8 Kasım 2023

What’s Your Fantasy


“Do you have any sexual fantasies?” Jessica asked her husband, Stephen, while they were laying in bed watching TV.

He thought for a moment before responding “Not really…we’ve done pretty much everything I’ve wanted to do. How about you?”

“We have done a lot, but there are a couple things I’ve been thinking of more and more lately…but I don’t know if you’d like them.” she said, sounding a little insecure.

“What are they baby?” He asked. “You know you can tell me anything with no judgments.”

“I know, it just feels kind of dirty. Like the first time we tried anal, but God I’m glad we did!” She said with a laugh.

“Yeah I’m really glad you love it so much now. Feeling your tight asshole stretch around my cock is the best feeling in the world! So, what are you thinking?”

“Okay…I was horny the other day while you were at work so I started to search the Internet for some new porn to watch while I touched myself. Under the top rated videos were ones about pegging and creampie eating. Have you ever heard of those?” She asked turning towards him.

He looked at her with a shy grin on his face. “I’ve heard of pegging and to be honest, I’d be open to trying it. I love the way it feels when you play with my ass while you give me head and I’ve wondered how it would feel to have you being the one doing the fucking for a change. But creampie eating is a new one for me. That doesn’t sound like it’d be anything bad…why do you think it’s dirty?”

Jessica looked stunned for a second before asking “How have you never heard of that before? You’re the one that turned me on to porn and anal but you’ve never heard of eating a creampie…I don’t know if I buy that.” She scoffed.

“Seriously babe, never have.” He replied honestly.

“Oh, well this will be fun!” She smirked as she started her explanation. “So, after you cum inside of my pussy, you go down on me and lick it all out and eat it.”

“Hmmm” he pondered “I don’t know if I’d like that. I have seen it in a couple different videos I’ve watched but never really saw it as something I’d be into and I didn’t know that’s what it was called.”

Jessica moved her hand under the covers and rested her hand in Stephen’s lap where she began massaging his cock through his boxers.

“Well, it really turned me on” she stated “In fact, I watched that one twice while I rubbed my clit and fingered my wet pussy. I even sucked them clean after I came.”

Stephen’s cock was as hard as steel after hearing his wife talk about fingering herself while watching porn at the same time as she was squeezing and massaging him.

“Ugh” he moaned as he asked “So that is something you’re wanting to try?” Tonight?”

“I think I’d like that” she replied as she pulled the front of his boxers below his balls allowing her full access to his member. She leaned over and began kissing his neck, running her tongue up to bite his earlobe while she began stroking his stiff cock. She could feel a glob of precum leaking from his tip and knew he was putty in her hands now.

She wiped it away with her finger and brought it up to his lips

“Taste it.” She whispered into his ear just before she let her tongue dance around inside of it.

Feeling her tongue in his ear combined with his wife’s lustful whispers removed any taboo feelings Stephen had about tasting his cum. He opened his mouth and extended his tongue, taking her finger into his mouth and sucked it gently. To his surprise there was really no taste. If anything it was slightly sweet!

Jessica moaned as he sucked her finger. She removed it from his mouth and replaced it with her tongue, embracing him in a passionate kiss as she again began pumping şişli escort his stiff, thick rod.

“How was it?” She asked pulling away from their kiss.

“Not too bad at all” he admitted. “You may just get a fantasy fulfilled tonight!” He grinned at her.

Jessica grinned back, but with a slightly naughty edge to it. “Let’s make sure these balls are nice and full first” she said coyly as she gave his sack a slight squeeze. She kissed his neck again and then began moving her way down his body, stoping at his nipples she swirled her tongue around each and gave them a playful bite and suck before moving further south. She placed gentle kisses on his abs and ran her moist tongue from his belly button to the base of his smoothly shaven shaft. She kissed her way up his shaft and swirled her tongue around his cock head before engulfing it in her mouth.

She knew he loved when she gave him a blow job and figured this would be the best way to get him to play into her fantasy, although it was not her most favorite thing to do. She didn’t particularly like the taste of semen and would rarely swallow it when he came in her mouth, opting instead to spit it into a nearby towel or hold it long enough to go to the toilet, but she could not deny how wet she got thinking about him eating it out of her.

