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Transforming Genevieve Ch 7


Transforming Genevieve Ch 7The ménage à trios’ I’d had with Marsha and her lover kept my mind occupied for several days as I went through the motions of lecturing to my classes and keeping myself busy with work and other things not involving sex. I still had the craving for sex, I still wanted to experience every cock and after Marsha every pussy I could. But I was becoming more and more aware that I had become addicted to sex. If I didn’t get my sexual appetite under control it was going to eat me alive. The man I wanted to hear from most, Bill hadn’t made contact with me since we’d made love on that rainy night when his wife thought he was working late. However, Dick had called several times during those days while I was trying to regain control of myself. Each time I let my machine answer his call and with each message he sounded more and more distant. It was as if his calls were one last attempt to break through the wall I had placed between us. I knew I’d have to deal with him sooner or later I owed him that much. Almost two weeks had passed since we made love in his home. His latest phone message was waiting when I arrived home from class on a chilly Thursday afternoon. I pressed the play button knowing it would be Dick. “Gen please.” He began, “We need to talk. I can’t get you off my mind, Genevieve. Please call me.”Maybe I’d call him later that evening after a quick dinner I decided to try and relax with a warm bubble bath. I’d often used a relaxing bath to help me overcome writer’s block. Perhaps it would help me solve my dilemma of what I’d say to Dick. I made myself a cup of tea and surrounded my bathtub with several candles. Turning on some soft jazz I filled the tub with hot water and a thick layer of bubbles. Pulling my hair up into a tight bun I lowered my body into the soothing bath. I leaned back and let the hot water relax my muscles, and the soft bubbles caress my skin. I closed my eyes and thought about the sexual path I was heading down.My mind was telling me that my actions were wrong, but my body still craved the excitement of having men lust for me. I craved the feeling of intimacy when a man’s cock throbbed inside me, craved the taste of sex, the sensual intensity of my own orgasms. I craved the absolute incredible feeling of having a man explode inside me filling me with his warm seed. Even the thought of those cravings excited me. My nipples became hard. The temptation to touch myself overwhelmed me. I slowly brought my soft hands up to cup my supple breasts, rolling the erect nipples between thumbs and index fingers. My nipples tingled almost as much under my tender caresses as they did when a man touched or suckled on them. I lowered one hand below the veil of soapy bubbles and between my thighs. My middle finger found and spread the fleshy sheath covering my clit. Instantly my loins came alive with tingling sensations of sexual pleasure. I massaged my clit with one hand and my breasts with the other. My mind raced with the fantasy of a strong man entering my bath and fucking me on the edge of my tub. I wanted a man’s touch I needed a man’s touch. I craved any man’s pulsating cock. I slipped two fingers inside my pussy. It was hot and throbbing for something more massive. I grabbed the bubble bath bottle and pressed it between my aching pussy lips. Deeper and deeper the neck plunged into me. As I worked that bottle feverishly inside my pussy the bath water began moving in waves from one end of the tub and splashing up over my tits. Soapy bubbles washing over my tits and then back off again. Over and over I plunged the bottle inside, over and over the bubbles washed over my tits. Over and over I imagined that bottle was a throbbing cock.The waves of bubbles were joined by waves of intense sexual pleasure as my body approached orgasm. It crashed into me like a title wave of delight. My muscles tensed as it peaked. I slowed the movement of the bottle as my orgasm began to subside. Releasing it from my pussy and hand at the same time it floated to the surface spreading the film of bubbles on the water as it did. As I lay there staring at that floating bottle I realized that once again my body’s craving for sexual release had won out over my minds desire to bring myself back to some state of normalcy. My cravings had become uncontrollable. I couldn’t even have a relaxing bubble bath without feeling the need for sexual release. I whispered to myself, “Genevieve you’ve become addicted to sex.” I had become addicted to sex, addicted to the sensation of sexual release, addicted to throbbing erections addicted to the taste of a man’s cum to the incredible feeling of hot sticky semen coating the walls of my pussy. I needed to feed my addiction. I needed to satisfy my sexual cravings. I dispelled all thoughts of normalcy and let my addiction and cravings control my actions. Lifting myself from the tub, I quickly dried my body and went to my bedroom closet. No sexy lingerie, no silk stockings. A tight black tee shirt and skintight jeans along with a pair of stiletto heels would be all I needed to find the cock I craved. I pulled my hair out and let it cascade down my back, grabbed a small handbag and dropped only the essentials inside some cash, a bottle of red lip-gloss and my cell. I had no use for a jacket to cover my hard nipples. I wanted them exposed to every man I approached. My Volvo was parked two spaces from the front of my building. As I turned the key I remembered that sexy bartender Jim at the East Street Café. He’d be my mark tonight. He’d be the next man I’d surrender my body too. The East Street parking lot was nearly empty when I got there. I took a space off to the side and toward the back of the lot. Looking in my rear view mirror I applied a layer of lip-gloss and pursed my lips to make sure the coating was evenly applied. I dropped the bottle of gloss in my purse and tweaked my nipples to make them stand out even more. I couldn’t wait to see if Jim was working behind the bar tonight. As I opened the door and entered the dimly lit bar room my question was answered. Jim was at the far end of the room talking with the one remaining couple still seated at his bar. Everyone else was finishing their evening meal in the dining room. I took the first stool I came to and sat down. Jim excused himself from the conversation he was having with the couple and slowly walked toward me. His hands came to rest on the on the back edge of the bar. He looked at me almost sizing me up before he said, “Evening Gen, what can I get you?” “A white wine please,” I said smiling widely at him. He’d remembered my name, and I’m sure my tits as well. As he returned with my wine Jim said, “This is last call Gen, we close at 9 tonight. I replied, “Why so early Jim.” He smiled at me when he realized I’d remembered his name. “No business after the dinner crowd hun. All the college k**s are after dollar drafts by this time.” He explained. The couple at the other end of the bar finished their drinks and stood to leave. “Can you lock up Jim?” The male said.