5 Kasım 2023

The Sound of His Voice


They had talked many times online, eventually taking the next step and bringing their conversations to the telephone. They had laughed late into the night on many occasions and she found herself often sprawled carelessly on the bed with the phone cradled close against her ear, imaging him as she listened to the warm, smooth sound of his voice.

They had known each other for some time…virtually speaking, of course. They had shared so much and disclosed enough to each other that he knew of her deepest fantasies…knew that she secretly harbored a desire to be taken against her will. That she craved forced domination and that she had never had a man give her that gift before. He also knew that she trusted him completely and that she adored him…even loved him.

On that warm afternoon, she had been laying on her bed with the window open, letting the spring breeze blow across her when she heard a change in his voice.

He had spoken seductively to her before. In fact, he had heard her cum before, taking in the sound of her orgasm through the phone as his words pushed her past boundaries that the miles between them did not allow.

She heard his normally calm, light tone change just slightly…

“Pooh,” he said suddenly. He often called her Pooh, his pet name for her…using it in times of closeness and intimacy.

“Pooh. Take off your clothes.” His voice was strong, deeper than usual.

She laughed, giggling like a school girl and traced a finger on the bedspread. “Don’t be silly! I told you already this morning…you can’t have me today.”

“Do it now, Pooh. You know you want to.”

She hesitated for just a moment. There was something in his voice…something she just couldn’t place. She laughed again, feeling a slight twinge of nervousness creeping into her body. “You’re such a silly boy!” She was still laughing, but found herself looking down at her hands in her lap. She hadn’t been aware, but now she was actually sitting up on the bed with her legs crossed. “You know I have a meeting that I have to go to this afternoon. I don’t want to get all messed up.” Her voice trailed off.

He lowered his voice even more and when he spoke, she felt her body trembling against his words. When she listened to him, she imagined a beast in the forest, coming to find her…seeking her out…it was no image she had ever had with him before.

“You will do this and you will do it NOW.” His emphasis on that last word sent a shiver through her entire body and she felt herself draw in her breath in a small, quick gasp. “But…” He cut off her words sharply.

“Pooh, you will take off your clothes now and you will get your favorite toy from your drawer or you will regret this.”

She sat there on the end of her bed for a moment. She wanted to laugh, but for some reason felt that such a response might not be appropriate at that moment. She could feel her pulse quickening and as she stumbled for the right words, she heard his voice again…louder this time….and stronger coming through the phone. Her fingers clamped down on the phone receiver and she pressed the phone into her ear in disbelief, her breath sucking in making a small gasping sound.

“Get the dildo out NOW, Pooh. You are going to fuck yourself for me and you are going to cum harder than you have ever cum before. And if you don’t do exactly as I say, you will never have the privilege of knowing me this way again.”

She was stunned. Absolutely stunned. Her mind was racing. Her body was shaking slightly and she could feel the panic rising inside of her. Was he actually demanding that she do this? Was he actually telling her what to do and making threats? She wanted to say something, to question him, to try and understand where this was coming from, but she was just too amazed to hear him speaking to her like this.

“Why are you doing this?” was all she managed to get out. Her voice was small and soft and very childlike in that moment.

“I am doing it, because you have wanted me to for a very long time, Pooh. You forget that I know you better than anyone and that I know what you desire. Now take your clothes off and do as you are told.”

Shakily she stood from the end of the bed, and began to unbutton the black pants that she had put on in preparation for her meeting that afternoon. She clenched the phone and held it to her ear with one hand, and she let her pants fall to the floor. She used the other hand to pull her lacy şişli escort black panties down as well. She unbuttoned her white blouse and let it drop to the floor. Using her shaking fingers, she undid the clasps on her bra and let it fall as well. She felt somewhat dizzy as she undressed and listened to the words he spoke. Soon she stood naked in the room, her breath shallow and her skin covered with goose bumps as she listened to every word she heard him say.

“You are going to lie on the bed, Pooh. And you are going to touch yourself and enjoy yourself, and you are going to do everything I ask you to, whether you want to or not. Do you understand?”

She kept trying to formulate a coherent sentence in her mind, but all she could ask was, “Why?”

His voice deepened again, and when he spoke she felt her eyes lower and she felt hazy. She grabbed her favorite toy from the drawer, and sat on the edge of the bed. It was like her mind was in a haze. She could only hear his voice now…nothing else was there…not the breeze from the window, not the birds chirping lightly in the trees outside, not the sound of the radio playing in the other room. Only his voice.

She sat on the edge of the bed and she began to speak again, this time trying to be more assertive with her words. They spilled out of her mouth in a fast flurry. “Why are you doing this? I already told you I didn’t want to do this today. You know I have a meeting today!”

“Shut up!” His voice was sharp and when those words came through the phone to her ear, she felt as if someone had slapped her. She closed her eyes against the sting of his words.

“Please don’t…don’t do this…” He stopped her before she could even finish.

