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The Submissive Temp Ch. 07


Mr. Criens is too busy, so Maria organizes a small gangbang for Sally to keep her from going insane with lust

Warning: There is group sex in this Chapter.

Brief Summary to Date: Sally the submissive temp has a job as an executive secretary for William Criens, a legendary hedge fund CEO. He decides he wants her, and he transfers her husband Mark to Singapore to get him out of his way. Sally falls for Mr. Criens but is shocked when he orders her to become an industrial spy and to seduce Dr. Jack Taylor, the CEO of Genomeds, which has a new experimental drug Rivonine. Meanwhile, Sally’s lump on her breast is not breast cancer but the result of a horrible virus that attacks the brain, in particular the sexual control center of the brain. This explains why Sally feels driven to be an astonishing slut and crave every hard man she can find. The virus will progress to her autonomic nervous system and will kill her in six months. Her one hope is Rivonine, and the side effects of Rivonine include a significant increase in her need to have sex. Between the virus and Rivonine, Sally is at the edge of losing her sweet little sexy mind!


It did not take long for Rivonine’s side effects to show their stuff. The very day after I started the drugs, the day after Dr. Jack Taylor and I got it on, and we had done the deed on the floor of the main room of my apartment to boot, I went back to work at the Criens Hedge Fund. I was intensely horny in a way I had never experienced nor could ever even have imagined.

Every man I saw I wanted to bed. It was ridiculous; I was out of control. I had practiced resisting temptation. I was determined to ride this out without once again becoming Sliggins, my slutty alter ego. It was a hard road to hoe. The virus was strong, but coupled with Rivonine I had become a walking sex machine on a hair trigger.

Mr. Criens greeted me when he got back from some meetings. “You were sick yesterday, Sally. You seem better today,” he said.

My panties were wet just looking at him. I felt like a vampire wanting to pounce on him and suck his blood. It was Wednesday. I had to make it to lunchtime. “Thank you, sir, I’m glad to hear that.” I knew my eyes were still a bit bloodshot. He was, however, looking at my body, not my eyes.

“Have you made any progress on our little special project?” he asked. Now he looked at my eyes.

“Yes,” I said. “I’ve begun an affair with Dr. Jack Taylor, as you wanted.”

“I was sorry to have ask you to do that. Have you learned anything yet?” Criens asked.

“You mean besides my critique of his sexual talents?” I asked. I can be nasty, let’s not forget.

“Yes, besides that. Anything about Rivonine?” he asked.

Should I tell him the whole story? For some reason I did not. Call it intuition.

“I learned a few things. It has not been approved yet, and it may never be approved, due to its side effects. It’s the only treatment for a rare but fatal virus that infests primarily women. That the virus is fatal is a powerful argument for FDA approval of Rivonine, despite the drug’s dangerous side effects,” I said. “The side effects, though, are just too powerful. They’re overwhelming.”

“Can you elaborate about these side effects?” Criens asked.

“Yes,” I replied. I fell silent.

Finally, Mr. Criens said, “Please enlighten me, Sally.”

I took a deep breath. I took two more.

“The virus is deadly. If you’re female and get it, it tends to lodge in your breast, and it kills you within six months. The drug works 80% of the time if the virus is caught early. It reveals itself as a small lump on the woman’s breast, the kind that looks like it could be cancer,” I began.

“What are the side effects of Rivonine? That’s what we need to know,” Mr. Criens said.

“It has the usual panoply of annoying but not serious side effects: constipation, diarrhea, headache, nausea, even double vision, etc. It does have one special one, however. It makes the woman feel compelled, truly compelled, to have sex constantly. Were a woman to begin this drug she would be well advised always to walk around with a dozen or more condoms. She becomes crazed for sex,” I said.

“That sounds ridiculous, Sally. Could Jack be feeding you false information?” Criens said. “I could just see him doing this to put one over for me, especially if he’s figured out you’re spying for me.”

“No,” I said.

“How can you be so sure? It’s easy to fake data and make it look real. He may have laid a trap for you,” Criens said.

“No, I’m giving you the God’s honest truth,” I said.

“How can you be so certain?” he repeated.

“I’d rather not say at this time,” I said.

Criens looked at me. He was sizing me up. His look was penetrating. I felt as if he were looking down into my soul. Fortunately, he decided not to push things.

“Do we have to wait until lunchtime?” I blurted out.

“What do you mean?” Criens asked.

“It’s Wednesday today,” I said.

“Very astute. You’ve lost me, Sally.”

