5 Kasım 2023

The Party


Thanks to bear2read for editing this story.

Veronica entered the store with excitement and fear. She tried her best to stay away from the lingerie department, but this time she had no choice. She had to pick out a piece of lingerie for the party, and the party was tonight. Her dislike of the lingerie department had caused her to wait until the last minute. She’d thought by waiting she wouldn’t think about the party until the day it arrived. Unfortunately, that is all she had been thinking about.

Veronica had been chosen to be the maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding. Veronica had agreed before she had found out her friend’s crazy idea for a bachelorette party. Tiffany, the bride, had decided to combine the bachelor and bachelorette parties, not unusual unless you were Tiffany. Veronica had never worn a piece of lingerie in her life, and if she had known that being the maid of honor required this, she wouldn’t have said “yes.” However, Veronica had, and before she knew it, was caught up in helping her best friend prepare. Now, she was stuck. Taking a deep breath, Veronica nervously took the escalator up to the second floor where a world of lingerie awaited.

Veronica had been brought up with a mother who was a large woman and totally against any type of lingerie. Her philosophy was “why buy something that will only be on for a few seconds, maybe a few minutes before the man takes it off.” Even though Veronica’s mother was a large woman, she had drilled into her daughter that Veronica was fat and ugly and not worth the time and effort. So, Veronica didn’t wear makeup, her hair was usually in the style that her mother preferred, which was short, and her body was covered from neck to toe.

Since growing up and moving out of her parents’ suffocating home, Veronica had changed. She still did not wear makeup, allowing her natural beauty to be seen, but her hair was long and on occasion, when she had time, Veronica would allow it to be in a sexy becoming style; but most of the time it was drawn back into a ponytail. She had also started wearing more attractive clothing. She would allow herself to wear shorts on occasion along with knee-length skirts. Her shirts now had plunging V, squared or rounded necklines that gave tantalizingly small views of her skin. After a period of time, Veronica had allowed herself to become a woman, a sexy, big and beautiful woman.

Veronica shook her head. ‘No more thoughts,’ she said to herself. ‘I am standing here thinking about my mother, and I need to start shopping.’ Passing by racks of just bras and panties, Veronica finally spotted the location of the sexier lingerie. Her soon to be married friend had given each bridesmaid, plus Veronica, instructions for the party. They were to pick out any type of lingerie they wanted except grandma housecoat style. That left each of them with sensual and sweet, erotic and hot, just plain naughty, and dirty. Veronica had always picked the grandma housecoat style for herself, and now, found herself lost in a whole different world.

She walked among the racks, picking up random pieces that were in her size. When a sales woman walked over and asked şişli escort her if she needed any help, Veronica jumped and hastily replied, “No.” Not wanting to have her ask again, Veronica quickly threw some more things over her arm and walked to the fitting room where she tried on one garment after another. After trying on every garment she had picked out, Veronica sighed. She just didn’t see herself in any of these. Stripping off the last piece, Veronica stopped and looked into the mirror. She was tall at five eleven, and a big woman. ‘No,’ she thought a big BEAUTIFUL woman, and she needed to find something to wear no matter what. Throwing on her original clothes, Veronica went back to the racks of clothing. Looking around she spotted a rack she hadn’t bothered to look at the first time.

She had been looking at the sweet and sensual. This new rack had clothing that could be put under hot and erotic or just plain naughty categories. Quickly scanning through the items Veronica picked out one in her size and went to the cash register. Blushing when the sales woman came over and rang up her purchase, Veronica paid, grabbed the bag and made a bee line for the parking lot.


Later, after running around like a mad woman doing last minute errands, Veronica ran home to get ready. She stripped off her clothes and started a bath. With everything that was planned for tonight, she wanted to smell and look her best. She threw some bath salts into the water, and lit some candles around the bathroom. Putting on some soft piano jazz, she slipped into the hot bath, purring with pleasure as the water brushed gently against her skin.

Moaning pure delight, Veronica slipped her body into the water up to her chin. She loved her large Jacuzzi tub more every time she used it. The hot water tingled as it lapped at her curves. The jets were positioned in all the right places, helping to calm her nerves and release the tension in her muscles. The mood of the bathroom created a sexy romantic feeling, the soft jazz pulsing through the air, the scent of the bath salts and candles wafting around, and the jets vibrating around and through her body.

Veronica felt the mood of the room through her entire being, but knowing she didn’t have a lot of time before she was due at her best friend Tiffany’s house, she shut off the jets and slowly stood up, letting the water flow free of her curves. Stepping out of the tub, she grabbed a towel and went into the bedroom. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she looked in the full-length mirror. Her hair was damp and hanging around her face which was slightly red from the heat of the bathroom. Her eyes were dark and sensual, responding to the mood and the atmosphere that engulfed her body. Her pouty lips were wet with moisture from her tongue and the steam from the bath.

Her 42DD breasts were firm but soft, hanging slightly against her tummy. Her nipples were erect, having reacted to the change in temperature from room to room. Droplets of water fell from the ends of her hair and slowly flowed over the swell of her breasts, running over the top, hitting the nipple and dropping mköy escort onto her stomach. She felt her body respond to the droplets of water. She watched as her body reacted to her mood. Nipples swollen with need and wanting and her breath beginning to grow shallow, Veronica placed her hands in between her legs, pushing her thighs apart. Her feet planted themselves wide apart leaving her pussy open and displayed for Veronica’s eyes in the mirror across from her.

