8 Kasım 2023

Visiting My Mormon Friend 01


I met my friend Kelly while working together and we became friends pretty quickly. She wasn’t the most attractive girl but she was fun to hang out with so we got along well. When the time came to pick what college I was going to attend I decided on going to a college that was about 5 hours drive away from home.

I was pretty bummed when I realized that I’d be so far away from home and I wouldn’t be able to see my family friends much. After having been away to college for about 6 months I found out that my friend Kelly was attending a Mormon college that was about 3 hours further away from home. Since it was a closer drive than home I decide that I wanted to go and visit with her for my midwinter break instead of going home. Their was a lot to see in the area and I thought it might be more fun than laying around my parents place for the whole week Little did I know how great that decision would turn out to be.

While planning my visit she told me that the dorms were strictly all female, that her Resident advisor was very strict and that I’d have to sneak in and be very quiet. She said that she had a plan and if it didn’t work we could always camp nearby.

After the long drive to her college Kelly met me outside her dorm at about 8 pm. She had a duffel bag strapped over her shoulder and I asked her, “what’s in the bag.”

“This is how I’m going to get you in,” Kelly said.

She pulled a beg sweatshirt and pair of sweats out of the bag. They had Greek letters on them and she proceeded to tell me that they were the symbols that represented one of the sororities.

I put them over my clothes and pulled the hood down over my face as best I could but I didn’t think it would work. If anyone saw me they would surely know that I was a guy wearing these clothes. I am only 5’8″ tall but I have large hands and feet as well as a very muscular body. I pointed this out to her and she suggested that I put my hands in the front pocket and I should just be careful to keep looking down no matter what.

I agreed to give it a try so we walked in the front door and made our way to the elevator. Looking down I noticed several girls walked by since I saw their shoes but nobody seemed to notice anything. I couldn’t believe that it was working! We got in the elevator and I let out a sigh of relief. “See that wasn’t so tough was it,” she exclaimed.

“Not too tough at all,” I replied.

Kelly continued, “we’re only half way there, the next part is more critical. You’ll have to be careful my RA doesn’t see you or we’ll both be in big trouble.”

“OK I’ll just follow your feet so I don’t have to look up.”

When the doors opened we walked out and started heading down the hall. Her room was about half way down and as soon as we got in she shut the door behind us. I couldn’t believe that it had worked. We must have passed 15 girls on the way up but none of them noticed anything out of the ordinary.

We had a good laugh about it and chatted for a few hours—being careful not to talk to loudly—about how things had been since we’d last seen each other. I looked over at the clock by her bed and realized it was already 11 PM, I told her I needed a shower since I had been sweating on my drive over. Kelly decided that it was late enough that most of the girls were probably sleeping and it would probably be ok. She told me, “It’s just at the end of the hall on your right side”

” OK, I’ll be quick,” I said as I peeked out the door. Nobody was in the hall and it was eerily quiet so I made my way down the hall. I walked in the room and nobody was there so I felt like their wasn’t too much danger. The showers were in the back corner of the room and were arranged like a locker room with no partitions between showers. The wall opposing the showers had a full mirror that allowed me to see the hallway that led in from the door. That made me feel more comfortable so I got undressed and turned on the water. I started washing my hair and started getting really turned on thinking about how this shower room was used exclusively by women.

My cock was getting hard so I reached down and started to rub it up and down slowly. Just then I heard the door open. şişli escort Was it Kelly? I carefully looked at the mirror to see if I could recognize the person walking down the hallway but it was mostly fogged over from the steam of the shower.

I saw the figure walking toward the showers then it stopped and removed a white towel and hung it on a hook just on the other side of the wall from the showers. This girl was going to take a shower! I froze and when the girl came around the corner she looked at me and had a shocked look on her face. She stood there for a moment totally naked staring at my body and I did the same.

She was a pretty tall girl about 5’7″ with shoulder length blonde hair cute face and she had one of the best set of tits I’d ever seen. Not too large but with perfectly proportioned nipples that were pointing out from being exposed from her towel. She was in very good shape and her waist nipped in slightly just above her narrow hips. I was surprised to see that she was totally shaved which I found very peculiar for a Mormon girl. After staring each other over she covered herself with her hands and said, “you shouldn’t be in here.”

“I… I,” I couldn’t think of what to say but her expression turned from agitation to inquiry and before I could come up with a full response she walked over to me and put her finger on my mouth.

She whispered in my ear “don’t worry I won’t tell anyone,” then she looked into my eyes and gave me a kiss on the lips and held it for a few seconds then moved away and waited for my response.

