5 Haziran 2021

What Makes You Hard?


I was thinking about your question last night, “What makes you hard?”

Porn, fucking, and naked women all have a pretty good effect. Reading a stirring bit of erotica obviously engorges me. If I think about what makes me crazy, however, or what makes me ache for release, I think it is more cerebral than visual. I think that my fantasy woman is someone who fantasizes and craves as much as I. Someone who loves the sight, the smell, the sounds. A woman who knows what it is that she wants, and isn’t afraid, or embarrassed to ask for it – or take it.

I often find myself day dreaming about the soft, seductive, and wanton touch of such a woman. A woman who cannot and will not wait. I quietly create a particularly needful and sometimes deliciously filthy incident in the corners of my mind. Frequently I dwell much too long on the invented scene, leaving me unable to rise from my work desk until I can calm the anxious and demanding flesh below.

Yesterday, I did just that…

I arrive home for the day. I park my car and sigh heavily. cebeci escort Wearily I exit my car, get my bag and walk up to the door of our apartment. The key slides easily into the lock, clicks, and turns. The apartment is dim as the door swings open and I walk in, closing the door behind me. Only at that moment do I sense that I’m not alone. I turn around and see you dressed in a lightweight, tight, white t-shirt, your nipples pressing hard against the fabric. Your jeans are unbuttoned and unzipped. I see your slender fingers withdrawing from deep within your dark-blue panties as my eyes travel up and down your body.

I only have a moment to take you all in as you quickly close the distance between us. You force your lithe body against mine, driving me back against the door. Your face approaches mine, then disappears from my view as you sink to your knees without a sound, your ample breasts sliding down my torso. I feel your gifted and determined hands grasp onto my already hard cock through my black jeans. I look çukurambar escort down, expecting to meet your eyes looking up at me, but I can only see your hungry gaze directed to my fly.

With a speed I wouldn’t have believed, you tear open my belt, then my pants. You grasp the top and shove both my jeans and boxers toward the ground in a single movement. Before my clothing has even passed over my thighs, your mouth has already slid onto the bobbing flesh of my cock. I gasp at the warm, silky sensation of your lips and tongue, and finally the sweet, slightly painful suction as you pull back to the swelling head.

You moan seductively as you fill your mouth with my cock. With one hand you help pump my flesh into you, as the other again disappears into the folds of your panties, and the sweet wetness that they hide. Your moan grows louder as you find your clit and gently begin to roll it between your fingers, kneading the tender, electric flesh. I can smell a hint of your pussy in the air, and it makes my mouth ankara escort water.

Your tongue swirls around the head of my prick before you wantonly swallow my length once more, grunting your satisfaction against the tight, sensitive skin. You thirstily thrust your mouth back and forth against me. Your impatience grows, and you move your hands around me, finding the flesh of my ass, and gripping tightly. The pleasure and pain of your fingertips digging into my flesh, and sound of your muffled enjoyment nearly put me over the edge.

Your hands squeeze tighter, and you jerk my whole body forward in time with you – coaxing me to fuck your mouth. It is working. I want to prolong this moment, but it’s hopeless. My breath becomes ragged; the airy gasps and groans become more erratic. Knowing my imminent condition, you pull me hard against you; burying my cock in your throat as deep as you are able. My cock comes alive against your tongue, spilling the come it senses you need as I throw my head back and announce my release with a primal grunt. I feel your hot breath as you loudly sigh with apparent relief. Your mouth tightens around my cock as you swallow the proof of your labors. I feel the tip of your tongue press against the underside, pulling out the last few drops of cum as you recede away from my still twitching sex.

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