5 Kasım 2023

Toyboy and His Women Pt. 04


Toyboy woke up with an early morning throbbing erection, as he did always. Sleeping next to him was Hotopenlips, 38, who expressed her longing for slow and passionate sex and was smoking hot. He closed his eyes and thought of the previous day’s amorous moments _ the way he sat on her lap and then she on his, looking at their reflection in the mirror while they fingered each other. What an erotic lusty cunt she was and how much in love he was with that amazing cum cup! All men who loved lust should crave for and worship her stunning body till they died between her thighs.

The morning sunlight, which came through the slightly parted curtain, fell on her as she lay on her stomach with her face away from him and he could see her chiseled rear that deserved a thousand kisses daily. He wondered why she was not married or did not have a steady man in her life. Anyway, some idiot’s loss was his gain. He drifted away into the mists of sleep again, thinking of his sturdy cock in her lovely rear hole.

When he woke up again, she was looking at him and her hand was on his limp penis which was waiting to be stirred into action. She smiled at him and kissed his mouth as her hand gently stroked his penis and balls and fingered his asshole. How lovely it would be if she dangled her pussy over his face, offering it as breakfast every morning!

‘Take a bath, my hard dick boy, you will feel fresh for our next round,’ she said and pointed towards the bathroom.

Oh! She wanted him to take a bath alone. Why can’t they sit facing each other in the bathtub, with his rod in her slit, and shower with some nudging and licking and rear entry?

Well, he had to do what she wanted if he were to be rewarded. Anyway, she was too great a lay for him to bother about money, he thought as he went into the well-equipped bathroom and stood under the shower. The bathtub and the taps were great and they must have cost a bomb. Rubbing himself dry, he tied the towel around his waist and found breakfast ready at the dining table, where they had eaten each other the previous day. With a courteous smile, she pointed to the sandwiches and orange juice. As he sat down to eat, she left saying she was going to take a bath.

Her methods were strange! Would it not be the most natural follow-up to take a bath together for two people who had made love? Her vision and philosophy were different. As she had said, surprise and shock enhanced sexual sensations. Natural was unnatural, maybe, he thought as he chomped through the sandwiches and washed them down with orange juice.

He looked up when he heard a noise and gasped on seeing her standing nude with her hair tied in a knot, her pussy, which he had shaved, gaping invitingly at him. With all the curtains drawn, the room was dim-lit and there was no fear of any neighbor taking a peek at the free show of flesh. She laughed at his expression and sat next to him and went on to eat her breakfast.

‘I will never understand your ways…’ he said.

‘Ha! You thought we could bathe together, tasting and soaping up each other. That was what you expected and it would have been boring, I tell you. We can always do that some other time, or are you planning to avoid me after today?’ she asked with a mischievous smile.

‘No. I love you, how can I avoid you?’

Her cackle came like machine gun fire: ‘You are crazy, you … you love me?’

‘Yes, it is not that marrying kind of love. Straightforward carnal desire, lust. This is love. Come on, you are stunning … and the things we did … wow, you think anyone can NOT love you, after all that. Love doesn’t mean living together as man and wife but it is pining, craving and… and lusting and not being able to get a woman out of one’s mind. There is no age or anything. Even pure lust is love,’ he surprised himself with this vehement outpouring of emotion.

She was looking at him as he spoke, listening ardently and keenly watching his animated expressions.

‘I am sorry if I made fun of you. Each person has his or her own version of love. Yours is different and I understand that. You mean you will want me even in case you have a relationship with a girl?’

‘Yes, that girl has to understand my lust, that is love, for you,’ he said rather firmly.

He must be around 20, she thought, immature and adamant. escort şişli

‘So I want your pussy and I want you to know I love you,’ he stressed.

‘What if I say no?’ she asked cautiously.

His expression changed suddenly. ‘See, I am not forcing myself on you. Yesterday and today, I did what you asked me to do. If you don’t want to see me, I will make myself scarce, disappear. I want it to be mutual, at least the need for each other. I need you and I will say I love you. You want to use another word for it, you can. But you can always ask me to leave.’

She scanned his face to see whether he was hurt,

but no, he appeared to be calm and sure of what he was saying.

‘Why are we serious suddenly? I can’t say I love you but I would love to use you,’ she smiled.

‘And madam, how would you use me?’ he smiled with mock innocence.

She stood up and rubbed her belly on his face and he licked her belly button and bit her flesh. Grabbing his hair, she pulled him up and kissed his mouth deeply and he sucked her mouth as if he were sucking her love mound. His hands cupped her rear and her hands parted his ass cheeks _ dovetailing, symmetrical movements.

‘Bring out your toys, let’s try that, Toyboy,’ she said playfully.

He opened the bag he had brought and took out a dildo which had a base that could be fixed anywhere _ between cushions on a couch, floor or wall. Taking it to the couch, he parted the cushions and kept the base and let the 10-inch dildo protruding out.