“You always come on alt porno to me at lunchtime on Wednesdays. Can we push our sex clock up a bit? I need you inside me now,” I said, discarding all self-respect.

“I’m sorry, Sally. I have a meeting. I also have a lunch meeting. I did not realize we always made love on Wednesdays. I thought you were just humoring me, due to my power over you and your husband, not that you actually wanted me. How flattering,” he said. “Maybe tomorrow? Or Friday? I’m afraid I don’t have the time today,” Criens said, and then he left me standing there, on the verge of tears due to my need being so intense.

I wanted to scream at him! He had thought I was putting out just to save my husband’s job? Not that I craved his body, and one part of it especially? The cloud lifted for a moment and I remembered: Oh yes, that was indeed how it started. I had fucked him to save my husband Mark’s job! He had even had me fuck Dr. Jack Taylor for the same reason. He did not know I was now a deranged animal needing sex constantly!

I had to calm myself down. Maybe that would help? I went into my tiny office and opened my computer. I called up images of mountain streams and prairies. I looked up puppy videos, and then progressed to cats performing stupid pet tricks. I had to distract myself from my overwhelming need to have sex.

The day was a constant trial by fire of my willpower. Every time I was near a man, practically any man, I wanted to push him down, take out his cock, and if it was already hard then stick it inside me. If it wasn’t already hard, well I knew how to fix that! I didn’t though. I stayed chaste for the entire day. One day at a time. I was a wreck when I went home. The giant dildo became my lover.

The next day was Thursday. Mr. Criens seemed to forget about his desire to seduce me. Well, he had already proved he could lay me. Maybe that was all he had wanted? Maybe he loved the extorting sex kink? He had also got me to become Dr. Taylor’s mistress. Maybe he got off on making a woman prostitute herself? Maybe that made me damaged goods? Sometimes men don’t want to fuck women who are fucking someone else? No, then we would not have infidelities, right? The human mind, when it comes to sex, is complicated.

Maybe it was not all about me. Maybe it was just business. Perhaps my body and I were just pawns in Mr. Criens’ ongoing and everlasting search for more and more wealth? So what if my marriage and I are destroyed in the process? Who cares about a little 23-year-old temp, anyway? I had to look after myself, didn’t I?

Maybe he only fucked me and made me his mistress so that Jack Taylor would want me? He actually told me that me being his mistress would make Taylor want to make me his own. Maybe he was forcing himself to have sex with me as part of some grand plan revolving around the FDA status of Rivonine? Was I just a disposable cunt to him? Yes, of course that’s exactly what I was. It just made me want him more!

And what about Dr. Jack Taylor? Aren’t I supposed to be his mistress? I’m not going to see him until Saturday. That’s two bleeping days away! Can I make it? The short answer is no. The way I was feeling, it was a definite, resounding no!

I called Maria. “Maria? Hi, this is Sally. Listen, I need to get laid. Now.”

“Whoa, girl! Where are you? What are you on?” Maria said.

“I’m at work. You don’t want to know what I’m on! Do you have Ravi’s phone number?” I asked. I had given Ravi my number, but I did not have his.

“Listen, my sexpot friend in heat. Andrew’s having the boys over for poker tonight. Why don’t you be the prize? I can’t be the prize because Andrew doesn’t know about the boys and me. At least I hope he doesn’t!” Maria said.

“Oh, that would be great. What time should I come?”

“We’ll need to meet privately first. We need to plan how to do this. The boys will take it in stride of course, but it may be a shock to Andrew, you know?” Maria said.

“Oh, my, I hadn’t thought of that. Right. Got an idea?” I asked.

“Don’t forget who you’re talking to, girl. Of course I have an idea. Meet me at Starbucks at 5pm. The boys are coming for poker and pizza and lots of beer at 6pm,” she said.

“Maria, there’s around one million Starbucks in Manhattan. Want to narrow it down a tad?” I asked. There’s actually an intersection in Midtown Manhattan that has a Starbucks on each of the four corners.

Maria giggled. “The one at Astor Place, silly. It’s your favorite, right? Wear a miniskirt and flash some men, why don’t you?”

“The bathrooms are too yucky for quick and dirty sex. Well, I guess they’re fine for dirty sex…” I said.

“Five o’clock?” Maria suggested.

“I’ll be there at 5. I’ll be the girl in lust. Listen, can you make it at 4PM? I need to explain a bit,” I said.

“That would be nice. I’ve never seen you like this before. The way you took on those three guys and then fucked Ravi all night. You acted as if you were a bitch in heat!”