She kept his purple mushroom tip in her mouth and moved her tongue along the sensitive underside, making him gasp. She placed her had at the base of his shaft and began lowering her head taking half of his length into mouth. She came back up a bit and the went back down, this time a little farther. She continued bobbing up and down until she tasted more precum leaking from the slit in his cock.

She pulled him out of her mouth, saliva running from his head to her lips, and licked the precum from his slit.

“Fuck baby, that feels so fucking good!” Stephen moaned through gritted teeth. “You could make me go in no time if you kept it up!” He panted…almost begging her to continue.

“I know sweetie, but then how would you lick my freshly fucked cunt?!” She asked devilishly.

“So you’re serious about that, huh? He asked with a worried look on his face.

“Don’t worry baby, it’ll be fine! I bet you’ll even like it.” She smiled at him trying to ease his mind while she pumped his cock in her fist. It was hard and slick with her saliva from the sucking she gave it. She started to fondle his ball sack while she stroked him, attempting to keep him on edge as long as possible.

“I don’t know about liking THAT, but I do love licking your sweet pussy. As a matter of fact why don’t you bring it up here so I can get a taste of it right now.”

She rolled onto her back on her side of the bed, lifted her hips, and removed her panties, which were already damp. She then moved into a 69 position over Stephen and slow began lowering her hips towards his face. He always loved this view and could never get enough of the intoxicating aroma coming from her hot pussy. He wrapped his arms around her legs and spread her open with his hands. From this position he had full access to her pussy and tight puckered asshole. Aside from her pussy, Jessica’s ass was his next most favorite thing to lick, and that’s where he started today. As she lowered her hips more he leaned up and extended his tonight to meet her tight starfish, swirling it around the rim before probing the center more intently. Jessica loved this and rocked back with a moan while she began pumping his cock again. As she stroked him she got into a rhythm of raising and lowering he’s hips in time with the fist wrapped around his dick. She could feel her sphincter loosen as Stephen worked it with his tongue, probing deeper and deeper.

After a few minutes he ran his tongue from her ass, over her dripping honey hole and stopped at her pebble of a clit. He flicked it with his tongue a couple of times before sucking it with his lips, while Jessica leaned forward and took him back into her mouth. Their hips began a synchronized thrusting as each worked towards their own orgasm. When he picked up in speed she knew he was close to an eruption. Not wanting it to ruin the chance at her creampie she withdrew him from her mouth again and bared down with her hips, grinding her pussy into his mouth.

“Make me cum” she panted as she continued to ride his face. “Put your finger in my ass while you suck on my clit.” “Yes, just like that!” She said breathlessly as Stephen did what he was told. He pumped a finger into her loosened ass as he focused on her clit, pinching it between his teeth and sucking it in his mouth as felt her orgasm build.

Jessica began bucking back against his finger and mouth as her orgasm rippled through her. “Oh fuck! YES!! Just like that! Ugh, finger my ass deep!” She became more forceful the closer she got to getting off. “Ohh, OOHHH!! FUCK…YESSSS!!” was all she could manage as she came. Stephen had moved from her clit to her hole as he felt her cumming, wanting to get all of her juices into his mouth. The sweet liquid oozing out of her with every contraction. She collapsed on top of him and then rolled to the side.

“Fuck I love your tongue!” she exclaimed, almost out of breath. She turned and moved up on the bed to kiss him, his sweet lips coated in her juices.

He kissed her back, turned on at how she didn’t shy away knowing he had her all over his face. “I was so close to cumming in your mouth…why’d you stop?!” He asked almost in a whine.

“That’s not my fantasy, dear” she coyly shot back.

“Why couldn’t I have cum in your mouth and just kissed you afterwards? I think I’d be more apt to do that instead of going down on you.”

“That sounds like a fun idea for another time…but tonight is about what I want.” She flatly stated back to him.

Stephen was slightly taken aback, given the fact that his wife was never to one to be dominate or demanding in the bedroom. After pondering it for a brief second he realized he had no problem with that and more than slightly liked it.

“Yes ma’am” was all he offered back.

Jessica laughed a little “”Ma’am” I think I like that!” she told him devilishly. “So, pet, are your balls nice and full?”

