3 Haziran 2021

The New Job Ch. 03


This is a continuation of the story, The New Job.

Loosely based on characters and events occurring in my past that persist in my mind. I recommend, if you haven’t already, reading the first two chapters. As in all my stories, characters are all over the age of 18.

Hope you enjoy.

– Slightly


The pale white glow emanates from her iPad as it casts dancing shadows across the wall of her darkened bedroom. A girlfriend directed her to this website and now Carol has an insatiable appetite.

Her finger scrolls down the page then touching the edge of the screen lightly she swipes quickly to her left. Eyes absorb row after row of the type written erotica. She has scanned through all the category’s but has found Erotic Coupling’s fuel her fantasies. For now. Beginning with the newest posts then probing deeper into the archives.

She is now deep into her fourth story. Some, like the second one she read, were amusing. Others catch her yawning before she gets through the first chapter. Then there are those, like this current story, which excite, causing cannons to go off. Muscles begin to contract. Areola tightens causing her nipples to stand erect. Moisture floods her pussy like the Mississippi in spring.

‘How high’s the water mama?’ She sings the verse in her head. ‘Six feet high and rising.’

As the story evolves she catches herself panting. Yes, this story.

The words ignite a burning desire deep inside.

“He brought her to the verge of an orgasm with his hands and tongue.”

The story becomes real as she feels his tongue dance across her clitoris. His fingers probing, massaging her engorged lips.

She reaches for Steve where he waits patiently on the nightstand. Smooth to her touch. Drawing him first to her lips, she flicks her tongue across the bullet shaped tip. ‘Come to momma’, she whispers. Her legs part as she lifts them from beneath the covers. She sits up straighter, pushing back against the headboard. Pillows on either side. Her eyes reading, line after line, as Steve hums against her swollen lips. Her breasts heaved with emotion.

“Then suddenly slid his cock deep inside her.”

The iPad drops softly to the bedside. She is enraptured as she pushes it deeper. Hips gyrate. A hand goes to her breast. Twisting. Pulling. Pinching. “Oooh.” she coos.

Her hand now sopping wet as it guides Steve in and out. Out and in. A mixture of pussy juice and sweat flows like a river down the inside of her thighs.

With each thrust she envisions the weight of his body. Balls slapping a perfect tempo against her rear.

Like an orchestral piece. Her hand the conductor. Bringing all the instruments together. Building. BUILDING..BUILDING.

“Yes, Yes, Oh my fucking god, YES! she screams. Legs clamp down tightly as her feet push up. Her back arches as jolts of electricity surge through her body. TheFINALE.

As the applause subsides she turns Steve off, though not quite ready to release him from her depths. She loves the way he fills her.

Exhausted, her body relaxes. Breathing slows. Sweat like dew races across her taut skin. She takes a deep breath, holding it. Until finally Steve finds his way back to the nightstand.

With all the energy she can muster up, she lifts her IPad, finishing the last three lines of the story.

This has become her evening ritual. At least for the past week.

Since her tryst with the real Steve on the conference table.

She pulls the duvet over her shoulders rolling onto her side. No sooner had her green eyes closed when she’s fast asleep.


Friday. Off to work. The kids are staying over at some friends house. Now relaxed Carol had high hopes for tonight. Finally Steve and I will get some alone time together.

Arriving promptly at 8:00 she headed in to the lunch room to start the morning coffee. The office was abuzz with activity.

“Whats going on?” she asked the LT, as she set down her purse.

“Out late last night.” he explained. “Guys got a lead on a big narcotics dealer coming into town tonight.”

This was the part of the job that Carol hated. Who knows how long they will be out. She had that bummed bahis firmaları look as she walked by Steve’s desk. He was sitting with his back to her as she sat down at the neighboring desk.

“So I take it we’re probably off for tonight?” she pouted.

“Looking like it.” he turned in his chair to face her. She could read the disappointment in his sky blue eyes. “Part of the job.”

“Well this is the part I hate.” she voiced.

Calmly he spoke, “Me too. but crime doesn’t rest.”

“Well maybe it should.” she got up, heading to the lunch room. Steve following right behind.

Changing the subject Steve pronounced, “Have you seen the new car we seized last night?”

“Where?” she asked.

“Its in the bay. Paperwork’s on your desk.” he chimed in.

Part of Carol’s job was to oversee all seizures in the office. Drugs, firearms, vehicles, and money. Drugs looked good on the stats but they all had to be destroyed. Same with guns. Vehicles were okay, except by the time the paperwork went through the court system most of them needed overhauled. Money was the best.

Coffee made, Carol poured herself a cup. “Let’s go see it.”

At the far end of the office was a large garage where all vehicles waiting to be seized were stored.

A Bentley. Not just any Bentley but a Mulsanne. Black. And not just any black. Anthracite Metallic black to be exact. It was nothing short of gorgeous.