I could feel my cock already throbbing and I knew that their was only one reaction I could have. This time I put both hands behind her head and pulled her in and kissed her deeper and for a long time. My tongue darted into her mouth and she massaged it with her own. Her hands dropped to my sides where she stared rubbing up and down my muscular lat muscles and then she scraped he fingernails down my back moving down to my butt. She grabbed my but and lifted almost picking me up off the ground. She parted our kiss and said “not bad.”

I moved my hand down slowly over her perfect breasts and over her inflamed nipples then rolled them between my fingers slowly, “not too bad yourself.” I moved my hands lower, grabbed her butt and lifted her off the ground. She wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me again. I slowly moved my way down to the floor and gently placed her on her back.

The water from the shower was crashing against the floor next to us but I was more concerned with her than with the water. I kissed her again and lowered my hand to her breasts where I started rubbing them, her nipples were getting even harder and I could tell she was enjoying the attention I was giving them. I began kissing down her neck and to the cleft where her collar bone poked out. To this she squirmed a little bit but then calmed back down.

I kept moving down her body and kissing her chest as I traced my way to her nipples. When I got to her nipples I traced my tongue around her puffed areola in small circles before sucking her nipple into my mouth and tickling it with my tongue. This drove her further into her passion and she let out a quiet moan of pleasure. I continued sucking and licking on her nipple for a while before moving to the other nipple where I delivered it with the same treatment. She was breathing more heavily by this time and she wanted more. I was enjoying her perfect breasts but she soon couldn’t wait any longer and she pushed my head down just beneath her chest.

I kept working my mouth as I kissed and licked my way down her stomach. When I got to her belly button I stopped and put my tongue in and licked around the inside of it. She giggled and I continued moving down. When I passed her waist I marveled for a moment at the beauty of her perfectly hairless snatch before I moved any further. I moved her legs further apart and ran my fingertips slowly and gently down her inner thighs.

This would have tickled her at any other time but she was so turned on that all she felt was building desire to be touched. I moved my hands back and fourth slowly toward her noticeably wet snatch but stopped just before I got to it and moved my fingers around her opening to tease her just a bit more. After a moment of that I moved my middle finger over her tiny lips that looked like they’d never been used in this way before.

I began running my finger around her snatch and rubbed the lips first then moved to her expanding clit. She let out a deep breath of air as I finally made contact with her clit and began rubbing it with small circular motions. She was so wet that my finger slid almost unimpeded through the torrent of fluid.

She almost instantaneously started to moan loudly. I kept up the motions for a bit changing from circular motions to a back and fourth motion that made her breath even heavier. I applied more pressure to her now bulging hood and rubbed faster. I could see her face getting more dazed looking and I could tell she was about to cum. Her breathing was more labored and she sheepishly gasped, “I’m getting close… so close.”

Her glossy eyes slowly closed, her mouth fell open and she let out a loud moan “I’m cumming!” she bucked against my finger and slapped her butt against the floor several times before pushing my hand away.

I laid nest to her for a moment with my hand resting on her inner thigh. Her heart was beating so fast but her breaths were becoming normal again. I enjoyed bringing her off but I wanted to know what that shaved pussy tasted like. I looked into her eyes and said, “I’m not done yet.” She smiled and nodded her head yes to let me know that she was ready for more. I moved down once again but this time brought my tongue down on her throbbing clit. After a few licks of her sweet tasting juices she was back to full arousal and breathing hard again.

I knew she would cum quickly so I stuck out my finger and slowly buried it in her wet hole. She gasped as I moved it deeper into her until it was as deep as I could get it. I hooked my finger up and raked it across her ‘g-spot’ and licked hard against her swollen clit. She began gasping shallow breaths of air and I felt her tight snatch squeeze down on my finger before she loudly moaned, “OOOohhhhhh… Ooohhh… Ooohhh.” She bucked so wildly against me that it was hard to keep my finger inside her and her hips made it necessary for me to press my face hard against her abdomen to keep licking her clit. Her but was slapping the floor hard and I couldn’t help but think that she would feel it the next day. Her orgasm was stronger this time and lasted much longer. Eventually she reluctantly rolled to her side and I fell to the floor beside her. We laid there for a moment spooning while she caught her breath.

My cock was rock hard and dripping wet from the pre-cum that had been seeping out of my cock during my stimulation of this beautiful girl. After a brief time laying motionless she felt my cock slide against her back and realized just how much pre-cum had been coating my cock. She reached behind her back and grasped my shaft, “now it’s your turn.”