“No problem boss,” Jim replied. They walked past where I was sitting and I noticed the owner of the café take a long lingering look at my body. He smiled when he was sure his wife wasn’t looking. As they left Jim said, “I’ll be right back Gen and we can chat.” He walked to the far end and came around the bar. Closing and locking the door to the dining room, he grabbed his drink and walked along the bar to where I was seated. “Let me lock up Gen. I’d rather not have any late customers.” He said knowing exactly why I was there. He turned the stick hanging alongside the door’s window closing the mini blinds tightly and I heard the deadbolt slide into the door jam. Turning back to me he said, “There now we won’t be interrupted.”Taking a seat next to me he asked the obvious question, “So what brings you in here so late hun?” I liked the way he called me hun, I liked that he was forward enough to lock us inside and turn his place of employment into our own private room. “Well, Jim ever since the night we met I haven’t been able to get your sexy smile off my mind.” I lied to him. “Really Gen,” He said. “I haven’t been able to get your sweet tits off mine,” Jim added. I turned toward him and arched my back pressing my erect nipples harder against my black tee. “You mean these tits?” I said seductively shaking my shoulders. His hand instantly moved to capture one swaying orb through my shirt. “Absolutely,” he replied. I pressed my chest harder against his hand my erect nipple burning through the fabric and into his palm. His other hand slid up to begin massaging my other breast. I could feel the juices begin to flow inside my pussy as he massaged my tits. I moaned feeling the tingling I craved so much begin once again. My hands slid to his thighs and moved slowly up to touch the visible bulge in his jeans. His cock was fully erect straining for release from the tight confines of his pants. I ran my fingertips along the length of his bulging cock. “I love what I’m feeling here,” I said. “You’re one hot little minx,” he replied. His hands slid to my waist and in one quick upward motion my tight tee shirt was gone. My long tresses cascaded down across my shoulders covering my tits. He used two nimble fingers to flip my hair behind me and quickly leaned forward to capture one throbbing nipple between his lips. His hands slid to my tits lifting them slightly to give his soft mouth better access to the fleshy orbs. I continued sliding my delicate fingers along his rock-hard cock as he kissed, licked and nibbled on my nipples. His mouth elicited a deep sensual moan from my throat. The tingling in my tits grew in intensity as he worked his oral magic. I wanted his cock exposed I wanted the hot throbbing length of him sliding through my soft hands. Moving my hands to his shoulders I pushed him away from my tits and slowly slid my fingertips down across his hard chest scratching his nipples through the fabric of his shirt. My fingers reached their ultimate goal and I quickly opened his zipper. One hand slipped inside to find that he too wasn’t wearing any underwear. His cock jumped as I circled it with my fingers and withdrew it from the opening. It was rock-hard, throbbing intensely and massive in its girth. My fingers barely touched my thumb as I slid my hand up along the shaft the corona of his cock head spread my fingers and thumb apart as I slid my hand up. It was hard and smooth and flared beautifully down from the tip of the head. The musky smell of his loins wafted up between us and excited my senses. I couldn’t wait to feel his girth between my lips. I couldn’t wait to taste the source of his incredible musky odor. I looked up from his cock into his eyes. The lust I saw there instantly told me he wanted my mouth he wanted my shimmering red lips around his cock. He wanted my soft wet tongue circling the soft corona he wanted the girth of that beautiful cock pressing into my throat. I slipped from my bar stool and knelt between his legs. Jim grasped his cock and moved it toward my lips. “Suck it, bitch,” he demanded. I leaned toward his loins, inhaling his odor. My succulent lips parted and took the head of his cock in my mouth. It flared widely toward his smooth corona stretching my mouth wider as it slipped between my lips and across my tongue. He tasted so masculine a sour taste that made my mouth water. “Yeah baby, take it all,” he bellowed as his hands grasped my head and forced his thick cock deeper inside my oral cavity. His strong hands pulled my mouth harder against his throbbing manhood. “Swallow it slut!” he demanded. I relaxed my throat in anticipation of his cock entering my soft fleshy throat. In an instant, his cock head pressed against my throat. I lunged forward pushing the girth of his head past the narrow opening to my throat, the flaring corona stretching my muscles to their limit. Deeper and deeper his sour tasting musky smelling cock invaded my throat. As I took him completely and my nose pressed into his patch of curly pubic hair I again inhaled his odor adding yet another sensation to the growing list of my oral sex cravings. I loved the taste and smell of this working man’s loins. He pulled my head back until the head popped from my mouth. “Awwww fuck my throat,” I was able to say before his massive cock stretched my throat open once again. Jim was forceful with his hands, grabbing my hair tightly in them just behind my ears. He pushed his cock into my throat and pulled me back off him over and over using my mouth and throat as a sex toy to pleasure himself. My pussy was soaking wet and pulsating intensely in anticipation of what I knew would be a brutal assault. Jim pulled my mouth from his cock and yanked me to a standing position. His hands came to the clasp of my jeans and undid it. “Turn around and bend over the fucking stool bitch,” he commanded. As I turned he pulled my jeans off my hips and pushed them down only enough to give him access to my dripping wet pussy.“I’m gonna fuck you so hard bitch!” he said. “Yeah baby, fuck me hard and fast with that big hard cock,” I replied. He slid from his seat bringing his cock in perfect alignment with the entrance to my soaking wet pussy. As he pressed the tip against my pussy he said, “You want all of it in your cunt bitch?” “FUCK YES!” I screamed. His hands came to my hips to hold me tightly in preparation for his invasion. The head pushed against me spreading my pussy lips apart. He entered me and then thrust hard into me completely impaling my tight wet pussy on his massive cock. “Oh fuck!” I screamed as his wide corona rubbed over my g-spot for the first time, and the tip of his cock slammed into my cervix. Jim bellowed, “What a tight cunt you’ve got bitch!” I could only groan as he withdrew and again impaled me with his throbbing manhood. He fucked me fast and hard exactly what I craved, to be used by any man. To be fucked like a dirty slut. My pussy ached to be stretched wide open, filled with cock meat. I felt it become even wetter as the intense assault Jim was giving it continued. I reached out and grabbed the seat of the next stool and lifted one foot placing it on the bar rail giving me better leverage to push my throbbing pussy back onto him. He pulled me further open with his strong hands. The lips of my pussy grasped his cock as it pistoned into me sliding outward along the shaft as he withdrew and folding inside when he slammed into me once again. I felt the throbbing of my g-spot intensify as over and over again the wide corona of his cock head rubbed across my most sensitive of spots. He would give me what I craved most he would give me another incredible sexual orgasm. The throbbing spread from my g-spot outward to consume my loins, my quickly approaching climax causing my legs to become weak. “Oh god, yes baby fuck me!” I begged. “Make me cum with that big cock