‘This is a dildo vibrator, there is a switch at the base which turns it on, wanna sit on it?’ he asked her and took out a lube from his bag.

‘Hmm. You first. Don’t tell me you have not tried it.’ she winked.

‘Yeah I have tried it twice, to test it, but haven’t used it to pleasure myself,’ he explained.

‘Here is a chance to try. Go on, sit on it, my love boy,’ she purred.

She sat on the couch next to the protruding dildo and asked him to bend in front of her and, taking the lube from him, applied it in his unused asshole liberally.

‘Now sit on it,’ she whispered.

His erection throbbing, he switched on the vibrator and let himself down on the tool slowly, helped by Hotopenlips who was now squatting in the front of him on the floor. The dildo went inside him slowly and smoothly, thanks to the lube, and he winced as it went deeper, introducing him to pleasures he had never felt before. When the artificial penis was half in him, she kissed his rock-hard meat and took it in her mouth inch by delicious inch, biting and sucking him. The double pleasure was too much for him, yes, he was enjoying the dildo working his rear. He had once heard a woman say that men liked anal penetration but rarely admitted it, and she was right. His friends would laugh at him but he felt unashamed to accept the fact that he felt like a woman, enjoying penetration. The combined effect of her experienced, sensuous mouth sliding back and forth on his pipe, her talented tongue on his balls and the tireless dildo were enough to push him towards ejaculation, but he held back. She had taught him to prolong it, to extract maximum effect, and hence he closed his eyes and focused on some unpleasant thing, like attending his cousin’s wedding.

Once she had her fill of his tasty young meat, she gestured to him that she wanted to sit on the dildo. She lay on the floor and raised her legs vertically and asked him to apply lube on her rear hole. He was surprised since he had thought she would take the dildo in her vagina. He kissed her slit and applied the lube all over her rear door and inserted two fingers easily in it and then helped her get up. She sat on the dildo and it slowly slid up her hole which, he thought, must have taken many well-endowed men. She raised her feet and gestured him to lick her pussy whose petals had opened as her other hole was being stretched. He further parted her lips and slurped her, at the same time switching on the vibrator.

‘Aaaah, lap it up like a hungry dog,’ she moaned with the twin pleasure assaulting her at the same time. The dildo was almost fully inside her and his tongue darted all over her paradise of pleasure, relishing her pink folds, bulging mound and throbbing clitoris. How can any man not love her, he asked himself for the escort etiler umpteenth time.

Moaning, groaning and muttering and calling him names like ‘dickboy’, ‘horsedick’, she muttered she was cumming.

‘Mmmmm you… horny boy.. you …ah am cumming!,’ she said and quivered thrice before letting herself go limp. Sighing and rubbing her boobs he asked him to switch off the vibrator.

‘Lick me some more,’ she said and he went between her thighs and feasted on her swollen and juicy pussy, his hard-on throbbing for her.

When he finished licking her clean of her own juices, she asked him to enter her pussy.

She adjusted the dildo to ensure it stayed in her asshole. He stood up and poised himself between her thighs as she put her legs on his shoulders. Holding the top of the couch, he lowered himself into her and entered her like a hot knife in butter. She gnashed her teeth and closed her eyes, entering a private world of ecstasy and experiencing a myriad bursts of sensations. He kissed her cheeks and mouth, tasting her lust-laden saliva, as he slid in and out rhythmically, all the while pushing the dildo deeper into her. Could he hold on for some more time? Her lovely face and her boobs and his hard meat clasped by a hungry cunt…… he was on the edge of a huge explosion, one that would rock both of them… yessss, he was there, nearly there. He thrust deeper and then let go… the anticipation, their erotic postures and … everything they did the previous day … pushed him over the precipice … and the first spurt of white lava hit her like a giant wave and she screamed that she was cumming. His spurts seemed to go on and on. A young boy’s tank is always refilled, she thought as he emptied all his hot contents into her cunt. She hugged his ass and kissed him as her pussy muscles squeezed the last few drops out of his strained cock. Her hands slipped from his sweating back and both of them were breathing hard. The dildo had slipped out of her during their climatic convulsions and was resting between her thighs.

‘Eat the doughnut you creamed, you hungry boy,’ she told him and raised her legs high in the air. He saw his semen ooze out of her pussy and wet her rear door which had been opened wide by the dildo.

Kneeling between her thighs, he slurped the overflowing trace of lustful indulgence from her engorged cunt and expanded asshole. Her hands held his head as she gently raised herself in rhythm with his darting and dancing lips. The taste of his semen and her honey in her used pussy and stretched asshole made a heady cocktail and he was transported to a world of sensations he had never experienced. Ten minutes lapsed as he ate her and as she enjoyed being eaten. He got up and let her suck him clean, her tongue sweeping the remaining traces of semen and her own juice. He buried his face between her thighs and she played with his hair for a few minutes.