I could hardly wait; she rolled over to face me and pushed my hips flat to the floor. She kicked one leg over to straddle me and moved down so her hips were around my knees and pulled them together with her knees. The generous coating of pre-cum created a slippery surface that allowed her palm to glide across without hurting. In fact it felt great!

“I love how you shave your bush,” she pointed out no me.

“Thanks, I like yours too,” I replied.

She started stroking with both hands wrapped around each other and squeezing a little tighter against my shaft. The sensations were getting stronger but the increased friction was starting to use up the silky lube. She realized that it was getting rougher and asked “Is this still OK?”

I replied, “You might want to change it up a bit.”

“Right, how’s this?” she asked as she lowered her mouth over my throbbing cock.

“Good… really good,” she squeezed her index finger and thumb around the base of my shaft and used her other hand to gently cradle my balls. I don’t know how she knew how to suck cock so well but she had great technique. As she moved her mouth up and down on my cock she created suction and used her wide tongue to wrap it around the underbelly of my shaft.

My heart was racing and I would most certainly have came already if she hadn’t had such a tight grasp on my shaft. Finally it was too much. I felt my balls squeezing and the fluid began milking its way through my inner plumbing before violently rocketing into the back of her throat, “Ooohhh” I moaned. I came hard and shot rope after rope of cum into her mouth. I was surprised, but she took it all in and when it stopped she released my shaft and kept sucking hard to get every last drip. It became too much and I placed my hand on her head.

She got the idea and moved her mouth up and off my cock. Then she gazed into my eyes deeply with animal ecstasy and opened her mouth to show me that I had completely coated the inside of her moth. When she did this a drip rolled out and lingered on her chin. She arched her head back slightly and swallowed my love milk before using her index finger to wipe the rest of it off of her chin then stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked the rest of it off, “tastes great” she said.

I was spent and I laid back down in exhaustion. She cuddled up next to me and after a moment I asked her, “Where did you learn to suck cock like that?” I questioned.

She blushed a bit and replied, “This was my first time, but I watch a lot of porn.”

“Really, but you’re Mormon” I said.

“I know, I’m soo bad,” she said while trying to look as innocent as possible.

I got worried not and I asked, “Are you going to tell anyone I’m here?”

“I said I wouldn’t; besides I would be in just as much trouble as you. You don’t have to worry, nobody but your friend Kelly and me know you’re here.”

“How do you know Kelly is my friend!” I inquired.

“I saw you walk in with her earlier today. But don’t worry nobody else was paying much attention. Don’t tell her what happened in here either; I don’t want her to know about this.”

Defending myself I said, “how could I, I don’t even know your name.”

“Where are my manners, I’m Amy,” she said.

“I’m Cody, very nice to meet you,” I replied. Right then I came to my sense and realized that I told Kelly that I was going to take a ‘quick shower’. “I better get back. Kelly expected my back a long time ago.”

“OK, but don’t tell her about this,” Amy said.

“I won’t,” I kissed her once more then gathered my clothes together. Their were no towels so I just sneaked down the hallway. Right as I got to Kelly’s door a ding sounded meaning the elevator was stopping on this floor. I quickly jumped in the door and closed it. I stayed there quietly to be sure that the people getting off the elevator didn’t see me. It seemed like a long time before they had passed. Had they seen me? If they had they got a good look since I was holding my clothes in front of me and my backside was completely bare.

I was listening to hear what they were talking about but I was interrupted when Kelly’s groggy voice asked, “Why are you naked.” She must have dozed off while I was in the shower with Amy because she only looked half awake and the TV was on the repeat screen of ‘the family guy’ that is at the beginning of DVD’s.

“I, um I couldn’t find a towel.” I quickly came up with my story.

She looked to the clock by her bed, “it’s 1:30, what took you so long.”

“After my shower I looked for a towel for a while but couldn’t find one. Then I heard people walking down the hall and hid in the stall for a while until I thought it was safe to come out.” I quickly invented. “I’m pretty sure nobody saw me though.”

She bought my story and replied, “Good thing or Amy would have my head.”

“Amy?” I said trying to not sound too surprised.

“Yeah she’s the RA that I told you about, she’s a real hard ass and if she knew you were here, I’d be in big trouble.”

I almost gave it away when she said ‘hard ass.’ I couldn’t believe that I’d just felt that ass and brought off twice this girl that I was supposed to be worried about in the shower, and she sucked me off too! Somehow I didn’t think we’d have to worry so much about the RA with the nice ass.

She threw me a blanket and said, “Get some sleep we’ve got a big day ahead of us,” I thought to myself, I hope it will be as much fun as this evening.

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