of yours,” I pleaded. The pace of güvenilir bahis his fucking quickened, his massive cock slamming into me over and over as my orgasmic juices flooded my pussy and bathed his throbbing member. “I’m cumming baby!” I screamed. My pussy made splashing sounds and fuck farts as he fucked me hard driving me over the peak of my climax. I screamed again, “YES YES YES!” as my orgasm peaked. Jim began making deep guttural groans as his throbbing cock swelled to even more massive proportions. His own climax was quickly approaching and I flexed my internal cunt muscles to grasp his pulsating cock. “Yes baby, cum for me. Give me all your hot cum,” I begged. He withdrew just before he came. Holding his huge cock in his hand it exploded shooting cum on my ass. Hot searing cum splattered across my ass and up onto my back. I reached around and grabbed him stroking it as his cock oozed the last of his cum on my butt. “Oh fuck!” He screamed as he used his cock to smear his seed across my ass. I brought a cum soaked hand to my lips to taste him. His cum tasted as sour as his cock had the first time he stuffed it into my throat. “You’re one hot piece of ass Gen,” he said adding, “I’ve got a couple of buddies who’d love to throw a good fuck into you!” His words only served to inflame my sexual appetite, intensify my craving for as many cocks as my body could handle. “Bring em on baby. I’ll suck or fuck any cock you can get here tonight as long as they are full of sweet cum and as hard as you.” I said. Jim responded, “You’re serious aren’t you Gen?” “You’re fucking right I’m serious Jim, I want more cock tonight and I want it NOW!” I said. Five minutes later I was lounging on Jim’s couch in his apartment above the café, naked except for my stilettos and fingering my wet pussy. Jim was feverishly dialing phone numbers. “Hello, Scott? This is Jim, what are you doing tonight,” Jim spoke into the phone. “How soon can you get over here? I’ve got a hottie here that wants a gang bang,” he said after pausing to listen to Scott’s reply. “Okay but it’s first come first served so unless you want sloppy thirds get your ass over here dude,” he said in the phone before he hung up. ““That’s one,” Jim said as he turned to me. “I’ve got three holes Jim and I want them filled at least twice. So you better keep dialing or I’m outta here,” I said letting him think I’d leave if he couldn’t round up another 4 cocks to pleasure me. He dialed another number. “Greg this is Jim dude, pick up if you’re there,” he obviously spoke to Greg’s machine. Jim paused waiting for Greg to pick up. Finally, after a few seconds, he said. “Dude, call me or get over to my place as soon as you can.” He dialed another number, “Stu, its Jim,” he paused, “What’s up is that I’ve got this tight little cunt here that wants a gang bang, how soon can you get over to my place dude?” He listened to Stu. “I’m serious dude, no man she’s not drunk, what? Okay hold on a second,” Jim looked at me and said, “He wants to talk to you.” I held out my hands and Jim tossed me the phone. “Hi Stu,” I said sexily. “Is Jim shittin me up?” Stu asked. “Nope baby, he’s being straight with you. I want as many cocks as he can round up tonight,” I said. “Can I bring a friend?” Stu questioned. “If your friend has a cock, bring him along,” I said. “We’re there in twenty minutes!” Stu said. “Make it fast Stu, I’m really fucking hot,” I said seductively. I tossed the phone back to Jim and said, “That’s four cocks, you only need two more,” I smiled widely at him and spread my thighs to give him a good look at my wet swollen pussy.He caught the phone and grinned at the sight of my pussy. “That tight little cunt of your’s is going to get such a fucking workout tonight,” he said. Jim thought for a moment then said, “Ohhhhhhhh yeah!” Coming up with another cock to summon to my little fuck fest. He dialed the number, “Yo Bro what’s up.” Jim spoke into the phone. “You and Jerome interested in some sweet white pussy tonight?” “Yeah, well get over to my place fast Bro we’re having a gang bang with some fine ass pussy dude,” Jim said. “Okay Bro, see you then,” he said before he pressed the disconnect button on his phone. He turned to me and said, “Well there ya go, Gen, five white dudes, and two black brothers to give that hot cunt of yours a good fucking tonight. I hope you know what you got yourself into.” “I suppose I’ll be finding out shortly,” I replied. I wasn’t sure what I’d gotten myself into, but I was hot as hell to find out. Seven cocks at once, I couldn’t wait to feel every hole of my body stuffed with cock meat. “Why don’t you come over here and let me show you how much I appreciate you getting me all this sweet cock meat,” I said As he walked slowly toward me Jim pulled his shirt over his head. His muscular torso was hairless, cut beyond belief and tanned perfectly. His nipples were hard begging to be sucked. As he approached I slid from the sofa and knelt before him, my deep green eyes staring up at his awesome body. He stood before me with his hands resting on his hips. I slid my hands up the front of his legs and quickly undid the clasp of his jeans peeling the denim fabric down his equally muscular legs his cock hung in front of my face. “I’ll get you nice and hard baby so you can be the first to fuck me when the party gets going,” I whispered. His musky sour smell again wafted into my nostrils. Without moving my hands from my thighs I leaned forward and parted my lips taking his half soft cock between them. I licked around the corona that had pleasured me so well a short time earlier.He groaned as my tongue circled his cock head as I pushed more of his soft cock into my wet oral cavity. “That’s it bitch, suck it good,” he said. I slid one hand up and grasped his cock as I let him slip deeper between my lips. Lifting his cock up I slowly licked down along the shaft to take one massive ball in my mouth and suckled it gently. As I stroked the length with my delicate fingers he groaned again. His cock began to stiffen in my hand. I loved the way it grew and got harder and harder as my fingers worked their sexual magic on his growing hard-on. Releasing his ball from my mouth I ran my tongue up along the shaft until I reached the corona again. I licked at the tiny patch of connecting tissue on the underside and then up over the tip to capture a droplet of pre-cum from the slit at the very tip. His fluids tasted sweeter this time and I happily swallowed the first of what I was sure would be my drink for the rest of the night. His cock had grown long and hard, the results of my soft stroking, and gentle licking of his meat. He kept his hands firmly placed on his hips but began thrusting toward me as I sucked more and more of his gorgeous cock inside my wet mouth. Just as I was about to deep throat him his doorbell interrupted my cock sucking. Jim withdrew his rock hard cock and pulled his jeans up over his waist closing the clasp and zipper as he turned and walked toward the door. He opened the door and stepped aside allowing a tall lanky blonde stud slip past him followed by a shorter stocky built Italian looking man with wavy dark hair. “Hey Stu,” Jim said. “Thanks for calling,” Stu responded. “This is Jerry,” He added. Jim shook Jerry’s hand then said, “Nice to meet ya, Jerry.” “Where’s the bitch?” Stu asked. “She’s in the living room dude,” Jim replied. “And she’s hotter than hell. Come on in and I’ll introduce you guys,” Jim added. The three men walked toward me as I seductively