In the time that Carol had been working for the task force they had gotten in Escalades, Navigators, H2’s, etc… but nothing, nothing compared to the vehicle before her now.

Eager to know more about it she asked, “How’d you guys come across this?”

“Caught him transporting a 25 brick’s of coke. And a gun on the front seat.”

Satisfied with the answer, “That’s what I like to hear.”

She walked around peering into the spacious autumn leather interior. “Can I sit in it?”

He started to say, “Go ahead, it will soon be the governments.”

Before getting behind the wheel she was in lust. The leather seats caressed her firm ass. Steve caught her looking into the expansive back seat.

“Big enough to…” he began.

“Fuck in.” she blurted.

“I was going to say big enough to carry a small army, but I like what you’re thinking.” he chuckled. He could see the wheels turning in her head.

She turned to leave, “We better get back to our desks before I drag you inside and fuck your brains out.”

“Sounds fantastic. Maybe later.” he mused as they walked back into the office.

Throughout the remainder of the day Carol was inundated with paperwork. Before heading out at the end of the day she took one last look inside the Bentley.

“Just the smell of it makes me horny.”

Steve was on the streets when he received Carol’s text. ~ Heading home. When you get done give me a call.


It was around 9 when Carol noticed her phone light up. A text.

Setting her IPad down she reads the text from Steve. ‘Be out late, call if you get a chance.’

It was Friday night. ‘Maybe he’s thinking of stopping by after work.’ she hoped.

Carol envisioned Steve in some rat infested crack house somewhere. Pointing his gun at some drug dealing gangster. She didn’t like these thoughts, but since that was his job, well let’s just say it comes with the territory.

~ U still out?

~ Yes. will be awhile. on surveillance.

Her teeth nervously nibbled on the inside of her cheek and typed, ~ Can you talk?

A minute went by.

~ Sure. gimme 5.


“What took you so long?” she questioned.

He laughed. “We were just following someone and I had to wait til he landed.”

“So you’re through for the night?” hoping he would say yes and she could persuade him to come over.

“Not yet.”

She pouted.

“What are you doing right now?” he asked hoping to change the subject.

She answered curtly. “Reading.”

“Nice. May I ask what you’re reading?” trying to keep the conversation going.


“Mmmm, any good ones?”

“Not really. just the usual. Fucking and sucking.” she giggled and hinted. “Maybe you could read me a story?” Heat rising in kaçak iddaa her vagina. “Wanna liven up my evening?”

After a short pause he began. “Well maybe i could do better than read a story. Are you up for some adventure?”


“Well then let’s see…would I be correct in assuming that you are already naked?”

She loved being naked. At least when the kids were out. Lucky for her, tonight the kids were staying over at a friends house.

“You would be correct in your assumption.” she was liking this game already.

Now let’s make things interesting. “I want you to walk downstairs.” he ordered.

“Let me know when you get to the bottom of the stairs.” he could hear her footsteps walking across her hardwood floors.

Moments later. “I’m there.”

“Go to the living room window and open the curtains.” he continued.

“Wha…” she started to object.

“Hey… it was you who wanted your evening livened up. Now do it.” he pushed.

Before walking over to the large living room window Carol made sure all the lights were out in her house. Standing to one side, she pulled the cord opening the floor to ceiling curtains. Around the edge of the curtains she peered to see if anyone else in the neighborhood was awake. A couple of lights were on across the street, but all the vehicles on the street were dark.

“Okay, they’re open.” he could hear the anxiousness in her voice. “What do you want me to do next?”

“Go into the kitchen…” as he spoke Carol overheard his police radio go off.

“Do you gotta go?” she asked hoping that the answer was no.

After a long pause, “Not yet.” he spoke. “They’re just checking in. See who’s still awake.” Now where was I.”

Happy to continue she said, “You had me go to the kitchen. Now what do you want me to do?”

“Kind of bossy aren’t you?” he kidded.


He continued. “Look in your refrigerator and tell me if you have a cucumber.”

He could hear the door open and the sliding of the crisper drawer.

“Yes I do.” she answered. She was pretty sure where this conversation was going and it excited her.’He will now ask me to go upstairs with the cucumber.’

“Now turn on the lights in your living and dining rooms.”

This was not what she had planned. “Whaa…”

“Chicken are we?” he joked.

Not giving up so quickly she spouted, “No. but…”

“But what. You think someone might see you? Naked in your own home?”

“Uh yes.”

“Would you rather I ask you to go outside on your front lawn?” she could hear the amusement in his voice.

“You wouldn’t!”

“Try me.”

“Okay, okay, okay I’ll play along. Please just don’t make me go outside.”

“So are your lights on?” he asked again.

Little did she know he was now parked across the street from her house in the back seat of the Bentley and was watching as the lights came on.

