8 Kasım 2023

Untouchable Lust


Okay, so here I sit, thinking of you walking out of the motel bathroom wearing that pink stretchy cami. The cami hugging you like a glove, exposing just a glimpse of your beautiful breasts to my gaze. Your nipple ring clearly visible thru the tight material, your hardening nipples pressing against it. You stand there in the doorway, as my gaze lowers to the slinky material covering your most desirable place. The fabric barely covering the hair on your mound, hinting at what only can be pure pleasure. You stand there, a sultry smoldering look in your eyes, looking at me to gage my reaction. The growing erection along my pants is all that you need to see, to know of my approval.

You slowly sway towards me, your breasts stretching the sheer material of the top. I can’t believe how fucking hot you look in that. You reach me sitting on the bed, and slowly drop to your knees before me. You place each hand on top of my quivering thighs, and with your teeth you begin to unzip my pants. You pull down my blue jeans, and with a burning desire, you gaze at my growing erection. You lick your lips, once, then twice, as you pull by boxers down my legs. My hardening cock springs forth and almost slaps you in the face. You slowly, teasingly kiss the very top, making me jump. You then teasingly lick around the very tip, tasting the flavor. Your tongue begins to travel along it’s hard length savoring every inch, lower towards my balls, then back again to the very tip. I groan out in pure exquisite pleasure, loving the extreme sensations you are causing on my hard cock. I feel a deep warmth followed by an incredible suction, as you begin to bop your head up and down along my shaft. I can feel your tongue, enveloping me, your lips sliding down my length. Oh god, what a feeling.

Your blonde hair cascading down upon the pink cami top, the stretchy fabric occasionally giving me a glimpse of that awe inspiring cleavage. Faster you move your head along my hard shaft, and then, with an audible pop, you pull your lips from my cock, to again lick the outer surface with your tongue. God you are driving me crazy, the softness of your tongue against the hardness of my cock. Those pouty lips sliding along my length, I can’t take much more, you sense this, and with a quick movement, you inhale my hard shaft down that beautiful throat, faster you move your head. My hips jerk upwards from the bed, trying to get every inch of my monstrous cock in that hot mouth of yours. And then, I’ am there. Wave after wave of cum spurts down the back of your throat, across your tongue, allowing you to taste the flavor of my cock.

You slowly release my cock from those beautiful lips, and stand up. God, I can’t believe how fast you made me cum. Your nipples are standing out against the tight fabric; I can see your excitement on your panties, as that delicious fluid is absorbed into the material.

I reach up and caress those hard nipples, relishing in the feeling of the material against those hard tips of your tits. I gently tug at each one, increasing there tautness against the fabric. I playful tease the nipple with the ring in it, seeing how hard I can make it. I look into your eyes and see that deep burning desire within. I stand. I kiss you with a deep passionate kiss, my tongue twirling around yours. I lick the outside of those pouty lips, before spinning you şişli escort around to sit on the bed.

I gaze at you, sitting there, with those hard nipples straining against that fabric, the excitement from you making those pink panties damp with anticipation, my hard cock again bopping before that beautiful face. I kneel down before you. Pushing your thighs apart, giving me access to that inferno between your legs. I gently, tenderly stroke the fabric between your thighs, seeing if your hard clit is pressing against the now damp material of those pink panties. The tightness of those panties began to slowly sink into your moist depths, allowing me to see your outer lips, still covered. I bring my fingers closer to that deep crevice, and began to run it back and forth across that tight fabric stretched between the folds of your hot pussy. I lower my face between your thighs, the heat emanating from them. I bring my tongue into contact with that damp material, dragging it along the crevice that has formed between your hungry lips, drinking in the exquisite taste.

God you look so gorgeous in your new outfit, should I remove it from that trembling body of yours. Not yet, I roll you over onto the bed, wanting to glimpse those perfect ass checks clad in that tight pink fabric. Seeing how that material is pulling itself into that crevice between those two globes of perfection. I bend down and run my tongue along the crack of your ass, while I move my fingers along the deep fold of your pussy, pushing more of that material into you, drawing more of the fabric deeper into the crack of your ass. I push my finger deep into your pussy, feeling the resistance of the material, holding me back. Your pussy trying to catch and squeeze my finger, again and again I insert my finger into you, as deep as the now very damp panties will allow me. The fabric of those sheer panties has now crawled all the way down that beautiful crack of your ass, exposing each perfect check to my gaze. I trace along the edge with my tongue, slowly falling downwards between those luscious checks.

I lick my way along the crevice between those beautiful checks, still rubbing you with my fingers, driving you crazy with passion. I can’t stand it, I have to have you. I roll you over, and slide those very moist panties down your waist, exposing those glistening pussy lips to my gaze. I pull those panties down those long luscious legs of yours till they are free. I stroke one long leg with my hands, gently caressing every inch, lifting them high into the air.

I place each leg upon my shoulders, allowing me easier access to that waiting caldron of desire. I sink between your taught thighs, seeking those desirable pussy lips. Seeing the moisture leaking from between those lips, down along the crack of your ass, feeling the pressure your thighs are applying to my head, squeezing me in anticipation. My tongue reaches out and flicks that hard little clit, sending spasms of pleasure coursing throughout your gorgeous body. Again I flick that sensitive hard clit, before gently biting it. I suck it between my lips, feeling your hips buck upwards into my face. I slide my hands beneath your ass, lifting you upwards to meet my voracious tongue as it travels along the outer folds of your pussy. Oh the exquisite taste, pure nectar of the gods, is pouring forth from you in a steady stream, showing me the high state of arousal you are in.