crossed my legs. Stu and Jerry both smiled widely when they first saw me sitting on the sofa. “You’re not shitting Jim she is one hot looking babe,” Stu added. Jerry was wide-eyed and his stare told me he was already beginning to get aroused, not to mention the lump in front of his slacks. Jim said, “Stu, Jerry meet Gen. She wants a hot gang bang tonight.” Jerry and Stu both said, “Nice to meet you, Gen,” at the same time. I just nodded my approval of them both and said, “Well boys let’s see what ya have for me.” Stu pulled his light blue tee shirt up over his head to reveal a flat stomach and hairless chest. Jerry, on the other hand, unclasped his jeans and pulled his zipper down. Sliding the denim material down his legs along with his white jockey shorts he stepped out of them and straightened up. His cock was already fully erect and appeared to be about 5 inches in length. He began stroking it slowly. It was a dark color and his balls hung loosely below. His loose-fitting white tee shirt covered most of his dark curly pubic hair. Jim followed closely behind his erect cock pressing at the zipper of his jeans begging to be released again. As the three men approached I uncrossed my legs and gave them a good look at my throbbing wet slit. Stu spoke first, “You gonna suck our cocks, Gen?” I quickly responded, “I’m going to suck every cock I’m offered tonight.” Spreading my thighs I slid a finger between my pussy lips as they moved in closer. Jerry was in the middle with his naked cock standing at full attention. I slid one hand up Stu’s leg and the other up Jim’s to begin slowly massaging their cocks. Jerry moved closer to me standing between my spread thighs. “This looks like a nice cock, to begin with,” I said. I leaned forward and opened my lips offering my wet mouth to Jerry. He leaned forward and after placing the tip of his hard-on against my tongue removed his hand. I opened my mouth wider and leaned forward letting his rock-hard cock slid along my wet tongue. “Hmmmmm.. that tastes so good Jerry,” I said as I leaned back and let him slip from my mouth. Leaning in again I took his entire cock in my mouth but this time I closed my lips around it and sucked hard on his swollen head, circling the corona with my tongue. “Oh yeah Gen, that’s the way to suck cock,” Jerry said. My hands were slowly bringing Stu and Jim to full erections, and they both pressed their hips harder against my soft hand as I slid them up and down the length of their bigger cocks. I again let Jerry slip from my mouth and said, “Show me what you have boys!” Stu and Jim both opened their pants and yanked their zippers down. I hooked one finger in the bottom of their zippers where they came together and pulled down as they both slipped their pants over their hips. Two glorious cocks sprung forth. Jim’s was as hard as before and throbbing to be touched and sucked. Stu’s cock was rather slim but longer than both Jerry and Jim. It curved upwards above a trimmed patch of curly blonde pubic hair. I gazed at it knowing instantly his could tickle my throat deeper than the others if taken in the right position. “Oh yeah, now we’re talking!” I exclaimed as I looked over the trio of man meat presented in front of me. Stu didn’t say a word, but his friend Jim said, “Shut the fuck up bitch and suck us!” I leaned to my left and pulled Jim’s cock down to my mouth. Sucking him deep inside my mouth and moistening his length with my salvia. As I sucked him I slowly stroked the other two cocks waiting their turn to be bathed in my hot spit. As I moved my mouth to again cover Jerry’s throbbing member with my wet mouth I moved my hand to stroke Jim’s wet cock. Once Jerry was covered with salvia I withdrew him and released my handhold on Stu’s curving cock meat. I had to sit up straighter to reach the tip of his long cock with my lips, and my delicate hands moved to slowly stroke Jim and Jerry. Letting my tongue trail up the length of Stu’s member until I reached the tip of his slim cock head I spread my lips and lowered my mouth over it keeping my lips wide open. Stu moaned deeply as my hot breath escaped around his cock’s shaft as I pressed him deep into my mouth letting the tip touch the tight opening to my soft throat. He still had a good four or five inches to offer me. I slowly began a sensual round robin blowjob on these three cocks, stroking the two that weren’t being sucked by my hot wet mouth. I let them rub their cocks against my face smearing my salvia on my cheeks and jawline. My pussy ached to be touched, sucked and fucked and I was wetter than hell at the thought of these three cocks taking turns fucking me. Jim’s doorbell rang again. “It’s open,” he bellowed not wanting to lose his spot in my circle suck off. The door to his apartment opened and two black men entered. “What the fuck dude,” One of them said. “You started already?” Jim laughed and replied, “We’re just warming her up Bro.” As I finished a turn with Jerry letting his cock slip from my mouth I said, “Oh yeah I’ve got to have some black cock.” Jerry grinned and said, “I want to eat your hot pussy before it gets all smeared with cum Gen.” I spread my thighs further apart and Jerry instantly knelt between them. His fingers slid along the wet lips and dipped inside for a moment. “Fuckin A, she’s really wet guys,” he said as he lowered his mouth closer to my dripping pussy. The black dude Bro was already stripping and as he pulled his baggy jeans down his massive black cock came into view. It was huge in both length and girth. His heavy balls hung down stretching his scrotum. His friend Jerome took more time removing his clothing and I imagined he was shyer about being naked in front of four other men. Bro wasted no time trying to find a spot in my little circle of cock meat wanting me to test his size with my mouth. Jim moved around to my side and put one foot up on the sofa giving Bro room to slide in. “I only have two hands boys, so you’re going to have to stroke them yourselves while you wait for this hot little mouth to suck you,” I offered. Meanwhile, Jerry was happily licking and sucking on my clit and pussy and since I now had a free hand I let it drop down to his head and encouraged him to tongue me deeper. As Bro moved in I dipped my mouth down to gather up his still soft black meat and licked along the top of his huge cock. My tongue reached his tight curly pubic hair and I flattened my tongue to slide it down the length of his shaft to the head. “Yeah baby, take that big black cock in your mouth,” Bro said as I used the tip of my tongue to lift his massive cock up. I opened my mouth wide and let him slide between my wet lips. His cock stretched the soft skin at the corners of my lips as I pressed his thick cock head between them. I instantly thought I may have met my match when it comes to deep throating a cock. Time would tell because I knew I’d be stuffing this black monster in my throat before the night was over. While I used my tongue and lips on Bro’s monster black cock, his friend Jerome stripped his clothes off. Jerome was a little overweight, his paunchy belly and heavy thighs now exposed to my glare had been hidden by baggy sweat pants and an equally oversized tee shirt. There was no hiding his hard cock though. He grasped it near the base and pulled the skin taut causing his mean looking cock head to slide from beneath the uncircumcised foreskin. Jerome took the spot to türkçe bahis my right completing my almost full circle of hard cock