful flower with his tongue!

I was so turned on watching them that I decided to pull down my pants tug at my small penis! ‘I should at least get something out of this!’ I thought to myself.

Jhonas: “You’re wet enough now…You’re ready for Black Cock!” he instructed her, as he opened my wife’s legs.

Jessica: “Yes my Bull” She said, as his huge appendage pointed directly at her opening!

This was it…This was the fantasy my wife had asked for!

Jhonas proceeded to tease Jessica by resting his Mamba’s head against her pussy and massaging it against her lips.

Jessica: “I’m going to ruin your tight cunt!” He said threatening her.

Jessica: “Oh God!” She moaned in anticipation.

Jessica repositioned herself, ready to accommodate his swollen member, only to realise I was standing at the door tugging away at my nob.

Jessica: “Look…The Cucks wanking over us!” She said smiling at me for watching.

Jhonas: “Then he can watch a real man fuck his wife!” He said placing Jessica’s hands on his ass.

Jhonas began to massage the head of his penis into Jessica’s tiny hole, gently tearing her open!

Jessica: “FUCK…!” She said, feeling her flower being spread apart.

Me: “You okay?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

Jessica: “It feels like a baby’s head!” She said, reaching down to spread her lips wider.

Jhonas then spat on my wife’s pussy and proceeded to thrust his Apple-sized head into her.

Jessica: “FUUUCK…IT’S TOO BIG…OH MY GOD!” She screamed, as her eyes widened, and her jaw dropped in shock.

Jhonas: “That’s the head nearly in…You ready for 12 more inches?” He asked, laying his full weight down on my wife.

Jessica: “I NEED A MINUTE…I can’t take it!” She said squeezing his bum.

Jhonas: “Here that…Your wife’s pussy needs a break!” He said laughing.

Jhonas: “Okay then Jess…Hey Cuck…Give Jessica a countdown from one minute!” He commanded me.

I began counting down from 60 seconds as my wife lay pinned to the bed, holding the head of his Cock inside her pussy…Moaning and squirming. As I reached 10 seconds, Jessica appeared both frightened and excited, begging Jhonas for more time!

Jessica: “Please…GOD…One more minute…It’s too bog baby!” She pleaded to her Bull.

Jhonas ignored her submissive requests and opened her legs wider, staring down at her frightened flower.

Me: “3…2…1!” My countdown was complete.

Jessica: “GOD…NO…PLEASE!” She shouted, knowing her pussy’s fate was sealed.

Jhonas raised his bum in the air and thrust his meat halfway down inside of her.

Jessica: “JESUS…FUCK…?” She squealed whilst rolling her head back and closing her eyes.

Jhonas: “There 6 more inches to go!” He said grinning down at my frightened wife.

Jessica: “Force feed me the rest!” She begged as she widened her legs further to accommodate his length.

Jhonas began to kiss Jessica and slowly pushed 12 inches of throbbing Cock into her narrow pussy, eventually crushing his swollen Balls against her ass. Her beautiful moans filled the air as her hole accepted his serpent.

Jessica: “I…I…I…I can feel you in my cervix! I’m completely full!” She moaned whilst praying to God repeatedly!

Jhonas: “Want me to fuck…Hard and deep?” He asked her.

Jessica: “Wait…Don’t move…I’m…I’m…I’m going to cum!” Jessica’s tone heightened as her eyes rolled to the back of her skull.

‘This isn’t possible’ I thought to myself. Women need intercourse to be able to orgasm…and yet Jhonas inserted his penis once, forcing Jess to orgasm! He hadn’t even started fucking!

Jessica: “Pull out…Pull out…I’m…I’m gonna…!”

Jessica couldn’t get out her words…and then something amazing happened!

My wife, for the first time ever, had squirted…Exploding and Gushing around the sides of his Big Black Dick! I had no idea squirting was real!

Jhonas: “One pump of Black Dick made your wife squirt, Cuck…Imagine when I fuck!” He said grinning down at Jessica.

Jhonas withdrew his Cock so that the head was visible, his veiny shaft glistened from the copious amounts of squirt! He then plunged his Mamba into the deepest recesses of her cervix…Back and forth repeatedly.

Within two minutes of aggressive fucking and deep penetration, Jessica started to shake violently and screamed as she was forced to endure another orgasm.

Jessica: “I’ve Cum twice…WOW!” She said, feeling highly impressed.

This was extremely arousing for me which made me ejaculate, shooting my small load all over the bedroom door.

Jessica looked over at me with a euphoric look in her eyes!

Jessica: “Good boy Cuck!” She said panting.

Me: “So you’re done now?” I asked my wife, feeling relieved.

Jessica: “NO…I WANT MORE…I need this cock!” She said encouraging Jhonas to continue fucking her.

Jhonas accepted Jessica’s offer and thrust his Mamba back into my wife’s tight hole, forcefully inserting his terrifying girth.

Me: “Jess…What shall I do?” I asked feeling like a spare part.

Jessica: “I don’t care, just go away!”

I decided to sit in the spare bedroom and wait for my wife to finish her sex session. I spent 50 minutes listening to the headboard banging against the wall whilst Jess moaned in pleasure…

— ‘Oh God’

— ‘I’m Cumming’

— ‘You’re gonna make me squirt’

— ‘Jesus Christ ‘

— ‘Fuck my tight pussy’

— ‘Your Cock’s so big’

— ‘You’re Fucking my womb’

— ‘I love Black dick’

— ‘Fill me baby’

Was I losing my wife to a Superior Black Man? I stupidly decided to Google for stories where men’s wives had intercourse with Hung Black Men, wondering how their lives turned out afterwards. The results were terrible, as all the wives eventually left their husbands to be with their Bull!