“Yes.” she sighed.

He could now see clearly inside.

“Go stand in front of the window with your cucumber.”

He could see her slowly creeping over to the window on her hands and knees. Her head swiveling from side to side to see if anyone was looking. Quickly she shot up, cucumber in hand, and immediately dropped back down to the floor.

“Okay I did it.”

“I don’t believe you.” he retorted.

“Don’t believe me, but I did.” she snorted her eyes still darting back and forth.

Not wanting to give away that he was close by he said, “I believe you. but now I want you to stand in front of the window for five minutes and… act like you’re sucking on the cuke.” he grinned to himself.

“You’re crazy!” she shrieked.

“Crazy imagining what you are doing.” he responded knowing exactly what to say that would calm her down. “Just imagine it’s me.”

She hesitated for just a moment then sarcastically, “Oh this is bigger than you.”

He could see her giggling.

“Funny, very funny. Let me know when to start counting.”

With a last look around Carol leaving the phone on the ground, stood up in all her glory. With the cuke held tightly in both hands she began.

From his vantage point it appeared to be a fairly large for a cucumber. Perhaps ten inches kaçak bahis long and at least 7 inches in girth. But she was definitely putting on a show. As her hands guided the cuke in and out of her mouth Steve became harder and harder. He squirmed in his seat trying to relieve some of the pressure of his ever expanding 501’s. Her eyes closed, he could see her ample breasts heaving as she breathed, calling to him. Her hips began swaying slowly to an unheard rhythm.

‘Come on Carol spread those legs’, he thought to himself. As if she heard him she placed her right foot up onto the coffee table. With her legs apart Steve could make out her small runway pointing to her swollen lips.

Her right hand dropped to her slit, her fingers parting and stroking. As she did her head leaned back, as if to look at the ceiling. Her short strawberry blonde mane fell across both sides of her neck. Stretching her lips around the green phallus, Steve became mesmerized as it went deeper and deeper down her throat.

‘Oh yeah baby, take it all.’ his mind encouraged. It was all he could do to not run over there right then and fuck her brains out.

The alarm went off other phone signaling the end of five minutes. Releasing it from her mouth Carol dropped to the ground.

“Whew. That was harder than I thought!” she gasped then chuckled at her choice of words. “Difficult… I meant difficult.”

“Yeah right.” Steve teased, “You got me hard just imagining what you were doing.”

“Mmm. Well if you’d come over I could show you.”

“Hopefully we’ll get done with this surveillance and I will.”

Excitement grew as her nervousness dissipated, “So what have you conjured up for me now?”

“You’re sure you don’t want to go outside?” Steve asked again.

There was a very long pause. He could hear her breathing deeply holding back the fear when she came back on the line.

“I might…” she started, “but what would I have to do?”

Never did he expect her to go this far. Truthfully if it wasn’t for him being right there watching he figured she would haver been lying in her bed making up all of this. Just to play along. But after exposing herself in the window he wondered what would she not do.

“Well?” she asked again.

“How about.. first you walk out onto your front lawn. Then lie down on your back in the grass and make love to your new boyfriend.” He laughed.

“Whattt!” again she shrieked. “I can’t believe you’d make me do that.”

“I’m not making you do anything. You asked. If you don’t want, just go back up stairs and read your stories.” he chided.

After another very long pause he saw the front door open and Carol’s head peek out.

It was a warm August night. The stars were out and the crickets were chirping their songs.

Leaving the door cracked open she stepped out onto the front porch. Hesitating for only a moment, she hurriedly jumped onto the lawn and lay down. The coolness of the grass was exhilarating to her skin. Her heart pounding with fear of getting caught.

“God this is fun.” she thought to herself. “Living on the edge.”

She spread her legs. With the fingers of her right hand she held apart her steaming hot pussy lips, while guiding the cuke deep inside.

Within seconds she was bucking up and down. He could tell she was trying hard not to scream.

Seeing her distracted by the joy of ecstasy, he rolled down the rear side window and could hear her groaning like a wild animal. The cucumber moving in and out between her legs. Her back arched. Her hips lifting her rear off the ground.

As her moans subsided the buzzing of a phone sent her into a panic. Fumbling around on the lawn she looked at the display. ‘Steve.’

Breathless she answered. “What now?”

“Am I too late?” he snickered.

“For what?” she queried.

“Look across the street.”

As the fog of her orgasm passed she looked across and saw Steve’s head poking out of the rear window of the Bentley.

“You fucker!” she screamed, then remembered she was outside. Her eyes darting side to side to see if she had awaken the neighborhood. Satisfied that she hadn’t, she ran naked across the street.

“You fucker.” her voice a little lower as she approached the car.

He laughed holding the door open. “I told you I was on surveillance.”

“You fucker. You been here the whole time. Haven’t you?” Already knowing the answer to her question.

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