meat. “Surrounded by cocks!” I exclaimed as I started giving each one a few strokes of pleasure in my wet mouth. Jerry meanwhile was still happily licking sucking and biting at my pussy lips and clit. His oral talents had already started my pussy to tingling. I’d have to reward him for his efforts by letting him fuck me first. All four of the men surrounding me were fully erect and glistening with my salvia. They’d all felt the tight narrow opening of my throat, but I hadn’t let any of them dip into the soft moist flesh beyond. To me, the object of this gangbang was for them to pleasure me and I craved the feel of having all three of my fuck-able holes stuffed with their meat. “I need to be fucked!” I said as I moved from Stu’s cock to Jerome’s. After bobbing back and forth a few times on Jerome’s raging hard-on I pulled Jerry’s mouth from my pussy. His lips and chin were coated with my fuck juices. Looking down at him I said, “You wanna fuck my tight ass, Jerry?” “Fuck yeah!” He exclaimed. Jerry moved back so I could stand up, kneeling before me as I turned to give him a view of the ass I’d just offered him to fuck. I leaned forward and reached around to spread my ass cheeks. “Oh yeah, I wanna fuck that tight ass!” He almost shouted. “Jim since you set up this little fuck fest I think you should be the first to fuck my hot pussy,” I said looking toward the party’s host. “I couldn’t agree more!” Jim said. “Sit down here Jim and I’ll get on top of you,” I said. Stu, Jerome, and Bro were all standing around cocks in hand waiting to see where I wanted them to enter me. As soon as Jim was seated on the sofa I moved forward and straddled his thighs, my stilettos hanging over the front edge of the sofa. Jim held his cock straight up pointing it directly at the entrance to my soaking wet pussy. “Hmm…” we moaned in unison as I lowered myself onto his throbbing cock. I leaned forward and pressed my tits into Jim’s face. He wasted no time beginning to suck my nipples. His hands slid up to ride the outside of my hips as I fucked him. My face was positioned just above the back of the sofa and I said, “I need something to suck!” Jerome, Stu, and Bro quickly rounded the sofa to offer me something to suck. I smiled at the three of them and said, “Hmm white meat on rye. My favorite!” Stu was the first to slip between my wet lips and onto my hot tongue. His curved cock fully erect slid against the roof of my mouth making contact with the tight opening to my throat. His hands moved to grasp my head, and I mumbled “ahuh” as he pressed his cock harder against my throat giving him permission to push his cock through and into my soft throat tissue. “YES!” He exclaimed as his cock head slid into the soft hot fleshy tissue of my throat. I swallowed hard tightening my throat muscles around the throbbing head. “Awwww” I moaned as I pulled back and let his cock slip from my mouth. I slid one hand down between Jim and me and let his slippery cock spread some fuck juices on the fingertips. Moving my fingers to my ass I spread the moisture around my sphincter preparing it for Jerry’s cock. Looking over my shoulder at Jerry I said, “Come on fucker, stick that hard cock in my fucking asshole!” Jerry wasted no time moving between Jim’s spread thighs and my ankles. I heard him spit into his hand just before he pressed his hard cock against my sphincter. I relaxed my muscles and almost screamed, “Yeah baby, fuck my ass good!” I felt him press harder, the tip of his rock-hard cock spreading my ass open. His cock head slipped beyond my sphincter and I pushed back and down with my hips to engulf both Jerry’s hard cock in my ass and bury Jim’s deep in my dripping pussy. Those wonderful tingling feelings began instantly as the two cocks filled my fuck tunnels so completely. “Oh yeah, that’s it fill me, boys!” I exclaimed. With my pussy and ass stuffed with cock meat, I began concentrating on having my last fuck hole stuffed with hot cock. I chose Bro’s cock to stuff my throat. Leaning my open mouth toward his black monster of a cock I said, “Bro I want you to stuff this down my throat.” His eyes widened as I slid my tongue toward the tip and licked at the underside of his cock head. He grasped his cock right at the base and slowly thrust forward. My flesh stretched as his massive thick corona slid past the shimmering red lips. His cock head filled my mouth, and almost instantly was pressing against the tight opening to my throat. A muffled “ahuh” escaped my throat as he pushed against it. I relaxed my throat muscles and kind of nodded my approval for him to thrust deeper. My eyes teared as his huge cock stretched my throat opening wide. Through the blur of my tears, I could see that his hand was still a good five inches from my lips, and his hand had to be covering another four inches of cock shaft. I closed my eyes and tried to relax knowing his cock would go deeper than any I’d deep throated before. Bro moaned deeply as he slowly thrust into my throat. The soft fleshy tissue stretched and I could feel the skin on my neck pull tight as he fucked into my throat. As his cock pressed deeper and deeper into me I began slowly humping Jim and Jerry who were still buried deep inside me from behind. It seemed like an eternity until I finally felt Bro’s finger pressing against my upper lip the tip of his thumb touching my chin. Then his hand moved away and the final few inches of his glorious black cock slid inside my mouth pushing his massive cock head deeper down my throat. I slid one hand across the back of the sofa and grabbed Stu’s cock. Jerome moved behind Bro and laid his cock on the top of the sofa. My free hand grabbed his throbbing cock and I slowly began stroking the only two cocks that weren’t buried inside me. The incredible sensation of having three cocks stuffed inside me was more then I’d ever fantasized about. Every one stretching the fuck cavity it was buried into its limit. Bro slowly began fucking my mouth withdrawing only enough to let me suck in life-giving air before he sank his massive black cock deep down my throat once again. Jim and Jerry were working together from behind. As Jim fucked into my swollen pussy Jerry was pulling out of my tight ass. I’m sure they could feel each other’s cocks through the flesh separating the two fuck tunnels. My moaning became more intense as their cocks worked in an out of my body. “What a tight fucking throat she’s got,” Bro said to no one in particular. “You should feel how tight this ass is,” Jerry added. “I can’t wait to fuck that throat,” Stu said. Jim just moaned as I bounced up and down on him with my dripping pussy. I imagined myself to be a porn star fucking three men at once and having another two being kept hard and ready to fuck me with my delicate fingers. My body began tingling all over as the onslaught of cock meat brought me to the brink of orgasm. Jerry was pummeling my ass hard and fast, and I knew he was moments from cumming. I wanted to feel his hot cock spurt cum deep in my ass lubricating it for the next cock to be slammed into me. He grabbed my hips and fucked my ass with all his might. “Oh yeah, I’m gonna cum!” He screamed. I felt his cock swell and in an instant, the searing heat of his cum burned my ass. He started to pull out as the second load of sticky cum was deposited inside my tight little asshole. “Hmmmmm…” Jerry moaned as his throbbing member slipped from inside me and shot a thick wad of cum over my ass cheeks. I released Jerome’s cock and reached