“You know about Ravi and me fucking all night? How?” hd abla porno I asked.

“Oh Sally, don’t you know that you’re the hottest hot wife in the county? Ravi bragged to everyone he knows about how hot you were for him. He’s been walking around like a peacock ever since,” Maria said. “Doug told me he’s been insufferable.”

“I can explain,” I said.

“No, you can’t, but I’ll enjoy listening to you try. See you at 4PM then,” Maria said.

The prospect of sex that evening was just barely enough to keep me from dragging a random male employee of Mr. Criens into a utility closet or some such place. I had never really realized how powerful drugs could be. Nor had I ever realized how a virus could affect one’s brain so profoundly. There’s nothing more intimate, or more consequential, that one’s sexual behavior, and I was out of control!

I made it through the rest of the day. I quickly learned friggin’ myself off just made the desire for hard cock even more unbearable. It was as if I had a pain and I could not find a position for my body to relieve the pain. It was torture. I kept thinking of Ravi and his magnificent cock. It was all that kept me going.

I didn’t tell Maria everything. I didn’t tell her about the Rivonine, only about the virus. I had learned the name of the virus, for what that was worth. Its biological name is libidi sine moribus virus. The man who first isolated it and therefore discovered it was a French guy in the Pasteur Institute in Paris. His name is Dr. De Chevalley. So, its unofficial name, but the name it is known by, is the De Chevalley virus.

I told Maria I had six months to live unless a miracle happened. I also explained how the virus gave me an over-the-top sex drive, but it was not an STD. Maria was in a state of shock. We had to move to a bar so she could get a drink to calm herself down. There were several men in the bar. In the past I would have checked them out. In my current state all I wanted to do was to fuck them over and over again. Who cared if they smelled? Who cared how they looked? What if they were misogynists? I could have cared less. Hit me, do your worst, just as long as you can get it up to fuck me!

Maria stopped me before I could start undressing and flash the men my boobs. She was a good friend. She explained the plan. It meant I might have to wait an hour or two or three to get laid, but it was a good plan, I had to admit. She would get Doug to help. He was her lover when Andrew was out of town. He would play a key role.

I had learned at work that day that when I was overwhelmed with lust and need, for example by seeing a man who might be willing to fuck me, that I could run to the ladies’ room and hyperventilate and breathe into a paper bag. My lust attacks were kind of like panic attacks. That would calm the passions from irresistible, literally irresistible, to simply very intense.

“What if Mark finds out?” Maria asked. Mark is my loving husband off in Singapore. “Does Mark know you have the De Chev, the De Chev…”

“No, I haven’t told him yet. I want to see first if a miracle happens. Besides the doctor told me he’s better off if he’s away. No marriage survives the De Chevalley virus. Men just cannot handle wives who become virus induced nymphomaniacs on steroids, you know?”

“Yeah, I’m worried myself. What will happen if Andrew learns of my own infidelities?” Maria asked, somewhat rhetorically.

“You really think he doesn’t already know? You’re fucking five of his friends over a sustained period and you think he hasn’t found out yet?” I asked. It seemed a bit incredible to me.

“You think he might know?” Maria asked me. She looked scared.

“Look, if he does know, he hasn’t let on. He hasn’t become angry with you, taken you to marriage counseling, beaten you up, tried to divorce you, nothing. So, either he doesn’t know, or he does know but he seems to be okay with it,” I said. “It’s hard to believe, but there are some husbands who get off on knowing their wives are getting it on with their friends.”

“I thought being a cuckold is shameful. What man would want that?” Maria asked.

“The human mind is complicated. Why do I like older men, and occasional bondage?” I asked.

“What??” Maria said.

“Oh, come on, Maria, don’t you have any kinks? Didn’t you once tell me you had a fantasy of taking on two men at a time?” I asked.

“Well, isn’t that a normal fantasy for women?” Maria asked.

“It’s probably no more normal for women than is the cuckold fantasy for men,” I said.

“I think Andrew just doesn’t know,” Maria said. “It’s the simplest answer. Simple is good.”

“Yes, you’re probably right,” I said, even if I silently doubted it.

Maria looked terrified. She ran off to the ladies’ room, leaving me alone in a bar with lots of men. Some of the men had been eavesdropping. They probably heard me say I liked older men, and bondage, and that Maria had fantasies of group sex. The old me would have been shitting in my panties, but the new virus controlled me viewed it as rokettube porno an opportunity.