“Lay back Pooh, and put your hand between your legs. I want you to tell me how wet you are.”

She started to protest again. Even though she knew all she had to do was hang up the phone and break the connection in order to be free, she somehow felt that wasn’t an option. “Please…” Her voice was small and pleading.

“Do it!”

She closed her eyes against the sharpness of his words and leaned back onto her pillows. She held the phone to her ear with her left hand and allowed her right hand to trail down her thigh. Her fingers brushed the light, neatly trimmed hair there and she felt her breath hitch against her will. She let her fingers push against the soft folds there until they felt wetness. And oh what wetness they did feel! She was surprised at how wet her pussy had gotten in the few minutes since he began to tell her what he expected from her.

As she let her fingers slide deeper into that wetness, she closed her eyes. Her breath hitched again and she was sure that he heard it that time. She let a finger poke gently into her wet hole and then withdrew it, moving the finger and another one to her clit where she began to rub gently.

His voice was still strong as he spoke now, “Tell me how wet you are Pooh, and I want you to start rubbing your clit.”

Her voice caught as she started to speak. She wondered if he would know she was already touching herself. She began to speak softly, tentatively. “I am…”

“How wet, Pooh?” His question pierced her.

“I am…very wet. Unbelievably wet.” Her voice hitched a few more times and a small whimper escaped her lips as she continued to rub her clit with her wet, sticky fingers.

“Stop touching yourself.” He spoke loudly and it nearly startled her into dropping the phone. She didn’t expect that demand, and her eyes flashed open. Her fingers stopped rubbing her clit, but she didn’t withdraw her hand.

“What? But….why?” Her voice was hesitant, and she knew he could hear her trembling in her words.

“You heard me. I said stop touching yourself. You are wet enough now. Take your toy, Pooh. Pick it up…you are going to fuck yourself now…and you are going to cum for me.” There was no pausing as he spoke. Just certainty in his voice. Her heart was pounding in her chest.

She reached for the toy, a 7 inch dildo of soft rubber. She was a small woman and couldn’t take any bigger. She held it with her right hand and placed it slowly between her legs against her clit. She wanted badly to move it, to feel it sliding against her wetness, but she was unable to take any action on her own. It was like she was paralyzed and only the sound of his words could release her.

She heard his voice again in her ear, escort aksaray and realized that she had been WAITING for his next command…actually looking forward to it, unable to continue until he gave it. “Pooh. I want you to push the toy into your tight little pussy one time and one time only….all the way in and then take it back out. Understand?”

Her head was swimming with a thousand thoughts now. Only one time, and then back out? What was he thinking? She was nearly aching for it, and he only wanted it inside of her for a moment?

She again started to question him, “Only one….” And he cut her off again. “Do it now, Pooh. Only once. All the way in and then remove it.” She felt herself wanting to question him more, but the way he had answered her told her not to do anything except what he asked.

She closed her eyes and pushed slowly against the dildo, feeling it begin to stretch her open as the head of it pushed inside her warm wetness. She sucked in her breath as she pushed it down inside of her until it was all the way inside…nestled deep within her. She let out a small moan and heard his voice again, “Take it out now.” She obeyed.

She was frustrated now. She didn’t understand why he would work her up like this, command her to do these things and then only allow her to have pleasure but for a moment. She heard herself begin to offer another small plea, “Please…”

“Pooh, take the toy and put the head of it against your ass…” She was the one who interrupted him this time.

“WHAT?” She was surprised at how loudly and forcefully she asked that question, but the surprise and uncertainty that she felt when she heard his words definitely warranted her response.

“Don’t argue with me, Pooh. Do it now. Put it against your asshole and push until the head goes in. Then you are going to fuck your ass hard until you cum.”

She found herself suddenly not wanting to do his bidding anymore. She dropped the dildo between her legs and her now free hand fluttered up to the phone so she was holding the receiver with both hands. She could smell her wetness on her fingers as she spoke into the phone.

“I won’t do this! You know I don’t enjoy that, and you have no right to ask me to do that.” Her voice was sharp and steady for the first time since she had heard the change in his voice earlier in the phone call.

“Shut Up Bitch!” his voice was louder than at any other time in the phone call and his tone had changed yet again. His voice was deep and raspy now. “You WILL do this and you will do it NOW because you want it. You have always wanted it, and you know it.”

She squeezed her eyes closed when she heard him call her Bitch instead of Pooh. He never called her that. She fought the panic welling up within her again, and felt wetness springing up in her eyes. She fought back tears and began to plead again, “You really don’t want to do this. You don’t want to make me do this. Please. Please don’t.”

“Stop it. Stop it now, and quit fighting me. If you keep fighting me, things will only be worse, Bitch.” She began to cry softly, and then he let his voice soften and he spoke to her gently, “Trust me, Pooh. You want this. I know you do. You always have. And I am giving it to you. Pick up your toy and do as I say. Now.”