around to grab Jerry’s and stroked it eliciting every last drop of his seed on my ass. Using his cock I smeared his hot cum over my ass cheeks. Jerry stepped away from my soaked ass and collapsed on the chair at one end of the sofa holding his softening cock in his hand. I could have cum myself, but Jim withdrew and said, “I want you to suck me off bitch.” Bro withdrew from my throat and said, “I’m gonna fuck her doggie style.” Stu who seemed like he was becoming impatient to have his turn inside my hot body said, “What about Jerome and me. When do we get to fuck this little slut?” “You can fuck my throat as soon as Jim cums on my face Stu,” I said. I slid off Jim’s lap and knelt between his thighs. Bro moved around the sofa and got down on his knees behind me his massive cock glistening with my salvia. Jim’s raging erection was directly in front of my face and I licked along the length from balls to head before I swallowed every inch he offered. I could keep eye contact with him as I lowered my mouth over him and his eyes widened as his cock disappeared between my lips. Bro had stretched my throat enough so that even Jim’s big hard on easily penetrated my throat. In one slow descent, I engulfed his rock hard cock, tightening my throat muscles around his cock head as it pushed deep inside the warm depths of my throat. Just as I nuzzled my nose into Jim’s pubic hair Bro pressed his massive black fuck tool against my pussy. I groaned as he pushed the head between the swollen lips and inside. With his cock head firmly inside my dripping slit, he grasped my hips and held them firmly in place as his thick black cock speared me. The head slammed into my cervix long before he could insert the entire length of sweet black meat. As I lifted my head off Jim’s cock Bro started to withdraw for the first time. I let Jim slip from my oral grasp and said, “Fuck me, Bro, give me that beautiful black cock baby.” My lips slipped over Jim’s cock head again and I took him deep in my throat as Bro thrust into my stretched pussy and banged against my cervix again. Jim’s hands slid to my head and he began moving me up and down on his throbbing cock. “Suck it, bitch, make me cum in your mouth,” Jim screamed. Stu and Jerome had come around and taken seats on either side of Jim and were intently watching as I sucked Jim’s giant cock with every ounce of sexual strength I could muster. They were both stroking their cocks waiting their turn to fuck me and deposit their seed in one of my cum holes. Behind me, Bro was slowly fucking my aching pussy and had me on the verge of orgasm. My loins tensed with sexual pleasure as I felt the title wave of climatic delight crash over me. “Yeah bitch, soak my cock with your cum!” Bro bellowed. My pussy flooded with fuck juices and his thrusts instantly began making sloppy splashing sounds as he continued his assault on my soaking wet pussy. I shuddered visibly as the incredible sensation of orgasm continued. I wanted to scream, but could only offer a muffled groan since Jim’s cock was deep down my throat as I rode Bro’s beautiful black cock through my climax. “You’re gonna make me cum Gen,” Jim screamed. I began lifting my head from him as he groaned deeply and shot a full load of salty tasting cum down my throat. Before his second load shot out of him I had his cock outside my mouth and it splashed against my nose and up toward my eyes. My own climax was subsiding as I happily sucked and licked at his cock head smearing what remaining cum oozed from the head all over my face. Jim reached in and grabbed his throbbing cock and began slapping it against my lips and tongue splattering his seed about as he did. Jim threw his head back against the sofa and moaned as I licked every drop of cum from his cock making sure he had drained his cum sack in my mouth. “Two down, three to go,” I said giggling at how easily I’d turned Jim and Jerry into basket cases. A new voice said, “What do you mean three to go, bitch?” I looked to my left where Jerry had been sitting watching me suck Jim’s cock and realized the other two members of my little gang bang had arrived. Jim said, “Scott, Greg, meet Gen.” “How are you doing boys?” I asked. “Looking to have you suck my cock just like that baby,” Greg said. I smiled widely at him and said, “You’re gonna have to wait sweetie, Stu and Jerome have the next shot.” Bro meanwhile was taking his time and enjoying fucking my sloppy wet pussy. I looked over my shoulder as I reached around and spread my ass cheeks, “You wanna fuck my tight little ass big boy?” I questioned him. “Fuck yes!” He instantly replied. He pulled out of my pussy as I said, “Okay boys time for a Chinese fire fuck drill. Let’s see how quick you three can get in positions I tell you to.” They all began to move as I said, “Jerome, sit on the floor here.” Patting the carpet next to me. “Stu, I want you to lay down on the sofa here,” I said patting the soft just in front of me. “Bro, since this is the third hole you’re gonna get to fuck you’ll have to crouch down after Jerome is inside and fuck my ass,” I instructed. “Greg, you and Scott can watch from the bullpen,” I said pointing to the back of the sofa. “But be ready to jump in as soon as any one of these three shoot their load.” As the boys moved to where I wanted them I slid my thighs up closer to the sofa so that as soon as Stu was down I could begin giving him what he wanted most the deep throat blowjob of his lifetime. Jerome slid down and I moved to straddle his wide hips. My soaking wet pussy parted and his hand guided his thick cock to the entrance. He thrust up into me just as I reached for Stu’s curved cock. I rested my tits against his side and turned my head toward his rock hard cock. Bro hadn’t moved to my ass, and I turned to him and said, “What’s the matter big boy can’t you handle the position?” He got a huge grin on his face before he said, “I think I’ll just finger your ass for now.” holding up his middle finger for my inspection. He spit on his finger that was bigger than many men’s cocks. “Oh yeah, Bro finger my tight little ass,” I said. He inserted his finger in my ass. Jerome was already soaking in my wet pussy and I began humping his cock bouncing my hips up and down over his pulsating dick. With my ass and pussy being taken care of by the two black members of my fuck fest I could turn my attention to Stu’s white curve of a cock. I slowly stroked its length with my delicate fingers, using my other hand to cup his balls. Extending my tongue I licked at the shaft. His cock twitched as my tongue teased the flesh. “Damn Gen that feels incredible,” Stu remarked. I used my tongue to circle the soft corona at the base of his cock head and continued circling the head till I reached the tip where I was rewarded with a tiny droplet of his pre-cum. His fluid tasted incredible and I instantly knew I’d want him to give me the full load in my mouth. Opening my lips I slowly took him inside my wet mouth. “Oh yeah that’s it Gen suck it!” He whispered. I turned my head so that his curved hard-on could easily slide across my tongue and into the warmer flesh of my throat. He moaned deeply as I swallowed him completely. Jerome was guiding my hips up and down on his hard cock while I sucked Stu’s gorgeous cock. And Bro well he was just warming up my ass for güvenilir bahis siteleri what I knew would be an incredible ass fucking later. With Stu’s cock firmly embedded in my oral fuck tunnel my hands were free to reach for Greg and Scott’s