13 Mayıs 2024

Ultimate Sissy Weekend Ch. 06


Susie wonders if she’ll ever get used to the horn honks. The gasps. The shouted comments. The whispers. The cruel laughter. She is stood with her sissy sister, Tinkerbell, in her pink OTT sissy dress she’s been trapped in for over two days now, on the corner of the bad neighbourood where she now lives. It’s 7:45, and she’s been stood in public for almost two hours, blushing and squirming and waiting for two guys to pick her up and take her to another long day of serving her new mistress. She squeals as someone pinches her pantied bottom. Shudders as she sees a group of grinning ladies taking photos. Smiles and curtsies at a horn honk (one of Tinkerbell’s rules is they ALWAYS curtsey to horn honks) and groans inwardly when she realises people are filming her endless sissy weekend.

It’s already been an exhausting morning. The two sissies were woken at 4am by a loud knock at the door and a laughing delivery man. He handed over a box that contained a shaving kit, makeup, fresh diapers (with ‘bedwetting fairy for life” written on the rear) pink pens and paper, and a note from Mistress Amber that the two sissies each had to write out a hundred times “I love being a simpering sissy cocksucker! I wish I could just suck off real men all day long while they laugh at my little locked up clit.”

It took almost two hours for the two sissies to shave, get dolled up, and write their tedious lines (extra irritating when you’re handcuffed together). They only just finished in time to get out on the corner of the street for 6am, and wait in public for Mistress Amber’s friends to pick them up.

“What do we have here? A couple of sissies looking for dates?”

Susie blushes as a muscular guy approaches Tinkerbell and herself. Susie trembles. She feels so weak in her ridiculous outfit, and feels her pansy bladder filling up her diaper in front of this confident gentleman. He smirks as the two darlings curtsey to their superior.

“Looks like you dropped something,” he says, picking up one of Tinkerbell’s sheets of paper, covered in her lines. The sissies blush as the man reads it, then bursts out laughing.

“So you two want to suck cocks all day long? Prove it. Give my crotch a kiss right now.”

The two darlings whimper then lean forward and take turns kissing the man’s crotch. Susie can feel the warmth of his erect cock under his jeans. Her own useless clitty squirms in its cage, giving her a painful pinch and reminder that erections are not for her.

“Looks fulya escort like you two do love sucking dick! Come with me sissies.”

The man starts walking away and Tinkerbell starts to follow. Susie is too weak to stop her sissy sister dragging her along.

“Sissy Susie and Sissy Tinkerbell are supposed to wait for Mistress Amber’s friends.”

“Sissies always obey their superiors,” says Tinkerbell, marching them along. She waves her wand which shouts “sissy!” And gets another round of laughter and shaked heads from the neighbourhood.

Soon they enter the most disgusting public bathroom Susie has ever seen. It doesn’t look like it’s ever been cleaned, and smells even worse. The man opens a bathroom stall and points at the floor next to the toilet.


The two sissies do as they’re told.

The man sits on the toilet and gets out his huge cock. Susie blushes. Maybe in another life she could have a cock like that. But no, in this life she’s the toilet stall sissy girl, one who’s about to get a face full of cum.

Soon they’re sucking their new friends huge rod. Susie licks his sweaty balls and can’t help but moan. Tinkerbell sighs contendly as the dick rests on her new inflated lips. They suck and stroke for a good thirty minutes before the man stands up and gives them their reward – drenching then in his cum. Susie can’t believe how much he shoots, but she can certainly feel it running down her face and into her already cum-stained dress. She licks her lips and swallows the salty fluid, a taste she’ll be feeling in her throat all day.

“Ok sissies, this is how it’s going to work. You stay right here and I’ll make sure you get lots and lots of cocks to suck. You won’t like what happens if you try to leave.”

The man leaves, slamming the stall door shut behind him. Sissy Susie is scared, but can’t help but giggle when Tinkerbell starts licking her face clean of cum. She gratefully starts cleaning off her sissy sister’s face too, but is interrupted by the door suddenly swinging open. The two sissies jump, curtsey and then are forced back down by the older man who sits on the toilet. He’s a lot dirtier than the first guy, but sissies can’t be choosers, and soon the two fairies are sucking their second dick of the day.