Luckily, Maria was back within seven minutes. I was already sitting on a guy’s lap, my ass rubbing his cock, and he was pawing my boobs while I was giggling. In only seven minutes! Thank goodness Maria was there to rescue me. Three more minutes and his fingers would have been where they should not go with a married woman!

We hightailed it back to Maria and Andrew’s home. The men straggled in between 6 and 6:30. The poker game began at 6:45. All of Andrew’s friends gave me a warm welcome. Each of them kissed me on the lips and felt up my ass during the kiss. I softly moaned, thereby giving my approval and encouragement. Andrew was stunned that his friends were acting so disrespectful to Mark’s heretofore always proper wife. He didn’t know Doug had told them to behave that way with me.

Maria had enlisted Doug. He was an eager participant. He had yet to fuck me, after all, poor guy. None of the boys had fucked me. I was a good, loyal wife. It’s not that I was not attracted to the gang. I was, to all of them. It’s just that my hubby Mark is my one true love and sexual partner. Now, however, I had this vicious virus running rampant in my poor, addled brain.

At one point Doug said the poker game was boring. Everyone looked at him, stunned. Nobody ever said things like that.

“Why do you think it’s boring?” Andrew asked.

“It’s the stakes. We’re playing for chump change,” he said.

“We always do. None of us can afford to lose big bucks. You can’t either. What do you want the stakes to be?” Andrew asked.

“Sally and Maria,” Doug replied.

There was a dead, tense silence.

Finally Andrew said, slowly, “What do you mean?”

Doug explained. He ended by saying, “That is, if we can get Sally and Maria to agree, and of course, Andrew, you would have to give the green light for Maria. Mark’s not here so Sally is fair game if she’s willing.”

“Maria would never be willing to do that, and neither would Sally. You obviously don’t know these two women as well as you should,” Andrew said.

“Let me try. If the women agree, would you? Do you know how hot it is to watch your wife with another man?” Doug asked.

“I know you get off watching us fuck Crystal…” Andrew said, before he realized Maria was within earshot. This was exactly the trap Doug was setting for Andrew. Crystal was Doug’s common law wife.

The ensuing fight between Maria and Andrew was spectacular! It was Sally who mediated the truce. Since Andrew had been getting his jollies at the expense of Doug’s partner Crystal (who apparently did not mind a bit), Maria was going to be a prize just this one time. Then the scales would be balanced.

Andrew did not like it, but he knew he had screwed up, literally, and besides as Doug had said, it would be hot to watch his wife Maria get it on with another guy. It would be especially hot if Duane won her. He’d love to see a black man fuck her little Italian brains out. He didn’t say that, though.

I played my part reasonably well. I said no repeatedly but let myself get beaten down into saying a reluctant yes. In truth it was an enthusiastic YES! I think I did well though to hide my enthusiasm.

Doug had been right. With the stakes being Maria and me, the men played with much more intensity. The evening took on quite a dramatic tone. At the end, Ravi won me and Miguel won Maria. The four of us went to the two bedrooms. By this time, I had felt the need to hyperventilate in the bathroom seven times.

A good description of my behavior might be that I was an animal. I could not get enough of Ravi. Not only did the men downstairs hear my moans and screams when I came, Maria was worried the whole building, and maybe even the whole neighborhood had heard! Miguel enjoyed Maria to the max as well. When the two men finished, I needed more! Ravi needed a good twenty minutes to regenerate and so did Miguel.

Maria texted Andrew to come to the bedroom. When he entered the bedroom, he encountered his wife Maria. She was wearing only panties and clearly still had a sex flush. Maria told him that I needed him. She just pointed to the other bedroom. Andrew looked at her quizzically.

“I’ll explain later honey. Right now, though, you have to go fuck Sally. She needs you. She needs desperately to be fucked. I’m okay with it. Go to her, now. You know you’ve lusted for her for years, anyway. I can see it in your eyes when you look at her. Now go!” Maria said.

Andrew was paralyzed. He could not believe Maria was ordering him to fuck one of their best friends, the wife of Mark, another best friend. I appeared from the bedroom however, wearing only one of Andrew’s old T shirts. I have to admit, I looked fetching in it. I kissed him passionately and grabbed his already hard cock through his pants, and I pulled him into the bedroom I was using.

By the time Andrew had unloaded inside me, Ravi and then Miguel were ready for their second rounds. After I had fucked Andrew, Ravi and Miguel each twice, I bid the men goodnight. I left Maria and Andrew’s home half-dressed and with Ravi in tow. By the time I left for work the next day Ravi was a wreck. That woman is going to kill me, he thought to himself. He smiled at the thought of dying from copulation exhaustion.

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