I continue my dance along the inner folds of that perfect pussy, trying to get my tongue deeper into you. Covering every inch, savoring every inch. I push your legs higher in the air, bending you almost in half, exposing more of you to my ravenous tongue. I suck that hard clit again, pursing my lips together to suck it in to my mouth. The cries of passion coming from you, increasing my desire to please you. I trace my tongue lower, teasing the lips of your pussy, lower.

I push your legs further towards you, making you lift your hips further off the bed. My tongue slides lower, from your pussy to that beautiful crack between your ass. I slowly, wetly lick around the very edge of your asshole, enjoying the sensations this is causing you. Around and around my tongue goes. I try to push my tongue into your ass. Again and again I move my tongue into you, fucking your ass with my tongue. Feeling you writhe beneath my assault upon your asshole, hearing you whimper in desire, only spurs me on. My tongue only a blur as it tries to get further inside that beautiful ass.

I move a finger along that very hot pussy of yours, across your clit. I insert my index finger into that burning inferno of sexual desire. Past the first knuckle, then the second, then I pull it back out, feeling your muscles clamping down upon it, trying to drag it back in. I insert another finger into you, pushing them deep into you, as my tongue continues to move in and out of your ass. Two fingers in your hot pussy, tongue in your ass, I bring my thumb along side of that hard clit. Side to side I move it, across that sensitive clit. Faster my fingers pump in and out of you, faster my tongue moves in and out of your ass, driving you within the brink of orgasm, not yet. Your head rolling side to side upon the pillows, your breathe coming in gasps, my tongue deep in your ass, two fingers in your spaziming pussy, and my thumb rubbing across your clit, and then you feel it. It begins like a small avalanche, slowly beginning to slide down the mountain, gaining speed until it is upon you and sweeps you away.

I can feel your whole body begin to tense up, oh god yes, faster I shove my tongue deeper into your ass, my two fingers, then three, rocketing into that quivering pussy, my thumb pounding upon that hard clit. I hear you scream out, and then, your orgasm hits you, sending wave after wave of mind blowing pleasure coursing thru your body. From your toes, along those long gorgeous legs, thru your ass, your pussy, to those twin mounds of perfection, to those hard nipples, to those pouting lips. Your hips arch further into my face, your thighs closing around my head, trying to keep me their, your sweet juices exploding from deep within that hot pussy. Coating your inner thighs, my fingers, my face, my tongue.

I lower your hips back down upon the mattress, allowing you to catch your breath. I bring my fingers to my mouth and lick all of your wonderful juices from them, then reach and began to play with your clit. Your arousal begins to flame again; your clit begins to harden again under the caressing of my fingers. I’m not done yet!

I bring my hard cock towards that waiting pussy, and begin to gently insert it into you. Just the head, then I pull out. Your long sexy legs are still resting upon my shoulders; I push forward with my upper torso, again raising your hips up off the mattress. And with a final plunge, I insert my mammoth, hard cock deep into you all at once. You squirm forward on the mattress trying to get away from the sudden extreme pleasure of having me in you all at once. Your pussy twitching around the hard shaft, your breath coming in short gasps, as you feel my hard eight inches inside of you. Stretching you, filling you completely.

The exquisite sensations I feel as your pussy is contracting around my hard shaft, spurs me on. I begin to rock my hips slowly drawing that massive cock from your gripping pussy, and then with a powerful thrust drive it all the way back into you, rocking the bed forward. Slowly at first with deliberate control, but the sensations of having you envelop me, faster I slam into you.

I push forward still with my upper torso, bending your legs almost to touching your own shoulders. You are holding me up with those long gorgeous legs, and with the muscles of my calves as leverage, I slam into you, over and over again, faster, faster. Oh god, the warmth of you, your pussy muscles contracting around me, trying to hold me tight, as I piston in and out of you. The sounds of are passion filling the air, the gasping, moaning, the pleasure that we both are feeling. Your beautiful face rolling side to side, relishing the sensations that my hard cock is causing in you. Never knowing that you can feel so stuffed with cock, deep inside of you.

Faster I pump into you, the bed slamming against the wall with each powerful stroke. I bring my hands along side of you, along each side of those gorgeous breasts. My hands following those magnificent curves, tracing along the undersides, the pink cami top still holding them prisoner. Those hard nipples poking stiffly out against the fabric, I bend forward still more, and lick around each hard nipple. I can feel that nipple ring beneath that tight fabric; I gently tug at it with my teeth, trying to get at it thru that stretchy material.

The whole time, my cock is pistoning in and out of that wonderful pussy, I feel your whole body beginning to tense up, feeling you getting closer and closer to climaxing. I abruptly stop! Your pussy chewing along my hard shaft, your eyes snap open, trying to focus on me, the intense pleasure of an orgasm stopped just before that moment of ultimate release.

I look into your eyes, “CUM FOR ME- NOW” I demand, as I pinch your hard nipple sending you over the edge. Your body bucking against my massive cock impaling you, sending wave after wave of awesome pleasure coursing thru that gorgeous body. Your pussy massaging the entire length of me, I can’t hold back any longer, and with such force, I spurt my cum deep inside of you. The feeling of me Cumming deep inside sends you rocketing over the edge into another teeth jarring orgasm. Your pussy stroking the entire length of me, gripping me like a hot glove, contracting along its length.

I fall forward upon you, spent, in pure ecstasy. Kissing you deeply on the mouth, allowing those long legs to fall gently from my shoulders to the mattress. Gingerly I kiss your forehead, gazing in amazement at the pure joy flooding your face. Exhausted, we both fall asleep feeling completely as one, with me still inside of that beautiful pussy, and you still gently contracting along its length.

Damn- I’m good!!

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