It’s far from their last. A fresh coating of cum later, the man throws down a five pound note and leaves, instantly replaced by another horn dog male looking to bebek escort blow his load over a couple of silly sissies. It’s a far more unpleasant round of sucking and licking, not helped by the man’s nasty comments and laughter at what a pair of sissy losers Tinkerbell and Susie are. He groans as he shoots his load all over the two fairies, then tells Susie to hold open her diaper for a treat. Susie whines as the horrid man finishes spraying his cum over Susie’s locked clit, then takes a long piss in her diaper, quickly soaking her through. He makes her close her diaper, pats her patronizingly on the head, then makes her lick up the glob of cum from her hair that has ended up on her superiors hand. He then throws a 5 pound note on the floor and leaves the stall, only to be replaced by another horny male within seconds.

On and on it goes. Cock after cock. Sometimes guys come in two at a time to really put the sissies through their paces. A couple of trans girls come in to try the new sissies, gushing over their cute outfits before getting their girldicks sucked and proving they can drench the two pansies in cum as well as any man.

The cocks just keep on coming. Susie has plenty to think about, on her knees, her mouth being endlessly used. She’s gone from a homeowner, to a silly sissy locked into her frilly fantasies, to an impoverished maid, to a slutty cumdump sissy whore, all in less than three days.

The sissies gasp at the two men who enter the stall (they’ve long lost count of how many dicks they’ve pleasured). It’s Mistress Amber’s friends. They smugly smirk down at the two shaking pansies.

“So this is where Amber’s dumb little sluts got too.”

Then men get out their cocks and laugh at how quickly Susie and Tinkerbell get sucking. Cocksucking has already become as natural as breathing to these two. After half an hour of sucking, slurping and ridicule, they swallow the last loads completely (there’s so much cum all over them and their outfits, there’s no point in spraying them down further).

“Ready for your punishment sissies?”

“Oh you’re going to really pay for disobeying Amber’s order, sluts.”

The sissies whimper and hug each other. Susie feels the cum oozing down her body as she squeezes Tinkerbell.

“We better get these two cleaned up first.”

The sissies gasp and squeal as the men don’t put their cocks away, but start peeing on the sissies instead. Susie shudders as florya escort the urine sprays all over her face, hair and dress. She begs her bladder to not fill her already soaked diaper, but a sissy bladder is too weak to comply. The real men laugh at Susie’s tinkles, leaking out of her diaper.

Soon they’re outside, mortified that it’s still bright and sunny enough to see how piss and cum-soaked they are. The gentleman who brought them here is counting the money the sissy’s have earnt.

“200… not bad, but I was expecting more.”

Susie nearly protests. She and Tinkerbell have been degrading themselves all day while this man has done nothing, and he’s about to take all their money, and it’s still not enough?

“Tell you what,” says one of Amber’s friends. “We’ll have these lazy maids clean your house top to bottom tomorrow to make it up to you.”

“And we’ll make sure they get at least a dozen strikes with the cane tonight, for being such lousy whores.”

The gentlemen thinks it over. “Make it two dozen strokes. Each.” He grins at the sissies and puts their money in his wallet.

“Deal. Well? What do you say sluts?”

Susie and Tinkerbell curtsey, shivering in their cold wet outfits.

“Thank you so much sir. Sissy Susie and Sissy Tinkerbell promise to make it up to you for being such bad sissy sluts.”

“Oh don’t worry pansies,” he says, taking a photo. “I’ll share this and make sure the whole neighborhood knows about the two blowjob queens who are going to be spending a lot of time on their knees in this public bathroom.”

Sissy Susie and Sissy Tinkerbell want to scream. Instead, they curtsey and thank him again. He walks off laughing to enjoy his money, while the two sissies are marched off to endure their next punishment.


“No! Please! Please! No!”

The two men smirk, along with the rest of the crowd that’s gathered.

Susie stomps her prissy five-inch heel. Shakes her hair-bowed head. Tries to ignore the laughter as the bells on her pansy backpack ring delicately during her little tantrum. She doesn’t care. Enough is enough. She won’t do it!

“Of course you don’t have to go inside, sissy,” says one of the guys, taking out his phone. “I’ll just call Amber and let her know you’ve decided to stop obeying. She can take her apartment back and you can live on the streets as a sissy whore. No problem!”

Susie whimpers, utterly spineless, already defeated. She gets down on her knees and apologises, begging for forgiveness. The crowd of shoppers giggle like crazy. Who could be this pathetic?

The man starts looking up Amber’s number and Susie knows what she has to do. She rises, clutches Tinkerbell’s hand, and together the two sissy sisters mince into the tattoo parlor.

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