Despite all of my worrying and hurt…My small appendage continued to betray me…Growing hard over Jessica’s infidelities in the next room…Especially the sounds of her orgasms.

Jhonas: “I’m going to cum soon!” I heard him say to Jess. To be fair, our walls are paper thin, so poor neighbours!

I took off my pants and looked down at my insignificant penis, realising why Jessica wanted something more substantial. Feeling horny, I decided to sneak out of the spare room and watch their lovemaking as it neared its end.

Jessica: “Tell me when you’re going to Cum baby!” Jessica asked her Bull in a seductive tone.

I began jerking my dick as I watched Jhonas damaging my wife’s pussy, his swollen testicles tightening ready for the big release.

Jhonas: “I’m going to cum…!” He shouted as he pounded her hole like a hammer hitting a nail.

Jessica: “Cum for me baby!” she said begging him.

Jhonas: “A few more pumps…!”

Jessica: “Fill my pussy…Give me that Bull Semen!” She begged.

Jessica proceeded to grab his ass and held him deep inside of her.

Jhonas: “FUCK…!” He shouted as his legs and body started to spasm in pleasure.

Jessica: “Give me that Black Seed!” She moaned.

His body tensed as he released his precious Semen, his swollen Balls reducing in size every time his Cock twitched and throbbed, forcing gallons of jizz into her womb!

Jessica: “I can feel you Cumming inside my cervix!” She said kissing him on the lips.

His orgasm of continuous ejaculation lasted nearly a minute before he eventually collapsed between Jessica’s breasts.

Jessica: “I want every last drop of Bulls Sperm!” She wrapped her legs around his waist and began to work her pussy against his Dick, squeezing every drop of his fluid inside of her.

Me: “Jessica…You let him Cum in you…” I said feeling devastated as she would never allow my Cum near her.

Jessica: “So what!” She said shrugging her shoulders, clearly not caring.

Me: “Pull out before the condom breaks!” I pleaded.

Jhonas: “Condom?” He asked laughing.

Jessica: “He fucked me Bare-back baby!” She said, reaching around and massaging Jhaonas’s balls.

Me: “Jessica…No…Please!” I said hoping she was joking.

Jessica: “It’s called Breeding, like a real Bull!”

I couldn’t believe it…My wife had allowed another man to fill her womb and ovaries with his Semen!

Jhonas: “Come here Cuck…See how much Jizz is inside your wife!”

I walked over to the bottom of our bed and got on my knees as his Black Mamba exited Jessica’s ruined hole…slowly…inch, by inch.

Jhonas: “You ready boy…Here comes the head!”

His apple-sized head burst from her bruised lips, showing how swollen and damaged her pussy was from his pummelling.

As I got close, I witnessed a bead of semen exit her hole and run down onto our bedding! Jessica then spread her legs, lifting them back to expose her entire lower half.

Jessica: “OH FUCK…There’s so much inside of me!” She said excitedly.

Jhonas: “Here baby, let me help!” He said whilst placing his hand on her lower stomach and pushing down firmly.

The pressure that Jhonas applied had forced Jessica’s pussy to explode like a volcano, erupting masses of Semen into the air. The amount of Jizz that was leaving Jessica’s body was the equivalent of a pint.

Jhonas: “Clean her up for me Cuck!” He said throwing a towel at me.

I began to remove Jhonas’s semen from my wife’s body as he left the bedroom to make himself a drink. I felt completely humiliated and ridiculed, cleaning another man’s fluid from my wife’s delicate body.

Me: “Are you happy now?” I asked Jessica sarcastically.

Jessica: “Just clean me up!” She said in an angered tone.

Me: “I gave you what you wanted!” I said sternly.

Jessica: “I guess so!” Jessica said turning away from me.

Me: “You still want to be with me, don’t you?” I asked her.

Jessica didn’t answer as she noticed Jhonas entering the bedroom nursing a Huge hard Cock.

Jessica: “There’s my Black Bull…I’m ready baby!” She said whilst turning over into a doggy-style position!

Me: “Jessica…Baby…You still love me right?” I asked, hoping for a response.

Jhonas: “I think you need to leave little boy!” He said as he approached my wife’s bouncy bubble butt.

Jessica: “Feed me that Big Cock!” She said whilst presenting her wet flower.

Jhonas climbed on the bed and gently pushed me out of the way as he mounted my wife from behind. Within seconds he was inside of her, forcing his member deep into her body.

Jessica: “I can feel it in my stomach…God…!” She moaned into her pillow.

I could no longer watch my wife being pleasured, so took myself into the spare bedroom and listened to some music as I cried myself to sleep, hoping Jessica still loved me.

My alarm sounded at 9am followed by silence in the house, clearly concluding that Jessica’s sex antics were over. I’ll be honest, I was worried that Jessica had left me, so I raced to the main bedroom, only to realise that it was empty!

Jessica: “I’m downstairs Andrew” She shouted from the kitchen.

I nervously descended the stairs to see my wife standing at the kitchen table, fully dressed and holding a coffee. I moved swiftly towards her with my arms out ready for a hug.

Jessica: “Don’t touch me… We need to talk!” She said sternly.

Me: “You’re leaving me aren’t you!” I said whilst dropping to my knees.

Jessica: “No…Not if you shut up and listen!” She said looking down at me in my pathetic state.

Jessica: “If you want me to stay with you this is how it’s going to be…”

Jessica explained to me that although she loved me and wanted to continue living with me, that I wasn’t enough for her anymore!

Jessica: “I’m addicted to Black Dick now!” She said with a straight face.

Jessica: “I want your love…But I also want Big Dick!” She said asking for my approval.

Jessica: “Here’s my offer…” She said giving me an ultimatum.

Jessica offered me to be her official Cuck which meant loving her, taking care of her, providing for her, and accepting that she needs Big Dick frequently.

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