Spent and happy, Toyboy got up to fetch water and drank it with Hotopenlips. She led him to bed and played with his cock and balls and was soon sleeping. It was noon and he too felt drowsy and dozed off soon.


When he woke up it was 4 p.m. He wandered into the living room and found that she had ordered pizza and was waiting for him, dressed in a tank top. He was famished and they both devoured the pizza in no time without any exchange of words.

She put the pizza box in the dustbin and went to the bedroom. He waited for a few seconds before following her.

On the bed she was nude, with her laptop open and with her rear turned towards him. He lay behind her, rubbing his semi-erection against her inviting ass and rubbed her succulent boobs. He had noticed that she rarely objected to whatever he did, be it grabbing her ass or boobs or fingering her holes.

She logged on to the website where they had met and went to her mail inbox and selected fresh messages. A man had sent a message: ‘Hi bitch, I wanna pound your pussy and fill all your holes and make you beg for more.’

She laughed: ‘He is probably old and can’t get it up and needs to talk like this. Non-performing ass.’

The next message said: ‘I will lick your cunt clean after a man cums in your cunt.’

‘This man loves being a cuckold. I get this a lot,’ she said bored.

She browsed bayan escort taksim through guys who desired to make her pregnant, become pregnant too, wanted to buy her used panties, and finally came to a man who loved erotic fantasies.

‘I like this man’s fantasies,’ she told Toyboy and sent the man a message asking him what fantasy he had cooked up for her.

While waiting for a reply, she took out a slim dildo from under the pillow and gave it to Toyboy and winked: ‘Play with both my holes.’

As she lay on her stomach, he kissed her ass and spread the cheeks and fingered her rear bud and then ran his finger to her slit, which he found was wet. Bending down, he parted her ass and licked her asshole till it was coated with his saliva.

He was surprised that her cunt was becoming wet easily, without even being touched!

It was then that she said,’aah” and he lifted his head to find that the fantasy man had replied and was on chat.

He continued slurping her vigorously as the man began chatting. She asked Toyboy to insert the dildo in her asshole and began talking to the man.

‘I wrote this fantasy for you, read and then get back to me,’ the man said and sent a long message.

She gestured Toyboy to come near her and both read it while he kept the dildo in place.

The fantasy went like this: ‘You are sitting around a fire in the middle of a desert in a foreign country along with 6 men. The chief of the group is looking at you hungrily and his eye roves over your boobs bulging under your tight T-shirt and over your exposed thighs as you are wearing shorts. The chief gestures to you and you go to him since you have no other go and you need their help to reach the nearest town. He asks you to sit on his lap and slides his hand into your shorts and parts your panties and finds your hot and wet slit. Another man removes your T-shirt and the chief holds your firm boobs and massages them hard with his rough hands. He pulls down your shorts and spikes you with his erection which he has already released from his dress. You bob up and down on his pole and he holds your boobs as he hoists himself up deeper into you, finally exploding and flooding you. Spent, he slides out of you and you get up and, with semen trickling down your thighs, you pleasure all the men one by one in a similar fashion while the others watch.’

Punctuated by her throaty and raunchy moans, they read the message as Toyboy slid the dildo in and out of both her holes, expanding them. She lay on her stomach and asked him to make her cum as she re-read the message. Toyboy squatted over her ass and slid the dildo first in her asshole and then in her soaking pussy, letting it explore every nook and corner inside her. She moaned and grunted and uttered words which he could hardly make out and finally she shuddered and shook like a leaf in wind and raised her ass, signalling that she had touched the zenith and plunged to the nadir, too.

Lying motionless for a minute, she asked Toyboy to lie on his stomach. She caught his erection and drew it between his legs and milked it with the right hand while she inserted in his asshole the dildo which was wet with her juice. He rubbed his pelvis on the bed, pushing his penis up for her to stroke more comfortably.

‘Cum baby Toyboy, cum all you want,’ she gritted her teeth and whispered.

As during the two days, he was aroused to a level he had never touched before, swinging from the urge to let go and splash his semen and controlling his ejaculation. He looked back at her lovely face and wanted to aim his cum on her face as she milked him furiously. She squealed and moaned when his first white thick jet caught her on her face and she came closer and took the subsequent ones in her mouth and drank it like elixir. She sucked the last drop from his throbbing manhood and took out the dildo, all the while relishing his writhing cock.

A minute later both lay side by side, lost in the same world but in their own different corners. He was wondering whether he would be ever able to come out of her love or lust. And she reveled living in the moment and pined for more such moments and did not give a second thought about future, love or relationship.

He remembered that his vacation began tomorrow during which we had to attend his cousin’s wedding and be with his parent too for some time, far from Hotopenlips, Softpetals and the unexplored Twitchingc*.

Later, with a fat envelope in his pocket, he said goodbye to Hotopenlips. It will be sometime before he returned to his women with his toys.

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