now exposed cocks and I began stroking them to full erections in preparation of their turn at my body. Both men had what I would call average cocks, but I was sure they had lots of sweet cum for me and that’s what this fuck fest was quickly becoming all about, giving me more cum then I could ever dream of. Stu’s cock curved perfectly down my throat and I had no trouble swallowing its entire length. He moaned his absolute approval each time I sank my hot throat over his beautiful throbbing cock. He turned slightly so I could swallow him even easier and I rewarded him with an oral plunge that elicited a heavy groan from his throat. I loved the way his cock felt in my mouth and throat. It was as if my throat was the perfect mold for his throbbing member and I happily fucked him with that perfect mold. His cock began to swell and I knew he was almost ready to cum for me. Letting him slip from my oral grasp I begged him, “Yeah baby, I want you to stroke this beautiful cock until you cum all over my face.” Stu instantly grabbed his throbbing cock and began stroking it furiously. I opened my mouth and slid my tongue out to give him the target we both wanted to be covered with his sticky cum. “Fuckkkk….,” He said, “I’m cumming!” His cock exploded shooting hot cum right to the back of my mouth. Another shot coated my tongue even more and I closed my lips to keep it from running back out. He stroked it hard a couple more times and it oozed salty cum on my nose and upper lip. I slid my tongue out and licked his sticky seed from my lips and used a fingertip to pull the fluid off my nose and into my mouth. Stu was spent and I craved more cum. “Jerome, you gonna cum on my face baby?” I asked. Jerome pulled out of my pussy and I instantly slid off his throbbing member. “Damn right bitch!” He said as he stood and I slid off the sofa to kneel before him. His cock was covered with my pussy juices and glistened as he began jerking it slowly. I again opened my lips to give him access to my cum catching mouth and throat. Jerome kept his gaze on my face as I leaned forward to lick at the pulsating head of his swollen cock. He groaned deeply as his black cock shot a thick wad of cum into my mouth. Jerome didn’t cum with the same intensity of the other men, but his cum tasted sweet and I sucked him as he oozed his seed into my mouth another load of hot cum for me to taste and finally swallow after I showed him my mouth full of his load. Jerome moved away and I was left kneeling there on Jim’s living room floor with my face glazed with the cum of four of the men who had responded to my gang bang. Bro’s cock was still hard, and the final two fuckers to arrive, Scott and Greg were both ready to fuck whatever fuck hole I offered. I slid up to sit on the edge of the sofa, and looking Bro directly in the eyes I said, “Well fucker, you gonna give me that big black dick in my ass like I asked?” “Your fucking right I am!” He responded. With that he moved between my spread thighs and placing one huge black hand on my chest he pushed me back against the sofa. His hands grabbed my ankles and lifted them up above his shoulders. My exposed ass was resting just on the edge of the sofa. He leaned forward and laid his huge cock on my abdomen with his balls resting against my wet cunt and tight ass. His cock reached past my belly button. I knew when he finally penetrated my ass he would fill me totally. He spit in his hand and smeared his salvia along the length of his massive cock shaft. “Give it to me Bro! Let me feel you fill my ass with your big black cock!” I screamed. He leaned back sliding his black snake along my belly until he could slide it down to the entrance of my dripping wet cunt. He pushed the thick head inside my wet pussy to coat it with my fuck fluids, then withdrew and moved it to my ass. “Fuck that ass NOW!” I screamed. He pressed forward hard. Searing pain shot out from my sphincter as he mauled me with the swollen head. The head stretched my ass wider then it had ever been stretched before and I felt as if my flesh was tearing being ripped open by his huge black cock. The pain didn’t subside as his cock head sank deeper into my tight ass. The shaft had more girth than any cock head that I’d had pressed through the tight opening to my ass. But I wanted his beautiful cock buried in my ass. “Give me more fucker!” I screamed watching his face as he pressed forward. “Fuck you’re tight!” He bellowed.Half his cock was buried inside my ass when he first started to withdraw giving my ass time to adjust to his massive size. “Fuck my tight ass you black motherfucker!” I demanded. His eyes closed and he grabbed his cock right at the base squeezing the blood toward the head. He thrust into my ass again sinking deeper than his first assault. The pain again radiated outward from my sphincter as he drove into me. “That’s it, fuck my ass hard baby!” I screamed. The other members of my gangbang gathered around to watch his invasion of my ass all wondering when the blood would begin to flow. But my ass stretched and stretched to accept him more easily as he started fucking my ass with slow strokes. Each stroke into me resulted in deeper penetration and less pain. “God damn bitch, your ass is so fucking tight!” Bro bellowed. “Shut up and fuck me!” I screamed back at him. I assume Bro wasn’t used to having a bitch tell him to shut up because his fucking took on a more serious pace as he realized I wanted him to assault me with every inch of his huge cock. I reached down below my legs and pulled my ass cheeks open wider. He reacted by driving his massive cock too within an inch or two of full penetration. “Fuck it Bro! Give me every fucking inch of that big beautiful black cock!” I begged. His next thrust into me did just that. His balls slapping against my ass as he reached full penetration. My rectum and colon were stuffed with black cock meat. The pain I’d felt earlier was quickly replaced with a tingling numbness that I’d never felt before. I suppose when it comes to being ass fucked, bigger is better because I slowly began loving the sensation of having his massive cock buried in my ass. “That’s it, baby, now you’re fucking my ass the way I wanted you too,” I said. “Fuck me as hard and fast as you want to baby. I want to be used by your beautiful black cock,” I added. All six of the other men stood there in amazement stroking their cocks and watching me take every inch Bro had to offer. I looked at Scott and said, “Hey fucker, straddle my body and put that hard dick between my tits.” I tilted my head down and spit into the cleavage between my tits before I pressed them together with my hands. Scott instantly mounted the sofa and crouched down to press his cock between my soft tits. His hands came to rest on the back of the sofa as he began stroking his hard-on between the fleshy wet orbs I’d asked him to fuck. Scott’s cock was totally erect and throbbing from his constant jerking of it while he watched Bro assault my ass. I pulled my chin down and opened my mouth so he could fuck into my wet oral cavity each time his cock head pushed through the top of my burning cleavage. “You gonna cum in my mouth too baby?” I asked him. Scott shook his head yes and continued tit fucking my cleavage and mouth. “Yeah baby, you know that’s what I want, I want you to shoot your hot cum in my mouth!” I said. “I want every one of you fuckers to shoot cum all over my face,” I added to the rest of the men surrounding me. Bro was sweating profusely