“Pet?” He asked quizzically, but went with it. “Yes, they are aching! I’ll do whatever it takes to get some relief! Please ma’am, let me cum.”

Jessica was really getting into this “pet” “ma’am” thing now and wanted to play it up. That coupled with the thought of what was going to happen had her slightly loopy and hornier than ever.

“Now now dear, you don’t have to beg this time, ma’am is gonna take very special care of her pet.” She cooed as she moved to straddle Stephens still hard cock. She grabbed it and began rubbing it between her pussy lips, lubricating the tip with her still flowing juices. Once she had the bulbous head coated she eased down his slightly above average length. The girth is really what got her off…she loved the full feeling she got when he was inside of her. She slide down his shaft until he was fully planted inside of her.

“Oohhh baby, your pussy is hot! I’m gonna be spewing in no time!” He moaned as he began to buck his hips, trying to pump his cock further into her.

“I’m okay with that dear, but you should really remember to call me ma’am or mistress from here on out.” she scolded him as she raised herself slightly and plopped back down. “Ugh” she moaned “shoot your hot, thick jizz into my wet pussy!” She began bouncing on him with more urgency now. “Cum for me Pet, cum for your mistress” she ordered as forced his swelling dick as far as it would go into her pussy, causing his balls to bounce against her ass cheeks.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum for you ma’am…ugh, keep fucking me! Oh shit! Here it comes!!” he shout as his cock began to twitch, sending blast after blast of creamy, hot spunk into Jessica’s fuck hole. “Oh God, that was incredible!” he gasped, out of breath “but I don’t know about eating you out now. Whatever will I had to try is gone now and it’s starting to get grosser the more I think about it.”

“Umm, tough shit Pet! Your licking my pussy and cleaning this mess you made!” and with that she all but jumped into his face. Planting on knee on each side of his head, his arms trapped under the lower part of her legs…he was helpless. He tried to turn his head. It it was no use, her thighs had him as she lowered her pussy to his lips. “LICK!!” she demanded looking down at him.

Timidly Stephen extended his tongue and brush it against her red swollen lips. He tasted a bit of his semen and was shocked that it wasn’t that bad. He could still taste her, but with a little salty, almost metallic taste. Just as he thought this the flood gates opened as Jessica reached down and spread her pussy open. He could do nothing but stare up in horror as a large glob of his creamy white seed fell from her labia and descended towards his open mouth. It landed square on his tongue, followed by another, and another all of equal size…filling his mouth.

“Swallow” Jessica ordered, feeling more confidant in her new found dominance. Stephen held the semen for a second, tasting it. It wasn’t as wretched as he’d though it would be. Now that he had a mouth full it had an almost sweet, but still slightly salty taste. He looked his mistress in the eyes as he swallowed and extended his tongue to she her that it was gone. “All gone ma’am. May I have some more?” he asked, he too secretly enjoying his role as the subordinate.

“You bet your sweet ass you may!” Jessica exclaimed as she grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face to her sticky, wet pussy. She rode his tongue to another orgasm as he continued to lap at the cum that was oozing out of her well fucked hole.

When she had had enough she removed her legs from around his head and laid on top of him, kissing him and licking their combined juices off of his lips and chin.

“That was pretty damn hot, babe. What did you think?” She asked.

Stephen took a few seconds to recollect before responding. “Honestly…I really liked it!” He looked at her for signs she may find it weird that he did indeed like it. Not seeing any he continued “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, especially with the way you always spit it out” he toyed, mocking her. “But the best part was how you acted. I’d do anything in the world if you acted liked that. I loved it! It’s not everyday I have a beautiful woman telling me to eat her cum filled pussy.”

She kissed him again and said “I really loved it too! It’s so empowering. I’ve never felt anything like that before. Thank you for being my not so willing partner in my fantasy. It was fucking hot watching that cum rolling onto your tongue and seeing you swallow it! I definitely want to do that again, and in the mean time I promise you that whenever you cum in my mouth I’ll swallow it all too.”

“I can’t argue with that!” he exclaimed happily.

And with that she turned her bare ass to him and nestled it against is sticky, softening cock. “Good night my pet. Hopefully we’ll get to do my other fantasy soon.” She purred as she began drifting to sleep.

“Maybe” he replied as he put his arm around her and he too went to sleep.

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