She was still crying as she moved a trembling hand down between her legs to pick up the dildo that she had dropped. She held it in her hand, not sure what to do. Once again, unable to act without his direction.

“Rub it against your pussy once more to get it wet, Pooh, and then put the head against your asshole like I told you before. Are you doing it?” His voice was still stern, but not as harsh as before.

“Please…,” she began.

“No pleases.” He responded. “Just do it.”

She put the dildo against her ass and began to push lightly. She closed her eyes against the pain as it began. “I….I can’t do this…please…please don’t make me.” Fresh tears invaded her eyes and began to roll down her cheeks.

“Do it now. And stop resisting. It will only make it worse. Push, Pooh. Push it in and then when you’re used to it, begin to move it back and forth.”

She pushed again, this time pushing hard enough for the head of the toy to push into her ass. The pain was intense paired with his words, and she had to stifle a small scream. New tears rolled down her check and she pushed it in further and held it there trying to get used to kağıthane escort the pain and the pressure.

“Breathe, Pooh.” She heard his voice again in her ear and her breath began to move in and out again. She hadn’t realized she had been holding it. She began once again, “Please…stop…I can’t…”

“Yes you can, Pooh. And you want to. You must stop fighting this and start enjoying it. This is your last warning. If you don’t obey me, then I told you…never again.” Her breath hitched again and her sobs became audible. The thought of never experiencing him and receiving pleasure from him again was nearly unbearable. More unbearable than the thought of what he was doing to her.

“Okay…” Her voice was small and meek, and she squeezed her eyes shut once again and she grasped the end of the dildo and began to move it slowly in and out of her ass. She was nearly overwhelmed not only from his words, but by how the toy in her ass suddenly felt. The wetness from her pussy was dripping down between her legs, making it easier for the dildo to slide in and out of her. Her ass was tight around the toy, but she kept pushing it in and pulling it out, waiting for his next command.

He could hear her breathing getting faster and he lowered his voice again, “Pooh. Take your other hand off the phone and cradle the phone between your ear and your shoulder. I want you to use that hand to rub your clit while you fuck your ass for me. Understand?”

She drew her breath in sharply then as a small wave of pleasure suddenly overwhelmed her. She was beginning to give in to the sensations that the toy was creating for her, and his voice further stirred the emotions awakening within her. “Yes…” was all she could manage.

She cradled the phone against her ear so she could hear anything he said to her, and let her hand slide down to her swollen clit. It was still so wet and she pushed against it hard with two fingers. She moved her hands in a rhythm now…one pushing the toy in and out of her ass and the other one rubbing her clit. Her tears were beginning to be replaced with soft moans and she gasped for breath in between. The pleasure was beginning to build inside of her body and she heard herself begin to whisper into the phone, “Oh God….yes…yes…”

His voice came to her ear sternly again now, “Fuck your ass hard and cum for me. Now! Cum for me now, you Bitch.” The sentiment of Pooh was gone again, but she didn’t care as much this time. She only cared about pleasing him. About how he made her feel. About how she felt she had to obey him, and about how she thought she was going to explode just by hearing his voice.

She pushed the dildo into her ass harder and deeper than before, crying out against the pressure and the pain that was mixing with her pleasure. The fingers on her other hand brushed furiously back and forth against her clit, sliding against its sweet swollen nub…wet with her own juices.

“Oh my God!” she screamed into the phone as she heard him telling her again, “Cum for me now! NOW! Do it….Let it all go!” Something inside of her built up incredibly fast and then suddenly broke free, forcing her breath in and out faster, her moans coming louder. She plunged the dildo into her ass one last time as she felt her ass and her cunt contract sharply against her emotionally charged orgasm. She moved her fingers over her clit still, pushing the orgasm, drawing her legs together as she pushed her breasts into the air and arched her back. She nearly dropped the phone as she cried out in complete ecstasy.

Finally she stopped rubbing her clit as it became too sensitive to touch, and she let her legs slide down as small waves of pleasure continued to course through her body. Her breath was rasping in and out as her body began to relax. She had cum hard. She moved her tired fingers back up to hold the phone and rolled onto her side in the bed, switching the phone to her other ear. She didn’t say anything, just laid there breathing, waiting for his voice again.

He had been quiet while she came, taking in all of her sounds.

Finally he spoke, “Pooh.”

“Yes?” she answered in a small, breathless voice.

“I love you, you know.”

She hesitated for a moment before speaking. “Then…why did you make me do this?” Her voice was very soft.

“Because you wanted me to do it. Because I wanted to do it. And because it needed to be done.” His voice was very soft and gentle now, back to the way she was used to hearing him. He laughed now, a loving, masculine laugh, “You certainly seemed to enjoy it.” And she knew that if he had been there, he would have been winking at her and then holding her gently.

“Yes.” She smiled as she laid there. “I certainly did. Thank you.”

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