Veronica ran her fingernails up each thigh until she reached the center of her being. There the heat emanated towards her fingers. Slowly, and with deliberate seduction, Veronica placed the first finger of her right hand on her clit. Instantly her rosebud responded to the intimate touch, popping up into a swollen bundle of desire and need. Veronica watched her finger touching her clit in the mirror. She felt the moisture of her core begin to seep out of her lips. Responding to her body’s outward display of desire and need, Veronica began to rub her finger up and down her slit.

Veronica started talking softly to herself as if she had a lover in the room with her. “You are ripe with dew, my sweet. You betray your desire through the moisture which now glistens on your finger. Touch yourself, feel the throbbing need wrap around you. You are a slut, touching yourself, giving your body pleasure.” Placing her finger at her entrance, Veronica began to push it into herself. The mirror showed Veronica slipping her finger into her body, touching her body the way a lover would. “Finger yourself, Veronica. Bring yourself to the highest plateau of pleasure. Watch as your juices begin to flow around your own finger. See what you can do to your own body. Feel the rhythm as it begins to build.”

Her finger began to force itself in and out of her body, faster and faster. She watched as her left hand trailed its way up her body to her left breast. She pinched her nipple, bringing a tingle of pain to her ecstatic body. She watched as her body began to move, matching the rhythm of the finger inside of her. Gyrating against it, begging for more, harder, deeper. She pushed in her middle finger, stretching her hole, feeling the pressure building. She felt the walls suck at them, greedily grabbing for the pleasure giver. Her left hand wrapped itself around her breast, squeezing it with all her strength, feeling the moments of pain. Her nipple rubbed against the palm of her hand causing her pull on her breast, as if she were milking herself.

Veronica’s eyes watched as she fingered her pussy and milked her breast. She saw her body begin to convulse, her juices begin to squirt out, running over her fingers and her hand. She heard her mouth gasp in pleasure. “YES,” she cried, “Fuck yes.” Her body fell backwards onto her bed, her left hand gently kneading her tit as she slid her fingers from her pussy.


Veronica jerked her body into a sitting position. Looking at the clock, she realized she had fallen asleep for a few minutes. Jumping up from the bed, Veronica ran into the bathroom. Taking a washcloth she cleaned herself and began running around like a mad güngören escort woman, getting dressed, throwing things here and there, and ripping tags off of her new purchase. Once ready, she peeled out of her driveway and raced to Tiffany’s house.

Veronica hated the position she had gotten herself into. How was she supposed to do all the things her friend Tiffany had planned for the night? After getting to Tiffany’s house, she helped put the last details in order before the guests started to arrive. The other bridesmaids arrived, showing up a half hour before the groom and his men. There were three more in all, Amanda, Clarice, and Annabelle. That brought the total number of women to five – the bride, Tiffany, Veronica, the maid of honor and the three bridesmaids. Each girl helped set out the refreshments. They were all buzzing with excitement. The groom had no idea what was going on. The best man had agreed to bring the groom along with the three other groomsmen to the bride’s house, but he had no idea what Tiffany had planned for the evening. In fact, all of the bridesmaids figured the best man had made alternative evening plans for “after the planned party with the bride.”

However, Tiffany being the woman that she was had usurped all other ideas with her own plans. Tiffany hadn’t even met the best man yet, and she didn’t know any of the three groomsmen either. Veronica was trying so hard not to get sick. She loved Tiffany, but her friend had taken a plunge off the deep end to be sure. Veronica didn’t know how any one would react once the night’s real festivities began.

Veronica was in charge of finishing the final touches to the decorations and food. She turned on some soft romantic jazz music, her favorite, and placed candles she had bought that day around the house. She lit the ones in the living room, kitchen and dining room, creating a soft glow. The appetizers Veronica had made were either staying warm in the oven or in the fridge staying cold. The drinks were on ice and the mood was set. Veronica sighed; she had done her job well. The other girls were getting ready upstairs, so Veronica decided to use the bathroom downstairs so that she would be close enough to answer the door.

Walking into the bathroom, Veronica looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a black sleeveless dress. It had a plunging-V neck line that molded and caressed her ample chest. The empire waistline accentuated her voluptuous figure. The dress flared out until it ended, swishing against the back of her knees. She wore black thigh high stockings, with high heeled shoes that were barely there. Her hair was in springy curls that hit the top of her shoulder. They sashayed back and forth across her shoulders whenever she moved. The front half was pulled back into a clip, leaving her neckline open for viewing. She wore medium silver hoops in her ears and a silver choke chain. All in all she was stunning to behold, but Veronica was having a hard time seeing herself as the big beautiful woman she was. Tonight was testing her new found strength. Hearing the doorbell begin to chime, Veronica cringed. Sighing to herself, she shut off the bathroom light, and walked to the door. The evening was about to begin.

If you enjoy this story or any of my stories, please leave feedback. I enjoy getting your thoughts and suggestions. If you would like to know what happens next in this story, please let me know. Thanks for reading.

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