and I could tell he would be ready to cum very soon. I’d have to get Scott off first so I said, “Come on baby, fuck my mouth now!” Scott leaned forward and pushed his cock deep in my mouth as I tilted my head back to accept as much as he could offer. “I’m cumming!” He bellowed. His cock exploded shooting hot sticky cum all over my face. It pooled in my eyes and ran from the corners down toward my ears. Hot salty cum flowed from his cock filling my mouth. It ran over my lip and chin and down across my neck. From behind Scott’s jerking body, I heard Bro say, “I’m next bitch, I’m ready to paste your face with my cock. Scott moved aside as Bro pulled out of my ass. He stood up and only had to lean forward to bring his massive cock head close enough to have his first shot of thick sticky cum splash on my tits. I pulled my self up and opened my mouth to accept the second wad that shot from his black snake. His cum tasted as salty as the rest and I quickly swallowed the fluid before a third stream splashed on my cheek joining Scott’s cum there. “Fuckin A bitch, you love getting a cum bath don’t you?” Bro bellowed. “I love it, I want more of it!” I screamed. Bro moved away as I slid off the sofa to kneel on the floor my hands sliding up my body to smear the sticky fluids evenly over my tits, neck and finally my mouth and cheeks. Looking around at the three men who still had hard cocks I pleaded, “Give me what I want most boys! Give me a hot cum bath! Coat me with sweet cum NOW!” I screamed. Greg who never got a chance to fuck me was the first to plaster my face with his sweet tasting cum. He moved directly in front of my face and said, “Here’s some fresh cum for you slut!” He shot hot cum all over my forehead and into my hair. Stream after hot sticky stream shot out of him and pasted my face. His sperm didn’t run down my face it just stuck to where ever it landed. “Hey baby, I love your hot thick cum,” I said. Greg moved away to be replaced by Jerry and Jim each taking a spot on either side of my head. They both stoked their cocks slowly, Jim leaned forward and rubbed his cock against my lips and I parted them so he could slip inside. Jerry meanwhile stroked his cock fast and hard and began oozing cum onto my face moaning as he did. Jim pulled out and hit me directly across the nose with his first shot, and then also oozed cum filling in the only spots that weren’t already covered with this glorious cum bath. Jim looked down at me and with a wide smile on his face said, “You’re one fucking hot cum slut bitch!” A Cum Slut, I loved the sound of it, I loved the feeling of being a lustful hot fucking Cum Slut for these seven cocks. I loved the feel of being pasted with a mixture of their hot sticky salty tasting cum. I slowly slid my hand along the length of my cum covered body, neck and face spearing their combined cum all over me and pulling it up into my hair. I smiled widely at the collection of spent cocks surrounding me and each cocks happy owner and said, “You boys have fulfilled my darkest fantasy. You’ve made me feel like a dirty little fucking whore cum slut.” I slowly turned and gave each spent cock a gentle kiss on the tip savoring the taste of each soft cock as I did. As they all began to put their clothes back on I just knelt there in the middle of Jim’s living room remembering the sensation of being used by so many cocks. Then something hit me. I realized that while I was busy being used I had only one orgasm. I had fucked and sucked my way through seven cocks. A sinking feeling of disgust came over me. This wasn’t what I’d planned this wasn’t what I wanted. My lust for cock, my craving for hot cum, my wanton desire to be used by men had brought me to a place that disgusted me. This wasn’t sexual gratification this wasn’t being intimate with a man. This was just allowing myself to become a cum depository a place where men could shoot their seed, a woman to be used as some kind of inflatable fuck toy. As they finished dressing I stood up, and looking toward Jim I said, “I need to shower.” Jim just shook his head and pointed toward the bathroom. As I quickly walked toward his bathroom I heard them start remarking what a great time they all had. High five’s all around. They were happily revealing in the knowledge that they had reduced me to a wanton little fucking whore cum slut. I was disgusted with myself. My transformation had taken on an ugly disgusting look. As I showered the tears began to flow. I allowed myself to go far beyond what I wanted and was scared as hell that I’d never been able to drag myself back. The fear that I would spend the rest of my active sexual years being men’s cum slut was more than I could imagine. Having scrubbed their cum from my body, I dressed and quickly left Jim’s place. Tears of guilt cascaded down my cheeks the entire time I drove across campus to my flat. As I entered my dark lonely flat the reality of where I was headed came to me. I even considered filling my tub with warm water and slitting my wrists to let the guilt drain from me along with my life’s blood. Instead, I hid under the covers of my bed. Crying until I had no more tears to cry, sobbing until I could sob no more. Feeling more guilt then I’ve ever felt before. My only relief was the total exhaustion I was feeling and the numbness of un-restful sleep. I called off work Friday not wanting to talk to anyone. I sank into a deep state of depression. My only thoughts were of how dirty I felt the night before when the excitement of being used by so many men wore off. How could I have allowed myself to sink to this low a sexual state of mind? My body had gained control of all my other senses including my sense of self-worth. I truly had become just exactly what Jim had called me. A dirty little whore cum slut to be used by any man with a stiff prick and a load of sperm. Friday passed without me being able to even fathom how I’d come to grips with what I’d become. About 8 that evening my phone rang. I didn’t move from my fetal position on the sofa to even see who was calling. “Please leave me a message after the beep.” My machine played. Dick’s familiar voice said, “Gen, I…..” he paused. “I’m sorry I’ve hurt you so badly. I won’t be calling you anymore Gen I’ve made an ass of myself long enough so I’ll just stop trying to get through to you.” He hung up without saying another word. I suppose he’d said it all. His words only added to my feeling of guilt. I hadn’t even given him a chance or taken the time to explain why I’d built such a solid brick wall between us. I thought to my self, “Genevieve you’re going to live to regret not giving him a second chance.” As I lay in bed that Friday night waiting for the relief of another uneasy sleep I thought about the men I’d surrendered my body to over the last several weeks. Not a single one of them would want to spend the rest of their lives with a woman who so easily gave up her body to their sexual desires. The physical transformation I’d gone through was wonderful. I’d never felt better about myself. But along with the physical transformation I’d allowed myself to be emotionally transformed into something ugly and distasteful. As I finally fell asleep I made myself a promise. I’d begin the next day to claw back emotionally. To drag myself out of the bottomless sexual barrel I’d fallen into. I just wasn’t so sure I knew exactly how to accomplish that seemingly impossible feat. To be continued…….

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